ThriveCart Review 2023

by Adam Preiser updated September 8, 2021

ThriveCart is a hosted shopping cart platform that was designed to make selling products and services online easy. It’s perfect for marketers with its bump offers and integrated affiliate platform.

Current Pricing: $495 to $695
Ease of Use

Ease Of Use


ThriveCart is drop-dead easy to use for most features. When it comes time to integrate with external systems, there is a bit more to wrap your head around.

Price Value Icon

Price / Value


Because of its lifetime pricing, ThriveCart is an incredible deal. Other systems cost the same but per year, where you get the entire platform for life.




Support is pretty on top of things. All my support requests have been fulfilled fast and in a personal / friendly manner.

ThriveCart Pros

  • Insanely Easy To Use
  • Optional Affiliate Platform
  • Order Bump Offers
  • Sell Subscriptions With Dunning
  • Everyting Is Hosted For You
  • Can Optionally Embed Checkout On Your Website

ThriveCart Cons

  • Limited Order Form Design Options
  • Many Reports Of Issues With Translations
  • User Interface Is Very Dated, But Works
  • They Market To Your Affiliates
  • Limited Payment Gateway Support
  • Product Fufilments System Requires 3rd Party Service

Being that ThriveCart is a closed platform, you are dependent on them to create any integrations that you may want or need. So you are going to want to use a payment gateway and email platform that they support to get the most out of the platform.

Since ThriveCart was released in 2016, the interface has not been overhauled, but the platform is constantly updated.

Even though it has a dated interface, the platform is rock solid in so easy to use.

ThriveCart Coupon Discounts

There are currently no active ThriveCart Coupon or ThriveCart Discounts available. However, if you do purchase ThriveCart through the link on this website, I will give you access to one of my premium training course which normally sells for $199.

ThriveCart Review: Wrap Up

ThriveCart is a great platform and thousands of people are using in their business. You can’t argue that the 1 time $495 cost is a great deal, especially when you compare it to other platforms with the same feature set but cost hundreds per month.

ThriveCart Alternatives

Video Transcript


I spent the better part of this month reviewing
all of the various shopping cart platforms

that are available on WordPress WordPress
all of it and in this video were to take a

look at ThriveCart which is a hosted shopping
cart solution and it’s got some really neat

things to that were to talk about in this
video so if you’re considering it’s a hosted

shopping cart solution this video stifling
to be for you were to take a look at what

it offers and what the interface is like and
how it is in using it and since this is primarily

a channel based upon WordPress this integrates
with a lot of things that you can want to

do or a lot of the tools that you are using
on WordPress so let’s go ahead and get started

but before you get started hi my name is Adam
from where we go over tactics

and tutorials on how to grow your influence
and income on line if you knew your consider

clicking on the subscribe button and to be
notified when there’s nobody else click on

the notification well alright so here we are
with ThriveCart list is going to jump on into

it so let’s just go with background of this
Word 2018 ThriveCart came out in 2013 and

it’s kind of been closed for Celso when you
come to their website there is no order button

however if you visit
one word it will take you right on over to

a special location on the site where you can
actually order it and we might as well just

talk about that right now right now it’s up
$595 to purchase ThriveCart and it’s a lifetime

deal one time purchase there is no fees on
any of your transactions and since there’s

no monthly fees as well it’s a one time purchase
it’s become very very popular they also have

a $95 one-time $95 add-on that will allow
you to white label it so right now there’s

a little badge on the bottom right of the
cart this is powered by ThriveCart you paid

the 95 you don’t have to have that and you
can also use your domain name with it so you

can have a domain and that
could go to your your carts that you make

with ThriveCart as well as it allows you to
make carts for five different brands of you

have clients you can use it for five different
clients is a really good deal it’s really

popular especially when you compare with some
of the other hosted platforms out there that

carry a hefty monthly fee you look at Sam
card just the card alone is $99 ThriveCart

has an affiliate platform in it as well so
you can have affiliates and to get something

like that was something like Sam card you’re
looking at $200 a month so it’s a very good

deal now the reason why ThriveCart is a very
popular with people using learning management

systems membership sites are just selling
things on their WordPress website is because

it will integrate with those platforms so
say you’re using LearnDash and you have some

come to your website they want to buy course
it takes them to the shopping cart that you

built with the ThriveCart as soon as they
complete the purchase ThriveCart will push

that information into WordPress creating user
account and it will go ahead and give them

the proper access to the course now you can
do a lot of that with WooCommerce but what

makes us special is some of its marketing
features which is a bump offers and a optimized

and is also up cells and down cells you can
have more of an optimized checkout experience

so X I wasn’t going to all ventilator so logistically
there was a real quick check this out is is

is the world’s easiest card platform and you
know what you’re going to agree this is a

very easy to use card platform you’re in a
Greek however right here it’s is the most

powerful card platform I don’t agree with
that we’ll talk about that in this video but

is definitely the easiest that I have come
across okay so will become the homepage and

we scroll down organist see lots of the features
I like to go over it’s on the website so I

don’t miss anything some of the real treats
is the bump offers that’s when someone gets

your card there is like a checkbox you can
have that will just add something to the cart

or swap out the entire purchase one click
up cells is actually one click up cells with

stripe it’s not really true one click up cells
with PayPal that’s a complicated thing it

is actually complicated to have enabled on
your PayPal account you can embed the cart

so it will still say powered by ThriveCart
if you don’t have that $95 add-on but you

can embed it on your site although I prefer
not embedded on the site I like it just on

the ThriveCart site itself and also you you
can build funnels essentially it sides it

is a funnel in the sense that you can have
an upsell in a down cell so basically if someone

makes a purchase then you would push them
to a another page where there made an additional

offer they can reject that and then you can
send them to a down cell offer and you can

have this enter webs of offers like that a
B split testing so you can split test aspects

of your card affiliate center this is actually
very nice you can easily add affiliates to

your cart and it makes it so easy that it’s
all integrated in the one platform web hooks

auto follow-up so what that means is there
some shopping cart abandonment features if

you’re using one of their supported email
marketing platforms so essentially someone

both your card pops in their name and email
address it doesn’t actually check out ThriveCart

can capture that information and push it into
one of your email marketing platforms with

say a certain tag that says abandoned cart
and then it in your email marketing platform

you can have an automation that can send them
an email saying our later say no you might’ve

forgotten something and try to get them back
in others coupons that officer here coupon

so autos might respond or integration that
does not integrate with all auto responders

were will go in the settings coupons customer
hub I haven’t actually checked out the customer

hub detailed stats it’s okay a discount URL
so instead of issuing out a coupon you can

make it part of the URL and then there is
auto retry so you can do subscriptions with

this two factor authentication two-step cards
and this is what your shopping carts can a

pretty much look like right here and when
I say this is the easiest to get going it’s

shockingly easy to sell stuff with ThriveCart
nearly to see that in a moment so here’s the

anatomy of their cart page you get some customization
but not a ton it’s it’s a little on the rigid

site but it I think it’s actually okay in
this case so you got your contact information

that you can collect they will choose their
payment but here’s that bump offer looks like

right here then you could pop some testimonials
in on the side okay and then let’s just just

glance over some of the remaining highlights
and then will jump into ThriveCart skin integrate

with some CRM’s like Infusionsoft it instant
affiliate payments Kentucky integration so

it has some fulfillment integration options
cannot these fulfillments of your say selling

DVDs not like music DVDs but may be a seminar
or something like that conduct is kind of

a fulfillment for that so it can push that
information across link tracking membership

integrations it does integrate with lots of
WordPress plug-ins a modal card so what this

means is you can actually have a cart be a
pop up on your website predicted sales product

upgrades receipts retargeting retargeting
because you could drop your cheer pixels in

the cards okay so the sales tax subscription
management secure URLs and advanced a trial

support there’s so it’s got a real easy to
set up but powerful way of pricing thing so

will look at that unlimited card so he will
the way it works is that like WooCommerce

right WooCommerce you have one shopping cart
and and whenever someone checks out it adds

the product to that card and then they check
out with ThriveCart you’re creating separate

unique carts on a per product basis so that’s
what he means by unlimited cards and you can

of course put a video it’s his video cards
are basically up here were this images you

could have a video if you want and some analytics
and I think that is pretty much it here on

the website so if you want to check this out
yourself but where you could actually see

the pricing it’s
so here is a a new account with ThriveCart

and I don’t have any cells in this brand-new
account is just a month old for this video

I just wanted to show you around it a little
bit so I usually like to jump into the settings

first and so we have the settings right here
let’s go ahead and take a look at some of

the settings you can know the integrations
and see if it maybe fits what you’re doing

and then were going to go and make a shopping
cart urine to see how fast and easy it is

so go ahead and click on view right here so
integrations are the payment gateways the

auto responders membership platforms webinar
platforms fulfillment services webinar platforms

would you want that is say you sold a product
that came with a webinar this can auto enroll

the buyer into the webinar so webinar platforms
fulfillment services like Kentucky that I

just talked about notifications in order sink
and connected apps so let’s click in payment

gateways it’s and this is one of the things
were I say it’s not really the most powerful

card out there and that’s more because they
have to build everything themselves not like

WooCommerce where you can get pretty much
any payment integration under the sun with

this they have to build it so they’re only
going to create and support the biggest ones

she got PayPal and stripe so
if you’re using any like razor pay I think

is very popular in India it’s just not gonna
work so there’s your payment processors knowledge

of the auto responders so of course is going
to fit it’s going to support the big ones

right your active campaign a Weber convert
kit hub spot but if you notice there’s a lot

that are not actually here that you may be
using so if you’re using say ConvertFox it’s

not going to support that you are using Mautic
it’s not going to support that either so it’s

only gonna really support these ones that
you see right here and that’s where I’m coming

back to that’s not really the most powerful
one out there because it’s not like you can

make a EA autoresponder integration you can
do that it’s not like WooCommerce or something

WordPress base where you can develop for it
or have something developed for it are most

likely someone already developed it yearly
you have to wait on them okay membership platforms

so digital access pass member mouse MemberPress
which I mentioned optimize member teachable

so a lot of folks that have teachable and
set of sale LearnDash it’s right here and

was wish list member there is an integration
that’s in beta for LearnDash that you could

actually access and I’ve heard that one’s
coming to LifterLMS as well okay so was your

membership platforms it’s a good Darwinian
webinar platforms is just daimyo right now

just shocking that they don’t support webinar
Jim okay fulfillment services so right now

it’s actually pretty good there there fulfillment
services that they have is pretty deep as

matter fact so you can see them all right
here or reprint the fall you got ship station

you got Shoppify so if you want you Shoppify
just for the fulfillment side of things you

got that right here and of course you have
your is a pure integration which is good okay

and connected apps actually don’t even think
I’ve seen this out because I have to connected

to Xavier okay so that is our integration
so let me go back to the settings here so

we’ve got the section for their API and web
looks and this is how it’s being done with

LearnDash and house can be done with LifterLMS
when it’s released you’ve got tax back blacklists

legal and compliance is is GDPR compliance
and some account wide settings right here

so it’s all pretty simple so the way the interface
works is you list your products here and then

right here you can make your coupons right
here’s a list of your transactions and then

right here’s where you can decide if you want
to have an affiliate program for any of the

products that you sell and all of this is
shockingly simple to set up so obviously I

started the video by saying this kinda came
out in 2013 and you could tell us there some

aspects to the interface that look 2013-ish
now that’s a prone upon its kind is maybe

my wants and that looks a little more up-to-date
but the pro is this is so stinking easy to

use so say I will I have a course it’s called
Elementor essentials but I’m in a rebranded

Elementor accelerator okay so if I wanted
to say start selling that with ThriveCart

and have a bump offer let’s go ahead and do
all of that right now some click right here

it says create first product so versus asked
me digital or physical I’m in the leave it

on Digital click on create new product and
then it’s going to go ahead and take me here

in urine is a step-by-step this is so not
overwhelming like anyone can start selling

stuff right now using this platform so the
way it’s gonna work as you go through these

different steps here for our product and then
I’m the click on fulfillment and go through

those steps on the click on check out that’s
we create the check out and go through the

little steps there and it’s all pretty simple
so the first things obviously I’ll just fill

this out I’m in to give it a name okay have
gone ahead and fill this out I just put for

the product name Elementor accelerator and
then what it did is it generated the checkout

page URL every product that you create is
going to have its own dedicated check check

out page URL in K and so I put all this in
here so that I can just click on next right

here and go to the next step so simple to
price this thing I can click on right here

it says plus set my product price this pops
up and I can do one time subscription split

pay pay your own price for me I’m just gonna
go ahead into a one-time fee but these are

some great powerful options student to have
different ways of pricing your product so

why don’t I do one time fee and then I’ll
also do a split peso for one time fee I would

just go ahead and pop this in here and then
I’m to create another one right here for split

pay and I’ll split it up like that so I’ll
do this all at right now okay have gone ahead

and created two pricing options for this course
I’ve got a one time payment right here of

9199 and then a split pay to payments of two
of 120 right here so only scroll down here

we can calculate tax and right here I have
an option to customize the invoice I’m not

to do that I’ll just go ahead and click on
next so here’s where I can add in order bump

if I wanted to so go ahead and check this
box here and it’s going to go through some

of those same product questions as can be
physical or digital a click on confirm and

then right here I can start filling this out
and I’m using the chrome web browser if you’re

using Safari it’s a little different but it’s
an chroma just click and start typing about

what I really like is how simple this is so
far so right here I’m in a go ahead I’ll name

this product I’m in a pop a price in and I
don’t become to customize this much okay so

I went ahead and put a name in here at a price
and then I actually probably should edit this

but I don’t want to spend the time in this
video essentially this is going appear when

someone checks out and all they have to do
is click on this checkbox and it will automatically

add this to the cart just go ahead and click
on next so this is where I choose my payment

processors you can actually have multiple
payment processors multiple PayPal accounts

connected into this only to do this on my
own and click next okay now I’m on the affiliate

tab I can check this box if I want to have
affiliates to promote this product so I’m

not gonna do that I’ll just click on next
and we’ve already loaded in our products are

bump offers and you can see it only really
took a minute or two it’s that easy to get

going so right here is for the fulfillment
side so after purchase just want you to put

in a support email address right there and
then what’s gonna happen after someone purchases

are you just gonna show them what they their
total what they paid are you to send them

to another URL may be a thank you page or
something like that or add them to a membership

site so you can choose those options right
there some go ahead and put my support email

in okay there it is support it
a go ahead and click on next you could see

were almost done were now going to choose
our checkout style to change the text whatever

we want so this was that same design that
was on their homepage except it has a different

color for the background you can have that
if you want right here is a two-step check

out I’m not super fond of the two-step check
out these days especially because it’s a very

condensed checkout to begin with with ThriveCart
so I think a single one step is totally fine

and then here’s an option if you want to embed
it so what you see right here is what would

actually get embedded anywhere on your websites
and then here’s where you can have a pop up

on your website for someone to check out to
go ahead and and use this one and I’m sure

if you purchase anything on the Internet you’ve
probably come across someone using ThriveCart

and using this very check out template so
I’ll scroll down here in just click on it

next and this is what I like about the simplicity
right here you could just click on what you

want to edit in this kind of template submit
is a little bit of a rigid template and that’s

not necessarily a bad thing so I can like
drag-and-drop the video right here the video

can only be over here on the right of course
there’s an option to flip these columns if

you wanted but this is actually perfectly
fine so I wanted a countdown timer on the

the checkout page I can click right here I
can click right here to add it and you can

have it be specific date or can be evergreen
based upon when someone visits your checkout

page we go ahead and close that out actually
here when I enabled that and I’ll just leave

it all the way that it is right here and click
on save just you that you could see it okay

comes a some guarantee seals so here’s Juan
here’s a moneyback seal and an encrypted checkout

seal so those are to be on the top or in that
same location that you see right right here

the guarantee seal and then right here you
can edit the fields of fur of information

that you’re asking so right here if I wanted
to add a business name to at ask that and

make it mandatory or optional I can do that
here and if I wanted their first name I will

definitely want their first and last name
and right here if I wanted their address don’t

ask for the address if you don’t need it in
a good rule of thumb is to only ask for the

things that you absolutely need so go ahead
and click on save and then right here you

can add some custom fields if you wanted to
there’s custom information that you want to

get from the purchaser on your site and then
here is to edit that custom checkbox now when

we enabled this year you see that this is
more of a GDPR feature so you’re want to send

marketing emails to someone after they check
out and it someone that is a resident of the

European Union and might be a good idea to
enable this okay and then right here you can

edit the buy button so this what it looks
like and you can change the cub colors right

here I do believe you get CSS customization
in here if you wanted to modify something

later with CSS but there you go and you can
change the text of the button so that’s complete

order I can change it if I want I just go
ahead and leave that the way that it is here

on the right we didn’t have a video or a product
shot right here in image it says a shot that’s

one reason I said that you can add bullet
points of different benefits so it’s good

to use this as an opportunity to reinforce
the purchase so so that someone will have

more reason to actually complete the checkout
won’t get cold feet okay so that is right

here for the edit bullet points and then right
here you can put in some testimonials and

it just can have the format that is can have
so you can see I actually didn’t really fill

out much of this is and was and when you scroll
down here you can choose the language of the

card and so limited on these languages we’ve
got English German or French Italian and Spanish

and then right here you could choose the background
colors are right now there’s no background

color but I can choose one of these if I wanted
to end up having a background color but I’ll

just leave it the default right there and
then right here for the layout is just flipping

the columns so if I click right here it just
can afflict the columns and that’s all there

is to creating a card so what I can do right
now is click right here to preview it it’s

can open up in a new tab and you show me what
this card looks like and I gotta say right

out of the bad this is a beautiful looking
shopping cart and I didn’t spend any time

on it right I didn’t put a product image I
didn’t put my testimonials my bullet points

but as you can see it just looks good and
then right here if I check this box you’ll

see the total go from 199 up to that C was
I made a 149 so for a total of 348 for some

reason it saying untitled product I have to
go back and fix that anyway so that is the

preview someone to go ahead and click on next
and we only have two more steps right here

click on next and then right here is your
success page you can put a video right here

if you wanted to if there’s the next thing
that someone needs to do for this purchase

and you can put some text right here I will
go ahead and just click on the next and then

there’s some tracking this is where you would
drop your pixels right here and then I’ll

go to next and then behavior right here is
where Juergen is said some of those rules

so a rule would be adding them to a mailing
list putting some tags in there and maybe

even pushing them into a webinar an automatic
webinar registration okay so let me actually

go back in the good thing is is you can’t
mess up you saw how there was a problem at

the checkout it’s at untitled product I can
just go back and click on product and find

out what the heck was going on maybe it’s
because I had to save it or something like

that let me go to fulfillment to see what
I did wrong let’s see them click on customize

note I think I did everything right so I’m
in a go back to behavior on the click save

and get URL and I’ve already created a shopping
cart right here slowly click on view check

out page there it is so here’s the preview
right here are actually where the P here is

a preview right here is pride because it wasn’t
saved yet that’s right said this untitled

product but right here it has been saved and
it has my name of the product right there

I can send someone to this right now what
actually I have to take it out of test mode

but I can send someone to it as soon as I
take it out test mode and I could start making

sales through this hosted shopping cart it
was really that easy and you know it’s funny

when I first used this to all I thought oh
my gosh this is shockingly easy to get up

and running there’s very few steps it’s so
fast there’s no reason why anyone that wants

to sell a course or sell a product or sell
something can’t use a tool like this and especially

if you’re non-techies to get a tool like this
and be able to sell really quick so it says

super easy to do now when you scroll down
you see if I if I would put a product image

I would see something there but I don’t have
that anyways so here we go Elementor Excelerator

so now what I could do is I could create a
second product that could be an upsell and

then I can create an upsell right here create
a down sell right here you can start doing

tests you can start creating a funnel and
having this these are multiple steps whether

someone accepts the purchaser doesn’t accept
the purchase so the next thing would be if

you wanted to make another product all you’d
have to do is go here and you can click on

this clone option right here it’ll duplicate
this product and then you can start from there

and Yorty have your shopping cart experience
of purity have your testimonials loaded in

in your bullet points you can make different
variations of your product it’s a pretty easy

platform I mean literally guys were done obviously
adding the show you coupons that’s pretty

basic stuff right here creating some coupons
and then auditing through your transactions

it has very basic dashboards right here it’s
really that simple to get up and running using

ThriveCart and start selling your products
so I do think when I’m looking at their homepage

here were it says it’s the easiest I have
been testing all the different car platforms

and I have a page on my website put a link
in the video description boxes

CA RTS and that’s can it take you to the page
I have on my website where I’m comparing all

of these different shopping cart platforms
I differently got a say ThriveCart is the

easiest but you know it it can’t be the most
powerful the reason it can be the most powerful

is because you don’t have control to be able
to have the payment processors you want to

use any email marketing platform that you
want it doesn’t have all the integrations

in its not it’s not super practical for them
to have them all because they have to create

and maintain them all and selects a difference
when you’re using a closed system like ThriveCart

versus WooCommerce that already has a lot
of this built into it or with WooCommerce

you you can if it wasn’t created a you could
have it made it there so many different different

people making extensions for WooCommerce and
plus the stuff already exists but of course

where this is superior over WooCommerce is
that this has an optimized check out experience

if you’re selling anything online you want
to be able to have a bump offer it’s just

like if someone’s on your e-commerce site
buying a pair shoes why not offer them a big

discount on a pair of socks they can check
one box and you can increase the average transactional

value of that check out and also the power
of having a upsell so someone does make a

purchase then you can send them to an additional
offer where you’re discounting something so

in the example you saw for an upsell offer
I would have a course bundle and maybe have

it be 75% off that someone can add so you
keep adding value and it’s actually good to

have a tool where you’re able to provide bump
value bump offers and up cells because you’re

actually giving more value to your customer
you’re saying you know you bought this and

I really appreciate that you bought this you’re
now my customer let me give you a good deal

on this other thing that might interest you
not everyone’s gonna take you up on that offer

but you might be surprised to see 2030% of
the people that are making that initial purchase

go ahead and take that additional offer that
you’re making them so anyways this is been

a quick look at ThriveCart is rocksolid you
can ask anyone that using it is rocksolid

like is it right now you can get it for at
one time cost it’s it’s a cheap it’s $595

but that’s actually very cheap when you look
at other platforms that are equivalent to

this or about $200 per month so it’s a really
good deal when you look at that angle they

have been claiming for a couple heaters that
is knocking to be a lifetime one time purchase

forever it might go to a monthly purchase
or something like that of Lehman saying that

for quite a long time but anyways if you’re
interested in checking this out I do have

a referral link of course it’s the VP
I’ll take you over there to the actual page

or you can purchase it and you can check it
out and see if it actually meet your needs

have a generous return. It’s 30 days old is
a problem or your findings not meeting your

needs you can go ahead and get a refund but
what I’ve noticed is that a lot of the people

that are serious about selling their courses
through LearnDash they are using a cart system

like this a lot of people that are serious
about e-commerce or using a more optimized

shopping cart experience like this versus
WooCommerce which isn’t White set up to be

this way so anyways got like 70 in the video
description down below if you use ThriveCart

you wanted to give a shot out of some pros
and cons that you’ve actually experience got

your feel free to leave that in the comment
section down below hey if you enjoy this video

can consider giving it a thumbs up if you
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  1. Adam,

    Is there any plugin available for WordPress?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Adam! Thanks for this insightful review. I’m wondering though where the digital products are uploaded for clients to download. Or do they have to be downloaded by means of redirecting to a URL? I see the 3 options for what happens after purchase, but none is “download page” or “download product”, is it?

    1. Yea ThriveCart doesn’t have digital delivery unfortunately. Would have to be delivered via your email marketing platform or some form of a membership plugin.

  3. Josh Bartlett says:

    Hey Adam, we appreciate the review of the platform!

    Could you please get in touch regarding a few inaccuracies so we can have the chance to correct them.

    For example, you state ThriveCart was released in 2013 and that the interface has not been updated since. ThriveCart was released in 2016, not 2013 and to date, we have updated the interface 10+ times.

    Please reach out directly so we can make sure any inaccuracies are updated. Thanks again for the review!


    Josh Bartlett
    Founder & CEO ThriveCart

    1. Updated here. I did update that on the video over on YouTube, but it slipped my mind that it was here as well.

  4. Thrivecart doesn’t work like a regular cart, right? This makes it nothing like WooCommerce or East Cart, etc. Right?

    For instance, it looks like you cannot add multiple items from a store, or add physical and digital items together and then get a cart total. Or, it looks like it doesn’t seem to be able to handle different options of an item (i.e., for example if you offer a t-shirt in three colors and three sizes) there is no way to put say, (2) small red shirts and (1) large blue shirt in the cart. Then pay.

    Am I missing something?

    1. You are correct, it doesn’t work the same. It’s more of a single item cart. That being said, I am releasing CartFlows on November 19th, 2018 and with it, you will be able to have full control over the WooCommerce checkout.

      1. Hai Tri Nguyen says:

        That sounds interesting, is it a plugin or a service, how about pricing (one time or monthly)? Thank you.

        1. ThriveCart is currently a lifetime deal meaning you buy it once in your account is good for as long as the services online.

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