by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

WordPress File Manager FTP Inside WordPress


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Sometimes you will need to FTP into your WordPress installation. In this video I will show you how to do the same thing, but from within WordPress. Cool huh?

Forget about needing to FTP, it was too technical for a beginner anyway.

Video Transcript

WordPress File Manager FTP Inside WordPress

Show you how to do something really cool with WordPress today and just as you might be in a situation where you need to edit a file or remove a file that uploaded to your Web server and typically that would involve logging into your cPanel if you have it in doing some technical things to get to your files or you would have to have FTP access and FTP program you can figure it all in connect in that way however there is a easy way to do it in Word press and ominously how to do that right here in right now so there’s a plug-in called wp file manager had pulled open all you have to do is login WordPress go to add new plug-ins and do a search right there for WP file manager and pulls up her to have it installed in him and to show you what it looks like and how to configure it but not in that order minutiae configure it and then what looks like sorry have it installed and activated images adds a new option right here on the left file manager when you have your mouse click on configuration now what’s important is right here where it says default home location you have to enter…/Just go ahead and enter that in your beauty find that that says the file managers can it take you to the root of your WordPress installation you’ll see what I mean in a second and then you have these choices of permissions now the reason I’m doing this is good I need to add and then added a function file and only do that for different video and I thought this would just be a lot easier so here’s the permissions now I’ve gone ahead and check mark all of them by default are not to be checked so you can just decide what permissions you want know if you’re the only one that has access to your login your community find just checking them all but most people multiple people at axis you might want to think about each option that you check so I got the create file create folder allow download etc. etc. I just have a lot check your you can choose which extensions can be edited so for instance a PHP file you want to edit a TXT file these types of files that are textbased and contain code you want to edit edit this and less you need to any know what you’re doing there is a default list of extensions that are editable and there’s other things right here so I was just make your changes click on save changes and now when you click on file manager is gonna pull all of your files now if you’re familiar at all with WordPress you know that your plug-ins and your themes are in this content folder here so I can just click on it and now I can see my my plug-ins folder my themes folder so I got upon a plug-in family use this for testing so I can click on plug-ins and then Bama got this whole huge list of plug-ins listed never want to go back I can hit the two dots and that just takes me up up a level so anyways I can click on themes and I can see all my themes here and for instance here is a child theme that I created and I want to add a file to it’s all just click on create new file right there in its chemical functions.PHP and then click on create and so now I’ve got a function file here and then because I enabled permissions I can actually edited right here actually I’m missing the view and edit our glasses and I think I might’ve made an error in the configurations let me go back to the configuration and enable that I just assumed when this in default editable file extension list that these were enabled by default but I think I got that wrong actually have to enter your file extensions here that you want to have the ability to edit so for right now I’m just gonna put PHP and then I’m in a click save changes and him and go back to my child thing so file manager, click on contents teams and child theme okay so now I’ve got the edit option enabled here so let’s see when I click on its if it works when I click a save and exit and now it did so the bite size increase slightly click on edit again there it is so okay so yeah so it doesn’t work out you just have to go and properly configure it I didn’t I made some assumptions even I get things wrong so you can do lots of other cool things like delete files you can download a file edit it on your local computer and then upload it there’s a lot of things that this does that will make your life easier in case there is any a problem that you run into WordPress is a prior video I did worry you had FTP and the fix something on this would just make life so much easier for yourself anyways he finds a benefit in this video
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  1. must be an old plug in. Can’t find it on any longer. Although, there is another from ‘mndpsingh287’. Only the paid version seems useful..and I think you steer away from paid versions if possible? Do you have another free version that you are aware of?

    1. Yea, not sure why it is no longer on WordPress. I am not aware of any alternatives, but I am sure there are a few.

  2. Hi,
    This Plug In has totally changed my newbie fear of having anything to do with my WordPress site ‘technicalities’, Knowing how to at least ‘get to’ my files is a revelation. I also used the information in your video explaining how to create a Child Theme. I had been looking for six
    months to find information on how to do this that was newbie friendly. Job now done. Next thing is to update my WordPress Blog from 2.4 to 4.1. I’m Still phobic about this process as I don’t want to lose two years of Blogging content. I’ll watch your video later today.
    Many thanks, regards and respect.

    Phil Soffe

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