Ultimate Addons For Elementor Review 2020

by Adam Preiser updated February 24, 2020
Current Pricing: $49

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Video Transcript

In this video were to take a look at ultimate
add-ons for Elementor which is an add-on pack

for Elementor that was just released hi my
name is Adam from WPCrafter.com where I make

WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies
if you knew your consider clicking on the

subscribe button if you don’t want to miss
thing click on the bill and you to let you

know when I have a new video link to this
product down in the video description box

or you go to WPCrafter.com/uae ultimate add-ons
for Elementor let’s just go ahead and take

a look at what this add-on adds to Elementor
and see if it’s even worth considering so

here we are on their website you could just
head on over there I just said the link the

links down below all I can good stuff there
is a little bit of a time sensitive matter

with it this they are since they just launch
this having a little launch promotion so you

might want to consider that all right what
this is going to do is add some really neat

things that were gonna take a look at it to
your Elementor based website now right now

it has a total of eight additional modules
features and there really cool that there

can add that it will add to Elementor for
you want to talk about these for moment know

one of the things that I’ve been a little
vocal about it with these Elementor add-on

packs is having an add-on pack that doesn’t
just do with Elementor Pro does but actually

brings something new to the table there’s
another add-on pack that nails this and I’m

happy to say that I think ultimate add-ons
for Elementor as well nails this point they’re

not trying to compete with Elementor Pro there
trying to expand and extend what you can do

with Elementor and Elementor Pro I just wanted
to bring that up real quick okay so here are

the eight modules that it adds now they have
a public roadmap available of what they’re

working on some of the things that there I
know they’re working on based upon that public

roadmap is Styler’s for other contact form
plug-ins like gravity forms Caldera forms

WP form stuff like that and there’s a bunch
of other stuff they’re adding a table module

whole bunch of things like that things that
Elementor Pro doesn’t happen I want to just

talk about the eight things that it does have
right now because these are things that aren’t

available for Elementor users right now so
let’s just list them out and then take a look

at them real quick the first one is the info
box I love the info box I use this on some

of their other add-on products for other page
builders there’s here’s one of the ones that

don’t die it’s not out there yet it’s a pop
up the most flexible powerful pop-up builder

for Elementor it’s right here now available
to you dual color head heading that is actually

really need him to look at the demo here on
the website and show you because I want you

to see what it can do I’m not can show you
myself with it before and after slider that’s

pretty neat advanced heading there is a multi-buttons
fancy heading and content toggle now when

you come to their website you can click on
any of these and see demos of them to see

everything that they can do let’s go ahead
and take a look at these that I will not can

actually show you but will just take a quick
look together so personalistic a look at this

dual color heading I think this is very unique
and is can allow you to add a lot of style

to your Elementor base the website so here’s
an example you see words as a border and background

that’s an example of this fancy heading where
you can take a bit of tax and do different

things like with backgrounds borders fonts
you can have them be different so here’s an

example I can think of a lot of great uses
for this right here is an example of using

different fonts right here’s an example of
using a background image actually on some

of the text I hope you’re saying these are
features that don’t currently exist for Elementor

users the different weight for the font right
here and then here you can create your own

unique style I think this is really neat I’m
glad they made this and added that so that

was going to be the fancy know that is the
dual color heading let’s go ahead and now

take a look at the family actually showing
the fancy heading of the content toggle actually

know it was just go ahead and jump on into
what I’m doing with this offers us a quick

look at the price that it’s discounted for
short period of time I know it’s normally

$69 they discounted it to $49 and if you wanted
to get a lifetime license it’s normally 249

the Lord that down to 199 that’s a very good
deal if you are in Astra agency license holder

the good news for you is that Yorty have access
to this is included in the*agency bundle package

here’s how the aster agency work succumbs
the Astra Theme and a bunch of other goodies

including this comes with so much actually
250 per year it’s a fabulous a deal okay so

I have it opened up right here right now in
Elementor and I just want to show you just

those three things this animated text this
moat mode I’ll pop up and the content toggle

which I think is the coolest feature that
they have added okay so first of all we have

this animated text right here now I’ll tell
you Elementor Pro already has an animated

text module as fact I use it on the homepage
of my website now the problem that I’ve experienced

with the one that comes with Elementor I’m
not to be harsh on Elementor and states half-baked

it’s not half-baked’s a very powerful add-on
that comes with Elementor Pro the thing is

is it doesn’t give you a lot of the control
that I would want to have have you noticed

that it’s scrolling extremely extremely slow
yes it’s because you have the option to set

the pace and the speed so when I click on
this right here you say your first part of

the text your second part of the text and
if you wanted something at the end you could

do that as well now when you click on affect
right now it’s a little limited in effect

I’m sure effects options I’m sure Morgan to
come right now you have the slide or you can

do the type but here is where the power comes
in let me click on slide I’ve got the anthem

and the animation speed is setting so that’s
going to be how long it takes to actually

do with slide and then you have a option of
how long it will stay on that slide these

are just options that aren’t with the animated
text module and Elementor Pro I wish it was

but it’s not so that’s one thing that I really
like a Mexican switch mine out to this because

I want a little bit more control over how
it actually displays on my website the next

is right here in this is the modal pop-up
and this is powerful stuff you can do every

type of pop-up put any type of content in
the pop-up there’s different effects you can

even do that exit intent so the pop up will
only trigger when someone’s leaving your website

is just filled with features I suggest actually
actually we should just do this for a quick

we should jump on here in and make sure I
cover them all right now here’s all the possibilities

the different types of content photo video
save patch page template saved a section saved

widgets you to do so many different things
as you can put whatever content you want in

there and make it look beautiful someone who
hadn’t click on it so the first thing here

is your content so right now it is set to
content photo video and bay you can have is

that where the powers is the same section
the saved page and you can put in your video

embed links this is what would pop up okay
that could be use of full page if you want

to show off some full-page designs you could
do that now in a pop up I really like that

and then you put the content here so synthesis
photo if I was the change this to a saved

page like this then I can choose the page
I don’t have any saved pages that’s why I

don’t get an option there if I wanted a YouTube
video just use YouTube and then I can pop

in my URL and then I have some additional
control options for that video next we have

the Modal pop up right here so you can choose
the width of the actual pop up in the effect

and there’s a variety of effects here on how
that pop up will enter the viewport and then

you can choose and overlay color as well next
is the close button right here so you can

have it be an icon or an image you can change
the size of it you have full control over

how the pop-up can actually go away in one
of the ones I like is close on Overlake like

that is the one setting I would have nothing
is more annoying than when there’s a pop up

and you have to move your mouse all the way
over to the X wherever it is on the screen

and click in that specific location you have
those options to have it work in a different

way now here is the interesting part we have
display settings and this is what is going

to show on the front and to trigger the pop
up remember it could also be exit intent or

someone’s moving off of the page so let’s
go ahead and take a look at those options

right now so here you can choose an icon and
image text or button that would be what is

clicked on to trigger the pop up or you can
have some kind of custom class ID for some

of you guys in a little bit more advance with
the coding you can go ahead and do that it’s

actually going had to be advanced so easy
with Elementor to begin with now when you

choose automatics right now it’s on button
obviously but when I click on automatic the

options been beneath it go away and I can
enable exit intent after a few seconds or

enable cookies actually I don’t even know
oh here’s the cookies obviously you can have

control based upon cookies so this would be
if someone sees that you can say I’m don’t

shut that person for another seven days that’s
what enabled cookies is going to do so exit

intent is when the mouse moves off the viewport
after a few seconds is actually pretty obvious

you can choose how many seconds it will trigger
and then you have your typical options here

of not triggering every time that same person
is on your website you went with a button

you have so each one of these different options
here and there will have these dynamic settings

for it all makes sense if you’re comfortable
and used to Elementor next I want to talk

about what I think is the coolest feature
I’ve never seen this anywhere I’ve never seen

it for any other page builder I’ve never seen
it in any other add-on package I could be

wrong but I think I’m right this time because
I would’ve seen it this is something that

I think is brilliant for them to add to their
add-on package and I guarantee this mark my

words today when you watch this video this
is going to be the one feature that everybody

probably copycat so I bet you’re in is the
other add-on packages taking this idea this

innovation this add-on in their going to copy
them but if you want it right now you call

the place to get this is ultimate add-ons
for Elementor content although you see this

all the time I actually just showed you what
I was on their pricing page here’s a content

toggle there actually using the content toggle
right here where you seen this it’s typically

your to see it on a pricing page you can toggle
it and so this is showing one group of pricing

tables and then when you toggle it the only
thing that really changes is the price and

some of the little bits of information underneath
it and probably obviously where those buttons

go isn’t this cool I mean you can do this
for lots of different things so perfect let’s

go ahead and look on their website and see
some of their extent of their examples of

using the content toggle so here’s your most
typical how were used to seeing it is for

pricing like this to toggle between annual
or monthly or annual and lifetime like you

see here but you can also toggle right here
there their existing in their upcoming features

you can toggle it right there and it just
totally changes there so many different creative

uses for this really you have to spend some
time figuring it out the sum of the creative

uses for it so it’s going to take a look at
how the content toggle works so here’s how

it works when you add it you have content
one and content to so each one will have a

heading and that’s what you see right here
it’s is heading one and heading to that skin

to be the heading and then your next option
is the actual content that will show when

someone is is toggled on that particular choice
so you can choose content this would just

be some text that you pop in there in this
text box but you also have those options of

choosing a safety section or a saved page
and all you have to do is click on that and

then you’ll get a drop-down showing you a
list of your safe sections and a list of your

saved pages that’s all there is to it let
me go back to content because I don’t have

any safe sections or saved pages so you do
that for content one and content to and then

we go to style and this is where you’re going
to get to control the style of the switcher

itself so first you choose the default one
to display Weatherby content one or content

to there is also switcher style so this is
round here’s another variation of it like

this while that’s so cool here’s a rectangle
option and then here’s a label box where you

could probably change the label I think I
like around one because that’s what I’m most

used to seeing and then you get to choose
your colors so there’s color one color to

them in the controller color so the controller
colors that dark green and color one is when

it’s toggled on to the first content option
color twos when it’s on the second one let

me show you what that looks like in a preview
so here I am actually on it so you can see

on heading one the background is that bluish
when I click on it it changes to that greenish

color and you can see just perfectly toggles
back and forth you have perfect design control

over it and then you have other controls that
you typically used to seeing here with Elementor

let’s go ahead and actually let me go back
I forgot on their homepage they have a list

of things that are coming now I’m sure each
week they’ll add a new module or so over time

all these modules will be coming called action
image gallery which would be nice different

take on pricing tables pricelist timeline
table I’m looking forward to the table myself

an Instagram feed and some WooCommerce add-ons
and the be more add-ons coming I gotta say

I think that element that the ultimate add-ons
for Elementor is a homerun plug-in if you

ask me it’s very affordable most of you that
already have asked her agency license Yorty

get in it included so it’s there it’s ready
for you to start using I think when you go

to my website you’re going to start seeing
more and more of the modules that I’m using

with Elementor and Elementor Pro there going
to be these ultimate add-ons for Elementor

add-ons that are available I think they did
a really good job here I think some of the

modules are similar to Elementor Pro stuff
I’d like to see that not actually Elementor

Pro just the normal Elementor but there can
be making a little more useful a perfect example

of that is the info box now part of the reason
why they added this or something similar but

not the same but it’s a little on the similar
side in the normal Elementor so they have

that here part of the reason they did that
is for the designs that they’re coming out

with for their templates the Astros starter
sites but all in all I think it’s a great

bar bargain and value for what it will add
to your Elementor website and these are just

things that you don’t really have anywhere
else obviously could tell him a little excited

and enthusiastic about this product part of
the reason is I know that it’s going to be

done and built the right way with performance
in mind just like they’ve done with all of

their other add-on products that’s what I
think I want to hear what you think about

ultimate add-ons for Elementor in the comment
section down below like I said there’s a gonna

be a link in the video description you can
visit W crafter.com UAE/UAE that will take

you right on over to their website you can
check it out there is that just keep in mind

there is that discount I don’t know how long
it’s going to go for my guess is maybe a week

or two but I could be wrong it could be tarragon
tomorrow I don’t know I just actually notice

they are having the discount today so anyways
thanks for watching this video love to hear

from you in the comments if you enjoy to give
it a thumbs up and I will see you in the next


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  1. Hey Adam,
    Most of these plugins offer features similar to elementor pro , which of the plugins would be a good add on to be used along with elementor which offer a unique set of features or additional customizations to already existing compnents without impacting the performance. Elementor lists few of them on their page and there are also some like Absolute Addons for Elementor,PlusEssentials,Elementor Extras Addon,Essential Addons for Elementor ,jet elements.Could you do a review on some of these plugins or their comparisons or trade offs ,the best choice according by price as one can’t afford different plugins this kind of over view can help us make a choice on one

    1. The most unique by a mile is this one, the subject of this review. Just last week they added a feature to feed in reviews from Yelp and Google and add the correct schema. You just don’t get that anywhere else.

      Also, have you noticed the video effect I now use on this website? Just another example.

    1. You have to be really careful which Elementor Addon packages you install on your website. There are so many and they are not all at the same level of code quality, as a result, they will cause issues. I recently had this happen with Dynamic, which I don’t recommend.

      For me, I am sticking with Ultimate Addons For Elementor because its made by a real company that has more experience then all the other developers combined. Not saying don’t support the little guy, but when it comes to your website, the little guy may cause you lots of heartache.

    2. I was considering Dynamic Content for Elementor. I like the 1x lifetime license, but I saw that you do not recommend it. I can see a use for many of their addons and I am currently using their free Dynamic Visibility to show when my client’s offices are open. Kind of a “call now, we’re open” feature. My question is, how serious of a problem did you have with their full package?

      1. My personal experience with Dynamic Content was that it completely broke the page I used it on causing the loss of hours of work. Its not a real business with dedicated support staff, so you are left high and dry until they get around to helping you.

  2. Hi, Adam! Thanks for your review! What can you say about Premium Addons Pro for Elementor in comparison vs UAE?

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