by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

Beaver Builder Vs Elementor Pro – Top 2 Best WordPress Page Builders Compared


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In this video, I compare my 2 favorite page builders, Beaver Builder and Elementor Pro. It's actually hard to compare 2 of the best WordPress page builders because everyone wants you to award one the winner and one the looser.

My approach is to compare and then let you make the decision. This way you get to make up your own mind, which is the best page builder for you.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a WordPress page builder that is loved by website developers and DIYers alike. It's reputations of being developer friendly, having clean code, and reliable updates have led to it being used on over one million websites.

Key Beaver Builder Features:

  • Fast Front End Page Builder
  • Full Template & Block Library
  • Modern Design Features, Gradients, Drop Shaddows
  • Most Reliable Page Builder Available
  • Ideal Page Builder For Agencies
  • Whitelable Option On Higher Package

Beaver Builder is a fantastic page builder that I personally use. When you pair it with Beaver Themer, there is no limit as to what you can build for yourself and for your clients. This is the exact combo that I use, and simply couldn't create what I am now able to create without it.

Check Out Beaver Builder


Elementor is a WordPress page builder that has taken WordPress web design by storm. It has the deepest feature set, yet is very easy to use and master. Elementor is the most full-featured free page builder. There is also a Pro add-on to add additional developer features.

Key Elementor Features:

  • Live Front End Page Editor
  • Website Personalication Features
  • Template & Block Library
  • Extensive Mobile Responsive Options
  • Most Powerful Popup Builder
  • PRO Create Custom Headers / Footers
  • PRO Create Post Type Layouts

Elementor is the strongest page builder currently available. They consistently release new features that are in line with current design trends. This means you will be able to keep your website relevant.

Elementor Pro is an incredible value considering all the additional modules and power features that it includes.

If I were starting a new website project today, Elementor would be the page builder that I would choose. I consider it a must have WordPress page builder that is a pleasure to use.

Check Out Elementor

Video Transcript

Beaver Builder Vs Elementor Pro

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from where I make videos about

WordPress for non-techies like me and in this
video I’m going to compare two very popular

page builders for WordPress and I’m talking
about Beaver Builder and Elementor fro now

both of these page builders have a free version
I’m not good at taking content into consideration

those are free versions I’m looking to take
into consideration to pay versions now if

I was comparing the free versions hands down
Elementor will when that competition any day

of the week it just has way more features
than the free version of Beaver Builder however

I’m not can compare those to i’m’s can compare
the paid versions of both of them and I have

a little set of notes here so I could be as
concise as possible a few notes this videos

can be as long as it needs to be I’m going
to show you both of them in action and when

I’m comparing something I’ll show you me comparing
them side-by-side as well if you want to see

any of these products I have links down below
and also have something very special if you

were to purchase either of these products
and I just want to let you know as well I

do use both of these products and I purchased
both of these with my own money and if you’re

on my website you might notice I am using
Beaver Builder on my website so we are going

to be looking at these two guys right here
were to be looking at Elementor Pro and we

are going to look at Beaver Builder right
here now the first thing I want to compare

them is the maturity of these plug-ins and
that means how long have they been around

because if a plug-in is been around for a
while and it’s very successful that must mean

that they are doing something right now Elementor
came out last year 2016 in the middle of the

year but the pro version of it was literally
just released at the end of last year so it’s

only been out for maybe three months now and
it had been in development for longer than

that obviously now Beaver Builder has been
around a lot longer than that Beaver Builder

has been around I think since 2014 maybe I
could be off a little bit so in the maturity

comparison which ones been around longer I’m
definitely going to give the win to Beaver

Builder it is been around for a very long
time now with that the next thing I want to

compare his which product has the more experienced
team of developers and I’m going to have to

go with Beaver Builder on this one they have
been in the Beaver Builder business a lot

longer and what that usually means is when
they release an update to Beaver Builder you

can rest assured that it’s going to be reliable
it’s not going to cause any problems to your

websites now from time to time they might
introduce a problem in an update this for

instance his last update it affected something
called custom fonts that you might have on

your website and they had a fix for it within
hours and they were really quick to do that

but it’s actually very rare that when Beaver
Builder puts out an update that there’s going

to be a problem and I’ve had Beaver Builder
for about a year and 1/2 now and it’s been

very rocksolid with their updates Elementor
other on the other hand when they have been

releasing updates and I think this might be
due to the fact that they might not be as

experienced in releasing a plug-in that’s
used in so many different environments but

when they have release updates there have
been little problems here are there now they

been very quick to fix them but they have
had more consistent problems were something

might not be working for this person or that
person they do respond fast but it has been

more often so as far as having inexperienced
the team the most experienced team is definitely

going to go to Beaver Builder and that’s partially
because it’s a more mature and they have been

doing this a lot longer so they might be a
little bit more careful when they are releasing

things as updates next I want to talk about
what is one of the most important issues in

that is speed and now the speed has two components
to it there’s the speed of the actual site

you build when people visit your website and
thereon add to and how fast your website is

loading and all of that that’s one component
of speed and I’m going to tell you that they

are equal there might be just the slightest
most minute difference in speed so the speed

when someone is actually using the sides can
be pretty much the same it’s going to be a

tossup but what I’m talking about with speed
is different this speed when you’re actually

in the page builder building out a page now
Elementor is a lightning quick and totally

wins in that regard and I want to demonstrate
that for you right now in this video so I

have a WordPress installation here with Elementor
and I have a another WordPress installation

here with Beaver Builder now these sites are
not hosted out on a Web server there on my

local machine so they’re both in the same
exact environment having the same exact load

placed on them so let me show you Elementor
quickly summoned to go to the pages here and

let me just create a new page okay so my call
this test speed, click on edit with Elementor

and I just finished show you what I’m talking
about in terms of speed so with Elementor

whenever you change anything in the builder
it immediately reflects let me show you what

I’m talking about so if I wanted to go to
add a head heading right here and I wanted

to change some of the text I could go here
and you can see I got rid of the tea and it

immediately disappeared see how fast this
is its immediate just like that now where

a lot of time is consumed is not really typing
out a headline and seeing how it’s looking

it’s more in styling and whenever you want
to change anything with style in Elementor

everything is instantaneous is and but that’s
where you’re to spend most your time so I

want to change it from an H2 to an age one
you saw that was instantaneous if I want to

change something else it’s instantaneous if
I going to style and I want to change the

color you can see it changing like that and
it’s all immediate okay if I want to tweak

the topography I can go in here and I can
just go ahead and pick something different

and it’s all instantaneous just like that
I can change my letterspacing what you see

is what you get immediately now let’s see
what it’s like in Beaver Builder someone to

do the same thing to create a new page and
I’ll name it the same right there okay and

now I’m going to go into the builder and I
haven’t use this yet so let me just go to

no thanks let me go to cancel and I want to
throw in a quick row and I’m in a do a heading

let’s just do a heading because I did heading
in the last one so right here or I can go

ahead and enter go ahead and enter and it’s
going to be the same where when I’m changing

the text everything is in real time just like
that but where you really see it is when you

want to change the style so I want to change
the color you see how I’m doing this and it’s

not changing and I go like this and then it
changes so I’m not seeing this instantaneous

change you saw that little bit spinning their
next the text color and that’s what I’m talking

about with speed every little style change
that you want to make with Beaver Builder

you have to wait for some form of a refresh
and you know I’m I’m developing this right

now you see him on my local my local machine
so it’s going to be faster but if you have

actually have this site on a Webhost it’s
going to be slower for the mere fact that

it’s there and you are where you are so that
is going to get really frustrating really

quick so I want to change my alignment I click
center it’s not quite as instantaneous let

me reset that if I change the H1C I just change
it to an H1 we got the spinning and then you

see it and every style change is going to
be like that so when you are actually building

a page using the builder I find that I prefer
the experience much more in Elementor because

it’s instantaneous see it’s so quick it’s
instant but in Beaver Builder everything has

to refresh so in terms of speed it’s going
to definitely be a win for Elementor Pro compared

to Beaver Builder however I do want to say
Beaver Builder has a new version that’s can

come out later this year and I don’t know
if there to make strides in changing that

something tells me though with that update
it won’t really make that much of an improvement

on this issue however I could be wrong so
the next thing that I want to look at is modules

and that is really the bread and butter of
these page builders is these modules that

it comes with so on Beaver Builder when I
click add content we have this set of basic

modules and we have these advanced modules
that are available and on Elementor we have

them right here in their different elements
so we have the standard ones right here and

then here are the Pro elements that come with
Elementor now I have to also give the win

when it comes to the modules to Elementor
Pro let me show you Elementor pros website

here in it highlights some of these Pro elements
and I want to kind of show you how these are

not in the Beaver Builder or their very much
lacking in Beaver Builder and there isn’t

a comparison of the two so for instance posts
and portfolio you do have this ability to

show your posts or custom post types in both
of these page builders however the one that

comes with Elementor is leaps and bounds more
advanced and more feature-rich than what you’re

able to do with it Beaver Builder to show
off your content and there’s just so many

thought you got many it’s just mind-boggling
what you can do with that live form editor

so essentially you can build the most amazing
forms with Elementor Pro now there’s nothing

great about that right you can get ninja forms
which is free and you can build your form

with that if you want now the difference is
with Elementor Pro you can actually have a

visual styling of that form it’s the only
form visual style or that I have ever seen

in is by far the most powerful contact form
plug-in I’ve seen in terms of being able to

style it and have full control over the style
you’re not getting even come close to this

in Beaver Builder and actually in Beaver Builder
it’s more of a basic contact form and it doesn’t

even come close to the power that comes in
Elementor Pro of building a contact form with

all the different options that you may want
checkboxes radio boxes drop downs and all

that you don’t actually have any of that in
Beaver Builder but you do get a basic contact

form missing bag to show euro quick to to
give you an idea so here I am here and here’s

the contact form in Beaver Builder and you
can see right here and there’s these fixed

fields name subject email phone and you know
that’s pretty much it you get a success action

right here you can style out your button a
little bit but it’s something to be pretty

much similar and add recapture let me click
on save so this is your contact form that

you’re getting out of Beaver Builder let’s
take a look at Elementor right here and it’s

going to be one of these are pro-elements
that we see right here form and I am going

to just drag and drop it right there I want
to get rid of my headline actually alright

so here is the form and when you at first
glance when you drop and then you think it’s

not much difference except I can go here and
I can start creating as many fields as I want

they could be different types of fields and
you see there’s a nice long list of options

that you have here and then you can do the
same thing with the submit button in your

email options but where the power is going
to be is in the style right here you can make

this a look however you want to make this
look it is so amazing everything can be perfectly

styled now I’m not gonna do it any kind of
justice in this video but when you’re on Elementor’s

page you can see right here these form styles
in the back it is just the most gorgeous forms

that you’ve ever seen you can build you can
make it look however you want in a contact

form that looks good is actually kind of important
let me show you a contact form that I recently

built in Elementor I have it right here I’m
in a have to get out of this page real quick

and show you it but I made a entire page with
Elementor Pro just test out some of its power

and it’s right here so let me just click on
view so I can show you this form I made so

here is a form that actually this whole page
was designed in Elementor Pro it took me about

40 minutes to do I have a whole video on it
but look how beautiful this form is and this

is the same type of form that is on this website
digital ocean I just wanted to show how you

can take the form of a module that comes in
Elementor and you can make it do whatever

you want look however you want to make it
look and that’s what I was demonstrating when

I made this video and I made this page but
you can’t even get anything near this nice

with Beaver Builder for a non-developer of
your code or a developer you can go in there

and you can manually write a bunch of CSS
I’m talking about manually being able to do

it in style it to make it look really nice
so that right there is going to be another

module benefit that you get with Elementor
Pro that you’re not going to have when you’re

using Beaver Builder global widget they both
have that that’s not a big deal the ability

to add custom CSS to an element it’s very
nice I’ve used it and it’s it’s very nice

you can add custom CSS to a page in Beaver
Builder but not to an element right in the

element when you’re putting it together I
do like that about Elementor but that’s not

like this big selling point and bed anywhere
they both do that slides a so you can actually

build a slideshow with Elementor you can’t
do that with Beaver Builder to the to the

way that you can do with Elementor so you
can you can use this and not have to have

a slide plug-in on your website you can do
it all in L Elementor there some things about

it that are little on the basic side I’ve
got to say it is great for what it is but

it’s not to be advanced like revolution slider
or something like that however I’m not the

biggest fan of sliders anyway you can do a
whole lot with WooCommerce if you have any

kind of e-commerce on your website in Elementor
that you can’t do in Beaver Builder you can

basically drag these elements anywhere you
can create buttons thereby buttons that you

want to put anywhere you can pull it right
out of your WooCommerce listings and you can

create some really nice things with that now
that’s nice and all but you can actually manually

do that if you want to go you can find out
how to do it was some code but they just make

it a lot easier here some pro templates and
there’s more modules coming so by the time

you actually watch this video it’s very likely
that more modules have come out but let me

actually to show you a couple more of those
modules now I’m in this page but I’ll just

get back and edit with Elementor that’s fine
so here’s these Pro elements there’s also

a portfolio element their priceless is very
nice if you’re making any kind of menu you

don’t have anything like that in Beaver Builder’s
manual the price table they both have price

tables however the one that you get in Elementor
is way more advanced of what you can do without

code to style it so when I scroll down here’s
a price table that I made in I made it to

look like an existing one you just can’t do
that with Beaver Builder without custom coding

getting in there was some custom code so those
are the Pro modules that come in Elementor

that you don’t see in Beaver Builder and all
of the modules that come in Elementor have

a lot more styling options so you don’t have
to touch code to make it look the way you

wanted to look or to make it stand out one
of the things I like about Elementor and I

wish it was easy to do in Beaver Builder and
that’s to create drop shadow effects I really

like that so if I was to put an image in your
here is actually an image right there let

me just move it someplace let’s move right
there and then I can click on this image and

I can go to style input this box shadow right
there I really like that so really kind of

lists at anything up off the page and it was
so you saw how easy that was you can’t even

really do that without getting into some custom
CSS and code so you can see you can do a lot

more design things like this with Elementor
you can see me use the box shadow right here

where this part of the price grid I lifted
it up I made it larger in that I put a little

bit of box shadow behind it to lift it off
the page so in terms of modules the Elementor

by far is winning that race now what is nice
about Beaver Builder and why I have been gone

through changing anything adult would Beaver
Builder to Elementor actually don’t plan on

doing that anyway why re-create something
but with it Beaver Builder there is a great

support for these add-on packages that are
available so there’s to the main add-on packages

one is called ultimate add-ons for Beaver
Builder and you can see how I’m using it right

here I have this nice little scrolling text
on my website here this is using ultimate

add-ons for Beaver Builder in a just one of
the modules that it adds and that really adds

a lot of modules that Beaver Builder doesn’t
have and because of that I’m kind of sticking

with Beaver Builder on my site there some
of the things I get out of ultimate add-ons

for Beaver Builder that I really like and
maybe if I did redesign my site at some point

I might use Elementor Pro for it but I really
like these add-on packages that I’m getting

from ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder there’s
another one called powerpack all have links

all this down below and are both really good
add-on packages that bring lots more features

now of course you’re paying for that so both
of them are $69 for a one year license so

you are paying for adding more modules so
it’s more money but that is something that’s

really a plus that Beaver Builder has is there
are there is this third-party ecosystem where

there’s these add-on packages that are available
to be purchased that add amazing amazing features

so on my side I got Beaver Builder and ultimate
add-ons for Beaver Builder and they work out

fantastic next I want to look at templates
so let’s take a look at the templates that

Beaver Builder offers you so I think I click
on templates here and we can just scroll down

through some of them now that the templates
are okay to be honest I’ve never really found

a use for any of these templates personally
I’m sure people are using them as starting

points but I have never seen one of these
templates and thought I want to use that as

a starting point and I think that’s more because
they Beaver Builder side of things is more

of a developer centric type of plug-in and
they might not be the best designers where

Elementor working to see that in comparison
here in a moment Susan of the Beaver Builder

templates there there basic I mean they’re
fine I guess so here’s one called the body

factory let’s apply it to the site here and
you know it looks it looks okay you know it

looks fine let’s take a look at Elementor
and take a look at the different templates

that it has available some of the scroll down
click on add template and working to see these

templates and you can see that these templates
are gorgeous every single one like I could

see using these as a starting point so for
instance if I was let’s take a look here if

I was a interior decorator I could easily
use this one right here so if I click on it

it’s gonna pull it up and this is a gorgeous
professionally designed template using Elementor

and Yemen you couldn’t see some amazing design
features that this has I mean this was professionally

designed and there’s just so many of them
right here let’s take a look at another one

that I like Lexis take a look that the restaurant
want while here’s one right here here’s perfect

for a restaurant you can see that pricelist
one that module being used here to create

this menu board right here but you can see
how you can use this as that you can actually

see yourself using this as a starting point
if you wanted other some there’s an attorney

template here there some restaurant templates
here here’s a web developer template right

here for any kind of web design agency and
they’re just beautiful right out of the box

so I don’t want to be harsh on Beaver Builder
I just am being honest though that I could

never see myself using any of their templates
as a starting point yet all these ones that

I see Elementor making there just they’re
just things of beauty I mean they just absolutely

things of beauty now I will say that these
add-on developers for Beaver Builder that

I was just talking about when I was comparing
modules they also include templates and those

tablets are actually really nice ultimate
add-ons and powerpack they both have really

nice templates and they have really made up
for the gap that Beaver Builder left in them

not providing the most beautiful templates
or not beautiful because that’s subjective

the most useful templates because I’ve visited
a lot of websites I’ve never really seen anyone

using any of those Beaver Builder templates
and I just couldn’t see myself using it but

it’s a gap that the add-on developers meets
and you can you just part of that purchase

but like I said you got up by the add-on packages
and that’s an extra $69 so in the template

department Elementor wins hands down now let’s
take a look at the cost of the two so there’s

definitely different here to so I’m on Elementor
pros website their entry cost is only $49

for one website and if you wanted three websites
it’s 99 and 199 for unlimited websites and

that’s going to get you one year of support
and updates both of them are one year for

support and updates by the way to get you
one your support and updates and it renews

at 50% that’s a little important so if you
have just one website you have this low entry

$0.49 your second year for support and updates
is only $25 not that much money let’s take

a look at Beaver Builder’s pricing right here
and they price it a little different so they

have this package right here the standard
package for $99 now the Pro is different it

includes a theme so you pay 199 it has the
plug-in and a theme but I’m the only fair

comparison is for the standard option here
$99 gets you unlimited sites so the pro is

that a benefit with Beaver Builder is if you
want an unlimited license it’s less expensive

it’s half the cost of Elementor however if
you only have one sights it’s a lot less expensive

to go with Elementor it’s got a lower entry
price there and a lot of people have one to

three sites so and if you only had one two
or three sites then your you’re at the same

price as Beaver Builder at that point now
Beaver Builder renews at 60% so first year

would be $100 $99 the next year would be $59
or something like that whereas Elementor renews

add 50% of a discount to so the price difference
isn’t as big that second year and on if you’re

going to continue getting support and updates
from them so that is my comparison of the

cost so wanted to include this comparison
by giving my opinion and I actually got my

opinion from someone else and that is Lee
Jackson he is right here Lee Jackson dev he

had written a post a few months ago maybe
two months ago in one of the Facebook groups

that I’m in and he he hit the nail on the
head when comparing the two he said for his

clients that he’s developing websites for
from his agency he uses Beaver Builder does

exactly what he needs it to do it is super
developer friendly and it’s very easy for

him to go in there and get them when he needs
to do as a developer but on his website he

wants to use Elementor because he knows that
the design is going to look a lot nicer with

Elementor so basically that boils down to
Beaver Builder is great for coders and developers

and agencies in all of that and Elementor’s
strength is in the actual design I give you

just a little example of why developer might
want Beaver Builder it’s very easy to restrict

what your client can do when they have access
to the website what they can change and all

that with Elementor that isn’t there just
yet now that’s not to say that Elementor is

not good for developers and Beaver Builder’s
not good for designers but what that does

mean in my opinion if you don’t code and you
don’t have any interest in coding and writing

custom CSS and all that kind of stuff you’re
going to get a better looking website using

Elementor if you are coder you can make up
for some of those shortcomings in Beaver Builder

because you can just write some custom CSS
to get it to look the same but your writing

some custom CSS now if you’re a developer
that doesn’t mean don’t use Elementor Elementor

Pro is Young it is maturing fast they’ve got
massive momentum and they are doing some amazing

things but it is good always be design centric
and they haven’t quite had the time that Beaver

Builder has to bring in third-party developers
to expanded there are few third-party developers

already making amazing things for Elementor
some really amazing things so anyways to wrap

up this comparison I think I just agree with
Lee and as matter fact if you’re on a site

he has a great podcast you can see when he
actually interviewed me someone familiar to

you but you can go check out his punk podcast
if you’re wanting to build your website yourself

your DIY and get your best bet is going to
be Elementor Pro hands down if you want to

end up spending less money in the long run
I think Elementor pros good to because you’re

not buying a form plug and you’re not buying
a a slideshow plug-in as all these plug-ins

that you’re not can have to buy because there
but putting the functionality in Elementor

and you can just stick with note mastering
that one interface with Beaver Builder if

you were to say want a slider and then you
gotta go by revolution slider and now you’re

buying another thing which isn’t that big
of a deal but but what is the bigger deals

now you gotta learn a whole new interface
just to get the slider to work where with

Elementor you just learn the one interface
in the one batch of settings and they’re going

to make it do everything so that’s why I say
if your DIYer you’re going to be better off

with Elementor Pro that’s my suggestion however
if you’re a hardcore developer you want to

have more control over the plug-in and what
your clients experience is and you don’t mind

purchasing an add-on package you are going
to be fine with Beaver Builder now I don’t

want this to end in this video as you know
I use Beaver Builder and I hate Elementor

or I use Elementor and I hate Beaver Builder
this this unhealthy type of competition because

I seen that my YouTube comments because I
make a lot of videos about both and people

say what you switching now in this and the
other I just want to use the best tool whatever

the best tool is for the task and that’s why
I use multiple page builders and these two

are the top page builders right now in my
book you’re gonna be great with either one

of them now I do have a special promotion
for each of them I got links down below that

can take you to more information on it but
I built a training course about Elementor

any training course about Beaver Builder their
separate there’s Elementor essentials and

Beaver Builder essentials are fantastic training
programs and it’s more than just this is how

you use a plug-in it’s more a complete web
building success system that anyone can go

through this course and build a gorgeous beautiful
website using their tool of choice as long

as it’s Elementor or Beaver Builder and here’s
what I’m going to offer to you if you purchase

Elementor Pro or if you purchase Beaver Builder
through my link down below I’m going to give

you access to these courses for free so if
you buy Elementor Pro I want to give you that

Elementor course of you by Beaver Builder
I want to give that Beaver Builder course

and if you’ve already purchased either of
those I sell the courses well there $97 each

but like I said I want to do whatever I can
do to make sure that you’re successful in

building a beautiful website and this I found
works great giving this course away when you

purchase either of these products through
my links down below hey I really want to know

what you think about this video and my opinions
in there’s a very strong possibility I left

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  1. How do I convert a site currently using Beaver to the Elementor plugin without loosing all of the current formatting I currently have in place?

  2. Thank you for the comparison. Up till now I used Themeco’s Cornerstone to build pages, but this builder lacks a feature I really want: detailed role-based permissions. I want my end-users to be able to edit all of their texts and titles (in posts as well as pages) using the page builder in the backoffice just like I do, BUT with EDIT-only permission. So NO adding or deleting elements or rows (to prevent accidents or adventures:). I inquired with Elementor and Beaver Builder: currently Elementor doesn’t have this feature, Beaver Builder say they can accomplish this by first building the page, and then switch off the modules in settings, leaving them available for edit-only.
    So I think I’ll go with Beaver Builder, BUT I still have some tests to do … Maybe you can shed some light? Big thank you!

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Was about to go for Divi, then Beaver, but now definitely for Elementor.
    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but here it goes: any insights about WIX CODE?

  4. Thanks for your video. I was about to pull the trigger on Beaver Builder, but I’m going to take a closer look at Elementor. One thing you didn’t talk about is whether there are any pros or cons from an SEO perspective. Can you comment on this aspect?

  5. I found your video very helpful. I’ve build a number of Webs using Serif’s WebPlus X8, which is no longer supported. Now I want to build more with WordPress, but find it trying to start from scratch (I’m not a programmer). I’ve been researching page builders and will go with Elementor Pro, and would like to buy it through you to get your training program. But, I am using the WordPress on my host’s, JustHost , server. Can I buy through you and if so. how?

    Doron Antrim

    1. Yes you can buy it via the link here on this website, make sure you follow the instructions if you would like access to my training course, Elementor Essentials.

  6. Hello!

    I know some CSS and have heavily customized the Generatepress theme in the past – with moderate to good success.

    I love the idea of a visual composer. I bought Elementor Pro to try it out. I’m having a tough time getting used to the fact that many things have been chewn up for me.

    Now that works in some cases, like laying out basic brickwork such as sections and columns, but the order of browser bending, mind-wrangling glitches and twitches just make wonder whether it’s worth it.

    Example: I set an image to slide in from the right. On mobile (Android 5.1.1, Chrome 62) the site scroll jerks some 300px up every time an image sets to it’s final position after the slide-in.

    Ok, so what, someone could ask.

    Well. That’s a broken thing in Elementor I cannot use! Normally you’d fix your CSS and/or JS and all is fine. Now?

    I can’t do anything. I suspect the script which loads the image and animates it saves the wrong scroll position and returns the viewport to that after the animation cycle is finished. Why? I cannot know because it’s such a vast plugin.

    Negative margins break the editor easily. Buttons get mashed up or pushed out of the viewport. The live preview does not hold true to what you get when actually visiting the site. Sticky menu? no such thing (though they say they are gonna implement it!). A weird bug in how background images block an opening menu with z-indexes checked to be ok. I’ve had menu elements just stutter in place for no apparent reason. Text box contents mashing up against sides of text widget areas. Paddings and alignments checked, yes.

    How many other broken things does Elementor hold? There just seems to be a bit of a rattle coming from inside of it when you shake the package. Now that could be cool toys doing what they’re supposed to, OR…

    Nevertheless, it’s fair to say that it is a page builder. It has to cut corners. Like Dreamweaver for Wordpress. I don’t hate it but will certainly try other page builders as well! 🙂

    I’ll choose one or another in the end, because there is a sense of agility in slapping on sections, columns and content.

    Now that ability makes you smile!

    1. Hmm, I haven’t experienced that jerkiness. I have seen it though in other builders, Divi to be specific.

  7. Thank you, Adam, for this article and the info provided in the discussions. You and those in this discussion have been more help than I could explain here.

    I have been at my wit’s end wrestling with Beaver Builder for quite some time. I began trying trial versions of different page-building programs this week and after reading this article and discussion, I gave Elementor a try.

    All the good you said about, I found to be correct it so far. Trying out Elementor, it took me less than a half hour to create a great looking blog, something I had been struggling to do for months. I’m finding it much MUCH more user-friendly for non-programmers. Thanks very much!

    1. That’s great to hear! Also, Elementor has really matured in their update process, its a lot more stable since making this video.

  8. For me (a DIYer, non-developer, don’t like spending much time with website design) elementor pro is the clear choice. However, I’m still having a dilemma between elemetor pro and visual composer. My mind is somehow leaned towards elementor pro, but the popularity of visual composer makes be wonder if there is anything special about it. What’s you opinion of visual composer when compared to elemetor pro? Thanks.

    1. I would suggest watching my video where I compare 11 different page builders. I address that point about Visual Composer.

  9. Hey, glad I came across your website. Hello im looking to convert my html website into a CMS based site with a blog. Are these front end builders installed into a wordpress installation or are they a separate program where you build a site locally on your computer and then import that into a wordpress installation on my hosting site? Thanks so much for the great videos

  10. Thanks, just Joseph S the information I needed to make a decision. Efficient use of time. Again thanks; Joseph S.

  11. Hi,
    I always need to make bilingual websites and am big fan of Wordpress. Without Beaver Builder or Elementor Pro, I can easily make content in multi languages. But I tried Beaver Builder, and have no clue how I can add another language for the same post. Some developers said I better make separate post in another language… Can you advise what is the best and convenient way, considering clients may need to post by themselves in 2 languages in future, thanks.

    1. I recently made a video on it, how to translate WordPress websites that use page builders. It’s on my YouTube channel.

  12. An interesting comparison.

    What I would have liked to see is what the code looks like if you remove the 2 plugins.

    I have been using Thrive Content Builder, that forces you to stick with the plugin: if you remove it, you lose all your content.
    I understand Elementor and Beaver don’t have this lock-in, and I would like to know which one of the two leaves a cleaner code when they are removed…

    What’s your opinion on this?


    1. I always forget to put that in, I’m sorry! Yes you can deactivate and delete either of these page builder plug-ins in your content will still be there.

  13. Thank you, Adam, for this great comparison! Fantastic job reviewing the features of each builder. I’ve spent time looking into each of these builders and you’ve answered so many of the questions I had between the two. Beaver Builder Pro comes with a base theme and I do not see this offering by Elementor. I understand that these are designed to be used by any theme. However, is there a good all around “no-fluff” responsive full-width WordPress theme you’d recommend for use this Elementor?

    1. Yes Beaver Builder does have a theme for sale where Elementor does not. That being said even the folks that make Beaver Builder will tell you that they like their theme but they know there are better themes out there. I think a much better theme is GeneratePress which is only $40 and has a lot more options. There is also another theme that will be released in the next month or two called Astra. This is going to be the theme that I will be using on this very website.

  14. Hi Adam. Thanks for all the videos you are creating. I like your honest opinions, like you have in the video on this page. This afternoon I have used Elementor (the free version) to make a start with my new webshop. Unbelievable what an options this builder has. I am using Visual Composer for my own website, but that is more like a big elephant comparing how Elementor works, hahaha. The options in Elementor for responsive design are amazing. You can make a completely different page for mobile and desktop without toughing any stylesheet. I am going for the Pro version of Elementor, because I want to use the modules for Woocommerce. Unfortunately I have no experience using Beaver Builder, so I have no opinion about this builder. I think it is a good builder as well looking at your conclusion at the end of the video but you have to make choices 🙂 Thanks again!

    1. Yes there are free version is pretty amazing. In fact there is no other free WordPress page builder that offers as much as Elementor does. The best part is you can have a beautifully designed website without touching a line of code and without needing to purchase anything else.

  15. For a landing page agency that has previously only worked with standalone (non-WordPress-based) page builders (Unbounce, LeadPages, Instapage, etc.), which option would you recommend, Elementor or Beaver Builder? We bascially don’t build websites, we only build conversion-focused landing pages. So ideally, we want the best solution that is going to work with any client website and give us full control over a single page (including removal of headers/footers).

    1. Hey Donnie, I am really loving Elementor. Now you obviously know that WordPress itself doesn’t have the split testing engine that you may want that you currently had with those software as a service-based landing page solutions. However I think you can essentially do the same thing with Google experiments? I forget the name of it but I’m sure you already know about the platform Google provides for split testing your content.

  16. Beaver Builder will get my money because Elementor forces you to use PayPal to process their credit card payments and that’s a no-no with our company. Other payment options would be nice. I would have gladly gone with Elementor Pro version at $199 but they won’t take my money.

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