by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

MemberPress Membership Plugin Review – Is it right for you?

From a developers standpoint, MemberPress is a winner. From a users standpoint, MemberPress is VERY easy to setup and has all the key features you would need to successfully setup a WordPress membership website to secure your content.


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With so many different membership plugins for WordPress, you really want to make sure you choose the best one for your needs.

In this post, I am taking a look at MemberPress which is a WordPress membership plugin by the makers of Pretty Link Pro.

From a developers standpoint, MemberPress is a winner. From a users standpoint, MemberPress is VERY easy to setup and has all the key features you would need to successfully setup a WordPress membership website to secure your content.

In this video, I will give you a walkthrough of the plugin and give you my opinions on it.

MemberPress is one of the easiest WordPress membership plugins to setup. That can't be said for most WordPress membership plugins, unfortunately. Plus with the added Affiliate Royal, you will have a complete solution.


MemberPress is a WordPress plugin used to secure and sell content on your website. With its extensive features and integrations, MemberPress can handle just about any membership website requirements.

Key MemberPress Features:

  • Easy To Use Intuitive Setup
  • Drip Feed Content
  • Multiple Payment Processors
  • Email Autoresponder Integration
  • Affiliate System Included With Higher Priced Plan
  • Powerful Access Rules

As far as membership plugins go, you will be hard-pressed to find one that is better then MemberPress. It is very simple to setup and manage membership websites and their support will be there for you when you need them.

Check Out MemberPress

Video Transcript

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Hi Adam, what a great video. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Do you know if membrespress allows you to select different currencies (what are the currencies available) and if the selection can be made by the customer in the moment of purchase or do I need to create different products for each currency that I want to sell?

    Also, to manage access in another website, does this website need to be in WP?



    1. Sadly most of these tools are not going to have options for multiple currencies.

  2. Thanks for the review, great info! I am looking at Memberpress for a sports club. We would like to have athletes register an account on the website one time, and we would then assign them to the correct group which determines the annual fees. They could then log in and pay the fees. Each year the process would repeat – our admin would assign athletes to groups and the appropriate fees would be available for checkout. Members would then log in and pay the fees.

    We would also need to be able to have one family member to create the account and add multiple athletes.

    Do you think this workflow is something that Memberpress could handle? Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi,

    I have a membership site that’s located in the UAE (a rugby club). The issue we face is the support for not just collecting fees in our currency (AED), but for actually settling the transactions in AED without incurring hefty FX charges.

    Woocommerce is integrated with Cybersource, which is a payment gateway that can support our needs. My question is, would MemberPress be a suitable solution for allowing members to join the club, using a custom registration form and completing the transaction via Woocommerce using the Cybersource integration?

    I would potentially try and cobble together a number of different plugins to achieve this but I would rather go with an all-in-one solution like Memberpress or Paid Memberships Pro (but Paid Memberships Pro requires PHP knowledge for customising the form).



  4. Hello great work!:)

    My question is, does MemberPress allow me to limit the amount of downloads my members have pr. month? I saw a plugin called wp download manager which can do it. Will MemberPress work with this plugin, or is there any other ways to do this with MemberPress?

  5. Hi Adam, great site and tutorials! I have been looking a lot on MemberPress, and it seems way more easy and intuitive than other plugins (WooCommerce). So here comes my question! Is it possible to use MemberPress for selling subscription boxes online (psychical products)?

    Best regards
    Michael, Denmark

    1. Technically speaking you could, but I think you would still want to do it in WooCommerce because it may be easier to manage shipping, tax rates, things like that.

      1. Thank you for answering, do you have experience with Woocomerce Supscription and what is your take on that? Would you recommend something else? Best regards Michael

  6. Adam — I can’t see anywhere if member press has a feature that allows membership profiles and a member lookups page. Does it, or can this be added on or built for me with custom coding? Doesn’t have to be complex but I need that lookup. Thx.

    1. Yea that is not something it does. There is a plugin named Ultimate Member that does that. I do think MemberPress should consider adding something like that.

  7. I have something of a unique situation where once the members join they become something of a “product” themselves. I can customize Member Press to add fields allowing members to specify their county and areas of expertise, but is there then a way for the general public to then search this database of members based on locale and area of expertise? Can I query information that gets stored in this Member Press database and display to people visiting the site, that’s the true value add for my members. Another plugin? An add-on? Thanks much!

  8. Thanks for your awesome review. As a side by side how does this compare to S2member, or is it apples and oranges. I ask because I already have a lifetime license for S2Member Pro, but I’m all for easier and better. For a new site I’m totally on the fence about building the membership around S2member. S2Member seems to have all the bells and whistles, except for the WooCommerce integrations which is a huge bummer. Should I just stick with s2member at this point?

    1. Hey Mario, yes it is a complete apples to oranges comparison. On one hand you have a low budget old code type of plug-in and on the other hand you have a well coded well supported membership plug-in. At the end of the day both should get the job done but MemberPress will get you better support and it will be a lot easier to implement because it uses modern code and is better thought out.

  9. Hi Adam,
    I have a WP site that I have already setup with WooCommerce. That has me leaning toward their membership option
    since I want to minimize integration issues. I’ve also looked at their subscriptions option as well. Both of these are slightly more expensive at $149 & $199 respectively. However, I’m inclined to go that way so that everything is located in one shopping cart on one website.
    The primary purpose is to share previously recorded online classes that I’ve given in the past. I’ve looked into a few of the options for selling those videos individually, but they all seem to fall a bit short.
    Additionally, some of my customers have already said that they sign up for each of my live classes when I offer them. So it would be nice to set them up automatically.
    This poses two questions. Do you have any experience with the Woocommerce options? Your thoughts on them?
    What is the difference between subscriptions, and memberships?
    Thanks for all your great videos!


    1. Hey Andy, yes I would agree that if you are already using WooCommerce then you might want an all-in-one solution by adding that.

  10. Hi, I love the review and I am very keen on Memberpress, especially for integration with Learndash. But, I want to integrate it also with a bookstore and a code store, to allow certain member levels have different products/books and pricing models served to them when they go to the store. I was planning on woocommerce wholesale, bookshop and codeshop plugins, but it seems membership doesn’t talk to woocommerce. Any suggestions?

  11. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your review. I found it really helpful.

    One thing that caught my attention was that you said you don’t use the standard checkout page. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t been keen on MemberPress, because I want to create a one-page low-friction checkout page, and I don’t like their default page.

    What approach do you use for your custom checkout page? Do you override their templates, or something else? I’d love to understand how you do this so I can see what’s possible for myself.

    Thank you,


    1. Hey Nikki, I think I may have misspoke somewhere. Currently there is no way to simplify the checkout system for MemberPress. It just designed to work to capture someone’s email address and then send them to actually check out, and unfortunately there’s no integration with third party checkout systems. I sure wish that was the case, because I much prefer a simple one page check out as do you.

  12. I am researching a membership plugin and my requirements are to me very simple. I need it to work like my car insurance website works. Once I have registered there I can print my proof of insurance card and I can see my policy. I want to be able to provide these same features to my members. Can you help me by recommending a plugin that can accomplish my requests? Thanks

    1. I think the bigger question is how those “proof of insurance” cards are going to be generated.

      1. Ok that seems like a reasonable question, but I think as the person is filling out the form the form is updating a database (like mysql) and from a pre constructed query the results are displayed to look like a membership card. BTW I am not in anyway a programmer or sql guy but obviously i know just enough to be dangerous which why I am seeking expert help…

        1. Yes all data is stored in a MySQL database that can easily be queried. So in this scenario yes MemberPress might be a great fit for you.

  13. Hi Adam, firstly thank you for a wonderful article. I loved the member press plugin found it very feature rich.

    My problem is my payment gateway works only with Woocommerce. How can i sell a course with Woocommerce and assign customer automatically to Memberships?

    Hope you can help! Thanks a ton again.

  14. Hi Adam – I sent you an email on this, but then at end of your video you suggested i post the question below, so i figured i would do that so other viewers can see, in case they have similar questions – so here is my question…

    Before i purchase MemberPress, can u confirm that this is the best way for me to go ? i see how you can create a “product” – example: a monthly subscription… the site i am creating needs to have a user profile that will show on the site for the length of their subscription purchase… – i would need the customer to create a bio and upload a pic and a contact email for their “Ad” …. the “product” that they purchase is their right to be seen on the sight – where people browsing can search by zip code to find the persons profile that the person who registered has on display …. make sense ?

    So to sum up, basically their “product” or “Membership fee” is the ability to register with the site and post their Info so they can be found ….

    It looks like MemberPresss is the way to go …but I am a little confused how to configure the site AFTER they purchase membership…. once they buy the product/membership, does MemberPress have the ability to allow them to create their member profile? (Which is what the product will be…. and give them a login ability to upload new pics and/or change accordingly) – or is that another plugin that would link up with MemberPress? or can i do it all thru membership press? let me know what you think? Thanks

  15. Brilliant tutorial man. Do you know if you can set up different membership opt ins pages in different languages? I am developing an English language learning site, targeting speakers of 10 non-English languages. Ideally the buttons and instructions would be available in German, Spanish, Chinese etc. Any ideas?

    1. Thank you for the compliment!

      Translation is more controlled by a translation plugin. Check out WPML for having multiple translations.

  16. There are different situations where it would be handy to use images or videos as an incentive for people to sign up with their contact info. For instance the local pizzeria that I am making a website for, sometimes have special events where photos are taken. By publishing a few for guests only with a promise to get access to all of them people would have a pretty enormous incentive to sign up, especially if they were there themselves. Same thing with football clubs and other communities. I could of course direct them to a members only section but I want to have the option to keep the protected content on the same page as the public content for SEO purposes.

    1. I think you would be better off using a content locker. Thrive Leads is an excellent plugin that I use on this site for many things

      There is a cost to it, but this is one of those that will make you money. It’s like a swiss army knife for building a list. I think implementing a membership site is overkill for you.

      I’ll make a video today on implementing Thrive Leads for content locking.

  17. Hi
    First of all, thanks for all great videos! You make it really easy to follow even for a complete novis and it has been very helpful in the process of getting a grip of WP, thanks for that!

    The Member Press plugin seems to be pretty awesome and I would love to use it but for a hobby crafter 99 dollars is a little to heavy.
    Is there any free plugin you know of that allows me to tag content such as a video or an image on a page for membership access only, without having to make the whole page member restricted?

    1. Hey Rick!

      Yes there are free alternatives, however I don’t have any training videos on any of the free alternatives. There are a few decent ones though.

      Let me ask you, what are you trying to create and secure?

  18. I have a client that has been using WooCommerce to sell digital image downloads (pay for each download). He wants to add a membership feature that allows members to download x number of downloads per month based on membership tier while still keeping the per download pricing available for non-members and one-off purchases (for example your membership max downloads limit has been reached for the month). Can memberpress be configured work this way with existing WooCommerce products?

  19. Hello,
    Thank you so much for this video.
    It is so easy to follow and understand.
    I wanted to ask you a question before I purchase this plugin: is it possible if my members pay their fee in cash to enter it manually in the payment area for each customer ?
    It is the last point I need to be sure of… otherwise everything seems to be there 😉
    Thanks for your help and great work here !

    1. Yes you can set it for manual transactions. So someone can register, and when you get the money, you can approve their account. Also you can have manually setup accounts.

  20. Hi there,

    Thanks for this wonderful video. Quick question though would you suggest someone uses this for a site that requires members to sign up to enter competitions etc. So it doesn’t show any other options just the register section to sign up for the free membership.

    Does member press also allow you to get someone to sign up and then fill out additional information about them? i.e.: address, phone number etc etc.

    Final question, can you put code on part of a page so on one particular post that is created can I put short code in a particular area of the page that I don’t want people who aren’t logged in to see. Ie: I want them to see 3/4 of the page but the other 1/4 to win a competition I need them to be logged in to see the entry form.

    Thank you so much in advance, I really appreciate your assistance and the time it took to put the video above together.

    1. Yes to all of your questions! And I use it in all those ways on various websites.

  21. Hello!

    How well do the Thrive products work with Memberpress. I have talked to both companies and neither seems to know.

    I am building a membership site that will have a course and Memberpress seems to be the best option, but I want to use Thrive.

    What do you think?

    1. They work GREAT together. I have a website with the Minus theme, using the Apprentice custom post type, and MemberPress is protecting everything like a rock star.

      The Minus theme is one of theirs, but it will also work great with pages built with Thrive Content Builder.

      1. Thank you for the info. I was going to go all out and spend the money for the Rainmaker platform, but it’s just too rich for my blood as I don’t have any funding and I have been running on a shoestring.

        Tried crowdfunding, but it didn’t work as well as I expected.

        I’m glad these two plugins and themes work together….I have something very special in mind, and I just think they will do the trick.

  22. As another point of reference, I’ve made the decision to go with MemberPress, partly on the review I found here (especially helpful was the “Infographic” he posted):

    1. Yea I am a regular reader of his website. Although I don’t agree with all of his conclusions and he has led me the wrong direction before, that is one of his favorite topics.

  23. I’m glad I ran across your series of videos; excellent job on this first one I’ve watched. I’m getting ready to purchase WP Courseware and MemberPress, as it SEEMS from seeing a couple of other videos about, that they would work well together. Do you have any knowledge or experience with WP Courseware?

    Thanks again for these excellent reviews/demonstrations; I will be likely end up watching all of your videos!

    1. Darn, I was just going to release a video on this combo, MemberPress and WP Courseware. Actually I am releasing a series on learning management systems.

      Yes they do work great together. But there are other options as well. What is it that you are specifically looking at WP Courseware for? Is it the quizzing, is it the way to organize the lessons?

      1. Adam,

        Thanks for the quick response. I need learning modules that rely on a series of videos. I specifically need the ability to show a video, along with a multiple choice question, and then to show another video, to go along with the correct answer. I have not looked in-depth at very many quiz-taking plugins, yet the ones I have seen do not readily allow video as part of the correct answer. I like the overall way that WP Courseware works; their modules and units will fit nicely with what we are trying to achieve. And, although it will take a little bit of customization, they have an “Explanation” field where we will be able to show the video, on the same page as the correct text answer.

        So … hope I explained that well enough … if you think there might be a comparable plugin to review, please let me know. Thanks again for the great videos you produce, and especially for responding right away to my question!



        1. Hmm that is an interesting use case. You 100% need a learning management system. I have both of the main ones on the market, LearnPress and WPCourseware. I wonder if either will show another video with a correct answer. If the answer correct, is it just a matter of going to the next lesson and you can’t move forward unless they answer correct? If so I am sure the both do that.

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