Wishlist Member Review 2021

by Adam Preiser updated May 13, 2020

Wishlist Member is one of the first WordPress membership plugins right when having a membership website became a thing. In 2020 they released a completely new version to bring it up to par with other membership plugins.

Current Pricing: $147 – $397

Ease Of Use


High marks because of the new content control feature, but they can make improvements to simplify the options.

Price / Value


Membership plugins are quite pricy and Wishlist is the best value I can find on a membership plugin.



Support is available via a ticket desk and responds in a timely manner.

Wishlist Member Pros

  • Unlimited Membership Levels
  • Many Shopping Cart Integrations
  • Easy To Setup Simple Memberships
  • Can Sell Access Per Post
  • Central Content Control (LOVE THIS)

Wishlist Member Cons

  • Can Be Overwhelming With All The Options
  • Tries To Do Everything
  • Not Modular
  • Partial AffiliateWP Integration

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Wishlist Member Coupon Discounts

There are currently no active Wishlist Member Coupon or Wishlist Member Discounts available.

Wishlist Member Review: Wrap Up

If you asked me a year ago if I would use Wishlist Member, the answer would be a resounding “hell no”. But this new version has caused me to have a change of heart.

Wishlist Member is the only membership plugin that integrates with the tools I use. No other membership plugin has shown interest in adding integrations as Wishlist does.

The price is right at $147 for a single site license (compare that to MemberPress or others). It’s the best value for a membership plugin I have come across.

Wishlist Member Alternatives

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    1. Agreed. I know they have a new version out that I am gonna test and update this review for.

      1. Hi! This really helpful. Can you please suggest better alternatives?

          1. Would love to see that as well, Adam — any chance it’s published and you have a URL? Thanks! Trying to figure out if I can move off of Ultimate Member after 3 years of being with the pro version of their plugin. It’s just awful all the time and we just can’t do it anymore.

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