WordPress Plugin To Automatically Post On Twitter

Updated: January 30, 2018
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Oh how I love automation, it makes life so much easier. In this video I show you how to automate you twitter account to constantly market your blog content on Twitter.

WordPress Plugin To Automatically Post On Twitter

In this video I’m in a show you how to get people onto your website via twitter all on autopilot and there said few WordPress plug-ins available news many of them are actually free that will automatically tweet out your prior posts or archive of posts that you’ve created so you create knows great content but you’re not getting people to view and absorb this great content so that’s where Twitter comes in and that’s where this new crop of plug-ins come into play and the one that I’ve been using in his film working very good is called Evergreen post tweeter so you just go ahead and go to add new plug-ins type that hand and then click on install now and it’s going to go ahead and install that for you it’s a very lightweight plug-in and it’s a very simple so after it’s installed all you have to do is go under settings into words is evergreen post tweeter and it’s right here and let’s see we are immediately presented with this notification here that says there is a new scheduling feature that’s what action made me choose this plug-in versus the other ones as you can specifically schedule when you want your your posts to be tweeted and that’s what makes it nice of you hide the notice and walk you through it and this right here dismiss that message and to go back into the plug-in settings so the first episode click on this button here it will open up in a new tab and just make sure you’re logged into the Twitter account that you want linked up to the plug-in and then they’ll be an authorized button that you can click and the let’s look at some of the settings here now I haven’t been using this enable logging it’s been working fine for me where it says additional tests text this would be taxed that’s put in front of or behind the tweet see right here so in the beginning or the end and if you did use as I personally don’t use it but if you did you would say did you miss and then it would take your post title or pay check out and then it would say the post title I prefer just having the post title why should this preferences I have that no plug-in actually provides at this time but anyways so you can go ahead there and put some additional text I personally don’t developing it looks natural so not a goal for me is to have this automated process happen and have it look natural sideways right here use URL tracking I do have that enabled actually yes I do and the URL shorter now when you click on this box it’s good to give you these shorten or services also give a bit.ly account for and since you click on that you can put in your username in your API key so it’s pretty nice or you can just use TinyURL or something like that here is the minimum and the maximum age of the post of what this does is it can automatically look at your posts and just start tweeting them at the schedule that you’ve created so here you can specify the minimum age of a post and the maximum so you’re not posting stuff from three years ago actually think it’s a good the postop from three years ago as long as it’s more of an evergreen type of content right here you can choose posts pages or both I own my contents only applicable for posted be automatically posted and you can select certain categories that you want so on this is a test blog so you don’t see my categories listed anything also select tags and I don’t have that listed as well since is a new blog which you would see that listed here so sick of the main feature of this particular plug-in is the ability to schedule tweets now all the other plug-ins that automatically tweet they delete it some interval and you would say every four hours every six hours or whatnot but that’s not very natural because you don’t want a posting in the middle of your night it just doesn’t look natural that’s where this plug-in comes in you can choose the days so say you would naturally just tweets five days a week and you wouldn’t on the weekend you can highlight those days and then click and add each tweeting times of say you wanted your first week to go out at eight in the morning while there it is it’s can automatically tweet at eight and then you might want to again post a tweet at 1 PM and there it is and say again at 3 PM so you can put as many of these tweening times in per day that you want but you get to control when the tweet happens and that’s was very nice about this plug-in in particular then all you have to do is click update and it will automatically happen for you and there’s a sisal countdown here that says your way when you’re next week is coming up now you’re gonna want to make sure that the time settings in your WordPress are set correctly in that would be under settings in general and see I have it at just the default installation so I’m going to go up and choose Los Angeles and then I’m gonna save my change and then I will go in back into the plug-in and there it is so so now it’s showing the correct times right now it’s 1236 and is saying in about 24 minutes it’s can it Tweet next but I haven’t linked up the accounts of any wastes some of things I’d like to see in a plug-in I would like it to if they were to improve this when you’re creating your post for there to be a section where you can maybe enter in several different titles that would be tweeted out randomly so if the plug-in identified a post that it was gonna tweet out on that it would choose one of these separately written top titles to go out with the Tweed versus just the title of the post and that’s only thing I would want to change for this and maybe some tracking would be nice as well so anyways guys I hope in enjoy this video and I do suggest this plug-in it’s been very helpful to me.

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