Visual Composer Review 2021

by Adam Preiser updated September 8, 2021

Visual Composer is a WordPress page builder that is bundled with many themes sold on ThemeForest’s marketplace. This also makes it one of the most widely used themes.

Current Pricing: $34 – $1k Per Site

Ease Of Use


Price / Value




Visual Composer Pros

  • Front End Page Builder
  • Back End PAge Builder
  • Extendable

Visual Composer Cons

Visual Composer is a shortcode based builder that I found very slow to use and websites created with it were sluggish as well.

Many features that should be built into it, instead are sold individually. So for each little feature, the cost is $20 – $50 per site.

*Update – I think they have rebranded this page builder and also released a version that is not shortcode based. I'll post a link after I have tested it out.

Visual Composer Coupon Discounts

There are currently no active Visual Composer Coupon or Visual Composer Discounts available.

Visual Composer Review: Wrap Up

It’s really hard to find anything good to say about Visual Composer. Let’s just say people don’t choose to use Visual Composer, it’s kinda forced on them because it’s bundled in a theme they purchased.

This is primarily why I would never purchase a theme that has it bundled.

Visual Composer Alternatives

Video Transcript


  1. Pure wasting of time using Visual Composer. Backend slow,front end partially saving, different view that live, options sometimes keep disappearing…etc. Is it worth for one benefits that VC has (little more coding allowed than other builder) ??? No. I would recommend for all of you to avoid it.

  2. I have had the same bad adventure with the customer support when I have tried to cancel my subscription one month in advance… They closed the ticket so I understood that my cancellation was validated but then, a month later, I was charged and they used very business practices to avoid refund the payment!
    When you call yourself “customer service” don’t you try to satisfy a customer that has been debited for something he won’t use?

  3. Yep, I have to agree as well. And if you don’t believe the negative reviews, simply hop on their “customer service” Slack channel filled with dozens (if not hundreds) of neglected clients and questions.

    P.S. Great videos on those LTDs!

  4. Eric Widding says:

    Totally agree with you.
    I’ve had a bad experience with this plugin.
    Buyer beware! As I wasn’t happy with this plugin due to numerous bugs, crashes and complicated structure, I proceeded to cancel the Auto-renewal. Very surprised to see that I had been charged, I contacted Customer “support”.
    Their answer: “We sent you an email a month ago to let you know that it will renew”…
    Not only, I did not receive any email from them but they refused to refund me even though I clearly told them that I did not want the plugin, did not use it and was unhappy with it.
    They don’t care, they’d rather keep $89.40 and leave me with a sour taste than do the right thing.
    That’s fine, enjoy my $89.40, it will be the price of all the bad reviews I’ll be posting everywhere I possibly can.
    In the meantime, buyers, beware of the business practices of this developer. Go for Beaver Builder or the Flatsome Theme as they are both better and much more “Customer service” oriented.

  5. If you value your business and SEO you will not purchase this plugin. It and Yoast do not play nice together and constantly create errors with SEO audits.

    None of your heading tags will be seen by Google bots. Custom Heading block is the best and you can’t use it because Google can’t read it.

    I even brought this to WPBakery’s attention and Yoast himself and neither cares. All they care about is the money they’re all making.

    Do yourself a favor and do not buy this plugin. We’ve been on the web now 5 years and this plugin has ruined our business. We’re practically invisible on the web because of it.

  6. I purchased visual Composer (since renamed WPBakery builder) with a theme from themeforest. When it worked, it was great for a beginner. But soon after my 12 month limited ‘support’ ended, it started bugging out. Interesting to note others saying the same thing. Now with the latest WP update I have seen literally hundreds of complaints saying the editor only works on the coding side and all elements are frozen, which is the same thing I am experiencing. There is no ‘support’ unless you pay up big time and of those who have, there still seems to be no resolution. Would not recommend!

  7. WPBakery Page Builder (the shortcode based plugin that was called “Visual Composer”) is great… But “Visual Composer” (their new/other product from is not).

    It’s a clunky, horrible mess – and because our testing took us outside of their refund period, they refused to offer any sort of refund or downgrade from the $349 USD unlimited licence that was now completely useless to us.

    We even tried to propose a downgrade to a single site licence, where we could test / try and figure out how to make do with the product for a different site (since it wasn’t suitable for the multisite project we needed it on – in part because their multisite support is terrible), but they wouldn’t budge. In the end, we had to file a dispute with PayPal since VisualComposer’s support kept stone walling us.


    Not sure if you know this – the OLD Plug-in is now called WPBakery Page Builder – and this new theme is called Visual Composer. The plug-in USED TO BE CALLED Visual Composer. They gave a new name to an existing product and the name Visual Composer to their new product. A terrific way to make people confused! And the new product is absolutely horrible!!! The old plug-in works really well although i think its very bloated.

  9. Raitis Sevelis says:

    Hi Adam, indeed the page builder was renamed into WPBakery Page Builder. The Visual Composer Website Builder is new product.

    From what I see, you are not huge fan of the page builder. Still, I believe your thoughts will be different about the website builder. Just let me know if you want to try it out.

    1. I’ll try to get around to taking a fresh look at it but it’s hard to get past previous impressions of a product sometimes.

  10. Sankar Mondal says:

    This plugin is a total scam or a garbage plugin, Developed by a poor developer. I purchased this plugin for my business website. It’s simply crashing. Tried to contact customer support but no reply received from the scammer developer. Now it’s not opening the premium or free dashboard. Just the loading animation playing on the page. So I am unable to use this plugin, totally waste of money. Don’t waste your hard earned money on this garbage.

  11. Roderick Samuel says:

    They never gave me my purchase license after i purchased a premium account. convinced its a scam

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      Normally you would download it from your CodeCanyon dashboard.

  12. Programmer says:

    Visual Composer seems good. I can paste and edit entire web page into HTML content element but Beaver builder as you raided way too high can only paste. You also have to consider the theme the builder is editing can effect the Plugin and effect the rating.

  13. Hi Adam! Thanks for all your help. Heads up, your recommended ListingPro theme is using Visual Composer (VC), and I am stuck trying to configure the standard home page links in the header – it’s all in VC and I certainly agree with your usability ranks.. Not intuitive at all! Does this change your mind at all on the ListingPro theme? As I am digging in am concerned I may need to switch… Cost is not concern – need something that works well. I am following up with the theme developers on the header issue but this review of yours caught my eye when looking around to learn VC. Thanks again!

    1. There are only 2 parts to ListingPro that are dependent on Visual Composer. I have been pushing them to remove this dependency and they have told me that they are also going to integrate with Elementor. For how I am building it, I am leaving Visual Composer because of these 2 dependencies, and doing the rest in Elementor.

      1. Interesting – thanks!

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