GoDaddy Review 2023

by Adam Preiser updated September 8, 2021

GoDaddy is the largest domain name registrar, so it’s only natural that they offer web hosting to go with it.

Current Pricing: $3.99 – $29.99 per month
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GoDaddy Cons

My personal experience with GoDaddy is that they have very low-quality servers that are overloaded with customers. This leads to slow websites.

Another huge negative is they force your WordPress websites to user their caching plugin which causes all sorts of problems and will break any dynamic website features such as shopping carts, membership areas, and WooCommerce.

GoDaddy Coupon Discounts

There are currently no GoDaddy coupons or GoDaddy discounts other than what is currently offered on their website.

GoDaddy Review: Wrap Up

GoDaddy is known as a great place to register a domain name, even though I prefer NameCheap, and they are equally know had a bad place to host a website. Mix in that they force you to use a caching plugin which will cause all sorts of headaches for you.

It is a good general practice to not have your domain names registered where you host your website.

GoDaddy Alternatives

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    I don’t understand why you don’t want your domain name at the same place as your hosting? It makes it WAY easier – not having to deal with DNS settings and all that crap. Not to mention – I have many clients that have come to me to rebuild their sites (from previous developers) and have no idea where any of their information is. Having it all in one place is a life saver – for me and my clients …

  2. Godaddy has its perks: its easy to use and requires little to no knowledge of html code. However, godaddy is very limited in the things its able to do. I just added an online store to my website and godaddy gave me almost nothing to work with. I couldn’t set a minimum quantity or price breaks. I understand the appeal of godaddy but I would not recommend it.

  3. Godaddy not good for WordPress hosting. I never buy again.

    1. Agreed 100% – I’ve updated my PHP version and PHP max_ variables and I can’t get a stable connection as of 2019 on sites that in 2018 ran acceptably (albeit slow) on their basic 1 site hosting anymore.

      Shared servers are overloaded. They’ve essentially taken a bus that holds 50 people, and started stacking more people onto the hood of the bus, hanging off the outside windows, and clinging onto the bumper.

      Instead of well managed shared servers, GoDaddy now throttles you, 503’s are as common as a updating a page, and “connection lost” is how I know the website I’m managing is on GoDaddy (I manage many).

  4. Hi Adam. I have recently bought the ultimate hosting plan of the GoDaddy and i create the 2 fresh WordPress website. But the servers of the GoDaddy are so slow that my WordPress dashboard opens very slow like a snail. Even my website does not have any WordPress plugin. Sometimes it gave me (110) eror connection to the server failed. I called their customer support even they cannot resolve my problem. Can you help me with that

    1. It sounds like they have your hosting account on an overloaded server. But really, the GoDaddy shared hosting is not the greatest. I personally would never use it.

      1. Mathukutty P. V. says:

        Very interesting. You don’t like or use it. But you recommend it just to earn money.

        1. Where do you see me recommending it? I don’t make any money from GoDaddy and I have done nothing but warn people from using it for the entire life if this website.

      2. Hi Adam, is there any solution to that.

  5. Hallo,
    please i lose my website hosted in goddady i have just paid for 1 year hosting but find it dificult to recover the website pls help me . victorioussale .com

  6. ElvisNews says:

    Adam … I been hosted by GoDaddy for several years but am not happy since I paid for a ssl certificate and lost my traffic to my site… The customer service knly deals with trying to sell me something or make sure my web is running… I need more information… like why have I lost all my traffic since migrating to https… I do believe someone or something is no longer talking to one another… what will it take to change hosts??? Please take a look at the back end on my site… and tell me why it is not working as it should…

    1. When adding SSL you need to have proper redirects in place and make sure all traffic is redirected to the HTTPS version. Without that google will see the HTTPS website as a new website. If you use a plugin like really simple ssl, it will add these redirects to tell Google that your old pages are now all on SSL.

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