AliDropship Review 2024

by Adam Preiser updated Feb 23, 2024

AliDropship is a WordPress plugin that can turn your WooCommerce website into a dropshipping store offering AliExpress products.

Current Pricing: $89
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AliDropship Pros

  • Add unlimited amount of products
  • Send orders in a single click
  • Save your time and boost your income

AliDropship Cons

Since AliDropship is powered by WordPress, you may want invest in good web hosting.

AliDropship Coupon Discounts

AliDropship is currently offering Black Friday deals with discounts for a limited time.

AliDropship Review: Wrap Up

AliDropship is the most robust and affordable WooCommerce dropshipping plugin for WordPress. With its very affordable pricing, you really can’t go wrong.

AliDropship Alternatives

44 thoughts on “AliDropship”

  1. I am trying to set up AliDropShip with Woocommerce. When will you have a tutorial available on how to do this? Also I just discovered the Kadence theme thanks to your videos (was previously using Astra Pro). Any help on using Kadence with AliDropShip and Woocommerce would also be helpful to me. Thanks!

  2. Hi Adam,
    I bought Cartflows and Elementor to use for my dropshipping sale funnel but I later discovered that cartflows does not send orders (that is, it does not Auto fulfill Orders), Will I still need to buy Alidropship for this single task or is there any wp plugin that can handle the task?

    1. If you want to automate a drop shipping business, you will need a tool specifically to do it. CartFlows is a sales funnel builder, you use it specifically to build sales funnels. It’s not a plugin to automate a drop shipping business, for that you would want AliDropship.

  3. Karan Badlani

    Hey Adam,

    Thanks for the informative post.

    I am already running one Shopify dropshipping store. And I am planning to build a new WooCommerce dropshipping store using AliDropship plugin.

    But I have one question in my mind that, is it a good idea to start new AliExpress dropshipping store right now at this time when the pandemic is going on and when there are uncertainties about the future?

  4. AliDropship is a total scam. Images do not load correctly from AliExpress and their “support” to fix the issue is non-existent. My website meets all of their minimum standards (and then some) and it has been nothing but a nightmare. Their support is awful. They do not respond. I wasted money buying this plugin. Don’t be like me.

  5. Abdul Maajied

    Hey Adam! Thanks for this review. I’m also interested in your tutorial video on AliDropship + Elementor Pro + Astra + Cartflows!

    Sounds like a killer combo!!

    When can we expect the vid? 🙂

  6. Hi there, I’m new to drop shipping, I’m looking to set up a drop shipping business using Aliexpress products only. I was thinking of using the Alidropship but after reading the reviews I might need to look at other options.

    Any suggestion or advice will be appreciated.

    1. It’s hard to beat the offer with AliDropship. Sure it’s not perfect, but you can’t really compare a product that is only $89 for life versus other products that are $20 – $50 per month.

  7. AliDropship is a waste of your money!!!
    Alidropship completed my store in Feb 2019 and when I reviewed their work there were several changes that were not done to my instructions. The menus were in the wrong order, the Youtube channel image was cut off, several images were uploaded to the wrong category, the About page was not remotely consistent with the name of the site. It was a mess and it looked like no one was checking the work to ensure it was done properly. I brought this to their attention in Feb 2019 and it is now June 2019 and they still have not completed the changes I asked for. I also added Yaroslav Nesky the co-founder to the email so that he was aware of this and NOTHING! Don’t waste your time with their lies. I still have not made a single sale from the site they built. Stay away!!!!

      1. Adam, you’re right about their service for building websites. That’s why I decided to build a store by myself. The plugin itself is amazing. Do you have a plan to make a step by step tutorial? I’d be really appreciated and it could help me a lot!

  8. I have been using Shopify for so long. Now I am going to build another custom store and I will use Alidropship for that. Let’s see which one work better

  9. I was looking at Astra and OceanWP today and would love to stick to Astra but…
    It looks like free Astra has much less of an amount of demos for an online store than free OceanWP. I can only see “Brandstore” demo suitable for an online dropshipping store, the rest are portfolio types, restaurants etc. It is not the case with OceanWP though which has a variety of demos for stores selling products.
    Is this true or am I missing something, not looking in the right section? Can I compensate that by using Elementor Pro in Astra’s Brandstore?

  10. I’ll just add about Alidropship plugin. There are numerous complaints that it overloads CPU and slows down websites. So those who want to use it, they better invest in a good hosting which will not put any limitations on your resourses.

    1. It’s more related to shops that have hundreds of products because each day the plugin needs to go check stock, prices, etc. Then sync that data back. If you have 300 products, that’s a lot of work. If it’s more reasonable, it’s not that big of a deal, but you do need good hosting like Siteground or Cloudways.

  11. Adam, while using Alidropship plugin, would you not recommend building a store with Astra/Elementor? I just received the below answer from Alidropship team and thinking whether I should just use their theme or run the the risk going Astra/Elementor still?

    “The Woo version of the plugin works with Elementor plugin. As for the Woo themes, Alidropship Woo is compatible with standard Woocommerce theme – Storefront and recommended themes for Woocommerce.
    But we can’t guarantee that any theme would be compatible, because some of theme developers rebuild or delete some hooks in default source code of WooCommerce. We base our plugin functionality on official WooCommerce docs. And we haven’t removed any hooks – we just modernize as we wish the layout which WooCommerce provides by default.
    Regarding Astra theme, I can say that according to the experience of our customers, it has lots of conflicts with our plugin and I cannot recommend you to use it.”

    1. Yea I am not sure why they are saying that, seems odd. all their plugin does is automate backend process, WooCommerce does all the front end stuff. There are many Astra users that are using the plugin just fine.

      1. Interesting. I was also told that they not recommend it. They said this:

        ”Users asked to recommend at least something, so we tested the most popular themes. Other themes we did not test and can not guarantee the compatibility.
        We modify the output in Alidrosphip WOO using only appropriate filters and hooks from official WOO Docs, in order to ensure compatibility with normal themes. Often, the developers of the themes neglect the documentation and delete the standard hooks while the theme works only with the recommended plug-ins in the kit. As a result, other plugins stop working.”

        Would also love to use it with Astra and according to the Adam’s comment it should work, right? Any suggestions or things I should aware of when installing and using the plugin with Astra and WooCommerce? Thank you!!!

          1. That’s great to hear, Adam! Would you be able to make a video on Astra/Elementor+Alidropship? Looks like you are sort of interested in dropshipping too.

            Thank you!

  12. Manfred Rosenberg

    Thank you very much for this information about “Alidropship”. I apriciate your effort to explaine this kind of business.

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