MemberPress Review – Create A Membership Website With WordPress

by Adam @ WPCrafter   |   Last Updated: May 17, 2017
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[clickToTweet tweet=”With #Membership websites using #WordPress, you want the most reliable solution… @MemberPress ” quote=”With membership websites using WordPress, you want the most reliable solution out there!”]

One of the best ways to build a solid business online is by creating a membership website. You can charge a one time or reoccurring membership fee for access to your content.

In fact, it's so popular that there are many large online communities that are dedicated to creating and running successful membership websites. It's a hot topic!

I have even covered creating an online course and membership website with WordPress in a free videos series. I also created a course on how to create a course.

With that, there are many online membership platforms and membership plugins for WordPress that enable you to sell and protect your content.

WARNING: There are many WordPress plugins to create membership websites, but the vast majority of them are very poor and not well thought out. Also many are just outdated, built on old code, and will cause you many problems as your membership site grows.

This is why my best advice is to use the best tool upfront. Many times you can get by with a free plugin, but when it comes to membership website, you are asking for trouble if you want to go cheap.

Video Transcript

MemberPress Review 2017 – How To Create A WordPress Membership Website

This is going to be a review and walk-through
of using a powerful awesome membership plug-in

called MemberPress hi my name is Adam from were I make WordPress videos

for non-techies and if you like the content
in this video would like you to please consider

clicking on the subscribe button and if you
want notifications when I upload videos is

a little bell next that subscribe button just
go ahead and click on that and you too will

send you notifications so were talking membership
plug-ins and this one is going to be all about

member press here is the MemberPress website
and in fact I actually made a review video

on MemberPress else a year and 1/2 ago or
so and it was about time to take a fresh look

at MemberPress and see what is going on in
the MemberPress world since I left that review

there been many many updates and MemberPress
is going strong and if you did watch that

video I highly praised MemberPress in the
awesome thing is today I would give it

even more praise for what it does now membership
sites there usually membership sites going

to make money right you have a membership
site you’re selling access to some content

that you have and so you want to use the tools
that are GNU make your life a little easier

from a user management standpoint and also
are going to enable your membership website

to be as profitable as possible now what I
like about MemberPress is it also throws in

the simplicity of protecting content and selling
access and managing the access to that content

now the reason I’m bringing this up is you
is if there’s one plug-in you want to pay

for it’s going to be something like this okay
and I don’t advise anyone to go into that

I want to have a membership website kind of
path and say how can I do it for free where

I’m not paying for anything because you’re
going to get a you can end up with a shoddy

website you’re into an Apple with the website
where today you might not know all the little

nuts and bolts of what you’re going to need
in six months or 12 months plus any of the

free plug-ins that I’ve seen. They just not
that easy to set up and use their kind of

these old archaic beasts that haven’t really
evolved or changed or had any improvements

in the code this is something that you really
want to go with a rock solid solution and

MemberPress is one of those rocksolid solutions
and also when it comes to membership website

you don’t want just a rocksolid solution in
terms of code you also want a company that’s

cannot get your back that’s going to be there
for you that your your paying for support

and they’re obligated to give you the support
because were talking mission critical money

out of your pocket if there is a problem type
situations that’s why upfront you want to

go with the company where not only do you
know that the products can be good but that

you also know that the support is going to
be there at those crucial times when you need

it the most and you know nothing is more important
than support in those moments where you need

it right you can have a support contract and
you never need support so you know you’re

not thinking I want to have a company with
great support but the moment when something

goes wrong that’s when you see which is the
best solution which companies can provide

you not only the code but the quality of support
and that is MemberPress I have built membership

websites using MemberPress and I have contacted
their support because typically something

like setting up a membership website you’re
going to need some support at the very least

in the beginning. I need some support and
there might be a random thing here there that

you have a question on or you might need some
help on and I gotta tell you every single

time I needed support from MemberPress they
have responded with thoughtful and personal

and answers back I mean it’s not like a standard
form email every time Mike I contacted them

they they actually took the time to read what
I wrote look at the link I might’ve given

them and write out a thoughtful response and
I appreciate that because with you have a

membership website your time is money it’s
business time is money and then it’s just

how much do you value your time okay so I
know I just went into just kind of like the

mindset you need to go into when it’s wet
when it’s time to choose which membership

site solution to go with also it’s important
to note if you’re gonna build a membership

website using WordPress you want a respected
WordPress developer that’s providing that

solution and that’s what MemberPress is there
are some very old very archaic membership

site solutions that don’t really do things
the WordPress way the kind of pack jobs that

were put together when they never really shifted
gears to be more mainstream and you know I

I’m so tempted to start listing off product
names because there are a ton of them there

are 81 of these products that you do not want
to go near at all but I’m not into that I

want to keep this one positive is just put
it this way MemberPress is going to be a real

solid route for you to go okay him it essentially
is going to do everything you needed to do

just know that right off the bat I can start
listen off bullet points in the different

ways you can take payments in the different
email integrations and all that I think him

and to save that for when I show you the plug-in
but you can come here and read about it let’s

take a quick look at the pricing I know the
prices gone up a little bit since my first

review video about a year and 1/2 ago it’s
got up about 20% which is reasonable because

they know how much support they want to provide
and it’s okay to pay just a little bit more

so you have a single site licenses 119 a developer
license can be 239 I own the developer license

for 239 paid with it paid for it with my own
money and these are to come with a variety

of add-ons one important thing to note is
that and I actually really like this about

MemberPress it integrates with a lot of third-party
solutions but they also provide solutions

direct one of them is if you want to have
an affiliate program for your membership website

while it includes a perfect affiliate program
called affiliate Royale they used to sell

this separately but they’ve integrated it
and it communicates and it works perfectly

with MemberPress but if you don’t want to
use this there’s other solutions that they’ll

be more than happy to integrate with one of
those being affiliate WP okay so this is the

cost you can come here take a tour frequently
asked questions I have a link to this but

down below obviously I’m an affiliate with
them and I’m trying to think of a good bonus

package if you did purchase it through my
link I think I might put together a course

on creating membership websites so if you
did purchase MemberPress through my link down

below what I’ll do is when you click on it
also need to page on my website about the

offer and does essentially by MemberPress
semi cup with a receipt and I give you access

to the course but until I build that coarsening
of access to one of my other ones if you did

happened to purchase MemberPress just to sweeten
the deal there so let’s go ahead and take

a look at my WordPress website now I have
MemberPress installed I did that are ready

just to save a little bit of time and I wanted
to go in and activated first thing what it

does is it adds this nice widget right here
that gives you a snapshot of the stats for

your membership websites just you know some
money stats and kind of snapshot of the transactions

there are really good reporting capabilities
and actually one of the projects I had done

with MemberPress as I move someone from an
existing membership platform and they were

also on some other affiliate platform they’re
paying a lot of money for both the solutions

and I was able to work with support to figure
out how to import all that stuff into MemberPress

so that it would be a seamless transition
process we were even able to link up the different

dub came out PayPal processing so that it
was a smooth transition because it was a reoccurring

cost of the membership let’s just say maybe
go through the different option page set up

process so I didn’t go through it so I’ve
had this message it says MemberPress hasn’t

been configured yet but I can click on this
link to go through it so typically with a

plug-in like this or maybe WooCommerce any
of these these more involved the plug-ins

all have this nice little set up process so
the first thing they’ll do is there any need

to set up some unique pages that they’re going
to use for the plug-in so with MemberPress

they want to thank you page your account pages
with the account page for your members and

a login page and we don’t have to touch this
when I go through the options and then click

update options this can automatically create
these for me on that we could use our slugs

a we can leave these default as well here’s
some options on how to deal with unauthorized

access by default right here it’s saying to
show a login form on those pieces of content

that are restricted and you can also choose
a message however for me I think it’s better

to choose redirect to a specific URL so this
could send them to a URL to either join the

membership or to log in and the reason why
is some page builders might give you some

trouble the content that you put in the page
builder might be outside of what MemberPress

or any of its on a MemberPress issue with
any membership plug-in would see as the actual

content area and it’s because a lot of these
page builder plug-ins and some wonky things

so I’ve found it to overcome that I would
just use this option right here and redirect

them to a specific page family this as default
let’s keep moving on on this set up processing

is actually very quick by the way you shouldn’t
feel overwhelmed at all with the set of processes

like a five minute thing to be longer with
me because I’m in a be explaining some of

these options so Nexus take a look at these
permissions so right here is a really nice

feature and it’s it you know what I like about
going through his options there choosing like

what I would choose except that one setting
just a second ago the really choosing what

I would choose in going through a set up process
and so this one right here is perfect this

is disable the WordPress admin bar for members
have you ever been to a website where you

got a login and now that you’re logged in
you have this WordPress bar at the top it’s

kind of confusing usually only see that when
you’re the administrator of your website and

then you can actually click into like the
backend of WordPress doesn’t have all the

options but you’re still in this area that
you probably have no reason to be and there’s

no benefit for you to be in there right here
these these options here it prevents that

from happening in fact there is this a developer
I was talking to the other day he actually

custom coded a plug in for a different membership
plug-in for WordPress and it only did that

one feature and I think charges like 15 or
$20 for it and he says he’s made so much money

off of that but it should be added to the
core plug-in but you get this with MemberPress

because their experts at this and they thought
through everything already it’s a mature platform

they thought through everything that you’re
gonna want and need and they’ve put it here

as an option for you at some the other things
a thought through right here is to allow your

members to manage their own account this is
good and bad right if you wanted to allow

them to cancel their own subscription here’s
an option if you wanted to let them pause

or resume their subscription which you probably
wouldn’t really use but it’s there because

this membership plug-in MemberPress will cover
pretty much 99.9% of the membership site scenarios

that anyone could or would have so it’s nice
to allow your members to administer things

on their own because that’s less work that
you’re going to have to do some and wants

to cancel and you make it so they if you go
to solution where they can’t do it in on their

own and then now they’re contacting you and
I have to do all this admin work so really

cuts down to give your your members the opportunity
to do that them selves now here are some options

to control the registration process and set
that up there here are some log in options

this would force someone to go to a specific
login page that you might have designed or

created that’s probably what I would do is
have them go to a specific login page and

then you can choose what happens to them after
they log out while this is login this right

here these two options are where they go on
a login where they go when they log out soaring

when they login you might want them to go
to an update page a remember dashboard or

whatever like that that you might’ve set up
for them and after they log out you might

want to send them onto your blog or your homepage
or something like that so these are our account

options let’s take a look at fields and this
is actually very simple it’s just the information

you want to get from someone when they register
so you know like the address stuff if you

didn’t want the address stuff you would leave
this unchecked and you wouldn’t require it

just like that if you wanted their name which
you probably do you would show it in then

require it but a lot of kiss situations you
might want additional pieces of information

maybe you want some information about them
that’s not your address and your name type

of information and you can actually add these
custom fields right here in the settings is

you don’t need some custom field solution
to add that in you can grab it all right here

I really like that they’ve done that us let’s
take a look at payments so right now I didn’t

actually activate the add-ons for all the
various payment processors so were probably

knocking to see them right now so by default
it’s given me I think there’s other ones in

this add-on option thingamajig are here that
were to take a look at a minute so by default

it’s given me PayPal express
checkout PayPal payments Pro and what I like

is a also offer PayPal standard people standard
you don’t really have to go through all these

weird hoops with PayPal just you put your
PayPal email address there and you set this

thing called in IPN and all of these connecting
into these payment processors it’s all documented

on the MemberPress website and then we have
stripe of course so what I don’t know if you

realize that but you can actually have multiple
multiple payment methods so if I wanted this

to be striped and then I can just go ahead
and click on this plus and then right here

I could use PayPal standard or something like
that and you can go ahead and it’s it’s it’s

so easy if I wanted striped just go to striping
get your secret and the publishable key right

here you just copy and paste those right in
and bam you are good to go with accepting

payments already through stripe it’s that
easy to do and there’s some various options

here as well same thing for PayPal I chose
standard which only really requires the email

but then here is the the IPN that you would
need to paste into your PayPal account what

that is is someone makes a purchase through
PayPal PayPal pings the website right back

to say okay we did actually get the money
because you don’t know what happens when someone

leaves the website and so that’s with the
PayPal IPN is you should be familiar that

nexus take a look at emails you’re obviously
going to want to put in here you’re from name

and these are the emails what’s going to be
sent out from the system so right here you

will deftly want to put your name and the
email that would be tied to your website and

there’s all these prewritten emails right
here for all these different events and you

can go here you can send a test email to see
what it looks like and you can click on the

edit to change the text of any of these emails
but you can just when you read the different

emails that it has you can see how like well
thought out this solution is how they really

covered all of the bases was right you might
not be thinking I need to have a positive

subscription notice email but MemberPress
is already thought of that for you and and

that’s what I like and right here credit card
expiring notice to see these are things you’re

not getting when you use one of these hokey
Nokia free solutions plug-ins that you’re

getting off of the WordPress repository unit
you’re not getting these things they don’t

have credit card expiration notices that you
know they they are not as deeply and well

thought out as a paid solution like MemberPress
is right here we have some admin notices as

well now you for sending emails out from WordPress
you absolutely have to have one of the SMTP

plug-ins for WordPress they’re all free and
looking to make it so you can choose where

the emails go out from if you don’t do that
probably emails and end up in the spam folder

such as a little side bonus let’s take a look
at the marketing tab and essentially what

this is going to do is allow MemberPress to
integrate with some of your email marketing

platform providers number not seeing the list
of integrations right here because I haven’t

enabled any of them would have to show you
that but then you come here you can connect

into a lot of the biggest most well-known
1/3 party system subordinate take a look at

that moment so you get your convert kit your
active campaign and all of these various services

dripped I think is also in that list but will
will take a look at that moment also if you

know me I’m big on Mautic they don’t actually
have an official Mautic solution but there’s

1/3 party one available a second look at info
this is your info that you would put in here

that would be used for various purposes that
we have these general options right here which

is language currency things of that nature
here is interesting if you want to have a

blog posts that are behind a pay wall and
there’s options here for that so let’s move

on and then we have taxes I tell you if you’re
you’re going to have these little solutions

that are free that don’t factor in taxes and
all this kind of stuff this is the one solution

that will fit 99.9% of the scenarios let’s
see what happens when I hit update options

let’s see how it’s given me a warning because
I tried to add those payment processors but

I didn’t set them up properly so it took those
out which makes it easy now I do that great

so now we have our pages to set up my thank
you account login and all this stuff is set

up so now let me actually try to find that
at on page I think I can go to activates right

here this is where you would have activated
it and then right here’s the add-on tab so

here’s all the little add-ons that are included
with MemberPress now what’s beautiful about

this is you don’t want to just bog down your
website with a ton of add-ons and plug-ins

and all that big heavy plug-in because it
will over time it could cause some performance

issues so the model that MemberPress as is
you just install the core plug in and then

you just install what you need and it’s all
right here so let’s just go through these

requests you really know what you’re buying
so we got that active campaign integration

that’s a very popular auto responder marketing
automation platform affiliate or Royale that’s

the complete affiliate platform one button
and you have that installed the Avent affiliate

program now for your membership website we
have a Weber we have Amazon Web services so

this is to allow you to use Amazon’s a server
to protect your contents you have your content

there and then when you’re using it in your
site it keeps it more secure it has all the

information right here buddy press integration
never been a fan of Buddy press Re: campaign

Monitor constant contact convert kit these
are all email autoresponder services this

is actually very interesting corporate accounts
so if you have a membership website and you

want to have a like a corporate package for
company and all their employees you can do

that in this actually very unique well thought
out solution that is kind of rare and I think

there’s only one other membership plug-in
that provides this delightful downloads not

familiar with that developer tools drip that’s
your another marketing automation platform

get response help scout that could be good
as well to provide support importer that’s

the move data in and out mad Mimi MailChimp
meld the new MailChimp integration so they

say this is why you want a membership solution
that you’re paying for because you have these

providers they change things drip change things
MailChimp change things so you need a developer

that is on top of re-doing things when these
integrations stop working because of the other

company mail poet math captcha mail relay
send a sensei that’s a learning management

platform and WordPress user roles all these
integrations are all right here for you now

be honest I haven’t set up a membership site
with MemberPress in quite a while and so I’m

going to try to do right now to show you how
easy this without looking at the documentation

but I may stumble along the way and only have
five minutes to do it because I need to wrap

this video up and go to memberships were going
to go ahead and click on add new and I’m just

gonna call this the gold membership there
it is I got my name here I would go ahead

and pop in a price so let’s make this $50
per month so I popped my 50 in on the billing

type election I need to change the access
right here to expire and I think I need to

make it expire okay billing type now I can
make a reoccurring so it’s can be $50 or reoccurring

in the interval is going to be every month
like that now you can offer a trial. If you

wanted a one dollar trial for 10 days or something
like that we can do that and we can also limit

how long someone’s going to be paying for
this so if it’s 50 bucks a month per year

we can just click on here and we can put 12
in and then what happens at the end whether

they keep their their access or they lose
it when we get rid of that and so let’s scroll

down so here is some of our membership options
so we can create some or link this up to some

custom pages and we can also have certain
payment methods only work with this membership

if you wanted here is where we would configure
our permissions and this is really who can

purchase this membership right here is the
price box option we can actually use MemberPress

to create a whole price grid if you wanted
and if you had a group of different plans

for the same access you can group them together
and have different pricing tables side-by-side

actually it would probably look something
like this right here okay so moving through

it that’s the price box and then here’s an
advanced tab were we can pop in some terms

and some redirect URL some to go ahead and
click on publish like that and there you go

I’ve got my first membership that I don’t
really have a pretty looking theme right now

which is the default theme up there it is
gold membership my term and everything perfect

all right so we have that now what we do is
we can actually have a several memberships

and we can group them together so right here
like these are two memberships that are grouped

together to actually purchase the product
but I’m knocking to do that right now but

this is how the security works with MemberPress
it is so simple to secure content we do it

based on rules which makes so much sense to
me so let me go add new and let’s take a look

at what these rules look like looks like in
order for them blue work I need to change

a setting in the options which is fine I can
configure this right now so we can name our

rule right here and here are our rule options
can be all content and we have all these these

different options so for example if you just
wanted posts with a certain posts security

you can do based on tag so if you want to
create a a post for your membership you created

you can maybe have a tag that’s called secure
and if any content has that tag it’s only

to be viewable if you are logged in and have
access to the membership the same thing goes

for categories it can be particular posts
on a one-off basis but that’s a little hard

to manage really you really would want to
use some kind of a option of categorization

or tags in order to identify automatically
which content you want protected another powerful

option if your contents could be on pages
what with WordPress you can have a parent

page and then child pages you can have the
parent in all of the children to be protected

in that’s how I’ve implemented this several
times in the past you know any new page that’s

a child of the parent page is going to be
protected in this membership have so many

options now what you want to do though is
you want that you want to choose the option

that’s good to be the easiest to manage moving
forwards you’re not having to tweak the rules

so the tagging option the category option
the parent-child option these are the options

that you’re going to want to choose to go
with a single page right now because I am

trying to do this quick and the only page
I actually have is probably the excellent

use post because I know I don’t have the content
but I know I have the hello world post right

who doesn’t there is hello world him to click
on that and then click on save rules open

actually got it tagged this sorry I forgot
I got a link it up to an actual membership

so I created multiple membership site have
them all listed here I have actually click

on the membership that I want let me go ahead
and click on save rule and just you know guys

I already have a membership website some can
come pay 50 bucks a month and it’s going to

automatically give them access to this content
it’s not really any more complicated than

that and also you can enable direct feeding
content just so you know you can issue out

coupons if you wanted to give coupons I’m
not a believer in coupons actually don’t like

coupons at all you can have the reminders
here that you can set up reminders for you

reminders for your members so if you want
to remind him that a payments coming up or

something like that you have these powerful
reminder options I’m not doing this justice

unfortunately here’s where you can manage
all your members right here you can see what

they are in what the lifetime value of them
are and the status here you can manage the

subscriptions and how they’re linked up with
your payment processors right here’s a list

of individual transactions right here we have
reports it’s a very nice reporting solution

gives you all the information that you need
and there’s a lot of it’s just very flexible

our options and our help so anyways I know
I just kinda blasted through MemberPress this

wasn’t meant to be an entire step-by-step
tutorial just kind of an idea of what it looks

like underneath the hood and why I think that
this is a really good solution for anyone

that is serious about building a membership
website hey I’m not going to hide the fact

that hundred $19 might be a lot of money for
you or if your developer 239 shouldn’t be

a lot of money for a developer because you
can implement the solution for multiple customers

and you’ll have that direct access to support
however if you’re just starting out in your

on a shoestring budget hundred and $19 might
be a lot but I’m going to tell you right now

don’t go with the free solution I I’m telling
you normally if there is a free solution that’s

rocksolid I’m in a say go for it if I’ve used
it I know it’s going to be good for you to

say go for it even if there’s other paid options
go with the free solution but this is one

reason you don’t want to go with the free
solution you just don’t want to do it because

you need support you need a well mature well
thought-out solution if you’re going to base

your business on this this is what you’re
building your business on it’s going to be

the foundation and this is not where you want
to coach but take it from my experience you

do what you know you don’t not want to go
cheap unless you want to end up like me with

no hair on your head when problems happen
don’t go cheap do not go cheap self anyways

this is MemberPress let me know what you think
in the comments section down below if you

have built a membership website using MemberPress
go ahead and link it if you wanted you can

leave a link down below so people can see
what you been doing in the creative things

that you’ve done with MemberPress if you own
MemberPress and you have any opinions about

it that I might have left out go ahead and
leave that as well down below and I will let

you know I’m going to be reviewing some of
the other membership plug-ins that I think

are really good there is another one that
I know is really good and I deftly want to

give it a chance and I’ll also compare the
two but those will be on later videos so anyways

I hope you enjoyed this video thank you for

Adam @ WPCrafter

Adam @ WPCrafter

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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        This kind of sucks though. I checked WPFusion and looks like their prices are Uber rich. Plus the license is valid only for 1 year and you must pay 70% of current price to renew license every year. And current price could go up.

        I know you said membership sites is not where you wannna go cheap. But at this cost someone can easily buy amember pro and have it customized to their needs from the seller itself and still won’t end up paying as much as combination of memberpress and wpfusion will cost.

        Unfortunately WordPress has comes down to a point where it is no longer cheap to use. Or worst yet, it is more expensive when one starts to pay for all the premium plugin.

    1. Personally I no longer do any client work. But if I was to set up a membership website for a client it would completely depend on the complexity of the project. For something really basic with minimal design, $1,500. If you were asking for someone to develop it for you, I can connect you with someone.

  1. Mostafizar Rahman

    Hello, Adam I am Bangladeshi.
    I like this video and i see your tutorial in youtube.
    you are best making tutorial.
    so nice,

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