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by Adam Preiser updated September 8, 2021

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There are currently no active Thrive Apprentice Coupon or Thrive Apprentice Discounts available. However, if you do purchase Thrive Apprentice through the link on this website, I will give you access to one of my premium training course which normally sells for $49.

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Video Transcript

Now in this video I’m going to introduce the
easiest way to add an online course to your

website using a new plug-in called Thrive
Apprentice hi my name is Adam from

where I make WordPress videos for non-techies
if you enjoy the content in this video like

you to consider clicking on the subscribe
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the little bell off to the right of that when
you click on the YouTube let you know when

I upload a new video now on my website I have
online courses but I’m using a full blown

learning management tool called LifterLMS
and others and also another full-blown learning

management tool called learn ’96 in both
of these are fantastic tools but now we have

a different type of tool to add an online
course to your website and it comes from the

folks of that make thriving themes in this
entire suite of plug-ins I actually use a

lot of their plug-ins on my website if you’re
not familiar with right themes they have themes

and much more powerful plug-ins I much more
prefer there plug-ins then there are themes

in these are some really powerful tools that
they create and now they have a tool to make

it is so crazy simple easy to add an online
course to your website someone explain what

this is who it is who it is not for some of
the limitations and why that might be a good

thing to begin with so anyways this actually
used to be a feature that they built into

their themes about two years ago and it was
very limited and they didn’t really improve

it much and so I actually started using the
feature and then I stopped using it when I

realize it’s a limitations and they give a
little bit of a reveal of information about

a month ago that this would be coming in to
be its own plug-in and they now sit actually

yesterday and here’s the announcement post
on it with a video on how to set it up and

you can come to hear occipital link in the
video description considers already hundred

and 65 comments which is in saying now let
me tell you what this is not this is not a

full blown alerting management plug-in the
idea behind this is to make it super easy

to add may be a free Ecorse are more of a
basic online course to your website now they

actually use it themselves right here so if
you are a member or a customer of Thrive themes

they have this little area right here they
call it Thrive University and their actually

using apprentice right here and that’s what
they do to facilitate their textbased and

their video-based lessons so essentially you
could create something that looks just like

this and I’m a show you the actual plug-in
in a few minutes so essentially you can have

this grid of courses they can be text or video
and you can see right here it says text here

it says video you go ahead and let’s just
show you what a looks like when you click

on details to go in you’ve got this cover
image right here and then right here you have

a little bit info on the course and then you
have a syllabus right here and if you notice

these two lessons right here I’ve actually
viewed and that is why they are not grayed

out like this lesson and you could see right
here there’s a progress indicator as well

so if I go into view a lesson say right here
you’re gonna see that there is a very large

video area which I like a lot underneath that
you have some med tech space information that

goes along with the lesson and then you have
that syllabus here on the right and then you

have navigation to go to the next lesson or
to the previous lesson I really like this

now here are some of the things that I think
this is great for if you want to add a course

to your websites but not break it up into
lots of different modules and have quizzes

and things of that nature this plug-ins going
to be good for you but if you need a full-blown

learning management system but keep in mind
a full-blown learning management system also

comes with complications in setting it up
this is not that this is a perfect solution

for anyone that just wants to add some basic
courses to their website have it all integrated

and organized in a plug-in to make it easy
for the people that come to your website to

navigate through it now this is not a going
to facilitate is selling access to the content

you’ll need a membership plug-in for that
and this is not going to facilitate securing

that content to people that have paid for
it so these are just some of the limitations

but so many people probably just want a real
simple way to give axis to maybe a three video

lesson learning courses like as a lead Mac
at magnet or something that they’re offering

to people for free to generate leads or just
something really basic they don’t need all

this extra stuff and so before this there
really wasn’t a way to have that organized

like this and have a really simple way of
delivering that but you can see you can also

create courses that you then at a membership
plug into in order to secure and sell that

content but that is not what this plug-in
does now I will include a link to this video

right here it’s essentially to show you how
to set up your first course in how to make

its own someone registers their email will
go into WordPress so they have their access

and then that email also go into your email
marketing system of choice and the section

1 of things I really like about to thrive
they have this a suite of plug-ins right here

some log into my account I’ve been a customer
since 2014 of theirs I have their agency license

but you can see here this is a suite of plug-ins
that do something very unique the best way

I can communicate it how I view it is as with
Apple products so you have an Apple watch

an Apple phone and Apple TV in a Mac computer
and you have these four separate devices but

they worked beautifully together in harmony
pushing and pulling information full integration

back and forth and that’s what you get out
of their suite of plug-ins these are just

a little hodgepodge of plug-ins that they’ll
let me just make that one and let me copy

that one and put that in the bundle these
are plug-ins that they’ve put together that

communicate to each other and work together
if you want them to and that is what I like

about the Thrive the suite of plug-ins there’s
other developing meant houses like gosh I’m

forgetting the name of one of them where they
got Withers couplers like WP M you dev and

then there’s another when I totally forget
they just have a million plug-ins but none

of them communicate with each other they’re
all individual and standalone where there’s

intention behind everything you get from Thrive
here so anyways this is a thrive of practice

let me jump in and show you actually want
to see right here they got all his great documentation

on it right here ballistic a look at it and
see how easy it is really to set up a course

now I haven’t done anything with the site
actually don’t think there’s anything on it

so let’s just see what happens I haven’t set
up a test course before I did watch that then

set up video though and let’s see how good
I retain that information so one of things

I like that they do is they all the settings
in the backend for the plug-ins they they

put all in one location so it doesn’t take
up so many slots here in the menu bar so I’m

to go to Thrive dashboard and then here it
is Thrive apprentice and I’ll go ahead and

click on that and this is what I am presented
with and I like this the first thing it’s

doing is realizes I haven’t set this thing
up before and it’s starting to walk me through

it which I really like because I think where
there excelling in this plug-in is in simplicity

to set up to make it as easy as possible for
anyone to set up so the first thing it’s saying

is we need a page that’s going to be that
directory page with all of our courses so

for Thrive they have it here it’s/University
so the name of the page is University and

we have this index of courses so that’s essentially
what it’s asking me I can choose a page of

five created one or I can go right here in
create a brand-new page so just do what they

did and I’ll name this university okay now
that I’ve entered that I’ll go ahead and click

on continue and let’s see what it asks me
next though this is saying the template that

they use a for that page where it’s going
to list out all the courses do I want to customize

this I don’t want to do that right now somebody
click a loaded default template but of course

there is a full documentation right here on
all of these various features so now I’m at

that very familiar if you’ve used any dry
product that very familiar backend interface

where I can start setting things up so the
first thing is add a new course on a go ahead

and click on plus now keep in mind this is
what I’m doing to set up a course but there’s

also some options appear in the top right
as well for using the Thrive apprentice so

the first thing I need to do is give my course
and name and then it right here I can choose

the slug so when we were looking at thrive
University and then when I clicked in to this

this course right here this is the slug word
says website from scratch so I really like

that allows me to choose the slug as I’m setting
up my course and then right here we can put

a description and this is something I really
like it’s for that cover image and what I

like about it is right here it gives you a
recommended size for the dimensions and I

really like that because I don’t have to guess
what the size I need to put in or fiddle around

with putting an image of the wrong size it
lets me know right up front so I want to go

ahead Lexi and then there’s some advanced
settings right here in this is I guess where

you can categorize your courses of your in have
more than one by topic right here you can

choose the author of for the and this would
be the WordPress user for the course this

you probably want to not have it be the name
of the user account you probably want to go

into WordPress users and change that and you
can also set a difficulty level and if you’re

noticing these are the same things that you
see when you’re in one of these active courses

right here so these would be like the categories
right here and stuff like that so I’m to go

ahead and fill this out right now okay so
I’ve gone ahead and fill that out I just put

some adjuster some information and I through
an image and sexual images and even the right

dimensions but it’s close enough right here
I just put difficulty level easy now this

is one thing you can do to kind of protect
the content of your course without adding

a membership plug-in but you’re not selling
it but you’re requiring people to have given

you their email address and right here you
can choose to make this course only available

for users that have logged in now if you’re
going to use a membership plug-in you do not

want to enable this but if you’re not can
use a membership plug-in and you want to make

sure that someone has opted in or kind of
enrolled quasi-role you want to make sure

you check on this so then they would have
to be logged in your website in order to watch

the review the course or consume the content
in this course I would leave it unchecked

if you look at this demo video right here
oops right here it’s going to explain that

a little bit more in depth so now I’m to go
ahead and click on save and I’ve already created

the course now all I need to do is add some
lessons so you have this button here called

add less and obviously you click on it you
give your lesson title you can put some content

to go beneath that area where you can have
a cover image or you can have a video so you

would put that content right here now if you’re
going to have a video you don’t need to put

a large cover image in there because the videos
going to take that lace so you would scroll

down and you choose a video type and it has
native integration for these three platforms

but if you choose on custom you can copy and
paste in an embed code if you’re using some

other service I personally use a different
service where I would have to use this embed

code feature for my online courses but I want
to go ahead and just paste in a link to one

of my YouTube videos and what’s nice because
they have the specific integration right here

you can enable some of these features like
to autoplay to hide the YouTube logo to have

control over the player controls I really
like that they’re adding that for you now

just as a disclaimer you do not want to host
your videos for paid content on YouTube you

just don’t want to do that I think people
have drilled that topic in depth so I’m to

go ahead and add a couple lessons here and
then we’ll go to the front of the website

and see how it looks okay so I’ve gone ahead
and added three lessons I just give them simple

names and I put a video URL in there and so
I’m going to click the publish button I’m

not sure if I need to click on publish just
yet or if it will auto publish on my lessons

I’m assuming I can drag and drop these around
right here if I wanted to reorder them some

to go ahead and click on publish and just
give me the warning that I need to publish

my lesson so that answered that someone click
on publish on each one of these lessons and

then I’m to go ahead and click on publish
right here for the course let’s see what happens

so it looks like my courses published I really
like the way that they’ve leveled up their

UI game at Drive Lee the dry themes I really
like the UI of this so far it seems very easy

to use and I like that so okay so I can go
here add new lessons or whatever I guess I

can click on this preview button I’m a little
paranoid to see what this is gonna look like

because I haven’t added anything but let’s
just see okay so here it is and actually it

looks pretty good I kinda like it here so
we got that big cover image right there and

here are the three lessons now if I probably
would’ve put some text in those lessons it

would be here I think that would’ve been a
good idea but I didn’t do it and then right

here off to the side I have my three lessons
in this would be my avatar so in order to

get your image in there you need to just go
to Gravatar just Google Gravatar and add it

to your email address and it all links up
and I would want to change this from site

admin to my name Ashley had to do that the
very end him to go ahead and click on start

course and see what this looks like and there
is my video and I didn’t put any text information

so here’s just the title it would probably
look visually look better if I did have some

information in their summer to go ahead and
click on this to go to the next lesson now

on this third lesson I said it to autoplay
and used some of those YouTube options someone

to go ahead and click on this and let’s see
if it auto plays I would have to posit as

soon as it starts playing there he goes so
let me posit while this is so easy to use

it’s pretty amazing so right here I like it
has the category of where I put this course

and right here it has the type of course that
I made it which was a video course now you

can actually use a Thrive content builder
to create some visually looking nice stuff

here in the content area but so far I gotta
say I really like this this seems very easy

to use so let me go back into the back end
and fix that Gravatar in the name that showed

up for the teacher so all I have to do for
that is him to go to users, to go to your

profile which is mine and I’m going to change
a few things so I’m just going to change the

name and I’m also to change the email address
to one that I know has that Gravatar attached

okay so I put in how I like my name to be
displayed and I chose it in the option here

and then I put an email that I know has a
Gravatar attach some to going on here my click

update profile when I scroll down it should
show my Gravatar there it is and here’s an

actual link to set your Gravatar so now let
me go back into Thrive apprentice and will

see I have my course right here which is nice
oh and this is where you can add different

course topics which is nice let’s click on
the preview index page we didn’t preview this

and guess the this is an actually showing
me the index pages showing me the course we

can see right here and fix the name and it
fixed the Gravatar right there though actually

let’s see what the heck happened with my course
index page so it was if you wanted to edit

the course you can click here or add new courses
you can see how stinking easy this is so let’s

see if I go to pages that should’ve created
that page and there it is University so let’s

open that up and see what it looks like okay
so it when I opened it up I wonder if it’s

because I only have one course it’s jumping
me right into here it’s either that or I need

to set my permanent links so that is a possibility
as well let’s see note that’s my correct firm

links to none of them do I want to go ahead
and try to add another course really quick

to see if I need more than one course available
in order added to the drive apprentice in

order to show that course index page I’d really
like my course index page to look like these

Thrive University one how slick it looks and
it has this a sorting and filtering option

right here so go ahead and do that right now
so much to go to Thrive dashboard I’m in a

go to apprentice and I’m in a go ahead and
click on new course I will be right back with

you okay so were back I went ahead and added
a new course right here only added one lesson

so now let’s see what happens when I click
on preview index page well this actually works

exactly the way I had hoped it would another
reason is showing the same image is because

I use the same cover image for this second
course and you can see while this visually

looks very nice if you asked me I really like
how this one shows that it’s a video course

and I really like this subtle hover effects
when I hover over you could see that drop

shadow or box shadow kind of appears and it
gives the appearance of the course that I’m

hovering on lifting off the page and then
right here there is a progress bar II really

like this a lot I gotta say that I’m pretty
impressed with how this looks now you saw

how easy that was to set up this course that
is really just a matter of getting your content

in there and I’m actually very very impressed
with the simplicity of using Thrive apprentice

so I guess right here you could add a different
course topics and you can assign a color so

right now we just have a general and this
is the color that’s attached with it so if

I added a new course topic I could just click
on this part my topic in and then change the

color so I’ve gone ahead and named it growth
and I made it green so let me go back and

put one of these courses in that other category
so I’ll put this one right here it’s tagged

as general right here so I’m an edit the details
and I’m just flying through this even though

I have never used it before, changes to growth
click on save like this and then I want to

go back to the dashboard and now we have two
different course categories and I’m soon we

could change his iconic to so now let’s see
what the index page looks like there you go

this is actually what I wanted the filter
so right here you can see this is using that

green and this is using the blue talking to
say this is partly easy to use might make

me rethink what I’m doing because I’m not
using quizzes or some of the advanced features

of the learning management system that I’m
using and then here’s where you can filter

it so if you had a bunch of courses you can
easily filter through them so I got to say

right off the top that I am very impressed
with Thrive apprentice so far when with this

template settings is okay so there’s lots
of other things that you can tweak around

them not to get into it right now I gotta
say this products sure seems like a winner

now the negative is at right now I don’t think
you can just go and purchase it I think you

have to just be a member of Thrive themes
so you can buy all the products individually

or you can just buy membership the membership
I think it’s $20 a month or something and

you can install them all on unlimited websites
all of their entire suite of plug-ins they

have drive leads which is a direct competitor
more feature rich in my opinion and then opt

in monster which is $20 per month on its own
and then of course you have to write content

builder now I will say with right content
builder they have version 2 of that right

around the corner they released a few glimpses
of it I can tell you that I have used the

Thrive content builder 2.0 and it’s going
to be a massive improvement I really like

what they’re doing and I believe that should
come out sometime in the next two months and

you also have Thrive ultimatum I use that
plug-in you have thrive ovation which is a

really amazing tool for collecting testimonials
tagging them and displaying them throughout

your website you have all the themes I do
know that they’re going to come out with one

theme that’s going to be an improvement on
all of them and it will work perfectly with

all of the things that they’re putting together
and pushes stuff after stuff that they have

the best part is it all communicates and works
together so I think what I might end up doing

is having a tutorial video irony have a tutorial
video on using MemberPress but I would like

to maybe make one using MemberPress with the
Thrive apprentice courses to show you how

to do that and maybe find may be more affordable
plug-in option a good membership plug-ins

can be about $99 and you’re not gonna want
to go cheap on something like that because

that’s what you’re going to use to collect
the money charge reoccurring protect the content

she wants something well supported that’s
cleanly coded and easy to use and will give

you excellent support right now to be restrict
content Pro or MemberPress output links to

both down below a put links to this thriving
apprentice down below now what do you think

about private practice I would like to hear
in the comment section down below I know I

didn’t go into every little nook and cranny
of it but you gotta admit I think for their

target market it is perfect not everyone wants
quizzes in all of this complicated stuff that

really is a drawback and really holds people
back from actually just getting the course

out there and this is a great a simple solution
for that and I really gotta hand it to them

for making something different and making
something beautiful and making something that’s

easy to use but that’s is what I think I want
to know what you think it down below in the

comments section hate thank you for watching
this video


  1. Hi Adam – do you know any way to make a copy of a complete Apprentice lesson?

  2. Hello,
    I start in the web and create an online training course. I hesitate between learndash+memberpress or Thrive Apprentice+sendowl. Do you have a recommendation? I currently have a site on Wordpress and I want to create my member/training space on my sub-domain, is this possible with Thrive and sendowl?
    Thank you.

    1. I know several people that tried the SendOwl combo and hated it. Also, Thrive Apprentice is more of a stripped down learning management system, it’s not that good really.

      Depending on what you are trying to do, LearnDash may be all that you need. And if you want to offer order bumps and upsells, you can add CartFlows to it to increase your sales.

      1. Jack Johnson says:

        Adam, in the video, you seemed really impressed with Thrive Apprentice, but in this comment you say “it’s not that good really.” Did you discover issues that caused you to like it less?

        1. Yes I was very hopeful when they released it, but they have been slow as molasses to make improvements to it. But I will say if it meets your needs as it is today, and you don’t foresee needing something it doesn’t have in the future, you should go for it. Thrive is very slow to improve anything other than Thrive Apprentice.

  3. Andres Aguiar says:

    hello Adam. Does thive work in Astra theme?

    I sse on their page . It only works with these.

    Does ir work with astra. im trying to install it, because i want to use member mouse

    1. Oh yes, it works perfectly with the Astra Theme. I know it lists those themes, those are their own themes that they have since retired because they are very outdated.

  4. Hello Adam,
    I just finished watching your review Thrive Apprentice and Thrive Comments on YouTube. Love what you are doing, great content. I think a Thrive Membership would benefit me greatly. I have a specific question for you, sense you are very familiar with Elementor as well. Does the Thrive suite play well with Elementor and the Jet add-ons? Being able to use all the Thrive plugins, in combination with the Elementor/Jet duo would be dream for the project I am going to build.


    1. Oh yes, their plugins will work great on any website with any page builder. I use many of their plugins here and never have had any issues.

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