Gist Review 2019

by Adam @ WPCrafter   |   Last Updated: August 30, 2019

Gist is an all in one communications platform that will integrate with any website platform. It brings together live chat, marketing automation, bots, scheduling, and support to provide the best experience for your customers.

Current Pricing: $29 and up

Ease Of Use


Gist is super easy to use, the interface is nice. Problem is the interface is extremely slow and will hinder productivity.

Price / Value


If Gist worked properly it would be a fantastic value. But it doesn’t work properly, so many things are broken and poorly thought out.



Support is fast and friendly unless you have a problem. In that case it will take weeks to have the problem solved.

Gist Pros

  • Modern Live Chat Experience
  • Marketing Automation
  • OnPage Appointment Scheduling
  • Bots For Automation
  • Facebook Messenger Integration
  • Broadcast Emailing

Gist Cons

  • Bugs, bugs, bugs, it super unreliable
  • Lot’s of features that don’t work properly
  • Slow interface, very frustrating to use
  • API is slow and flaky
  • Support is friendly but doesn’t solve problems

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Gist is a newer platform but the concept is not new. While not as polished as Intercom, Crisp, or Drift, ConvertFox is also not nearly as expensive as all those other platforms.

When using Gist , there are many services that you no longer need to pay for, which easily justifies the cost. You no longer need an email marketing service, a live chat service, a scheduling service, and opt-in box service, facebook messenger bot service, or a helpdesk service. They are all consolidated into 1 affordable platform.

In my personal usage, Gist has been nothing but problem after problem. When reporting the issue, each time it would take weeks to be fixed which is a disaster for any business.

I have had issues with:

  • Interface: Increadable slow and time consuming to do anything in
  • Ticket Desk: I could write a book on all the issues
  • Email: Spam boxes love Gist
  • API: Slow response to no response, makes it unreliable to integrate with

Right now I would strongly suggest skipping Gist, but you can keep an eye on it.

Gist Coupon Discounts

There are currently no active Gist Coupons or Gist Discounts available.

Gist Review: Wrap Up

I have been using Gist since November 2017 and it seems to work until you really start to use it and come up against all the problems it has.

However, when I have encountered a problem, waiting weeks for it to be fixed is hard. So don’t expect the fastest support when there is a true problem with the system and there are tons of major problems with the system.

At the price I paid, $49 for a lifetime account, I will continue to to keep an eye on it. But I would never pay monthly for it or trust it as a tool for my business because its unreliable, flaky, and just doesn’t work well.

Gist Alternatives

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13 thoughts on “Gist”

  1. A

    Adam, thanks for the review, we bought the deal after seeing your review, created the account. when they did the migration to the new brand everything got lost, and they are refusing to redeem our codes again because it’s past a year. This absolutely ridiculous

    1. Adil, I’ve experienced the same exact thing. STAY AWAY from this company. Horrible customer service. I provided them everything needed to show them that I purchased their product; Activated it; and used it. They replied back with complete nonsense that I didn’t activate my codes even when showing them screenshots of 1) my gmail receipts 2) my gmail activation email 3) Screenshots of my activated and functional account.

      STAY AWAY… they are not to be trusted

  2. g

    Do you have thoughts on the rebrand to gist? I notice your site does not use the chatbox feature. Can I assume you are no longer using the service?
    If you were looking to pay for mailchimp or use your appsumo paid version of gist (convertfox) to create an email string of autoresponders – which would you choose? Thx . Gardner

  3. Fernando A. S. Arbex

    Hello Adam.
    Thanks for the full review of this Marketing Tool.
    I was really looking for an alternative to Drip, ConvertKit and so on. This looks like a match with a better pricing.

    One question: Do you have some kind of deal, discount, coupon about this tool?


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