by Adam Preiser updated November 18, 2017

X Pro Theme Review & Walkthrough – 2nd Most Popular WordPress Theme


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X Pro, or just Pro is an ambitious WordPress theme that adds header and footer customization to the popular X theme.

Video Transcript

X Pro Theme Review & Walkthrough – 2nd Most Popular WordPress Theme

I’m about to do a video review of the X probe
theme hi my name is Adam from

where I make videos for non-techies and it’s
actually kind of dangerous to make this video

if you’re not familiar with the X theme or
the new Lee release X theme Pro I will tell

you in advance it’s one of those themes and
it also comes the page builder where you’re

going to have people that fall in one of two
categories either they all love it or they

hate it and I just wanted to show you this
new theme in case you come across it or in

case you’re considering maybe purchasing it
and giving it a try to walk you through some

of the settings I’m sure some of things I
like about it and unfortunately also share

some of the things that I don’t like about
it which will kind of set the idea in your

head whether or not you think that it’s gonna
be a good fit for you now if you’re not familiar

with this theme it’s primarily sold here on
theme for so I’m on team forests website right

now and I’m actually looking at the top sellers
of the week if you’re not familiar with team

force they have this section words the top
themes in terms of sales per week it doesn’t

mean these themes are good it just means they’re
selling a whole heck of a lot of copies and

you can see number two right here is called
the X theme, to go ahead and click on into

it you can see there making some money right
there was a most 1500 cells in a seven day

period and this hi merely because they reduce
the causes on the little bit of a sale normally

you think it’s $60 or $63 right now it’s on
sale for $39 now this is a theme that was

released maybe three years ago and I was actually
one of the people that bought it right when

it came out I saw that they were doing some
interesting things I made a purchase of it

and they just released the version 5 over
here on theme Forest but they’re doing something

really neat they also have a professional
version of this theme and you can only buy

that on their website so if you’re buying
the version right here on the enforcer not

getting the Pro version you just getting the
normal version now what they do is they make

it so you could just pay an upgrade fee which
is the difference of what you paid to purchases

initially and they’ll give you this Pro license
now here is their website so when you go to Juergen see a link here that’s gonna
take you to information on the normal X theme

and right here is gonna be information on
the Pro version of it and when you click on

that right there is going to tell you some
of the differences between the two essentially

the main difference in what has really got
my attention is this new header and footer

builder and I’m in a show you that here in
a moment so essentially with the Pro version

you’re gonna be able to have all these tools
to design custom headers and that’s typically

where you can have your menu navigation and
your logo and some may be contact information

so that your header in the in the footers
that little bit of space at the very bottom

of every page and they main thing the main
thing in this Pro version is the ability to

have this whole set of tools to build a beautiful
custom header and I think with website design

the most neglected area is really the header
and the footer more so the header because

everyone’s gonna see your header when someone
comes to your website the first thing they

see is your header and they see the page content
so I am happy that they’re making strides

at least trying to anyhow I kinda think they
missed the mark that they’re making strides

in making it easy to design custom headers
let me show you an example and I don’t know

the person that made this website they essentially
use the X Pro theme and they made a custom

header and they posted a link in the exit
theme Facebook group and said what you think

of my header I clicked on the link and I thought
this is a nice looking header so here is their

website I hope they don’t mind me putting
this year but they made this custom header

so you’ve got this area right here at the
top where you’ve got the contact information

that we have a logo something in the middle
and some contact info here on the right but

then check this out you have this really cool
navigation with this nice little animation

and if you notice the navigation is transparent
so there’s like a nice layer over it you can

kind of see through it now and you can also
scroll down let’s see that and make it stick

or sticky or anything like that which is fine
but you can see this is a very custom header

in this really makes the design look like
a custom designed a website now this is pretty

awesome stuff right here and it’s actually
a direction that a lot of other page builder

companies are going in so if you take a look
at Beaver Builder which is a alternative page

building solution for WordPress that I talk
a lot about here on my channel they are building

something that’s can allow you to do the same
thing but they’re doing it a little differently

I should mention that when I start showing
you how that works in the X theme not let

me go back so let’s talk cost you know that
you can buy the the normal version is on sorry

number 39 but it’s going to be up to 60 self
by time your watches video might be 60 bucks

again you come here you scroll down and we
will see the price of the this Pro version

that’s he doesn’t even have a price anyways
at $69 up there it is so it’s a $69 and you

can purchase it directly here on their website
now what’s different about them is first of

all I will let you know that the X theme is
not GPL license of GPL matters to you it’s

not GPL licensed second when you purchase
this it comes with the lifetime updates I

don’t know if it comes a lifetime support
but it’s only going to work on one website

so even though it is very affordable to only
$69 you can only use it on one website literally

you can only use it on one website you’ll
only get support and updates on one website

so when you compare this cost to say something
but just take the Beaver Builder package at

hundred and $99 and it comes with the theme
in the page builder with that you can install

it on as many websites as you want although
at that cost you also have to pay an annual

renewal that keeps the Beaver Builder company
going and keeps them making awesome stuff

so there’s that’s certainly something to think
about whether you are the end user and you

want to may be purchased to build a website
for yourself or maybe your web development

company and your deciding which decision which
way to go in terms of the tools or to use

the build websites for your clients you can
deftly factor that into your cost but all

I’ll touch a little bit more on that a little
bit later so okay here’s a test website I’ve

already installed the X theme when you download
the Pro version spout 6 MB in size but that

doesn’t include all the add-ons that you may
choose to add on later so it’s a little heavier

of a theme for sure and already activated
it with my license so when you come in here

this can add this new option here that’s is
X pro now I really like when you click on

this it gives you some information here and
I like the design of the first of all let

you know the version that you have the their
most latest version that is out and the last

time a check for updates so you can just you
know if you want to see there is an update

click check now before I made this video there
was an update available night already applied

it to the website here I also like right here
there is links to support which is really

good and the knowledge base so makes it really
easy to know where to go for help and when

you scroll down a little bit right here is
going to show you all these extensions that

they have purchased the rights to or they
include when you purchase this theme and this

actually very powerful and it’s a very big
money saver so you’ve got some really good

ones here are not in the name them all but
I will say some of the really interesting

ones like advanced custom fields Pro we’ve
got that right here convert plug that’s a

really good plug-in for opt ins okay let’s
scroll down something about email forms environ

gallery that’s one of the better gallery plug-ins
essential grid and it’s kind of a bloated

grid approach plug-in Google analytics I don’t
know what that does layer slider I know it

that this but I don’t know what this this
add-on does is really easy already to install

Google analytics I don’t think you need a
plug in for that we got layer slider we’ve

got which I’m not a fan of sliders that all
we got soliloquy that’s a slider plug and

that’s actually little better than the others
super fly that’s kinda cool it’s a plug-in

to add slide out menus to your websites and
see the grid type kid K Uber menu that’s okay

I guess I like this right here white label
so if you’re using X pro or X for your client

you can then white label it so they might
not know who developed it I’m actually not

I don’t really think white labels that necessary
in my mind but I know a lot of people like

to do that and then hear some plug-ins that
are free that they have some form of an integration

with so a be press for form buddy press I
don’t have and advise anyone to ever install

buddy press contact form seven and WooCommerce
so that is it there in the next option we

have is this launch icon that’s actually lasting
up to go into but we have settings here and

this is where you can control which post types
that they included page builders going to

work on so let me just walk my comments back
a little bit there is a page builder called

cornerstone that X theme makes and they include
in this its itch is deeply integrated in this

entire package is called cornerstone is a
saying which post types do you want to enable

cornerstone on that’s all that that is so
these are really more settings for cornerstone

the page will learn a ministry that just briefly
and I’ll tell you how it compares to some

of the other page builders so just like any
other theme all their options are in the customizer

this is a plus but it’s also kind of a standard
thing these days if you’re making a theme

and your options are and in the customizer
you’re kind of not doing your customer service

are almost doing them a disservice so I’m
in a jump of the customizer and show you that

you have controls deferred just about most
the theme settings in here and it goes pretty

deep and Yorty used to the customizer if you
use WordPress already anyways they have this

weird way of doing things where they have
style stacks they calm stacks and so there’s

these four different style stacks and each
style stack will reveal different options

here in the customizer of what you can customize
this theme as can be a little heavier than

other themes if you haven’t noticed already
because there’s so many options in itself

that matters to you but you’ve got all kinds
of options here with topography buttons pretty

much everything you’re going to be able to
customize in here the WordPress way in the

interface that you are already used to so
those are some of things I like so far now

I want to show you what is different about
this X Pro theme and this might also have

some of these in the normal X theme but this
is really this new thing that I notice it’s

this option here this is a launch so once
you click on launch it’s going to take you

to a whole new screen and everything you’ve
ever learned or experienced or are have become

comfortable and familiar with with WordPress
goes right out the window as soon as you click

on the launch button because none of this
looks at all like WordPress none of it behaves

at all like WordPress everything you’ve known
about WordPress every interface and how everything

is laid out just just went completely out
the window it’s all brand-new here I actually

think that’s a serious serious negative and
limits just talk on that for a minute I don’t

want to spend my life learning new interfaces
if I want to make a custom header I don’t

want to spend an hour and 1/2 watching a video
on how to make a custom header I will I want

to use the interface that I’m already used
to so I’m in a show you trying to make a custom

matter in a moments in your and see how ridiculous
it is but they’ve already built this great

page builder called cornerstone I don’t understand
why they didn’t take that user interface and

kind of use that for this header builder and
that’s exactly what Beaver Builder’s doing

as a matter of fact they’re going to make
it so you can make custom headers but you’re

using the Beaver Builder interface that you’re
already used to so anyways that is something

to think about so now we got these of five
different options here now you you can click

in each one you can jump back and forth by
clicking this year it’s those same options

right there so let’s just take a look at some
of these and at any point you can click exit

to go to the dashboard so here’s the theme
options and essentially what this is is a

lot of the same options use on the customizer
they allow you to get it in this totally not

WordPress area that they’ve created insults
essentially a lot of that but there’s a some

of that I still think the customizers better
because there’s a lot of things in the customizer

that you may want to access that art here
like your site title and custom CSS and stuff

like that I guess you could put it in this
little one that they have here so let me jump

out of the theme options in now I will jump
into templates so here’s what templates is

now I’m wondering if the first of all the
word templates just doesn’t make any sense

to me why they would call this templates and
I’m surprised they created this whole separate

option for just two things here so you click
on templates and this is allows you to basically

install some fonts on your theme and I created
this font here I added this Google font right

here and I set the weights for it let me go
back in then you can also do the same thing

for colors I’m just so surprised they have
a whole separate section in this non-WordPress

thing to just add these two little things
so my guess would be that I’m sure they plan

this out well there and add some more things
here but the word templates doesn’t even make

any sense to me why like I wouldn’t click
on this in think I’m going to find the font

option and the color option right here so
they totally missed the mark a lot of these

things and this is definitely one of him from
a user experience standpoint so let’s take

a look at headers and this is actually not
to jump the content and then I would go to

headers of her some to jump into the content
option and essentially what this does is it

allows you to see a list of your pages or
posts like this and then you can do some editing

in them so I was playing around with this
right here so if I click on edits right here

it’s can pull up this particular page and
then I can jump into this cornerstone page

builder so that’s with that see thing flipping
around us that’s his cornerstone page builder

and say the page builders okay I did use it
when they first released it about a year ago

it would not be my number not even in my top
five pickup page builders that I would choose

to use but it’s an okay page builder I find
it not as intuitive as the other page builders

that I’ve used Beaver Builder and Elementor
and even Debbie and I just find this a lot

less intuitive and a lot more steep of a learning
curve so when I buy a new tool especially

if it’s can be the cornerstone of my business
finding out the call cornerstone I want my

learning curve to be like this right you know
but this is like a learning curve like this

I want to be able to get a lot of it done
without having to watch training videos and

read documentation and all that kind of stuff
obvious and when you want to dig deep you

need to do those things anyway but just I
know I never really felt comfortable in this

page builder and I did give it a shot I did
build an entire landing page with it but I

just think there’s much better page builders
out there then the cornerstone page builder

but just like any page builder you have a
section here and then you can have multiple

columns in your section and you can click
right here and it’s the elements and you just

essentially drag and drop it in wherever you
want like that and you have it and then you

can click on it and then you can put some
information for that element that you just

dragged and dropped in there so it’s all pretty
standard so anyways this is the content so

you can still create content the normal way
by going to page add new give it a title and

then click on a button to jump into this cornerstone
builder one of things I think is that I don’t

like here is me get rid of that real quick
I can’t really modify some of these or maybe

I can and I just haven’t found the setting
for it I can’t modify some of things about

this page so I wanted to make it fullwidth
I guy don’t see an option to do that in here

so it just came seems like a pointless to
jump into this page editor from within this

this new area of this theme so anyways I’m
to go back and let’s talk about headers so

it just warning me I didn’t save it that’s
fine them to click on yes proceed and I’m

going to just jump into the header area now
I do believe before I say anything that the

ability to make custom headers advanced custom
headers is the holy grail of web design and

custom web design is the holy Grail to make
your website not look like a WordPress website

it really lies in the header which is the
first thing that people see on your page and

I gotta say that pretty much most themes are
completely failing in this area and it’s not

the themes are just it just that next evolution
of building a website with WordPress is now

hitting those areas like the header in the
footer and so he I really got it commended

them for seeing that this is something that
people do need people do want in trying to

take a crack at it but I really believe they
missed the mark in taking a crack at it because

it’s just insanely complicated in is sanely
complicated yes I said that twice it’s insanely

complicated to build a header with this thing
is insane so okay we go to create header and

they do have some some template ones here
I guess so if I want let me just use the default

header like this so when I choose it I get
a little bouncing thing here and so this is

your default header so this is cool I’ve got
this now in a moment I’m in a show you creating

one from a blank slate so let’s see here what
do I do now I have played with this a little

bit just you know so but what I do now okay
so I got these two things here they say unassigned

died I don’t know Lemme click on this when
hero just click on edit like this and so now

I get my bouncy thing and now I’ve got a whole
whole new interface here that I’ve never used

before and now my header actually looks totally
different than it did before that could have

been because of me but anyways so we’ve got
this bar area here so I think that’s the if

you wanted a top bar middle and a bottom or
however many you wanted so I guess in this

example this would be three bars we got this
one this one and this one right here so that

your bars and then you have containers in
the bars and then in your containers you have

elements so it’s it’s kind of hokey in my
opinion so okay so this is a container and

I got this image I guess that’s this container
right here the logo image and then in this

container right here I’ve got the navigation
and I’ve got this button and that button and

then something else I don’t even see an option
there okay check out how crazy this navigation

is I’m going to click on this this hourglass
which is usually the icon for searching for

something so I wouldn’t look at that and think
that’s what I click on to actually edit anything

but that’s what they chose so here we are
and I don’t know in my in Photoshop with 50,000

settings or what I mean I’m only human section
of this element I don’t even know how far

away I am from where I started and there’s
an option here religion is just way overly

complicated here and I’ve got options here
which reveal different options there and it’s

just by the way there’s a sliding thing on
the bottom it is just it’s just insane everything

that’s here II just I just don’t even know
where to begin with this and I know I’m being

critical here I’m kind of doing it to prove
a point that this new feature to make a custom

header and to make a custom footer I almost
think it would be easier to take a course

on PHP and CSS and on JavaScript and whip
up your own header with custom code then it’s

going to be to really dig in and put you wrap
your mind around all these crazy settings

that they’re giving you to do this and I think
this is kind of your classic example of letting

a developer just go and develop whatever without
you know I was following the development of

this just you know and I just can’t imagine
them showing this to their user base and them

saying all man this is the greatest interfaces
I mean this is so simple and easy-to-use I

think right now people value I value professionals
valued newcomers non-techies we all value

simplicity and this is the furthest thing
from simplicity and perfect example is Photoshop

I have Photoshop I never use Photoshop actually
hate Photoshop I use this easier graphic editing

plug in our program on my Mac and there’s
also these really this new crop of web based

easier-to-use graphic editors because Photoshop
has a good jillion a good jillion settings

and you know I don’t want to spend the time
to wrap my mind around that so that I can

get done what I need to get done if that makes
sense so I just think this is insane what

they’ve done here like I don’t even know okay
so I think I’m getting back okay not clicking

on headers and I’m getting back maybe this
is the one I just created I don’t know I just

I don’t even get this whole thing personally
now obviously if I had three hours to spend

on this I could stop and I can figure this
out and I could probably make some cool stuff

on it and I’m pretty good at figuring things
out I’m pretty sure I would be able to do

that in three or four hours learn how to use
this the point is I don’t want to spend three

or four hours though it’s it’s it should be
intuitive enough that after 10 minutes I can

do something kind of decent so anyways that
is this new header and footer thing here I

don’t need to go to footers it’s going to
be the same thing as the header but I want

to talk about this of just for a brief moment
so I want to just address who this should

be for and who this shouldn’t before and you
can put yourself in either of those categories

so from the stay important point of the end
user the may be or the nontechnical or just

the end-user someone that wants a website
they want a really nice website I mean people

don’t raise her hands and one ugly website
so the person wants a nice website they don’t

want to make this their career I would encourage
you to most likely avoid the X theme and go

ahead and also avoid the X Pro there are better
tools out there I think for you a much better

combination would either be the generate press
theme which is free but they have a premium

package for 40 bucks or the ocean theme that
is free they have a little add-on package

to that’s an inexpensive and then get yourself
a page builder and easier to use page builder

like Elementor which is free or Beaver Builder
which they have a free version but you’re

really and what the paid version of Beaver
Builder and they got very large communities

behind them if you’re just starting out I
think generate press and Elementor is a great

way to go now I want to address if you are
a website developer or in agency now for you

there’s a lot of things to consider number
one the cost in this is going to cost you

a lot more money than going with another solution
so that would be maybe picking up Beaver Builder

with the included theme it’s hundred and $99
and you can install it on the limited sites

so with with that scenario once you sold your
third website you boarded kind of broken even

with Beaver Builder and every site you make
after that is going to be included on your

license and this is also nice because it kind
of if you wanted it maintains a relationship

with you and your client to get them on a
maintenance plan which if you’re developing

websites for people you really should getting
begetting people on a maintenance plan now

obviously if your website developer you should
be able to buy a tool and sit there and learn

the tool and invest the time because you get
a higher rate of return if you spend your

four hours mastering this then you can make
some really nice custom headers however I

think the costs makes it not worth it as much
in my mind I have a few are a web developer

and creating a custom header and footer is
something that you want to be doing for your

clients there are existing options are ready
with the tools that you might already be used

to so for example on the Beaver Builder side
of things they’re releasing something called

Beaver Themer Beaver Themer is going to allow
you to create custom headers and footers and

it’s also can allow you to do away more than
that that’s just maybe 10% of what it’s can

allow you to do but the beauty of that is
you don’t have to learn a whole new interface

in order to make a header and footer if you’re
already familiar with Beaver Builder which

takes five minutes to understand and learn
how to use your to be making headers in five

minutes real custom headers and that there’s
already ways of doing that already without

Beaver Themer there is a plug-in out there
that will allow you to make a custom header

for several themes I think it’s if you just
search for Beaver Builder in the WordPress

repository having its beaver header and footer
something like that in the same folks that

make that also make a the same thing for Elementor
so if you have a site using Elementor and

say generate press you can get this free plug-in
and then you can use Elementor in order to

make your custom header I just think where
they dropped the ball was they felt the need

to build a whole new interface for creating
a header and footer when they already have

been training their customers for years on
this interface called cornerstone their page

builder I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t
have use cornerstone as so they don’t have

to have their customers learn a whole new
interface a whole new 50 million settings

and get comfortable in the whole new way of
doing things when they could’ve just use the

cornerstone builder which I think would’ve
been a lot smarter way to go now I will give

them some credit it’s very powerful this ability
to use this tool to create a custom header

and footer but you just have to answer the
question are you willing to invest hours to

figure it out and also it comes at a higher
cost then you would typically get with other

GPL themes and plug-ins and page builders
and so for me honestly I understand is not

GPL II don’t like how restrictive it is that
you can only install it one time and I think

if they made it GPL if they would’ve used
the cornerstone builder so you don’t have

to master to interfaces and if they had a
more web developer friendly plan this would

be something to look at the right now if I
was you I would instead maybe take a look

at Beaver Builder or some of the hiring packages
that they have over four Elementor output

links to everything I’ve talked about down
below now I know this one of those video reviews

where I probably get a get a lot of thumbs
down and a lot of comments criticizing me

I’m expressing my opinions and in no way are
my opinions the laws I’m just expressing my

opinion about this in some things for you
to think about and I’m happy if you made it

to this video if you’re considering purchasing
X or X Pro I’m glad that you are looking to

see if this is going to be a good fit for
you because it’s hard to know on the surface

of this is going to be a good fit for you
and also if you’re a web development agency

you’re trying to find out is this going to
be the tool that you invest your time into

in order to earn income in your web development
business so those are my opinions I encourage

you to share your opinions constructively
down below just don’t hit me with the thumbs

down but actually hit me with the thumbs up
or thumbs down it helps me on YouTube anyway

but I would just like to hear your thoughts
about the X theme the at the cornerstone builder

or the X Pro theme and this new interface
that they’ve developed that is totally different

from WordPress anything you’ve ever experienced
in WordPress but allows you to build these

powerful headers and footers so if you could
go ahead and add your take on this in the

comment section down below

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. I agree, X theme/Pro sucks. Every little thing is difficult to find or you have to use custom css for things that a visual builder should be able to handle. I’m updating a client’s site now and it’s very frustrating. Love Divi myself. Thinking of trying Astra on a personal site based on your reviews.

  2. Hi, I know you don’t work for themeco but maybe you have some insight :-). You know I bought pro months ago, January I think. I bought it because I was sick of themes I couldn´t customize enough for my use but every time I open this thing, honestly, I just want to cry it makes me so mad!!!! 🙂 I am serious. I am so pissed off that I can’t work. I am in a huge hurry to get something up now that I have wasted so much time avoiding this stupid theme because every time I open it I want to throw my computer out the window. Why they don’t have proper documentation is beyond me. Sure there is a lot of information all over the place in the knkowledge base but no real documentation. Clearly breaking every part down explaining how to do some basic things step by step

    I don’t want to watch videos and have to wait for the right thing to come up . And when I ask for info they keep sending me to stupid videos about the header and footer editors, Which I don’t care about. Those are the least of my problems.

    I don’t even know how to explain why this thing makes me so mad except that I can’t a sense of how it works all together.

    For example I need to create a fairly simple one pager type site with call to action that links to an optin or something like that. I can’t figure out how to do that because there is some much stuff but no explanation. And all of these useless addons that I have pay extra for if I want them really anyway, it’s just so frustrating.

    I got some friendly enough responses in the forum but condescending like …well this is for pros not beginners…I’m not a beginner. I don’t do this full time anymore and I have always found the WP interface to be less than ideal but I am not a beginner. I just don’t get how this stupid thing works. There is NO clear path to do doing stuff just huge amount of options with no rhyme or reason. I just makes me want to scream! In fact I think my neighbors have heard me yelling at the screen more than once LOL 🙂

    I keep thinking that if I go in and spend some time on it I will work it out. But then I hit some moronic thing and realize I still have no idea how it works and I just get mad again. I spent money on the stupid thing so I want it to work but I can’t get past how pissed I get when try LOL 🙂

    1. Sorry to hear about the frustration with the learning curve. All tools have a learning curve, some steeper than others.

      1. Hi Adam as I said. I am not a newbie or a beginner, I know what a learning curve is . But thanks for your reply. I have come off the ceiling and moved on to a better more documented product. The learning curve was in my selection of tools. Now I have selected one with better documentation and chalked up the financial ¨investment¨in Pro as an educational cost. I will never go back to Pro. Cheers!

      2. Hi Adam,

        I don’t disagree with the things you’re saying. I just want to be a bit pedantic here and point out that a steep learning curve is actually one that takes you from zero knowledge to advanced knowledge in the shortest time. The ‘graph’ is supposed to represent ‘knowledge over time’, as opposed to ‘difficulty over time’, you know what I mean? In the same manner, a more horizontal line shows that you don’t learn anything new or do so only slowly with added experience.

        Anyway, thanks for the great content as always!

    2. ^^^ Sounds like a beginner complaint to me. Pro is one of the best WordPress themes I’ve used in years. Super easy to customize just about every aspect of a website, as well as a simple way to add custom CSS and JS to each and every page. If you’re having trouble with Pro, maybe you should reconsider your line of work.

      1. Well that’s great for you then go enjoy your theme. I’ll instead use a tool that focuses on user experience and user interface.

  3. Hey There, we would love to have you check out the recent update to Pro (version 2). It looks like this review was done within the first few days of our initial launch last year and much has been changed since then. Before the initial release last year, we went to our community with the option of releasing it in its form at the time even though there were a few features we had yet to develop or waiting until those items were finished. By a wide majority customers opted to have it sooner than later, so version 1 was a live beta of sorts with the past year being devoted to working through our remaining product roadmap plus other feedback received from the community. Version 2, which was released in March, 2018, includes those refinements, and we would love for you to check it out. Feel free to reach out to us directly (, and we’ll be happy to setup a complimentary account so you can play around with the latest version.

    Also, just a quick note on the included Extensions – those are optional. This actually helps with performance as it keeps the theme lean and optimized so people who don’t want to use the features are not forced to include the code on their site. They are not installed unless a customer choses to do so from their Extensions page in the WordPress backend. We look forward to hearing from you!

    1. I will check it out, I have a license already and I follow what going on with X on Facebook. Congratulations on the release of v2.

      1. Sounds great and thank-you! The response has been phenomenal, and we’re especially pleased with how the new Template Manager, Global Blocks, and Design Cloud have been received. If you have any questions as you get into checking it out, feel free to reach out at anytime.

  4. And by the way…i got no upgrade fee since i am a customer for 2 years now

    1. There is nothing wrong with a learning curve. The problem is when you unnecessarily make something more complicated then it needs to be.

  5. I agree Pro is really over the top, they have rolled out a set of controls you just don’t need that clutter up every element. Such a shame because X was great.

    1. Not sure if you use or have looked at Elementor, but they are building the same thing, but the glaring difference is, they are not creating an entirely new interface to do it. Which where I think X got it all wrong.

      1. Hmm thanks for your opinion.

        A buddy of mine wants to use this theme for one of my projects but after reading this I think I will go with something else.

        Now I am already using themes from mythemeshop for most of my projects due to their superior support but was looking for some more customisation I guess I’ll go with Elementor and generatepress pro or WPocean.

        What you think?

  6. x pro by themeco SUCKS.

    they f***ed the whole thing up.

    x just worked. it was simple and it was beautiful.

    i don’t know wtf they were thinking when they put together pro.

    maybe they took all the money they made from x and hired some terrible devs and idiot ui ppl so that nothing works anymore.

    and then they tout it as if it is the most fantabulous theme in the world.

    save yourself time and frustration. stay the hell away from pro theme.

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