Oxygen Builder Review 2019

by Adam @ WPCrafter   |   Last Updated: July 10, 2019

Oxygen Builder is a tool that enables you to build entire WordPress websites. It is not a page builder or a theme, but a hybrid product that enables you to have more control over what you create.

Current Pricing: $99

Ease Of Use


While Oxygen Builder is powerful, you will not find it as easy to use as other page building tools. So it will require patience and effort.

Price / Value


At the $99 price for a lifetime license, you are not going to find a better value for a tool like this.



While I have not experienced support first hand, there are some comment down below that range from excellent to miserable.

Oxygen Builder Pros

  • Provides full control over your website.
  • Does output cleaner code.
  • Integrates with ACF.
  • Allows you to centrally store templates.
  • Ability to create popups.
  • Display content based on conditions.

Oxygen Builder Cons

  • Steep learning curve
  • Not client friendly
  • When you deactivate all data is stuck in the database
  • All content is wrapped in shortcodes
  • Not GPL licensed
  • Not compatable with all plugins you may want to use

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Oxygen Builder Coupon Discounts

I have seen them have a discount on the Oxygen Builder website from time to time. But really, for $99 can it be any cheaper?

Oxygen Builder Review: Wrap Up

Personally, Oxygen Builder is not for me. I like to refer to it as a page builder for coders who hate page builders.

For the other 99% of us, Oxygen Builder is a strong departure from how typical users use WordPress.

There will be a steeper learning curve, so it will require patience.

Oxygen Builder Alternatives

Video Transcript

73 thoughts on “Oxygen Builder”

  1. Thank You for this post.

    I bought some days ago the actual version.

    My main thing on it is, that the website get quite fast.
    Without having an additional theme, if it is an easy theme without too much overhead or a full packed theme with a lot of additional plugins.

    So far, I agree, it takes time to learn how to use it.
    And I will test a lot of factors as mentioned the speed, SEO technically stuff etc.

    I worked already with several themes like visual composer based, Divi etc.
    It is a new challenge and I like to try all things out.



  2. M

    I’m not an Oxygen user but am thinking about giving it a try.

    I’m intrigued by the comments about $99 lifetime not being sustainable. Surely that depends on how many they sell and what their overheads are?

    Their FB user group has 8372 members. Let’s say 8000 of them have purchased (not unreasonbale as some people will buy without joining the group and others will join before buying / not buying). That’s already $792 000. If the team is as small as people are saying that’s still pretty healthy, surely?

    Oh, and Oxygen 3 Alpha 1 was released today I believe?

    1. You should go for it. $99 is not a lot of money for something like this. And those numbers, two things come to mind. Many of those group members are not going to be custoemrs, but curious people. On the other side of that, not all customers are going to be in the group or on Facebook at all. Lastly, $800k may sound like a lot, but spread out over 3 years, after fees, taxes, and salaries, it’s not a whole lot. But all that is speculation and I am sure they know what they are doing, this isin’t their first rodeo :-)!

  3. A

    Oxygen is probably THE best page builder around right now. I haven’t used every single page builder in existence, but I can’t say I’m surprised it doesn’t get the nod here since they don’t have a recommend-for-money program.

    1. It’s quite sad that you would write that. First, not sure why you say it “doesn’t get the nod” when my content has always been focused on “WordPress For Non-techies”.

      FACT 1: Oxygen only has a “recommend for money program” today.
      FACT 2: I have many email offers from Oxygen to pay me and I decline them all.
      FACT 3: All the reviews on the internet, including videos, were all bought and paid for. So you are 100% misinformed there.
      FACT 4: They did have a referral program in the past and it was quite generous.
      FACT 5: When they had the referral program I did make a review video because many people asked me. In the video, I pointed out all the things that I didn’t like about it and also didn’t recommend buying it at the time.

      Point being is you and the founder of Oxygen like to attack anyone that doesn’t like Oxygen by making all sorts of false claims. Why can’t someone just not like something without being accused of some hidden motive?

      And to back all the above up, I can post screenshots but whats the point.

  4. Absolutely terrible customer support from Oxygen Builder was our experience. We since requested a refund and would have nothing to do with their product nor their false promises.

    1. T

      I don’t agree with this. I have superb experiences with support.
      And again, the price is 99$ for lifetime license and you have one price, strong builder (without limitations of BB) so you can’t expect reply in 2 hours. This isn’t nothing against BB, I used it and I liked it, but the price per year is high for me and you need some money if you want to have so customizable builder as Oxygen is in basic.

  5. S

    I am seriously considering trying out Oxygen. The points mentioned before are also a concern for me too:
    1) how is the $99 for life price sustainable? that has to change because any time I invest in building sites with it are at risk with a business model like that
    2) Elementor is fat and slow – Beaver Builder is faster and leaner and Oxygen is on a whole other level of sleekness. With the ever increasing demand for faster page load – especially for mobile and SEO, Elementor has me very concerned with it’s code bloat.
    3) Oxygen needs a free version. They would get so many more people trying it. I personally love what I have seen in their recent videos. I think their builder is superior to Elementor – classes for one, stands out as amazing.

    Honestly though, I would have way less reservations about buying Oxygen if it was $99/yr instead of lifetime.

    1. You should also take into consideration the ease of use and capabilities. The whole claim about Oxygen and the significance of code bloat is blown way out of proportion and reality. But hey if that’s all you got, that’s all you got! In the real world, if an Elementor page has an extra 10kb – 20kb, that equals nothing in regards to page loading speed or requests (and requests is a BS metric because of HTTP/2).

      The challenge with Elementor is not Elementor itself, its more the 3rd party add-ons that are poorly coded. So if you have a true apple to apple comparison, there is no real-world difference.

      I more look at capabilities and ease of use. Oxygen has fewer capabilities currently (but that can always change with time) and is nowhere near Elementor in terms of ease of use (doubt this will ever change).

      All that being said, I do think Oxygen is perfectly positioned as the tool for coders that hate page builders, but doubt it will ever be a mass-market product. And that’s ok when you have a recurring subscription model. Hence my concern with the $99 lifetime price and the sustainability of the product.

  6. D

    They just need to change their whole pricing structure for NEW customers whenever they reach a point (if they reach that point) where it makes sense. There are many variables at play, anything is possible.

    1. Yes, and I will say that is gonna be a tough transition. They have had this firesale pricing for 2 years, and in those same 2 years, Elementor has been installed on 2 million websites, built their staff to over 60, and are completely dominating everything. Point being, if this is all the traction you get even with this firesale price for 2 years, raising the price is gonna be really hard to do.

  7. I’m curious. There has been many, many reads on WordPress’s copyleft GPL license. It is my understanding that anything that is made with the code of WordPress as a derivative, theme, plugin, etc. must accept the GPL license as they must accept that license first to use WP.

    Could you correct me if I’m wrong here, but I just don’t get how people can pick and choose their own license.

    1. The bottom line is this theory had not been tested in the courts. That being said, it’s my understanding that the PHP in a plugin or theme had to be GPL and everything else does not. But how can you separate that? It’s like a divorced couple with a kid saying you take the top half and I will take the bottom half. In a practical sense, it doesn’t work that way.

      This is called a split license and it’s how 99% of Envato products are licensed.

      1. After reading down through the posts i see a lot of disagreement which distracts from 1 major issue.

        1 time fee unlimited life time model is never sustainable for long. How can it be?

        Value comes with a subscription when product upgrades create a valid sticky reason to renew.

        1. As a product owner myself, I can say it’s not sustainable at all and is more resembling a Ponzi scheme. The only way it works is with a lot of consistent volume of sales coming in. The problem is the minute those sales stop coming in now you have this long-term liability. You also see this happen when you significantly underprice your product even if it has renewals.

          1. G

            That would depend Adam, on how you manage it. Ff you rely solely on the app sales itself, then yes, not sustainable business. However, if you add some premium monthly addons/themes/icons/etc, by which I believe they will add it soon, that’s called kicking the competitor’s asses and being smart at the same time. But that’s my opinion tho lol

          2. In theory that’s great. Having someone pay me $10 for $1 is a great theory as well. Thing is, you will have a hard time pointing to one example of a WordPress product company that has pulled anything like that off. So I guess we are in agreement that it’s not sustainable.

  8. A


    Can you please help me understand what it means that this isn’t GPL certified? I did some research and I guess I understand what GPL means, but I’m having a hard time understanding what kinds of problems you could run into with using a tool that isn’t certified. Or what the “freedoms” are that you mentioned?

    Thank you!

    1. I don’t believe I use the phrase GPL certified, I did use the phrase GPL licensed. When software is GPL licensed it protects you in the event that a developer goes out of business, among other things. GPL is the whole reason we have WordPres to begin with.

  9. This actually is misleading as i remember reading seeing this when it came out and now i was expecting and update on the video. Maybe the outdated video should go. I’ll give the v2 a spin as the v1 didn’t quite cut it for me. I’ll be back for my review aswell.

    1. Sorry that I am not “meeting your expectations” but if you take a moment to read above, I have clearly stated that I will not be making any videos on Oxygen Builder and I detail out the reasons.

      There is nothing misleading if you take the time to read the post. It clearly states that the written review is on Oxygen Builder v2 and there will be no video coming. It also clearly states that the video is on Oxygen Builder v1.

  10. T

    Oxygen 1 was an awesome proof of concept. It had a lot of bugs and they did go quiet (as far as updates / bug fixes go) for a while as they rebuilt the framework to become Oxygen 2.0. Oxygen 2.0+ is absolutely fantastic and is under heavy development with a consistent update/release cycle. I used to loathe working in WordPress, but with Oxygen I have a new found love for WordPress. It’s incredibly easy to rapidly build a simple highly aesthetic website, and there has yet to be any advanced functionality that I haven’t been able to implement.

    You should really update this review to reflect its current status as its confusing that the “Last updated shows September 3” but the review is for an old version of Oxygen.

  11. D

    Not sure where you guys are getting all your intel from, but nothing could be further from the truth!. Having recently switched to Oxygen from Divi, I could not be happier. In the few months we have been using it, we have received a great update to 2.1. The support is great, there is an active Facebook page with so many users all willing to help and the creator himself is always on there.

    I am all for different opinions as we all have our favourites, but misguided comments can certainly hurt a business. Don’t like a feature, ok but to talk about how often they are on twitter, c’mon please!!

    I have never learned to code but after watching their very well put together tutorials, I am knocking out sites with ease. If you liked Divi..you will love Oxygen

  12. Ben Gad Rosental

    Another point worth mentioning to those working with RTL – they don’t have support for the plugin actually kind of breaks on a RTL WordPress install.

  13. Ben Gad Rosental

    I really need this kind full control builder which they provide big time on the v2, but i get the filling it’s like a one man show or something, the support is very slow and unhelpful, there blog is updated very rarely and i don’t see updates (not even near to what is happening in Elementor which has a live big community and a lot of updates and so on… only they don’t give full control – not even close).

    1. Yea I wonder if it is related to the very low cost of the plugin. The dev has stated that you can be profitable with a low-cost lifetime price, but I think it is VERY hard to pull off for a page builder because the level of support needed is on a completely different level. It’s one thing to do it for a simple importing utility plugin, but a page builder is entirely different. The only reason Divi has been able to do it is because of their scale and volume.

      1. d

        hi, I’m curious. I have had Ultimatum theme for a few years and I’m wondering what you think of Oxygen compared to Ultimatum. I havent really been satisfied with Ultimatum because I want something where i don’t have to spend so much time fiddling and can work with things out of the box. Is there a big difference between Oxygen v1 and v2?

  14. To preface, I’m not affiliated with Oxygen in any way and I totally agree with this assessment of V1. V1 was subpar in terms where they got vs their ambitions for the tool. I saw the vision but felt it fell short in many ways some of which you outline in your video. V2 however I think is an amazing tool, especially when approached properly. I love the way page builders make things efficient and “repeatable”, but as a hand-coder, I’m always left wanting with page builder tools (Beaver Builder, elementor, divi, etc) and end up writing everything into the child theme or a plugin anyways. I love that I’m able to have total control over every aspect of a site with oxygen v2 and things operate inline with how I’d expect them to if I was hand coding a site and yet they’ve also managed to get the visual editing experience to feel incredibly natural and powerful for non-devs. Adding a class to multiple elements then using visual point/click to edit one reflects changes across all elements in real-time. It also gives you the ability to create your own component/section libraries that can be loaded in the interface and drag and dropped in just like all the other popular options provide. I personally love the way they have laid out the library in a way that lets you have siloed “design system” component libraries. A developer can provide a library to a designer that doesn’t know how to code and they immediately have the ability point and click make changes with no code.

    At our agency, we utilize an in-house boilerplate on all our client projects. It’s a decoupled next.js (react.js) frontend that connects to WP via the rest API. We use type rocket page builder framework as the backend editing experience which passes custom block info to the rest API and is loaded as React components on the frontend. We’ve now realized we can take our existing react components after transpiling to HTML and build those into Oxygen component libraries for our lower budget clients to also utilize. That’s code reuse to the max and creating the ability for less digitally savvy designers to drag/drop create top-notch sites without breaking anything or having to code the underlying HTML. Certainly not going to be for everyone but they’ve done a pretty good job of making things easier for the non-devs with this new release I’m just hoping that support and updates continue at their current pace and don’t fall off the map like seems to have happened with v1. :/

    1. O

      I absolutely agree with you. Oxygen is a solid web builder. VS 2 is even more powerful and flexible. What you can build is limited by your imagination.

  15. Hi Adam
    Now Oxygen Version 2.0 has been released. After your assessment of version 1, it would be appropriate if you would also make a fair assessment of version 2.

      1. Mr John Anderson Anderson

        This article is misleading in that you head it as ‘Oxygen Builder Review updated Sept 2018’. anyone coming here will think you have reviewed 2.0 or 2.1 but you haven’t. its just another funnel to your site.

        You need to take it down or update it properly to show a full review of version 2.1. In your own time? You’ve had plenty of time.

        1. Who died and make you king of the internet?

          So here I am doing a good thing, updating this review to make it perfectly crystal clear that this is on v1, not v2 and somehow I have done this horrible thing according to your rules. I mean listen to yourself here.

          You can’t make this stuff up.

          And the demands you make, that somehow I have to do things on your timeframe.

          See folks, this is exactly why I will not make any videos on Oxygen Builder for the reasons listed above.

          1. N
            Nicholas Citarella

            Adam, while I do agree it was pretty demanding way to ask of you, I do think he has a point.

            Just for ‘transparency’ sake, I would suggest that you change this review name to ‘Oxygen App’ (as that was that was the v1 name) and then create a new pending review for ‘Oxygen Builder’. This would really help separate v1 from v2 because honestly, v2 feels like a much different experience. I used v1 for about a week back in college and was not really a fan.

            Also, I don’t believe that Louis should be blamed with actions of the community. But I do think that they way Oxygen’s community is, with us literally being able to talk 1-on-1 with the founder, can make it feel like ‘family’ for some people. This is something I haven’t really experienced with many other wordpress tools and honestly makes if feel like we are being heard and not talking to some faceless corp. So basically when we/they see something negative, it is like you are attacking the family. Oh the human mind.

            Anyways, sorry if you feel harassed by the community. I really don’t think that this was Louis intent (tho he can be sassy).

          2. N
            Nicholas Citarella

            Again I apologize that you feel like anyone has gone after you (not that that really means much from one random member of the community lol).

            Maybe boredom will one day lead you to play around in Oxygen, even if it isn’t for WP Crafter :).

            Anyways, good vibes, peace, love and happiness.

          3. H

            John is right. Your non version update of Oxygen 2.0 (coupled with your personal opinion of the owner/creator) is no doubt causing people to make decisions. These decisions are based on YOUR input and YOUR input has caused readers to make decisions.

            So, instead of going after some who disagree with you, whattya say that you get to that update…or delete all on Oxygen…because, as I stated, your opinion of a version of Oxygen that doesn’t exist, coupled with your personal opinion of the owner/creator of Oxygen, skews the results.

            Thanks for all that you do here,

          4. Why don’t you go take that same attitude in response to the person that directed you to come here and write this comment in the first place. If it’s good enough advice for you to give it to me it’s also good enough advice for you to give it to him.

  16. Today the new version of Oxygen 2 has just been released. It looks great, but I have my doubts after seeing what is discussed here, but I also have to say that I am a Sofly customer and I think its WP All import plug-in is very good.

    1. It looks good on the surface, but I still have some concerns. The advantage I see is that it uses flexbox for the generated code which makes it lighter, but other page builders will eventually switch to this, Elementor is already starting. This will appeal to hand coders, but it’s not really that big of a deal in the real world. Oxygen Builder I think it’s the perfect tool for people that hate page builders. Its made for that type of developer, many aspects of the builder will require an understand of coding principals.

      1. Screwed is a harsh word. Sure it’s a pity when 2.x isn’t backwards compatible with 1.x, but sometimes a system isn’t amendable but best continued by a complete rewrite. 2.x is a very good foundation for the future, and both 2.1 and now 2.2 alpha is very good updates. I’m originally from DIVI lifetime and I think O2 is more lean and better to build my sites on. Sure DIVI is feature rich, but it also comes with, in my opinion, with too much bloat and too many rapid updates in a short period of time. That can be challenging when I have to test everything in a staging environment before going live, each and every time. Not much fun when something breaks on a live site.
        As for the 1.x sites. You can still use 1.x if it’s too much hazzle to rebuild the site with 2.x. Any updates to 2.x, 3.x, 17.x is free for the curren users, so no additional costs there. The same issue is when you want to change from any of the available page builders on the market to another one. You have to rebuild if you want to change. Every page builder has a level of code lock-in. The coice you make in most cases will follow you through the sites life cycle. Choose wisely. Oxygen is an excellent choice. In many regards on par with it’s competition. It’s more down to the choice between apples and oranges…

        1. Yes, it is a strong word, but that is how I would feel as a user. Sure I get the argument for not having backward compatibility. But we are talking about this happening in less than 12 months. That is not normal no matter how anyone tries to justify it.

          You are making that sound like its a normal and good thing, but it’s not. Sure if it was 5 years, but less then 12 months, hell no.

          Regardless it’s all water under the bridge now.

  17. V

    Oxygen 2.0 is in closed beta and is shaping up really well. Its control for Custom post Types and templates is Amazing and it is very different from the typical drag and drop builders

  18. M

    Your comments where done 6 months ago – did anything change since then? Updates of oxygene, Improvements? etc.

    I read that they got some WPMUDEV Developers who were building the UpFront Builder now working for them and there was also a call on Facebook that he was offering even a benefit if more WPMUDEV Devs would move to them – would actually be much better if they would move to DIVI instead – anyway!

    I see a great potential of such a builder – it is in a pretty similar way also available in Flectra / Odoo and CubicERP (which are all based on Python) but a huge ERP system with a super Website builder which also stores all stuff inside the database (postgres). Very easy to setup a websop or and site presenting your company with data from your erp system – has also blog.

    For Developers that could be a real cool tool Oxygene. The fact that it losses the content isn’t so good, especially if you are using Elementor or Beaver Builder. You better avoid Oxygene. When using DIVI it actually won’t matter as both would lose the content and therefore I think the best would actually be if DIVI would integrate that Developer features into their own DIVI Builder to make especially modifying Headers and Footers much easier than right now.

    Even greater would be if all those Layouts – DIVI will bring out about 800 in the following months!!! – would be reusable also in Oxygene as then the combination or DIVI with Oxygene would be the best tool for future web development and you could entirely forget about Elementor and Beaver which not even offer a lifetime license! -> which means you purchase yourself into a prison – vendor lock-in.

  19. A

    Since it’s not page builder, BB, Elementor nor Gutenberg does not compete with it.
    It’s rather “new” Headway but more solid.
    Strange thing is it’s not theme but completely take over the theme.
    Might be more powerful than BB Themer or Elementor 2.0

  20. Roberto Ciccolella

    Just an update, Oxygen 2.0 Alpha is now available for testing. Is is obviously buggy and the author warned us. It is actually a new standalone web application and will not replace version 1 I mean they will focus on ver 2 but will also look after ver. 1 only for security updates. There are few MAJOR improvements, the layout engine use now CSS Flexbox that make building any layout far easier, there is drag and drop support for sections and single elements and this can also be done using the DOM tree. Video backgrounds, parallax, overlay are now quite easy to achieve. The template builder looks very straightforward, the easy posts element allow for many different style combinations for archives. If you feel adventurous you can also code directly in PHP the WordPress loop, I think no other page builders can do that. Stiling a Gravity form is now easier because the CSS inspector allow for easy targeting of HTML elememys to style. This web app is very unique and innovative, no anymore themes and child themes all changes are stored in the WP database. Id you love a page builder like Elementor (I do) you can combine it with Oxygen quite easily.

      1. Roberto Ciccolella

        Definitely web developers should seriously have in they tool box Oxygen. Personally I use Genesis since 2012, then I have Astra Agency paired with Elementor Pro and look forward to build sites with Oxygen 2 when is ready. My plan is to use it alone and combined with Elementor Pro as well.

    1. B

      Can you please share how to put hands on the Alpha? I am currently working a lot on Webflow but miss WordPress CMS and in the same time will prefer Oxygen to all other WP visual builders (personally, I like having total control on div level) but was reluctant to buy due to no communication or updates. Do you have any idea if the current licence will extend to 2.0? Thanks!

  21. You should definitely approach people to pay you to do tutorials.

    They would provide value for the people that want to use it and you’d make money from the videos.

    Just my two cents.

  22. A

    I am a beginner , and so far most page builders I have used feel extremely limited. This to me seems much more intuitive and removes a lot of constraints of theme page builders, even with elementor canvas. I think the product is brilliant and to me just what is needed in the market for newbies, such as myself (aside from the coding aspect). Where they lack in customer , they make up for in speed and options of what is possible , which I believe far exceeds anything in the current marketplace . This should fuel the next generation in WYSIWYG website building. I hope they succeed !


  23. I got into a fight with the creator and I have to say. He is an ass, plain and simple. I told him that he should at least send out an email blast to current subscribers to let us see behind the scenes. His response…does Apple send out free previews of their software/hardware? WHOA bro, you consider your company Apple. LOL.

    Any good marketer will tell you that customer service is key. This company has zero customer service and zero support. I’d love to see something happen but sadly, it’s looking bleaker and bleaker by the day. And even if it does happen what does this long wait indicate to those people who have purchased? Longer updates? Security loopholes for people who try to find a way to hack the software?

    This had so much potential but sadly, I don’t see it being anything more than a really, really bad purchase.

  24. The company blog indicates no updates will be released until version 2.0, which they are working on. Hopefully they will get the update out soon.

  25. P

    Bought OxygenApp a few months ago, and there doesn’t seem to be any updates, support is limited to e-mails rather than forums, and I do regret purchasing. It’s good at what it does, but quite buggy and inconsistent. Wish I’d swerved it, it’s not going to be around for the long run, and zero updates mean trouble.

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