Convert Pro Review 2023

by Adam Preiser updated 2023-08-29 17:05:49
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Convert Pro is a lead generation plugin that you can use to create unique opt-in elements. It has a vast template library but also offers the ability to create unique designs.

Current Pricing: $99
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Convert Pro Pros

  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • 100% Mobile Friendly
  • Super Fast Loading
  • Integration With Most Platforms
  • Multi-Step Popups
  • Exit Intent Technology
  • Easy A/B Testing

Convert Pro Cons

Convert Pro has a unique canvas feature that gives you complete freedom in your designs. At first, I didn’t like it, but after some time using it I realized the power of it to create truly unique designs.

Convert Pro Coupon Discounts

There are currently no active Convert Pro or Convert Pro Discounts available. However, if you do purchase Convert Pro through the link on this website, I will give you access to one of my premium training course which normally sells for $49.

Convert Pro Review: Wrap Up

Convert Pro is an excellent choice that has very unique features not found in any other WordPress lead generation plugin. After some time using it you will see how having this blank canvas really opens up with you can create. Or you can use any of the included templates as a starting point.

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Video Transcript

In this video I’m to be taking a look at Convert
Pro which is a new or soon to be released

often lead generation tool for WordPress hi
my name is Adam from WP REMIC

WordPress videos for non-techies if you’re
new here consider clicking on the subscribe

button and if you like video notifications
and click on the little bill off to the right

and you too will let you know when I have
new videos were talking about Convert Pro

in this video you might not have heard about
it let me show you little bit about this thing

called Convert Plug Pro flow convert Pro sorry
it was originally called Convert Plug and

it branched off into two different tools here’s
their website all have links everything down

below in the description box and it branched
off into Convert Plus and Convert Pro so this

video will be about Convert Pro not Convert
Plus and this is actually being used already

the plus version is being used on 20,000 over
20,000 websites right now and it is completely

been redone from the ground up and injected
with some awesome superpower present a bit

to show you in this video now there’s a lot
of things that make this different from every

other plug-in of the sword right so we have
Thrive Leads I use Thrive Leads on my website

right now there is Optin Monster there is
like pop-up something or other I mean there’s

so many different pop-up plug-ins and I want
to show you what makes this one different

and I was actually resistant at first but
then I become a true believer actually let’s

see what the website says here on an act of
actually don’t think I’ve taken a look at

it in a while I was showing you what I’m in
a reveal later I don’t want to go and do that

we hear the main features of it okay there’s
gonna be a drag-and-drop editor which I’m

going to demonstrate in a ministry what I
hated about it and why I now love its mobile

friendly this is something that you can do
you can create mobile friendly opt in elements

and this is way more powerful than all the
other tools out there super fast loading I

saw some comparisons where the developer made
three that made the same pop up on using three

or four different tools including SumoMe that
was another one that’s a service and made

the same pop up in all these different tools
and then did some speed tests on them and

the Convert Pro came out on top every single
time and that’s really getting me thinking

about what I want to use on my website so
anyway so you have all your typical things

that you would expect like behavioral triggers
and in integrations and in everything but

one thing you don’t have on any other tool
and I’m in a demonstrate what makes this the

most different is design freedom okay so I
am here it isn’t showing some comparisons

with Optin Monster maybe this is what I was
talking about with regards to speed in all

that you get near exit intent your multi step
your all kinds of stuff that you would already

expect so you become the website I have a
link down below it’s actually not available

for sale just yet or is it let me click on
pricing I could be wrong up there it is here

is the pricing for it the unlimited versions
can be $99 and there is a renewal discount

each year and that’s actually very affordable
look at Optin Monster I think it’s 30 bucks

a month or 20 bucks a month so this is definitely
a better deal so let’s take a look at it so

I’m on this a website that I’ve installed
it right here Convert Pro and this is good

to be the option that you have in the menu
once you’ve installed and activated it now

let’s first take a look at the settings panel
right here that’s not very complicated and

that’s what I like this so far this plug-in
is so easy to work with and use so we have

a global font we’ve got some advanced settings
right here I can clear the cash he hears for

the license and here is some add-ons actually
suppose I should activate some of these add-ons

are for this video let’s go ahead and do that
so the grid actually I do want the grid and

analytics let me go ahead and activate that
what I like about it you don’t just get the

plug and you get the plug-in in then you can
add whatever features that you specifically

want this keeps the plug in light so for instance
if you have no intentions of ever running

in a B split test will don’t activate this
they be split text a test module you can leave

it off if you wanted so anyways go ahead and
activate all of those so to go back to the

dashboard so essentially what you’re doing
with this is you are creating opt in elements

they could be pop-ups slide ends they could
be fixed content that’s at the bottom or above

a post they can be widgets all of these various
options the one thing they don’t have on launch

is a scroll mat which I think they need to
add in they’ve already said there can add

it so let’s go ahead and let me click on create
new and here’s the six different types of

opt in elements that are available right now
your most typical one year to see is the pop-up

which is right here so let’s go ahead and
click on select now here’s a variety of templates

that are available they are adding more templates
that is going to be one of the big selling

points of this is the templates to be able
to have designs that are so unique I mean

it’s going to be a huge selling point to let
me just go ahead and choose one of these just

go choose one of these templates right here
so I’m in a be a little adventurous much use

this when I haven’t tested this one before
I go ahead and pop in a name there it is’s

click on creates and let’s see oh I think
it’s put me into the builder okay let me talk

about this builder for a second I tested this
plug-in about seven months ago when they were

first making good and and I checked took a
look at the builder and I hated it I hated

it I’m used to working in a structured row
column is setting and this everything could

just be moved around us, like canvas or stencil
which was really recently on AppSumo one of

these tools where or Photoshop you can put
anything anywhere now that made me feel very

uncomfortable at first and as I thought about
it when you’re creating often elements banners

widgets and all that you’re working on a much
smaller area I mean it’s a dramatically smaller

area than when you say building a webpage
right yet the smaller area and these are elements

that require some design to them so when I
thought about it it these are the types of

things where you need the flexibility of a
canvas where you could put anything anywhere

and really make some very nice designs have
you ever noticed that much of the website

you might go to that you get a pop up all
those pop-ups look the same and what happens

when you’re visiting hundreds of websites
and you see hundreds of pop-ups and they all

look the same what ends up happening you you
tune it out right you go there and you think

oh pop up when we close it out probably me
close it up there’s nothing to look at their

limit close it all I’ve seen this a thousand
times of war let me close it and that’s the

big problem with all of those tools that’s
the problem with Optin Monster that’s a problem

with and I hate to say this Thrive Leads which
I use but I’m considering switching to this

as soon as is officially released that’s the
same problem with SumoMe it said free mopped

in whatever and they have very expensive pay
plans the same problem with that as well it’s

all these templates they look identical and
the user doesn’t have the ability to make

something unique to them and that’s a big
problem so so take a look at this so here

I’m clicking on something this is text I can
move it wherever I want now the problem with

this was it made me feel uncomfortable I was
used to having things aligned perfectly and

actually when I was testing this you see as
a moving get you see these red lines that

are popping up that are showing me where it
is aligned that wasn’t in the version I tried

seven months ago and it freaked me out it
freaked me out I remember when I was testing

it developer says the me hey Adam what you
think and I and I was I was silent because

I hated it and made me feel uncomfortable
but the they made improvements and now you

get this snapping grid like this and you know
what I feel more comfortable now and you also

have that grid option I showed you as an add-on
let’s see there there’s an option here to

to enable it to let see it’s darn it where
is that oh I know maybe if I click off then

I’ll get a grid option there must be a grid
option here somewhere I know I’m just overlooking

the grid option anyway you can have it lay
out a grid kind of like graph paper so you

can see exactly where something is in relation
to something next to it so I was having a

very hard time with this initially but after
using it in realizing for something small

like this you want the ability for it to be
essentially like Photoshop you can make anything

and so here’s a and also another thing to
think of you might be thinking why don’t I

just make an image in Photoshop and then upload
that and just use that the problem is it’s

just an image that’s all that Google sees
when it comes to your website where this its

actual text that Google will see it’s it’s
all of that so it’s much better than having

an image and also when it comes to mobile
responsiveness if you make an image for to

be this widen your on a mobile device announce
that why did no one can read what the heck

the text says these are the problems you run
into if it’s just a flat image and you don’t

have to deal with that with convert Pro and
so with the text you can just double-click

on it and you can start typing the way it’s
what you see is what you get you get these

formatting options and they put a ton of time
into making this perfect you want to I think

adjust the tilt the text a little bit there
you go think about it this is just like Canberra

but you’re you’re making these beautiful opting
elements on your website it itches pretty

amazing what you’re able to do so let’s go
ahead and take a look at some of the elements

here now one of things is the need to add
some more elements and I said you need a countdown

element they said were working on it and I’m
sure there’s lots of other elements that they

know they need that I’m not thinking about
but there are already working on so by default

here are seven elements and it’s in search
elements but there’s only seven so I’m assuming

this will increase here’s the form elements
right here here’s buttons that you can add

and here are generic shapes that you can add
and then here are all of these various other

settings if you notice this is a pretty standard
layout here of how these interfaces work so

if you have Optin Monster it’s gonna look
very similar so if I wanted to add something

new I can just go and drag and drop it right
there double-click start typing away in right

here on the left I have full control over
what font is used the size the alignment the

color and there’s also some advanced options
right here so let me go ahead and click on

it done excellent me tap on that and then
delete its okay actually command all right

okay there it is I have to click right here
which is the lead field there it is it is

gone you see how you have this image right
here where it’s kind of overlaid and then

it’s overlapping you can’t do that with any
of the other opt in plug-ins or solutions

you get this paperclip right here yet the
glasses right here you can move it you can’t

do this with any of the other often type of
plug-ins so let me go ahead and do this back

one of the things that’s really nice if you
didn’t notice there’s an undo option right

here so I can go like this and start on doing
things if I wanted there’s that text back

and I can just keep keep on clicking on do
something is nice is the form elements so

we’ve got our form fields here so if I wanted
to say drop in the email option right there

I just dragged and dropped it and then there’s
the email field it could have been easier

and I can click on it and I can make it not
say email I can make it see what I want for

placeholder I can do whatever I want there
you saw how easy that was and you can do the

same thing if you wanted to drag a name in
there and you see how just kinda snaps in

there perfectly like that and though there
it is the weight there you go that’s perfect

and it’s perfectly aligned I am very impressed
by that and that’s what I was worried about

when it was this blank canvas so it got buttons
we got shapes and for the panel here we have

a bunch of different options were we can control
the size the background and a lot of these

colors there’s grading options so for the
background I can make it a gradient right

here and I can do something highly creative
like this and then for the other color we

can make it like like a purple or something
you see how analysis beautiful gradients and

just you know that you can put these in it
with shortcodes various places on your website

there’s widgets that will allow you to drag-and-drop
the same as a widget you can do so much with

this and there it is so these are some of
the background options are just so many different

options you have here animation I hate animation
but you have an option their borders shadows

you can do it all here let me actually get
rid of these because I’m a new I wanted show

you on the front and want to change colors
and go ahead and say click on this button

here’s a colors option and I can go ahead
and change the color of that if I wanted so

it’s green I can make it a darker green in
it’s just so easy to do just like that so

right so let me go ahead and click on done
so this is coming along I really love the

gradient I cannot I don’t have a jewel right
now my website and Thrive Leads to be able

to make beautiful things like this opt in
stuff like that okay so then we can click

on configure and we can configure this into
any of a number of different services XI think

that’s more the connect option right here
here’s all the services that we can connected

into right now my favorite one Mautic isn’t
there yet but I’ve been told it should be

there within a week or so configuring this
is good gives are options of when this is

been a load so we can have it load say five
seconds after someone visits our page just

like that we do the exit intent the scroll
all of your different trigger options there

all right there you can have it be were someone
clicks on text and this pops up some clicks

on an image and in the pop-up will pop up
someone can click on a menu item and it will

pop up you have all of that flexibility built
into it to go ahead and click on save now

here’s one of the things that they put a ton
of effort on his is now they got this great

tool but how do you also make things that
look great on mobile devices and they got

this mobile view right here I just clicked
on it if you see how everything kind of adjusted

and now you you have the ability to have one
for a mobile device tell me that wasn’t slick

tell me that wasn’t beautiful so now you can
have pop ups that are going to look great

or opt in elements that are going to look
great on any device when the orientation changes

in you just saw it change right there this
looks beautiful here I mean this looks really

really good that’s funny I was just criticizing
how the templates they’re adding more templates

and better templates and here I am looking
at a template that I think absolutely looks

beautiful and I would like to have on my website
you’re probably also going to get some mobile

specific options so you might not want it
to trigger the same way on a mobile device

which is actually very important as well write
some and go ahead and click on save a minute

click on the switch to make it public now
I’m going to click on save, click on the X

to get outta here go back to my dashboard
now I’m actually going to go to the front

end of the website and see what happens so
here is my website to do it should be five

seconds 123450 and there it is that looks
beautiful right there with the gradient you

just can’t do this with any of the other tools
you cannot have total control over the opt

in elements you just can’t and I was actually
talking to the developer brainstorm force

they make lots of different tools they make
the theme that I’m actually showing you this

demo on they also make ultimate add-ons for
Beaver Builder I was talking to him and I

said you know the the Convert Pro should also
allows to use this tool to make banners where

you just want some of the click and be able
to do stuff like that as well and he said

you absolutely can use it for stuff like that
as well so one of the things that’s also really

nice about it is it gets all of its analytics
data it passes that all off on Google analytics

so it’s not storing all this information and
tracking information and all this kind of

stuff is not storing it all in your WordPress
database is offloading all of the analytics

data off on Google analytics and actually
makes sense of why then that that’s a better

way of doing things to keep your website lean
or mean so here you got it and you can see

some quick stats there’s obviously not much
going on with it because it’s just my site

so there’s other templates as well if I click
on create new so that was just up the pop

up there is the the info bar let me just click
on selects you can see this would be a bar

on the top right here are the bottom I don’t
like a lot of the designs they have for that

but you can use this to highlight maybe a
sale that you’re having or some kind of news

item or just even an opt in if that’s what
you want so let’s go back and look at some

of the other options here’s a slide in so
this would probably slide in from like the

bottom right or something like that these
look very nice these templates look very good

they just need some more templates and I’ve
been told they are coming that see before

and after this is good to be before a blog
post or after a blog post these look actually

very nice I think my website can use something
like that in contents of this would actually

appear I believe with the short code in content
or anywhere you wanted to be was actually

experimenting with this one right here and
then we also have right here as a widget so

these are templates that can be used as a
widget access playing around this so let me

click on the select and let me show you what
this looks like on your website I’m skinny

give it a quick name WP crafter widget I’m
in a go ahead and click on create I’m just

going to make it public and then save it but
what I did is I change this image to my own

face but I’m knocking to put you through that
in this video I’m in a show you how easy it

is to put this on your website so I just created
it it’s the widget option so if I go to appearance

widgets like this I’m anew put it on my sidebar
so here it is Convert Pro widgets in a drag

and drop it right there and when you choose
it it’s the only one in the list click on

save and I don’t think I have any blog posts
or there it is so let’s go ahead and click

on view and let’s see what this looks like
up there it is that’s perfect so the reason

it’s being pulled up is because of the setting
I have in this particular theme actually let

me just maybe to be on the safe side get rid
of that real quick so it looks right and this

is a another video I was just making about
Astra so let me delete this transparent header

okay so now if I refresh it’s gonna look normal
again there it is and you can see how just

like the beautiful and seamless this widget
on this website and there’s no padding around

it I think it looks kinda weird when when
people have kind of an opt in element there’s

like all this padding around it it just doesn’t
look right looks kinda framed I like this

it’s just kind of floating on the website
there and it would’ve been super easy to change

the image change any of this text that would
be really easy to do so that right there is

the widget option as well that this comes
with super easy to do in a B split test right

here you can click on create new it’s pretty
standard to to set that up and we were ready

went through setting so this is pretty much
just kind of a glimpse at the power of this

plug-in and so for me like I said is being
so honest with you in the beginning is video

that I hated this product because I couldn’t
wrap my mind around having this free formed

area where I can put anything anywhere and
after thinking about it using it and seeing

the improvements they made I’m actually very
blown away at how you can now build option

elements that are unique to you that people
are going to have just kind of trained to

not even pay attention it’s going like when
you’re driving on the freeway and you he is

a free will lots of billboards you just tuned
all those billboards out because you’ve seen

them already you seen him cousins hundreds
of times uniting and paying attention to them

anymore and that’s what Convert Pro really
brings to the table there’s a lot of powerful

features but I think that in the mobile feature
are the two big ones that make this something

really worth taking a serious serious look
at and so anyways this is my review of comportment

Convert Pro what you think let me know in
the comment section down below do you think

a canvas like that is something that would
be a tool to allow you to make a better opting

element or do you think it might be a dangerous
tool that is can allow people to make some

really weird looking stuff you know in the
comments down below and hey thank you for

watching this review video


  1. I’m considering lifetime Astra Agency bundle. Convert Pro – How many templates do they have? On their website they say “Convert Pro comes with a Template Cloud that has huge collection of conversion oriented templates!”. but on their website they only show 9 templates, all of them pop ups. Is this what they consider to be huge selection?

    1. I am not that fond of their templates or their layout builder. It’s not something that they are consistently adding templates to.

  2. Doesn’t work well with Mailwizz. We bought full version because we need WordPress plugin for Mailwizz API and Convert PRO is very slow -15 seconds to insert e-mail address. Horror. We asked support to fix this, waiting for a long time and nothing happens. We don’t recommend if you want to connect Mailwizz.

    1. Sorry to hear that and thanks for taking the time to share your experience because it will help others.

  3. It doesn’t have an optin wheel like optin monster.

    1. Yup they don’t. There are lots of options to get an optin wheel on your website, I think its more of a fad than anything.

  4. Vance Faulks says:

    Just an excellent review. Thank you Adam!

  5. Hi. Can you create separate ribbons for both desktop and mobiles? I want different versions for both to appear at the bottoms of the page?

  6. Sandra Llinares says:

    Hi Adam!

    I watched your review and wanted to purchase the plugin through your affiliate link. However when I click it I go to their main site and when I hit pricing I can only see the $99 multi site license. I can’t see the single site license for $49.

    Any idea where it could be?


    1. Yes, it looks like they removed that pricing option recently. You can try reaching out to their support for a discount or to see if there is anything they can do.

  7. hey Adam the price is wrong, actually is 99 USD

  8. Hi Adam, I bought Convert Pro because of your advise, Loaded it to a zip file and it won’t finish the install on my Avada theme, goes directly into white screen and won’t let me activate it, need some help here in Michigan..Thanks Bryan

    1. My guess is there may be something going on with your host. You should have no problems installing and activating this. What PHP version are you using? Consider upgrading to v7.1.

  9. Dan Ashapa says:

    Yo Adam, if you had to choose between this and a Thrive Membership (Thrive Architect, Landing Pages, Leads, Ultimatum, etc), which would you go with?

    1. That’s a tough one, but I am leaning towards switching to ConvertPro because it’s also a graphics tool, so I will be able to create more impactful designs with it.

  10. Does convert pro work well if it’s NOT connected to a 3rd party service, does it store form submissions in the WP database?

    1. ConvertPro can send you an email when a CTA converts. I’m using one of their CTA’s as a contact form. It works fine, although it doesn’t set the reply-to on the email, so you can’t just hit reply to send a message back. There is no local storage for leads.
      Mailoptin gives you a local storage. I tried that plugin, but preferred ConvertPro due to the freedom of design.

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