SEOPress Review 2023

by Adam Preiser updated September 8, 2021

SEOPress is a WordPress SEO plugin that had a free and a pro version. SEOPress is both lightweight, will not slow your website down, and yet full-featured.

Current Pricing: Free to $39
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SEOPress Pros

  • Supports Custom Post Types
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Google Local Business
  • Google XML Video Sitemap
  • Google Structured Data Types
  • Whitelable – WOW

SEOPress Cons

SEOPress is a newcomer, but don’t let that scare you. In my testing, it is the best Yoast alternative on the market.

Unlike Yoast, SEOPress will not slow your website down. SEOPress does not nickel and dime you to death like Yoast does, everything is included in the Pro version and you can install it on unlimited websites.

Really finding it hard to find a problem with SEOPress.

SEOPress Coupon Discounts

There are currently no active SEOPress Coupons or SEOPress Discounts available.

SEOPress Review: Wrap Up

Right now I can confidently say that SEOPress is the best WordPress SEO plugin available. Agencies will love the affordable pricing and white label features.

Also, you get everything with the pro version. Unlike Yoast, you don’t need to buy 4 other plugins to have WooCommerce SEO, Video SEO, News SEO, and Local SEO. To get the same features from Yoast, it would cost:
$89 Yoast Pro
$69 Video SEO
$69 Local SEO
$69 News SEO
$49 WooCommerce SEO

All the above numbers are per site where you get all of that for unlimited sites for $39 per year. And with Yoast, there is no white-label option.

I really hate to sit here and make all these Yoast comparisons, but it’s just an SEO plugin, they are all pretty much doing the same thing, the same way. But this is the best way to show you the value.

I 100% recommend this plugin.

SEOPress Alternatives

Video Transcript


  1. Hi Adam, do you mean RankMath is better than SEOpress?

    1. For me and my needs, yes. But SEOPress is no slouch. For this one, the devil is in the details.

  2. Hi Adam,
    I can’t seem to choose between seopress and rank math for my woocommerce website. Any suggestion? As you talk positively about both

    1. You really shouldn’t because the do the same things.

  3. I’ve just had to disable SEOPress on my site. I’m running Astra and my site is built with Gutenberg only, no builders.

    First issue I discovered was SEOpress was reporting no content on the home page. At that point I logged a support ticket – i’m a pro user.

    I also noticed that SEOPress looked off / design broken – I traced it to an incompatibility with a block plugin I was using. I deleted the plugin and reengineered the site to function without it.

    Then I realised that it takes 30 seconds to save any update I make. When I deactivated SEOPress the problem went away. I traced that to an incompatibility with a check email delivery plugin I was using ( and need ).

    I deactivated SEOPress and installed Yoast – no issues at all. Deleted Yoast as I don’t want the nags, don’t need more licence fees.

    Here’s the thing, no response at all to my support ticket, not even an acknowledgement that it had been lodged. Nada. Not even anywhere on the site to check progress. As far as I’m concerned you sell a pro product you support it. 24 hour response is a reasonable expectation, no response is not.

    I figured out the issue by myself, seems there’s plugin incompatibilities with SEO Press. Needless to say I’m using Math Rank now…let’s see how that goes, no issues so far, all plugins activated.

  4. Just curious why you use Yoast SEO Premium and not SEOpress for this site?

    1. It has a feature that I rely on that SEOPress does not have. When making a blog post, it will analyze the content and make internal link suggestions.

  5. SEOPress Pro is really the best SEO plugin on the market. I’ve been using Yoast and AIO before but I never seen real updates for years. I prefer a lightweight approach offered by SEOPress (no account required, white label). You should definitely give it a try!

  6. 1 – You have to use two plugins just to make it work.
    2 – Schema is not well structured (duplicate elements), also, you can no make any schema with the schema tools.
    3 – When disable the plugin, you lost you
    4 – The help is like, you have to disable all others plugins or change you theme, just for make our plugins works. ( for real!)
    4 – But the worst is they not respect his own policy about refund, I’ve been waiting for the refund for 48 hours and it doesn’t respond.

  7. Gabriella says:

    Hello Adam, I don’t grasp why you would verify if your writing is optimized after it’s already written… I’m using Ink for All, an AI-assisted platform that helps optimize content

  8. Maybe i will get this a try instead of renewing Yoast for $89…. 89 – 39 = $50 (saved for 5 months hosting @ $5)

  9. I tested Both plugins Yoast and SEOPress and i can see SEOPress is easy to setup, make things easy to newbie, by how quickly setup his own blog.

    In the other hand what i don’t like in Yoast every time i open my dashboard there is an update for it and even and there is no a complete documentation for it.

    If you want a good setting you need to buy their service. and even i think yoast developer’s they don’t understand how google work by using the old method by focus on meta (title + description and focus keyword). and keyword ratio.

    Now we need something follow google update and advice us how we can setting a good article or page structure and gain google trust.

    This is just my view about the both plugins



  10. Christian says:

    Hey Adam great review about SEOpress. I’m looking for an alternative for Yoast, are you still favouring SEOpress or do you’ve switched to Rank Math?

      1. Hi Adam….what are you thoughts on Rank Math?

        1. Love it. It’s now what I use on this website.

  11. SEOPress, is a beast. I’ve tried them all and I see so many people with issues on here. High chance it’s a plugin you installed, I’ve got pro version install to over 200 websites now and only once I have I had an issue and it was due to a 3rd party plugin which I removed from my stack.

    Truth is, SEOPress is just solid does it all, I’ve looked at RankMath but I feel it’s not ready yet. I hate Yoast, costs to much and to much rubbish in the backend.

    1. Awesome feedback and right on. It’s just a fact with self-hosted solutions that plugins can conflict with plugins. I know all about this intimately being the co-founder of CartFlows.

      1. Adam,

        Have you changed to RankMath yet? Wondering if I should go with SEOPress or RankMath. I have a Digital Marketing site. Wondering if I should go with SEOPress, but hesitant due to all the negative feedback on Support and issues…


    2. Thank you! I really appreciate that kink of user review!

      PS: I’m the founder of SEOPress 🙂

  12. sunil Gurung says:

    hello Adam I very recently switched to SEOpress from RankMath but im having an issue
    i configured exactly the way as explained in your seopress video
    the issue is when i change the title of page, post or packages it shows well in the preview – but when i update and refresh the title in the preview gets back to default as “post-title / sitetitle” though i have excluded sitetitle from pages, post, categories and packages in the setting
    i rewrite the title time and again and update but no luck – is there anything i can do about it ???
    please help

  13. Neal Umphred says:


    Following the brouhaha over Yoast a year or so ago, you were rather hard on them for the manner in which they handled things. If I remember correctly, you expressed a general distrust in them and recommended switching to SEOPress.

    Which I did.

    In recent videos, you have returned to recommending Yoast.

    What changed?

    Keep on keepin’ on!


    1. Hey Neal, it’s not that I returned, I never left Yoast because, for this website, I rely on 1 feature in their pro version. The link suggestions feature. SEOPress is not adding it, but Rank Math is, and I will be switching to it once it is available.

      1. Neal Umphred says:


        I switched to SEOPress and it was, as you said, easy to use with very attractive user interfaces.

        As far as I know, I have not had any problems with it, so I haven’t had any need to seek support from Benjamin.

        As you know, I am not very tech-savvy, so if I do have issues, a plugin’s support team is important to me.

        Os, for straightforward blogs like mine, which plugin should I use in 2019:

        • Rank Math
        • SEOPress
        • Yoast

        Thanks in advance and always keep on keepin’ on!


        1. I think if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s likely that the cause of the issues people have been reporting here in the comments are related to incompatibilities with their theme or plugins they are using on their website.

          1. How do I check if SEOPress is compatible with my theme and other plugins before purchasing?

          2. Use the free version of SEOPress.

        2. @Adam, I would really like to see a comparisson between SEOPress vs. Rank Math, also!

  14. Bob Johnson says:

    Really disappointed in their support. I have a site that has crashed with specific error messages from SEOPress and have tried everything. They simply do not respond to support tickets in a reasonable time frame, or at all in my case. Very disappointing…

    1. Sorry to hear about the troubles you and some others have been running into with their support. Sound like they need to scale up their support staff.

  15. Hello Adam,
    do you know perhaps the rewason why titles and description are not seen by the google?
    I have a pro version, in preview all looks beauitful but in real life shows titles and descriptions from google itself

  16. I have their Pro unlimited license. It has a lot of potential and I love how lightweight it is, but as much as I want to like SEOPress and it has been working well on some of my sites for several months, there are some showstopper problems on some sites that have me going back to Yoast on all my sites.

    Support is non-existent, even for Pro licenses. I get that they’re a small team and they’ve grown rapidly, but providing reasonable support for paid licenses is crucial.

    I’ve run into multiple issues with the XML sitemaps that have caused negative ranking issues. Sitemaps lead to 404s on multisite, for instance, and none of the permalink or other suggestions fix it. So I can’t trust it on sites where search engine ranking matters (aka the whole point of the plugin).

    So back to Yoast for me…

    1. Yeah I wonder if there is a direct correlation in the price that they choose to charge for this plug-in and the support that they are able to provide. One of the first things I suggested to SEOPress was that they charge double. Not so that people would have to pay double, but so they would be able to have the resources to build a solid product with solid support.

    2. I agree with Alex here. I mostly like the software Support is almost non-existent even the Pro licenses. I went for the lifetime deal on Black Friday but I am only using it for my personal sites as the support hasn’t given me enough confidence to install it in critical business sites. I believe, Benjamin, the developer, is the only one giving support right now and it seems that he hasn’t expanded the team at all. I hope this will change in the future.

  17. I had massive problems with SEOPress, only way to resolve was to uninstall it. Money for the unlimited PRO license waisted.

    SEOPress is excellent in marketing gathering superficial positive reviews like this one.

    1. So you reached out to their support and they were not able to help you? Sorry to hear that!

  18. Stay away from this, I purchased and had problems. First of all google could not read the site map and I could not even display it despite pressing the flush button which is supposed to solve that. Then when I change titles on pages they will not save, they just revert back to the old title. I contacted support and they advised me to alter some code in php file. Well I know nothing about coding and if I have to code a program to get it to work then I do not want it. I asked for a refund and they just ignored me, looks like I will not get a refund so i have just wasted my money as I have gone back to Yoast and that works perfectly. The fact they will not give a refund should tell you alot about them.
    It would be a good program if it worked but to many bugs.

    1. That’s very strange. SEOPress is working great for me here and many other people. Sounds like there may be some sort of conflict with something you have installed on your website.

    2. sunil Gurung says:

      i have the same problem – no matter how many times I rewrite my title Update and refresh it either gets back to old title or default as %%post-title%% | %%Sitetitle%% – did everything in the setting – excluded sitetitle from page, post and packages but it reverts back to the same title — thank god i have not yet purchased its pro version

  19. Ini Arthur says:

    Hello Adam,
    I’m currently using SEOPress for my site but I have a little challenge. My sitemap shows parsing error for my news and video sitemaps on Google Search Console.
    Do you know how I can fix this? SEOPress support is super slow am I’m a new user.

    1. Sorry to hear you are having that issue there. Sadly, I don’t have any pointers for you other to wait on support to get back with you.

  20. What do you say about the plugin Rank Math SEO? Good competitor for Yoast and SeoPress

  21. Does SEOPress offer breadcrumbs like Yoast?

  22. hi i installed free seopress to try it out before considering upgreadig to pro but it does not recognisee any headings wwhich were inserted using the WPBakery page buildere plugin. also sometimes it recognises the title as including keywords and other times it does not if the slug and the title are not identical – confused!

  23. Si Parker says:

    Hey, probably worth adding that they have a black Friday sale for $99 for a lifetime unlimited license on at the moment. As your review comes up first.

  24. The Berkat says:

    Is it advisable to migrate whole site from Yoast to SEOPress?

  25. I will think to switch seopress. Thanks for the post

  26. Hi Adam, SEOpress are offering this Black Friday deal. I’m still new to WordPress and Elementor so I’m not sure how it can help me. Do you think I should go for it?

    Barry from UK.

    P.S. your verification software is tough. Took me six goes.

    1. Sorry for the late response here, it was a good deal. And sorry about the verification I got rid of that about a month ago.

  27. Hey Adam,

    I hear that SEOPress does not read/analyze the content inside of the Oxygen builder. From what it sounds like from the Plugin Author, he doesn’t seem interested in finding a fix for that.

    Is that a big deal for users with Oxygen Builder 2.0 & above? Your opinions would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

    1. I think the problem is that Oxygen Builder stores everything in shortcodes in the database. So it probably can’t pars those shortcodes out in order to read the content.

  28. what makes this better than and seopressor and yoast in your opinion

    1. Well in regards to Yoast, this just has way more features in the free version and way more features in the Pro version. There is no comparison and cost, Yoast will cost you seven times as much money to get the same set of features. Regarding SEOPressor, that’s an old outdated plug-in that is no longer being actively developed. I personally prefer to use plug-ins that are being actively developed within an engaged developer.

  29. Hi Adam,

    Do you have any opinions or how would you compare SEOPress to SEOPressor?

    1. SEOPress is a current and modern SEO plug-in for WordPress. The other one you list is old outdated and nearly abandoned. I prefer to use products that are actively being developed and supported.

  30. Roy Randolph says:

    Adam, I spit out my coffee with laughter when I read “Here are some other WordPress SEO Plugins that are great SEOPress alternatives.” clicked the link and nothing on the page but SEOPress. :))

  31. Hey Adam!

    Just got SEO Press to give it a test run. I installed it on a site where I’m also running Schema Markup from the Brainstorm guys. I noticed this plugin does some Schema as well. Do I need Schema Markup plugin or is SEO Press enough to handle it all?

    1. With Schema Pro you can create Schema that you apply via rules and conditions. With SEOPress its one by one.

  32. Daniel Mackevili says:

    If money were not the concern, which SEO plugin would you say is the best overall? Thanks

    1. I think SEOPress which is crazy because it’s the lowest prices haha. But really it’s the most modern and lightweight.

      1. so what can be done for migrate from yoast to seopres ?

        1. You should watch my video on setting up SEOPress because I cover that, and it’s really easy.

          1. Thanks, I did that and hope we got a great result, but still, SEOPress have the same issue I faced with Yoast and hope there is some solution for it.

      2. Ya it’s true
        I am using seoPress on my website
        And it’s awesome
        I think it should have more features (free versions )
        To boost a starter site

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