by Adam Preiser updated November 18, 2017

WPCrafter WordPress Tutorials Channel Update – A Big Heartfelt Thank You


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You guys prove to me every day of how awesome you are.

You have been so supportive of me, the WPCrafter YouTube channel, and the WPCrafter Facebook Group.

This video is a big heartfelt thank you!

Video Transcript

WPCrafter WordPress Tutorials Channel Update – A Big Heartfelt Thank You

Actually I just wanted to make a video to
say thank you hi my name is Adam from

were I make WordPress videos for non-techies
and I like to say like median and perhaps

like you this video I’m actually knocking
to show you how to do anything in WordPress

I really just wanted to say thank you you
know the funny thing about having this YouTube

channel is I get comments like crazy I’m probably
getting around 60 comments per day and I respond

all of them and so many people will most people
not everybody most people are saying thank

you for whatever they learned in the video
whatever I was able to show them or share

with them in the video or whatever I gave
them gluttons like yourself away and there

thinking me but really the people that I want
to think are you you right now watching this

video I have got to say that I have the very
best subscribers here on YouTube and that

is you a couple things of happened to me recently
and I sent out an email update to everyone

at the bottom of the email I mean I didn’t
expect everybody or a lot of people to actually

read the entire email that’s why I put this
at the bottom but those of you who did receive

that email and did read that email you know
that recently my grandmother passed away and

it was very rough and challenging and I don’t
want to get like to personal and stuff like

that on this YouTube channel or or in my email
but I did put that information in there because

I just wanted to share how important loved
ones are and to make sure you make the most

of your time with your loved ones and for
me I was really rough losing my grandma and

you know you getting email you know it’s an
email sent a lot of people you just read it

or you deleted or maybe read it then deleted
but so many people actually took the time

to click on reply and express condolences
and well wishes to me and it was very touching

to me to receive those messages from people
and I really appreciate any got me thinking

man I got the best subscribers just yesterday
I released a new video and it was me reviewing

a theme called the X theme Pro that just came
out and I was a little harsh on it I gave

lots of credit but I was also harsh and I
had someone one of the haters you know attacking

me on my comment section without even actually
watching the video I don’t mind if you attack

me with valid points and you watch the video
but if you’re attacking me not on valid points

and with out watching the video it’s a little
rough unvented counterattack back but I did

each actually need to because you guys are
doing it for me and I really appreciated that

that made me feel like you guys have my back
and I want you know I have got your back I

have all my opinions everything that I produce
on this channel it’s all me I’m not paid to

do any of this New Orleans these none of this
is content where I was paid to produce it

or I was the paid for my opinion or my endorsement
I’m glad as if I’m even someone to endorse

anything and it was just really awesome to
see people defending because I get heaters

all the time on my YouTube channel I have
people calling me an idiot dive have people

calling me a moron I got this stuff going
on my YouTube channel and I just immediately

banned them from the channel I don’t even
want to engage but I have the best subscribers

and you and I just want you to know that I
appreciate you thank you for supporting me

on this channel I want to give you the content
that you want I want to make this a community

where we can help each other in the comments
section and and I’m happy to help you in any

way that I can if you want me to make a specific
video I want to make that specific video for

you so anyway certainly notice a lot more
video content coming out I’ve made some tweaks

to my schedule and my workflow so that I can
produce more content I got great stuff coming

out on Beaver Builder on Elementor on how
to create a website from from A-to-Z for beginner

I’ve got so much content specific content
coming out on things you can do to your website

like e-commerce I just released an entire
video series over 20 videos on how to create

an online course website that’s been exciting
I got lots of exciting things coming up for

you I’m just now revving up this year 2017
but I did want to make this video and just

say I thank you I appreciate you thanks for
being one of my subscribers

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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