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Updated: September 3, 2018
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Avada Theme Overview

Avada Theme is the number 1 selling WordPress theme on ThemeForest which is quite impressive. Avada has been around for over 5 years and, for better or for worse, is a swiss army knife type of theme.

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Avada Theme

$60 Per Site

    • Backend Only Page Builer
    • Settings Panel In The Backend
    • 38 Demos To Get You Started
    • Hundreds Of Theme Options
    • WooCommerce Integraton

Avada Theme Review: Key Features

  • Backend Only Page Builer
  • Settings Panel In The Backend
  • 38 Demos To Get You Started
  • Hundreds Of Theme Options
  • WooCommerce Integraton

Avada Theme Review: Things To Consider

If you are deciding on whether or not to use Avada for your website, first I want you to know that you can make a website with it, but how much time that will take and the learning curve you will have to go through are the issues here.

Just like any technology, how you build a website with WordPress today, has changed for the better. Sadly Avada has not changed with it. When Avada was first released over 6 years ago, it was modern. Fast forward to today, and it represents everything WordPress used to be, but it’s self hasn’t changed.

It is bundled with a back-end page builder, where it will take significantly longer to build pages because there is no visual representation of what you are doing. It’s like flying blind. Backend page builders are not intuitive to use and you will waste so much time having to go back and forth, on the front end and back end to verify every little change. So if a website would typically take 30 hours to build, with a back-end page builder it could easily take twice as long to get just right. Modern page builders are all front-end and a joy to use, which is not the case with Avada.

Second, the Fusion Page Builder has content lock-in because it’s shortcode based. This means Avada for life, if you want to make a change to a different theme in the future, you have to start from scratch. This is why I don’t like to recommend using a page builder that is tied to a theme. It’s a bad idea all around.

All of the Avada settings are in the back-end as well. The same principle as above, it’s going to take a lot longer and be a lot more tedious. Where modern themes have all of their options in the customizer because you get immediate visual feedback on your changes.

Avada has been referred to as a slow bloated theme. You have to remember with websites, less is more. With Avada you get more, a ton of stuff that you don’t want and will never need, this is the bloat that people refer to. It makes no sense to have all that stuff in a theme that slows down the WordPress backend and locks you in further into the theme.

Regarding the age of the Avada theme, logically you think if a theme has been around for 6 years then it must be good. But the reality is, times change, and the way we do things today is different than how things were done 6 years ago.

Cost should also be a consideration. It is currently $60 PER WEBSITE! Most themes allow unlimited installations for around the sale cost or less. I’m not complaining about the cost, but I do think it is something to consider.

For support, you only get 6 months. I think that is not enough. You can extend the support, but at a cost.

Avada Theme Coupon / Avada Theme Discount

There are currently no active Avada Coupon or Avada Discounts available. It does go on sale from time to time.

Avada Theme Review: Summary

In my opinion, the Avada theme represents the past and is everything that WordPress is not. Sure some people like the fact that there are hundreds of settings and options to tinker with, but I personally prefer all theme options in the customizer. I would cut them some slack if it was easy to use and work with, but with a backend page builder, it’s not as easy or intuitive to use as it could be if it were using a front-end page builder.

For your website you want it to be lean and fast which will create a pleasant visitor experience and site speed that Google will love. You could get there with the Avada theme but will take significantly longer, be a lot more tedious, and have a steeper learning curve.

While I can’t recommend Avada, it’s important to say that even if you choose Avada, you can still build a nice website for yourself, but it represents the old inefficient way of building websites, so just know that going in.

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Avada Theme Tutorials

Review Transparency & Ethics
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24 thoughts on “Avada Theme”

  1. I installed Avada a year ago and I didn´t work on my website, now I am back on it and unfortunately the support of only 6 month ran out. I try to find help online I am really frustrated I find Avada complicated not logical and out dated. I don´t understand why it is number one selling. You said “This is why I don’t like to recommend using a page builder that is tied to a theme.” What do you recommend how to build the page ?
    I am tired of wasting my time with the theme and I look for a different easier and up to date option.

  2. I’ve build many sites using Avada. Fusion Builder is great and I find it speedy. Global elements are great. Performance can be slow and it would be great to be able to disable elements that will not be used to speed things up.

    1. Hey Phil!

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      For performance, 9 out of 10 times it is content on your site, server or possibly other plugins. Themes do play a part in speed of course, but run your site through Google Page Speeds and check out the details of it, it will tell you where the bottleneck is. You can view our home page demos and run them through it to see also, the ain deom we have which has the most content, the home page scores 88-92/100, and we have all features on that demo because it showcases them. You should be able to get several notches higher with yours. And our team will gladly help you if needed.

      For disabling elements, you can do whatever you wish with that already. In theme options > Advanced Theme Features you can disable all kinds of features that you are not using, anything of import is there, ready to be disable with a click.

      For Fusion Builder, you can disable any element you are not using in Fusion Builder > Settings area.

      Avada can be whatever you want it to be! If you have any questions, feel free to email our team through our company site.


  3. Also as an update to the above review, yes Fusion Builder is a backend builder, but is very easy to use with a clean UI, there are thousands of reviews on how easy it is to use from customers who use it daily.

    However we agree with Adam, the future is obviously on the frontend and clearly we know that and have been working on a full front end experience for our customers. And it will do it all, you won’t need to visit the backend, unless you want to of course.

  4. Hi Adam,

    I’m very glad comments are back on here, it allows for an open dialogue. It’s sad previous comments were removed, but I guess it was best to start over.

    We take reviews seriously, and we take care of our customers. So when we do see comments about support not replying or slowness, etc, we will certainly reply and try to help because we know there is either something wrong with the individual setup (server, plugin conflcit, who knows) or there is just misinformation.

    Thanks for allowing comments again, appreciate it.


  5. I’ve used it before, the client already had it installed.

    I didn’t have any instructions and I was able to use it.

    I wasn’t too off put by it, but this was about 2-3 years ago. Perhaps’s they’ve regressed.

    I wonder why it’s the number one selling theme though.

    Perhaps because everything but the kitchen sink.

    I was hoping to try it again fully as an owner, but after reading these comments…maybe I should scratch that.

  6. I agree that the Avada theme is somewhat of a nightmare. My web developer sold me on it. Now that he is out of the picture, the problems (which are no longer covered by initial support) are starting up. I have features that simply no longer work (exist). I have things that need changed, but can no longer open the backend section that controls them. Can’t get responses or even into the “Community”. Not at all happy with the company, the support or the Fusion theme. Their business model alone provides no reason to put out a user-friendly product that works. If it works, they can’t continue to gouge buyers for additional support costs.

    1. Hi Terri,

      We are always online, 24/7 to help our customers. What has been the issue of trying to get in touch with us? Our support center, along with community forum, submit a ticket or contact page are all directly on our site. I wont post the link as the comment may not be approved.

      Also keep in mind, if something breaks, do not assume it is the theme, it could be any number of things from your server, to a plugin update.

      If you can’t get to your content, there is certainly something else going on outside of Avada and anything we include. I can assure you of that.

      Contact us and we will gladly walk you through it.

  7. Sheridan Barrett

    I’ve never used the Avada wordpress theme before. However many popular themes have some form of free version or a trial period, so people can try before they buy. Avada theme is more expensive than other comparable themes and doesn’t offer any trial so it would be hard for people to get started with this theme. Just making a comparison.

  8. Just took over a site with Avada theme. The old dev was also using their Fusion builder. In all honesty, the performance was very bad. And yes it is the most sold theme. But that’s because many buyers on TF are end users and don’t know better, it haven’t had a taste of something else.

    Look at it this way. McDonald’s sell quite a lot of food. More than most restaurants. But that doesn’t make it fine cuisine.

    I’ve used Astra theme based on Adam’s recommendation and Elementor as a page builder. And nothing beats that. Performance is perfect.

    Glad I changed from a bundled theme with WP Bakery to my new setup. Love it! And thanks Adam for that recommendation.

    1. Hello There,

      Can you go into details? Have you actually reviewed the codebase? I think you will be surprised, there is a reason people keep coming back and using it and new users grab it every week.

      No theme is perfect, I grant you. But before you make judgement, take time and check out our newer versions.

  9. The more I use this theme, the more I hate it. Really slow, especially in development. Any question I post to the user forum goes unanswered. And they want almost as much as the theme costs just for 6 months of support once your first 6 months have expired ($42). Crazy. Ready to throw it out the window. Will never buy again.

    1. Yea I find using a front end page builder makes things a lot easier. Avada censors and filters anything negative in their official group on Facebook. Even if you say something negative in a constructive way.

    2. This is a bit confusing … the community forum you are saying you do not get replies? There is a big message up top that says it is user to user interaction, so it is for the community.

      For support from us, you just need to submit a ticket, you can also join the Avada Users FaceBook group and get help from our community.

      Most speed tests you will do, one of the most important things is your server, always keep that in mind Yes the theme plays a part and we have very advanced technology to make it fast and optimized.

      Submit a ticket and let us know, or post your URL so we can check out some speed tests and see what is slowing it down. Try google page speeds and look at what does not pass … server responsse time and images could very well be at the top.

      1. I would back this up as the support desk is always fast and good quality.

        the code is on the heavy side but I compensate with good hosting and switch off what I don’t need.

        I also make sure that I build with SEO in mind. I build lean both in code and images and works for me.

        I have tried X Cornerstone front end builder and just could not get on with it. I also found that page load speed wise it was not any better than Avada.

  10. I’m fairly new to all this myself and currently have a free theme. Before I start trying to drive traffic to my site I want to improve the look and feel a decent theme is needed. I was looking at Avada for the last few days. Mostly good reviews though. Also questioned using Fiverr as the $60 price tag is a bit much for me and there are people offering to install it for me for as little as £3.60. Don’t worry though did my research on that and people calling it Nulled theme so probably full of malware. I want good speed for my site and i want a good theme with plenty of options to custom, only problem there is i have zero coding experience. Any recommendations?

      1. Thanks, i decided to invest in the theme Theblogger. Had a bit of a mess around with it last night and was impressed so far but will bookmark your site and video if i can make this site work for myself. After becoming ill, working from home is literally my only real option and so got several blog website ideas, starting with the one that is most likely to do well. Using affiliate marketing i hope to get a min wage at the very least, anything above that is obviously great. If i can make it work for myself, then I can look at doing more websites so the video will come in handy.

  11. I purchased the Avada theme the week of December 8, 2017. I find the tutorials to be worthless and the support to be non-existent. The theme has many nice features, but the documentation leaves a lot to be desired. I have built over 500 e-commerce sites but over the past two days I wasted 18 hours trying to set up the theme. I have submitted several tickets, but the only response as been ‘we’ll get back to you soon.’ They haven’t.

    1. Yea, plus it’s a bloated theme, it’s like when you go to a restaurant that makes everything, but nothing great. Avada has all this stuff pumped into it that not everyone is going to use, which should be implemented as a separate plugin.

      1. It is not a bloated theme, it is a power and flexible theme that has many options and capabilities that others do not. The word Bloated is thrown around far too much without anything to back it up.

        For support, we reply the same day, we answer hundreds of tickets a day, 24/7 a week. All year long. I’d love to know your ticket # so I can see how in the world you did not get a reply.

        1. Raymundo Salas

          Hey Luke, I know you’re Avada’s team worker and you’re doing your “job” but you don’t need to reply to every comment the community do, this is real opinions and reviews, please just take note about it, shut up and go to improve your product to show us how amazing is.

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