Dreamhost Review 2024

by Adam Preiser updated Feb 23, 2024

Dreamhost is one of the oldest web hosting companies and the first web hosting company that I used in 2003.

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Dreamhost Pros

  • US Based 24/7 Support
  • Free SSL Certificate

Dreamhost Cons

Dreamhost doesn’t use the industry standard cPanel control panel to manage your web hosting account. This could be good, but I found their proprietary control panel difficult to navigate and overly complicated.

Now Dreamhost was the first web hosting company I ever used, from 2003 – 2007. The reason I stopped using them is that they completely shut down my account and deleted my entire hosting account because of some baseless complaint some random person made. Imagine losing everything, all your website, all your emails, this is what they did to me and his is why I would never use them, not even if you paid me.

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Dreamhost Review: Wrap Up

I’m sure you guessed it by now that I am no fan on Dreamhost because of my past experience with them. With so many choices for web hosting, I think it is best to avoid Dreamhost.

Dreamhost Alternatives

5 thoughts on “Dreamhost”

  1. Dreamhost billed me when I decided to use their services. Fine – they claimed to have a ninety day refund policy with no questions.

    Two days later I asked for a refund, and opted out. After a hassle they agreed to refund my money. They did – for thirty days. Now I have a new charge ($93.24) on my credit card from them. I’m thinking I will have to stop my credit card to get them off my back. They have wasted so much of my time, and given me mistruths. I rue the day I thought they would be a good choice.


  2. I can second Johan’s complaint. I’ve been with Dreamhost since 2011 and their customer service has been up and down but never this maliciously bad, to the point of support reps actively dissembling about account data the customer can easily access himself and immediately disprove.

    Unfortunately, I know of no way to get the attention of anyone higher up who might care about this complete waste of Dreamhost’s own resources, if nothing else.

  3. I have been with Dream Host for several years, they are hosting several of my sites.

    Over the past 6 months or so the customer service quality has (for me) gone from being 9/10 to 3/10.

    I used to get direct, clear answers to any questions or problems I was experiencing. An issue was usually solved with 1 ticket, Question ~ Answer. Not anymore; I’m not sure if DH is hiring unqualified customer support staff or that some bean-counter thinks sending out guides will lower the customer support overhead cost? Now when I have an issue, I’m being sent canned responses with links to their ‘official Guides’. Now that would be just dandy if the guides were applicable to the particular issue or even up to date, but mostly they are not. So this results in emails back and forth for days, until you hit on a representative with the ability to answer!

    I stayed with DreamHost over the years not because they are the cheapest, which they are not by far, but because of the high-quality customer service. Dreamhost has become a Nightmare Dream…

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