by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

GiveWP Review & Tutorial – The Best Way To Accept Donations


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A donation plugin for WordPress that is extendable with add-ons however, the base version is extremely powerful and full-featured.


Give is a WordPress plugin that enables you to accept donations on your website. It can also be used as a crowdfunding plugin with different tiers and perks.

Key GiveWP Features:

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  • Feature 3
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Video Transcript

GiveWP Review & Tutorial – The Best Way To Accept Donations

In this video I’m going to do a review and
an installation tutorial and configuration

of give which I think is the very best way
to add a way of having people donate to you

on any WordPress base website hi my name is
Adam from where I make WordPress

videos for non-techies and if you enjoy the
content in this video I kind of upload them

daily I’m addicted to this but I’d like you
to maybe consider clicking on that subscribe

button and if you’d like notifications of
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writer that subscribe but you can click on
that and YouTube will let you know so let’s

jump right into day okay so the plug-in is
called give and it’[email protected] and on a link

down below that will take you to their website
and this plug-ins been out for maybe two years

or 2 1/2 years I remember when they first
launched it I always admired their website

and their design and everything but I never
really worked with the plug-in and I started

using the plug-in in testing just a few weeks
ago and I’ve been actually wanting to make

this video and use this plug-in for probably
about a year now and the most striking thing

to me about this plug-in is it’s called give
it’s a free WordPress plug-in now they do

have some add-ons you could purchase that
can add some additional functionality but

when I was using the free version of it I
thought to myself the give me is meaning they’re

actually giving to me this isn’t give like
you use it in people give to you this is the

developer of gift giving to you the most quality
plug in for donations that I’ve ever seen

and you can actually use us for a lot more
than donations once you think about it so

let me show you essentially what this is you
install it and by default you can connect

it into your PayPal account and so when someone
gives a donation you can receive it via PayPal

there are some options there if you want a
different credit card processors and you can

easily connect those into the give plug-in
but the one thing that they really nailed

in this give plug-in is it is simply beautiful
on the front and and crazy simple to set up

on the back and if this is such a beautifully
designed a plug-in in every single regard

now the reason you would want to do this yourself
on your own website versus maybe one of the

crowdfunding websites or one of the other
charitable giving websites for receiving charitable

contributions it boils down to two things
and they’re both pretty huge the first thing

is the data your donor list if you are using
say indigo go or go fund me or something like

that your donor list is actually their donor
list and if they have your data you don’t

have full control over your data that’s not
a good thing especially if you are a charity

or a political organization or anyone that’s
trying to raise money is that donor list and

the data and the security of that data the
second thing is probably the biggest thing

and that is fees all of those platforms have
fees they take their cut on top of the credit

card processing fee so your typical credit
card processing fee these days is about 2.9%

and then there’s probably real tiny transaction
fee but if you have a merchant account so

lots as you get a merchant account were those
could be even lower but if you’re using say

go fund me you’re still paying that 3% in
then you’re paying them I things like 5% or

something like that so combine it ends up
being a lot of money that you’re paying just

for the privilege of using their platform
and now I’m confident when you watch this

video you’ll see how crazy simple that this
is the set up for anyone that you might want

to reconsider whether you even need those
platforms because it’s good be so simple to

set up yourself so that’s one of things I
like about it let’s take a look and see what

this looks like a you can go here under features
and so what the people that are leaving donations

you can click on words as donation forms right
here and you can see just the simplicity it’s

beautiful I’ve seen a lot of donation solutions
this by far is just by far the best so you

can see how it looks right here but I actually
meant to click on words is give demos and

this is going to be the front and demo soap
here are the various demos that they have

now I did say there some add-ons you can get
so here’s an add-on that’s required if you

want reoccurring donations there is an add-on
for credit cards and there is an add-on for

custom fields those three are probably to
be ones you may want but you don’t absolutely

need them at all and actually how I intend
on using this plug and I don’t think I’m in

a need any of these added plug-ins so here’s
what it’s gonna look like with reoccurring

donations on the click on view demo and you
have this beautiful great great here and your

donate tour can put the amount that they want
and fill in their name and they are good to

go right here is let’s see this is one that’s
actually very interesting to me and I’m surprised

they actually included this in the free plug
in I would’ve thought that this would be some

you have to pay for his multilevel donations
and this is actually the form that I’m going

to be using so what this allows you to do
is have contribution levels and when you click

on these buttons here you can see the contribution
amount changes now what’s interesting to me

about this is is this really anything different
than going the kick starter in seeing a list

of perks and then choosing what perk you want
and then buying or giving the money or whatever

it’s not really any different than that the
way I see this being used for me as I can

have a list of perks on the side and then
on the top you know you give each perk a name

or a level and then they can come here and
choose which level they want and then I would

immediately know what her to give them so
that’s one of the things that really drew

me to this plug-in and how powerful it is
the free version without any add-ons so here’s

custom fields of custom fields are if you’re
gonna want to collect more data than just

your name and an email address and so you
can use with this add-on you can create all

you can capture all types of information here
whatever you want with the custom fields there

are some really cool things I want to do a
demo of it like this you can actually make

it so there’s just one button that says donate
you can drop that maybe the header of your

website some clicks on it and there is the
donate form I really like that as well the

simplicity of it and lastly all this is really
cool they also have a goals you can have your

your campaign or whatever have a goal and
then you can have a visual representation

of that goal that you see right there I really
like that to that’s kind of maybe this could

really be like a crowdfunding plug-in you
can use it that way you certainly can use

it that way when you see all these that the
multilevel donations than the donation goal

I mean that’s pretty much what crowdfunding
is and lastly this is what you look like when

you accept credit cards you see right here
is your credit card form so’85 Take a quick

look at the add-ons and then we can install
and configure the plug and I’m in a show you

how easy that is now they do have it as a
bundle so if you want one or two of these

add-ons it might just end up being cheaper
or less expensive to purchase the bundle but

the ever reoccurring donations that requires
an add-on and that’s fair there is a to add

forms to give PDF email the receipts that
would be really important and then all of

these different payment gateways and so what’s
powerful about this is you actually get to

choose the gateway that you want you to choose
the gateway obviously you have to come here

and purchase the add-on for but the Internet
these add-ons aren’t that expensive and you

you can choose the gateway that you need and
they’ve got a lot of gateways that they support

here are some of these I have never even heard
of before but see they have been in the give

a business or for long enough to have developed
the most popular most used payment processors

are payment gateways and they have it all
integrated right here you also have some add-ons

that will connect into your autoresponder
email list service let’s see what else do

we have here for highlights we have email
reports we’ve got Zach is a pure integration

and ally Xavier I think it’s overpriced we
have manual donations MailChimp okay enough

of all this actually here let’s see how much
a bundle costs and there were to go and install

the plug-in so if you want everything it’s
just 25 bucks per month if you paid annually

sir toggle to see what that comes out to anyways
you get the point I write so let’s go in here

now I intentionally this is just a vanilla
install of WordPress I haven’t done anything

to it usually I’ll do something to it so I’m
a little more prepared for the video but this

plug-in is really that simple to get up and
running now I do want to give you one caveat

I am to be making a video in about a week
where I’m making a landing page that will

work on any website and what I want to do
and that videos also integrate give into this

landing page just to show you how any one
with any WordPress website can have a beautiful

page for their donations using give and this
method them and to teach you on how to create

a landing page a beautiful landing page at
that so let’s go ahead and install this so

all you have to do is go to plug-ins and then
add new minimum go ahead and do the search

right here and here it is give WP now it’s
interesting that it’s also pulling up WooCommerce

I wonder why that is because I actually tried
to collect donations with WooCommerce once

and it was ugly I mean it’s like fitting a
square peg through a round hole it didn’t

quite work out right and that’s the opening
that give discovered and they went after it

and created an amazing amazing tool okay let’s
go ahead click on install now and then I’m

in a go ahead and click on the activate button
and we are going to install this by the way

I just have the default 2017 WordPress theme
installed okays go ahead and click on activate

and go through this together so right here
actually I would actually recommend doing

this is asking for your email first name and
last thing to subscribe to their email newsletter

you probably don’t want to do that so they
can keep in contact with you maybe if they

have a sale I don’t know if they have sales
or maybe they have an update coming out to

the plug-in just you know and you’re on top
of things and they’re gonna give you all of

that information okay so here’s just some
information but working to just get straight

into it so you notice there is a new menu
option here this is donations and it has their

icons let’s go ahead and click on it so essentially
what will do right now is working to take

a look at the settings panel and there were
in a go here and click on add form so each

of these different fundraising goals are essentially
separate forms so if you have the need to

have different fundraising campaigns for different
purposes you can have as many of those as

you want using the give plug-in so let’s go
ahead and take a look at these settings right

here so the first page that we have is just
letting us link in the various pages on our

website that give is going to use so the first
ones your success page and essentially so

when someone makes a donation it’s going and
then to send them to this success page and

along with that there is a failed page and
a donation history that would kinda be like

a dashboard he type of page for someone on
your website and then of course you want to

set your country now with that we have some
sub options so right here is the currency

option so you can pretty much said that to
how it is in your country and then we have

some access control options here as well let’s
take a look at payment gateways now like I

said the only gateways going to be PayPal
standard it’s what they give you for free

which I think is very generous there’s some
plug-ins that take that away and they won’t

let you do anything with with money you have
to start paying for that so it’s very generous

of them to offer that here now I am in test
mode you can see this orange option right

here in the top right and that’s because were
in test mode when I disable that that’s going

to go away so I do want to enable PayPal so
what I’m a do some to check on the PayPal

standard I move that to the top and we don’t
need a test donation or the off-line donation

extra probably test donation on it for you
to actually give a test or do a test of an

actual donation so default gateway will choose
PayPal standard let’s just disable this that’s

going to click on save changes just in case
now want to go into words is PayPal standard

right here and for the standard PayPal all
you really need to do is pop in your PayPal

email address now if you’ve already gone and
done it on the PayPal side you can create

kind of a custom page that there are to be
redirected to on PayPal’s website you can

put your logo in and stuff like that that’s
more of a PayPal thing I should ask to do

that for some of my stuff but Yama to go ahead
and pop my email and there we go let’s take

a quick look at this so you definitely want
to read the whole bit right here about PayPal

transaction types now I’m not getting it obviously
I’m not qualified to talk to you or give anyone

advice about accounting and taxes and donations
and all that kind of stuff but the way I understand

it is if you’re not a registered 501(c)(3)
and it’s very hard to get that status these

days our charitable organization anytime someone
gives you donation it’s not going to be a

tax write off for them it’s not like a donation
for reducing their taxes okay and for you

you will have to pay taxes on that donation
that’s pretty much I think the basics of this

whole thing and it explains this year so you
will want to read this but for most people

is just make it a standard transaction like
that or donation just go ahead and choose

what you want there and here is the option
to require that the person or the donor give

their billing details like their address and
all of that now if you are doing this like

a crowdfunding campaign reaction to ship something
then you deftly want to get their billing

details for me if I was doing something like
this but to give a course away then determine

my training courses and I would just need
someone’s email so this is where you could

choose whether you neither their billing details
are not and then you’re going to want to enable

this IP and notify our verification that is
a PayPal thing when someone makes a transaction

on PayPal PayPal then Pingback the website
so that it will sync up that you got this

donation it actually cleared some to go ahead
and click on save changes right here and then

there’s this off-line donations I’m not taken
any off-line donations but if you wanted to

you could customize the text right here okay
were already almost through this are ready

so we have our display options right here
and so there’s the default styles are to probably

want to leave this enabled the default styles
if you click on disabled it’s going to not

look right or it’s gonna require some custom
CSS to make it look exactly how you wanted

to look floating labels that’s when we see
if I still have one of the demos open so I

can show you what the floating labels as I
like the floating labels myself okay floating

labels as you see how it says first name here
and then it’s his first name here we could

just not have it show your because it’s a
little redundant it to show right here I’m

pretty sure that is what the floating labels
is Yep that is what it is sono I’m really

disabled in the maybe will enable it later
on okay so let’s go ahead and click on save

I don’t think I change anything that’s going
to click on post types while these different

options that we have here now a lot of these
settings here they start to get a little on

the technical side and you can pretty much
just leave them all be the default options

and that would go be the same for taxonomies
right there now terms and conditions this

you’re going to want to probably enable and
probably put some terms and conditions there

and you can have your donors be required to
check on the terms and conditions box right

there so we can leave this enabled let me
go ahead and click on save changes you just

want to write your terms and conditions right
and there were almost on guys might go ahead

and click on emails right here this is a very
simple you’re probably going to just want

to use the default template and then upload
your logo and then right here you’re definitely

going to want to say who this email is from
so for me I make all my email states from

Adam at WP not the way in emails formatted
Adam space [email protected] the VP crafter that’s

how I do it so you want to deftly put your
name there so that people when they get the

email they can make a connection of where
this email is coming from and you’re also

going to want to put your from email address
in here now I don’t see the settings in here

for how the email actually gets sent out you
might run into some trouble I have a video

that I created on how to connect this into
your email service provider maybe I’ll dig

up the link it’s just on YouTube you can go
to my channel and search for email and I’m

sure it’s gonna come right up and I’ll dig
up that link and put it in the description

box below your deafening and want to do that
because if you don’t on sometimes these emails

most likely these emails go straight to someone’s
spam folder and there’s gonna be instances

where they are delivered at all so let’s continue
on so you got the donation receipt here and

this is pretty much the same thing you want
to put in your subject line right there you

don’t have to stick with the same thing and
you can play around with the actual email

that gets sent out in some of the dynamic
form fields I would think in most situations

you’d want to leave this bit right here at
the same but you might want to have a different

bit of information here at the top and right
here same thing for new donation notification

this would be actually notification that will
end up going to you you’re probably get a

lot that you can probably one of those those
are encouraging I would assume in people to

be notified immediately when someone’s actually
place the donation let’s go ahead and take

a look at the advance panel right here now
a lot of these urinal leave the same so the

first thing right here saying if you want
to actually like that they do this this is

like integrity this is like them not locking
you into something and not messing up your

website this basically says if if you enable
this if you disable and delete the plug-in

it will take all of its data with that and
you your website will be as if GiveWP was

never installed on it I really like when a
developer does that and these other two settings

you are probably just gonna want to leave
alone and you can see so far I mean it’s five

minutes I mean I’m explaining it it’s so easy
to set up now if you wanted to look at the

add-ons that they have available you can click
here and see if any of these interest you

as well however if you did want to purchase
any of those I do have a link them below and

it is an affiliate link so if you did purchase
something I get a cup of coffee on them which

is always nice if you did have any issues
with any problems you can click on tools right

here and it gives you this report that you
can send to the developer it so that they

know exactly how you have it hosted and they
can better support you enough of all this

let’s just get the thing going to go ahead
and click on add form so I’m going to go ahead

and put a form title right here there it is
a put W crafter legal fund now let’s go ahead

and take a look at these settings here together
so what I would probably do as well it’s a

okay so we have our donation option this is
what I was showing you early on where they

have that multilevel feature which I think
is pretty awesome so you can do a set donation

if you want in this example go ahead and try
this multilevel donation although I I would

think most people I don’t know ye I think
you know a lot of charities they do a bronze

silver and gold so you might want to do that
maybe there are some perks with these different

donor levels of recognition or something along
those lines on the go ahead and click on multilevel

right here and then here is the display style
of these options so the example I showed you

was buttons and I’m probably gonna want to
leave it buttons I like that the most so people

can see the different donation levels right
there in this right here is if you wanted

to have the last one be a custom amount I
actually think that that could be a double-edged

sword sometimes so you can think through whether
you want to have that enabled or not I would

go ahead and enable it because me know maybe
sometimes people want to leave a larger amount

than you’re asking for so let’s go ahead and
to the minimum cost for minimum custom the

donation amount so let’s just put this at
hundred and $50 like that and that’s he give

a custom amount that is fine so nobody go
ahead and create art levels so all a level

you specify is the amount in the name of the
level and then once you have all your levels

put together you can choose which one is the
default one and that means when someone sees

this form that is the level that can be be
checked on by default someone to go ahead

and add all this now okay so I have gone ahead
and created three levels my bronze silver

and gold obviously I’m not being creative
there and you can see how you can choose which

one you want to be the default level so I
verdict on and on that let’s keep moving on

so let’s look at the different form display
options right here and this is what I was

showing you in some of the demo there where
you can have it being a button on the pop

up and all that kind of stuff I’m gonna leave
this all fields now here’s what you can choose

the text to be for that to button when they
choose their level and then they click on

the button to process their donation this
is where you can choose the text I love the

flexibility that they’re giving you here and
there making it so easy to customize this

form to make it make it be in look and say
what you wanted to be look and say this is

actually really cool right here it’s his default
gateway now what I like about this is you

can have multiple payment gateways connected
and with give and you can have these different

forms for different fundraising goals or purposes
or whatever and they can have different payment

gateways so if you wanted one to be just PayPal
you want to one just to be this credit card

processing company you can do that I think
that’s pretty awesome so I want to go ahead

and choose PayPal for this one or can be the
global default which I sent in the settings

panel which I think was PayPal such as leaving
uncle global guess donations this is if you

want them to login or not so I’ll leave this
enabled why not now if you disabled it it

would take them hereto for force registration
or a login form some and leave this enabled

as to allow guest donations oh here’s that
floating label thing someone enable that and

will see what it looks like and we can always
come in here and disable that I write some

and go ahead and if you want a donation goal
you can enter it here so let’s just say I

am trying to raise so I put $30,000 in there
and then for the format and this is actually

the the bar that shows you the progress you
wanted to be percentage or an amount you can

put that in there I’ll leave it as amount
and then you can choose the color is in progress

bar I mean that the easy options they give
you it’s just never ending here all right

so that is our donation goal let’s look at
our form content actually forget what this

does by enabling yes okay so this is a little
bit of text that I believe is it says right

here like above the form so if we were on
their example page right here I think that

this bit of text right here actually here’85
Wipe some text from these guys I’m sure they

won’t mind someone who enabled this and I’m
in a pace that in right there okay so now

that we have that there in then here’s our
terms can and conditions so you can have this

enabled or disabled or you can have a unique
one on a per form basis I love the flexibility

here they really thought through all of this
so I just go ahead and click on publish now

this is the way it works we already put the
settings and we’ve already put in and created

our first form now what you get is this short
code right here Solomon highlight in them

in a copy that so now that is in my clipboard
I can literally place this on any page that

I want to place it on and it’s going to show
this donation form this is just so crazy easy

okay enough of that someone go to click on
pages and I’m in a click on add new and I’m

going to give the same name as the the campaign
there is WP craft early legal fundament to

go ahead and paste this in there like that
and I’m in a click on publish now before I

show you the page keep in mind I didn’t and
this isn’t like a pretty WordPress theme that

I have on there I’m really just demonstrating
the power of give not beautifying what’s wrapped

around this giving form but you know hey lets
us see what happens so many go ahead and open

that in a new tab and here it is here is my
content right there and so it has my title

adheres that that blurb here is my goal here
are my different levels I got the bronze silver

and you see when I click on silver changes
the 5000 and that I can put a custom amount

right there right here I can choose my payment
method so it’s always good to offer more than

one payment method because some people don’t
like PayPal some people only want to use PayPal

so it’s nice to have the option there and
enjoy you had a OUC right here with the the

name it doesn’t say the name above the field
it says it just actually in the field like

that that’s perfect like that so let’s see
what happens on the test donation I actually

haven’t tested it to go ahead and click on
test donation let me pop my name in and I’m

on the test donation so it should take the
donation but obviously it’s not what the real

payment processor I have my donation amount
right there let’s see weight not let me go

to my goal them in a go gold let’s see what
happens on the click on donate now whoops

I must agree to the terms and this looks like
instead telling me I didn’t enter valid terms

and conditions in the form settings and that
is why I’m having this little problem but

see that’s okay this is really easy I can
easily just go here and go to donations all

forms click on the form that I created to
go right here and I’m going to disable the

terms and conditions as I may you obviously
so I didn’t fill anything out now let me click

on update and I want to just go ahead and
refresh the page and I’m going to do this

all over again someone to go ahead and click
on gold put my name in an enema click on donate

now and let’s see what happens it looks like
it’s taking my donation pops me over to that

page it created before the thank you page
and it showing me my information right there

donor date total donation donation it and
see how easy this is guys I mean I’m just

doing this in real time I’m not sitting here
reading documentation for five hours to figure

out how to do something and that’s because
it’s so well-thought-out so I’m hearing deems

I think I must’ve received an email so now
let’s go ahead and look at the donations tab

right here and we can see what there is my
donation that I received and then let me go

ahead and click on donors and you can see
this is essentially your donor list and then

let’s see what report says here is reports
as well and there’s different types of reports

hoses and income here is a forms report so
if you have multiple forms is going to break

down the data there your list of donors write
their donation method so this is going to

show you if you have multiple payment processors
which ones taking all the donations and this

is good right here so you can export your
donor list and this is something that you’re

not getting elsewhere you’re exporting your
donor list you can have your donation history

you can take your data and cannot make it
portable into any system that you may have

so far I am loving give and I actually am
going to set it up to start a legal fund for

WP to get a little help on some things that
I have going on let’s see what it looks like

on a different theme song to go to themes,
to go ahead and add a new theme in this time

I’m going to put in the GeneratePress theme
one of things I like about the GeneratePress

theme is they have an add-on package that
you can get that will give you some controls

on the visual look of the actual form that
give generates a limit just installed this

and working to refresh that donation page
to see how it looks now typically it’s going

to have a container of content and then a
sidebar but you see what happens I obviously

haven’t changed anything so it looks a little
different and here we go and it just looks

fantastic I really love the way that this
plug-in works now was really nice is they

have everything documented right here on the
websites you can go here look at the docs

if you want to change a color or something
like that they’re not like hiding this information

so you have to hire someone all that information
is literally right here it’s so easy to come

here and see all the different ways that you
can customize the way this give plug-in looks

visually but just by default it is a beautiful
I mean it is up there you can see my little

tiny fake donation right there let’s start
test the PayPal why not okay so to 25 I have

it on PayPal at the pump my name and again
okay when I click on donate now I’m guessing

it oh what is wrong this form has a minimum
donation amount let’s go ahead and put that

150 and why not okay so now let’s see what
happens when I click on donate now it should

take the information pull into the system
and then push me over to PayPal where I can

log in wow this actually looks very nice in
the very seamless the way it’s looking on

the PayPal side of things it says right there
donate to Adam a the purposes

the legal funder what I’ve put in there and
someone can pop in their information I really

like that a lot so anyways I’m going to make
a video on using a page builder with give

some to build a beautiful landing pages with
the page builder and then working at take

that give short code and pop that in there
and see what we can do to spruce up some of

these the way we actually display this donor
form but this is been my review of GiveWP

and I gotta say that it’s almost humbling
everything that they have decided to give

obviously there in a business they’re trying
to make money and they’re doing there they’ve

really successful at what they’re doing but
this is perfect for any religious organization

or charity or political or individual or anything
you saw how easy this was to set up and it’s

just a no-brainer when you look at the cost
and you compare the cost of going to go fund

me around and paying very high percentage
of the donations versus using this in your

PayPal’s gonna take 2.9% but that’s a lot
less than 8% and you can then maybe choose

one of the payment processor add-ons and you
could pay even a lot lower than that and have

access to all the data but if you were to
ask me what I think about this plug and I

got I think it’s one of the most amazing plug-ins
that are available for WordPress in terms

of the quality and the generosity that they
are pouring into this plug-in so anyways I’ve

already made this video longer than I wanted
it to be you now know about give you now know

how to install gift I do have links to everything
that I mentioned down below in the video description

if you are to purchase anything from give
one of these add-ons I’d appreciate it if

you do it through my link because they give
something to me they’re going to give to me

and I kind of could use someone given something
to me because you saw that I’m setting up

a legal fund anyways I hope you enjoy this
video summit up Sherrod do all that kinda

good stuff and I’ll see you in the next one

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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    1. Right now they have the market cornered. Sure there are other ways to accept donations, but they will not be as flexible as GiveWP currently is. Also, its such a niche plugin that I doubt they will have any competition anytime soon.

  1. This is awesome Adam!
    I just agreed to redo a large charity site, so timely for sure.

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