Beaver Themer Review 2021

by Adam Preiser updated September 8, 2021

Beaver Themer is an add-on for Beaver Builder that gives you the ability to use your WordPress page builder to build your entire website.

Current Pricing: $147
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Beaver Themer Pros

  • Create custom headers & footers
  • Create blog post templates
  • Create WooCommerce templates
  • Create custom post type templates
  • Create archive templates
  • Create theme parts

Beaver Themer Cons

While Beaver Themer is easy to use, there are some more complicated concepts that it introduces to really get the most from it.

Welcome to the world of custom fields, custom post types, and relationships. The good news is I have you covered with my video tutorials.

I'll just let you know upfront that this is going to be a very positive review of Beaver Themer. The reason is, if you need what it does, it is the only tool that does it!

Sure there are some other tools on the market, but they are very hard to use. One such product that comes to mind is Toolset, which I will try to do a comparison on and put a link down below.

What Beaver Themer Does

It's time to learn some new terminology to fully digest what Beaver Themer does. But don't worry, I'll make it easy for you.

Theme Templates: These are layouts that your theme typically creates like your blog posts layout, blog index page layout, 404 page layout, and any custom post type layouts such as WooCommerce.

Theme Parts: These are headers, footers, and other locations on your website. It's typically used for various calls to action.

Field Connections: I like to think of this as separating the data that makes up a page or post, then connecting that data into the various Beaver Builder modules.

Post Grids: This was already a feature in the various add-on packages like Ultimate Add-ons or PowerPack. It's necessary to create the various archive pages.

Create Dynamic Websites With Beaver Themer

My favorite feature of Beaver Themer is the ability to easily choose when and where to use a layout. This enables you to have a dynamic website with little effort.

A perfect example is having 1 header when people are not logged into your website, and a different header once they log in.

Beaver Themer Coupon Discounts

There are currently no Beaver Themer coupons or discounts available. However, if you do purchase Beaver Themer through the link on this website, I will give you access to my premium training course for Beaver Builder Essentials which normally sells for $199.

Beaver Themer Review: Wrap Up

Beaver Themer is 100% worth every penny! I really mean that. The powerful features that it gives you matched with how easy it is to use, make it a winning tool for beginners and experienced developers at the same time.

Beaver Themer Alternatives

Video Transcript

Beaver Themer Review

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from were I make WordPress videos

for non-techies just like me and I’m sure
something really neat in this video it’s a

new product that just came out but it there
was actually lots of clues and hints dropped

about this product and it’s called Beaver
Themer in its from the folks that make Beaver

Builder and if you’re not familiar here is
Beaver Builder and is actually the page building

plug-in for WordPress that I am using on my
website so you can see my homepage here I

am using Beaver Builder all throughout my
website and it’s one of the most reliable

page builders currently available for WordPress
and it’s definitely a developer favorite and

so they just came out with a new plug-in that
is in the very early stages now here’s the

good news if you’re already a customer and
you purchase a license for Beaver Builder

you can log right in and start using this
plug-in if you are bold and courageous enough

because it’s an alpha that means it’s not
even bait as you have your final version your

beta version before that before they have
the alpha version which means it’s going to

have some bugs in it but this new plug-in
called the Beaver Themer is really I don’t

want to be overly dramatic there’s plenty
of people already being overly dramatic but

it’s kind of hard not to because it’s really
changing the how you will make WordPress base

websites now if you’ve had a WordPress website
for any length of time you know that after

six months or 12 months you start getting
that urge to try a different WordPress theme

because there might be some new updated style
in this new WordPress theme or there is new

ways of doing things are new design trends
and you want to keep up with that you want

a good looking website I mean who doesn’t
want a good looking website so typically what

you’ve done in the past as you would just
go and shop around for a new WordPress theme

and you would buy it and then you have to
convert all your data across to make it work

and then you’d have to learn a whole new interface
and settings panel and all this kind of stuff

that is really a barrier to changing out and
updating the style of your website now Beaver

Themer is going to eliminate that hassle well
that’s my take on it if you ask five people

they might give you all a different reason
of why this is kind of an amazing thing that

they put out but if you ask me it’s going
to make it so if you went with Beaver Builder

and the Beaver Builder theme that you literally
don’t need to use another theme for the entire

life of your website because this new plug-in
on locks every area of your website to be

designed with Beaver Builder so let me try
to give you in the example right now for me

my website Adam it’s got my full
name on it about a year ago I was playing

around and I thought let me just install Beaver
Builder and the theme but I got discouraged

and didn’t continue incomplete this website
now this website is not a throwaway website

to revitalize it I used to do a lot with that
I haven’t done much within the last two years

all my effort and energy is gone to
not this domain name but I do want to revitalize

it so I put Beaver Builder in and I put the
theme in now this website my new is mostly

posts blog posts with videos just like my
other website but it’s mostly just blog posts

with video now if you’ve used Beaver Builder
or anything you know that they have these

defined ways of how your post is going to
look and you can’t really change it at all

now obviously I can use Beaver Builder on
each post on my page each and every post and

I can create something custom another problem
is if I want to change anything when you do

it that way you have to manually change it
on each and every post let me show you what

I was able to do in about 15 minutes using
Beaver Themer but let me caution you first

I installed this alpha build of Beaver Themer
on this website and that’s really not something

I would advise someone to do is working out
fine for me but if I run into problem I’ll

know how to fix it I don’t recommend it for
everybody but if you’re adventurous and kind

of have a death wish then you could try it
too so if you were to go to my website and

am embarrassed okay don’t judge me I just
haven’t had the effort and motivation to put

into this this is what a blog post looks like
I don’t have a sidebar so I got this big ugly

title here I need to play around the fonts
got my video and I’ve got a little transcript

and it’s not that exciting and it’s nothing
at all that I’m proud of and I want to say

hey go here let me show you what I was able
to do with Beaver Themer in about 15 minutes

I was able to change the way that posts look
from this every post looking like this to

making every post look like this so I’ve got
the featured image in the background but it’s

kind of faint and there’s some opacity over
it I got this big title right here my image

and then here’s the video it’s a little larger
I lifted it up with some negative marching

so there’s this overlapping effect and then
I lifted it off the page a little bit with

a box shadow and then when you scroll down
I have some of the elements in the post I

don’t really put enough content in these posts
at this actually very old post now do you

see how I went from this and there was really
no way to change it without digging into some

code and I got zero interest in doing that
there is no way to change it from this to

this on a global level without this thing
called Beaver Themer so what is going to allow

you to do is to change things on a global
basis so if you have blogs or anything which

is called a custom post type if you have any
custom post types you can design the most

beautiful and gorgeous pages now if you don’t
know what a custom post type is that’s okay

a blog post is called a guess a normal post
and then they have something called custom

post types and a good example of custom post
types is when you say for example you go to

a very popular podcast or’s website and then
there’s a menu link that says podcasts and

you click on it and it shows like a list of
all their podcasts and you can click on the

page and you can listen to the podcast and
you can see some of the show notes and all

that all those are custom post types more
times than not same thing if you say went

to a website that had cars for sale and they
showed all these listings and you would click

on a listing and then it would show you information
about a car those are custom post types so

you can use this Beaver Themer to be able
to do powerful things like that in WordPress

now I have a news flash for you this is nothing
new there is already a tool that’s been able

to do this for a while and if you’re a coder
and you like to dig into it you will have

no problem doing this and you’ve never had
a problem doing this but see the difference

with this is a you and me the people who don’t
want to learn how to code everything can do

this very very easily using this new tool
so here is the back end of the website I usually

don’t show people the backend of this website
but that’s okay here we are so if you’re to

have Beaver Builder you’re used to having
an option here that says templates with a

remainder to builder now all of this can change
because it’s just in our fun there’s little

tweaks here that there in a change that they
might even change the name but I hope they

don’t single here and there’s this new option
called theme layout if you have the plug-in

installed you will have this theme layouts
right here and so here is what I created let

me just click on it real quick I called it
single post now let me show you what it looks

like when you click on edit theme layout I
have already open right here so this is not

editing that one post this is the general
template so when you see right here my title

when I click on it it’s actually not my title
it’s pulling it from the post title for the

blog post so were creating this global template
this global style that I can apply to as many

or as few blog posts as I choose and what
they’ve essentially done is they’ve taken

your typical blog posts and they’ve reduced
it to all the little elements and you can

drag-and-drop and put those wherever the heck
you want to put those in order to build the

most beautiful blog post layout of what you
want now I said that this will allow you to

keep Beaver Builder forever not have any desire
to change themes and the reason is me and

also say I wanted to not have this video so
big will I can come here make that change

in that change goes globally across all of
my blog posts that I’ve assigned this template

to so remember the beginning I said you can
do this now essentially but you have to do

it on a post by post basis and if you wanted
to make one change you have to change it on

every single post and it’s just not practical
and not advisable but this is just mind boggling

so right here I’ve got the author image the
author name a link of the amount of comments

that I have and if I wanted to move this someplace
else I can just do it the way you would normally

do it with Beaver Builder now for me this
is kind of a game changer and that such an

overly used phrase but it really is because
now I can have my blog post look however I

want and change them globally whenever I want
so if I wanted to remove my image from all

of the blog posts I have this template on
all have to do is click this X and it goes

away from all of them that is some powerful
stuff right there but that is not where it

ends you can use this new tool on any of these
custom post types now you still might not

be familiar with custom post types and that’s
okay let me login right here and go back to

theme layouts so you see another one right
here that says lesson now I’m using as you

could see LifterLMS I’m still using it and
still using the product and is been working

fine for me and I do have the paid version
but if you’ve used a say in this example a

learning management system and you create
a lesson well that plug-ins going to have

its own lesson design right the video goes
where they want the video the syllabus goes

where they want the syllabus that the previous
and next links to the next lessons goes where

they want that the overall design is how they
wanted but with a tool like Beaver Themer

you can totally change that entire lesson
on layout and have it be exactly how you want

it just using this one tool in fact I did
that I created a lesson template and it’s

the same thing right here I was just playing
around with it and I’m feeling a little adventurous

let’s see what happens I click on view theme
layout right there so can you show me this

a layout of what I design right here oops
let me pause that so I design this new lesson

layout and I like this big video area right
here and you can scroll down and at night

it’s extent ugly I’m still playing around
with it but I’ve got my lesson title I got

my previous lesson button right here and all
that course project support course outline

so you can see the power of this if you use
LifterLMS you know it does not look like this

if you wanted to look like this you’re going
to have to go and hire a coder to do it for

you with a tool like Beaver Themer you don’t
have to do that if you are comfortable using

Beaver Builder and it is so easy and intuitive
to use and you can globally change the lesson

layout for all of your lessons now that is
really just one example of what you’re able

to do with this you can literally redesign
any page that WordPress generates now if you’re

familiar with WordPress they have something
called archive pages 404 pages pages for your

categories your tags all of you have all these
different pages that WordPress generates that

before you couldn’t really change without
modifying code it was whatever your theme

wanted it to look like and that’s just what
you had to live with but now that is different

so Beaver Themer is in alpha stage is probably
my guess is can it take 4 to 6 months to get

out of alpha to be a full release they are
going to charge for it there’s gonna be an

additional cost for it and they should because
it’s so stinking powerful and it’s really

gonna change the way we build websites now
some nice things about what this does it will

work with any theme that you could throw at
it this is pretty amazing I haven’t tried

it outside of the Beaver Builder theme but
I might try it on my other website which is

not the Beaver Builder theme and so you can
use this on any theme available now there’s

some additional features that will only work
on certain themes so now you’re to be able

uses a Beaver Themer to design custom headers
in Beaver Builder and footers and Beaver Builder

and that’s been working the Beaver Builder
theme the Genesis themes and one of my favorite

teams the generate press theme all three awesome
themes and I’m sure over time to be adding

support for other themes as well but off the
bat you’re getting compatibility and that’s

just a header and footer think so you don’t
care about the header and footer I do actually

I want to redesign everything on the site
new fonts new header everything probably knew

love I want to do the whole 9 yards with it
but it’s nice to know that the Beaver Themer

will work with anything but if you want those
custom headers and footers and you need to

use just one of their supported themes now
here’s what you can expect for me I know I

didn’t go into a lot of detail in this video
of actually using it there’s already some

videos out on actually using it in this video
hasn’t been about actually using it it’s about

how I just use that and I’m very impressed
that I haven’t run into any problems with

it and why you might want to think about using
this product as well now here’s what I’m gonna

do him in a show you some advanced things
with this okay there’s some really advanced

things that I didn’t touch on in this video
about custom post types creating custom post

types for yourself about adding something
called custom fields which is really the developer

power behind this thing I really didn’t get
into that but I’m going to make videos on

that stuff and you can expect that maybe a
video each week what I’ll do is in the pin

comments section down below I will put the
links to every video that I make about Beaver

Themer also if you are currently enrolled
in my course Beaver Builder essentials I’m

going to create a whole new module and cover
every aspect of Beaver Themer in theirs and

be advanced often there are probably put some
templates for blog posts and things like that

in there just to add value to that course
if you’re already enrolled into the course

if you have not seen the Beaver Builder essentials
course I have a link to that down below and

also if you don’t have Beaver Builder and
you’d like to see some more information on

that I have a link down below to that this
is a exciting new twist in using WordPress

and I think this might go down is one of the
biggest product releases for WordPress for

2017 because you made it to the end of the
video I have a free gift for you but before

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I make them just for you.


  1. ah…toolset is something all together different.
    One can create complex many to many relationships with it.
    Songswriter contributionwriters

    1. should say…
      Songs-writer contribution-writers.

  2. Myron Kliewer says:

    What is the cost of Beaverthemer if we already have Beaver Builder. I would like to support your good video training. Can we buy from you. Thanks again for all your good videos, they really help those of us “just getting started”. Keep up the good work.

      1. Hi! How do I get access to your Beaver Builder Essentials course? I purchased via your affiliate link. Thank you!

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