by Adam Preiser updated July 16, 2019

How To Make An Awesome Free Logo In 5 Minutes

The first step in creating a brand is to create a logo. Let me show you how fast and free…


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One of the best things you can do for your online business is to have a logo. Problem is, you may not have the budget for a professional designer or the time to spend with a designer to actually make the logo.

The good news is, if you are just starting out, there is a way to make a free logo that you can actually use.

Why do I say it that way? Well, most free online logo makers are complete scams because they let you create a logo, but they don't let you download it in a useable format unless you pay up.

After searching high and low for a free logo maker that doesn't require design skills, photoshop, or a hefty fee, I finally found the perfect free online logo creator.

Video Transcript

In this video I’ll show you how to make an
awesome logo for your website for free and

it’s going to take about five minutes hi my
name is Adam from I go over

tactics and tutorials to greater influence
and income online if you knew your consider

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okay to talk about making a free logo in this
video but I want you to know that nothing

will replace the services of a professional
graphic designer there’s definitely tons of

pros with having a professional designer make
a brand image for you but on the other side

of that coin I believe in rapid implementation
that means when you have an idea you implemented

as soon as possible and so were to go over
making a free logo today in this video were

going to be using I looked at all the websites
that are out there for this and most of them

are really really bad because at the end of
your process of creating a logo you’re gonna

want some form of source file at least with
the background transparent so that you can

use your logo on different types of backgrounds
and so most of them don’t do that for you

but I finally found an online logo Creator
that it’s pretty good results and it’s going

to give you transparent logos is going to
make your logo in the different formats for

the various social media networks is going
to do all of that for you it is great for

getting started now I will say that you really
get the best results for some maybe like the

local type of businesses where you know a
lot of these entities they don’t really have

any kind of logo it all just might be on their
website the name of the business so let’s

just go ahead and jump on and sorry for the
long introduction to be using this right here

it’s from Shoppify and you know they should
be making tools like this for services like

that you don’t have to be Shoppify customer
and you don’t have to have Shoppify count

at all so the URL I have it in the video description
box it’s hatch a had suppose

HATCHFUL now working to go over it in this
video but also show you there’s other ones

that are more deceptive so here’s one from
wicks they make one but it’s very deceptive

they don’t really tell you that at the very
end you’re going to get a little go but it’s

good to be stuck as can be low-quality on
a white background in if you want other versions

or variations that you can actually use you’re
gonna have to pay them anywhere between $13

and $99 for that logo but I will say their
logo builder is a little better and it’s can

give you more customization options there’s
definitely going to be some trade-offs okay

so let’s go ahead and get started so there’s
a button right here in the top right that

says get started and you can see one right
there in the middle of the screen a go ahead

and click on the one in the middle of the
screen and first what they want you to do’s

gonna choose what this logo is for so you
can go ahead and look through these or you

can say none of the above in this instance
I’m in a go ahead and click on services yeah

I’ll go in food and drink let’s make a restaurant
logo okay so then I’m in a click next next

was in the top right I’m not can it stay out
of the video so that’s where the next button

is okay and then you can choose your visual
style so they have some options of words here

in some kind of graphics I don’t really find
that translates into what the logos will look

like some work on restaurant here so let’s
go classic let’s go creative let’s go ahead

and do friendly let’s do natural because it’s
kind of a restaurant you can click the wrong

things and don’t be worried that you might
be clicking the wrong thing top right corner

there is a next button I’m clicking on that
here you want to put your business name and

your tagline now here’s the thing at the very
end of this process are to be able to tweak

what you have in here so don’t worry about
it right now right up at Tito’s tacos I live

next to LA there’s a very famous placer called
Tito’s tacos it’s pretty good you should try

it sometime actually I should maybe do Johnny
pastrami because it’s right next to Tito’s

tacos and I like Johnny pastrami better anyways
these are famous Los Angeles restaurants okay

so now we just need to say where there’s logos
going to be use click on online store click

on social media I haven’t tested the different
options here I think it’s probably going to

influence on the questions they might ask
in some of the graphics you might end up with

so I’m a go ahead and say online store let’s
toss them up print and swag up and there may

be physical stores let’s do that as well that’s
fine on the click next year on the top right

and now it’s already made some logos for you
now don’t look at this and get discouraged

and say oh my gosh these are all bad you getting
your to get customization options.

We have the change icons in the colors.

We’ll change the font typeface or just scroll
down and find something that looks interesting

to you so I actually kinda like this one right
here but maybe with a taco icon that would

be kinda cool oh and it can tell I’m doing
this for restaurant so there’s a lot of these

that are just kind of simple and elegant you
know and you could just scroll down and it’s

good to keep generating other variations of
it now just keep in mind though journey to

be able to tweak this to your hearts content
I something basic like this is fine when it’s

say a business like this okay so let’s just
scroll down here and I don’t want to spend

too much time scrolling around this is gold
Tito Stargell’s eye, like the yellow if we

got rid of the hot dog and made it taco I’d
be pretty happy some to go ahead and click

on that so here it takes you to the editor
it’s a very basic and so is going to give

you the options to change what you see here
so like I said you can tweak the name and

if the logo supports a slogan just you know
some don’t support slogans in this particular

template here does not support a slogan okay
so when you click on fonts is get a show you

various font options I actually like the one
that it shows but you can go ahead and click

on any of these if you want to see what it
looks like with a different font then we can

go to colors and there’s various color schemes
here you can scroll down and it’s just getting

keep showing you different color scheme after
different color scheme I actually like the

default one impact however there’s also this
drop down here at the bottom so you can have

it so let’s get retro colors and there’s some
retro colors and you can just scroll around

scroll down and it’s going to keep giving
you different options okay so I’m fine with

the way that it is and then we click on icon
so is the logo it created has an icon you

could go here and you can change it so let’s
see here all let’s go to food and drink and

let’s see if we can find anything that looks
like a taco you this is actually negative

I’m seeing right now I don’t see a way to
actually search the icons so it’s going to

be a matter of scrolling up and down all this
is actually bummer I do not see anything resembling

a taco that’s actually not cool there should
definitely have a taco in here but that’s

okay I’m going off-the-cuff years on the go
ahead and instead choose this spatula it’s

kind of cooking or maybe this server here
you knees holding food that’s going to be

fine for me it be ideal if there is a taco
that looks more like a watermelon although

is your people can maybe think it’s a taco
I don’t know but there’s all kinds of icons

in here that you can search I will be really
cool if you could actually upload your own

icon but unfortunately that’s not an option
here but if I went here and scrolled down

I’m sure I would’ve found something that would
be better than this little watermelon right

here but you get the point you can go here
and scroll through the icons and pick whichever

one that you want and then number click on
the layouts and not all of the logos are actually

and have this a layouts option right here
so this I can like this one but this is actually

pretty cool too and is what I should be really
good on a white background but this is fine

as well so just go ahead with this now me
to go ahead and click on this last next button

right here and this is probably my favorite
part about it is you get to see what it’s

gonna look like across social media and it’s
getting give you the the the logo already

in a format that you don’t have to change
the size or crop or do anything you could

just go ahead and upload it to these various
social media networks so what’s gonna happen

is you just click on this download button
right here and pop in your email address and

then you’ll be able to download it so I’m
just going to go ahead and pop my email in

right now okay so I’ve gone ahead and popped
my email in and it takes me here and it’s

basically just let me know about Shoppify
which is fine so I’m not here for Shoppify

so let me go and download the package okay
have gone ahead and downloaded it and here

is what is going to be in the file so it’s
right here and I’ve already extracted all

of these graphics out of it so it comes with
Facebook cover photo’s profile images a favor

con for your website that’s a little icon
that’s often left to your URL Instagram linked

in your logo with a normal background in a
transparent background that’s the one you

want you want the transparent background and
if you see here it’s kind hard to see the

dimensions it’s 1200 x 1200 which means it’s
huger to be able to use this for all sorts

of things Pinterest a twitter and a YouTube
profile image and here let me pull up the

logo so this is a transparent logo so the
parts that were white which is around the

shape and also in here those are gone so if
you put this on top of any background it’s

gonna pull and that colors of you put on a
white background it’s going to be white it’s

gonna come right on in let’s just go ahead
and see within normal normal logos probably

on the white background like that and so here’s
our transparence let’s go ahead and see what

our Facebook cover photo looks like that section
that doesn’t look too good for the cover photo

let’s see what that is okay that’s better
right there and here’s the favorite con it’s

this little icon right there that’s gonna
be in your web browser when someone’s visiting

your websites we’ve got a YouTube header photo
let’s see right here yet that’s a little thing

right there and the YouTube profile image
so you see you get a lot for this I mean you’re

not paying any money it’s perfect for getting
started I could’ve obviously drilled down

tried different fonts continued looking at
the various logos that were available that

it came up with colors I could’ve customize
this is much of I want as I wanted I don’t

get spacing control you don’t get to save
it to edit it later there’s some drawbacks

of course but it’s a free logo creator that
you can totally get by without having to come

up with all the ideas of how the slope is
going to look on your own it gives you all

the ideas and then it gives you just enough
to tweak it just enough to get up and get

started like I said nothing’s going to replace
a professional designer I definitely get my

logos over the professional designer however
if I was starting a local business or just

something rhyme kind of testing it and I want
to have something I would definitely go this

route so that I can have something to look
more professional so anyways that’s all that

I have in this video if you found some value
in it go ahead and consider giving this a

thumbs up if you want notifications of new
videos make sure you subscribe and hit that

bell is the best way to find out when I have
videos hey if you’re aware of any other quality

free logo creators on open this up to you
to put it in the comment section down below

but the requirements are it has to be usable
although it has have a transparent version

and it needs to be free and look pretty good
’96 so that is the requirements go ahead

and add that down below thank you for watching
this video and I’ll see you in the next one

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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