by Adam Preiser updated May 18, 2017

WordPress Caching Overview – What it is and why you need it


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Video Transcript

WordPress Caching Overview – What it is and why you need it

Welcome back for another video my name is
Adam from were I make videos

for non-techies like me and this can be very
important video I want to talk about caching

what it is and the things you need to know
about it and the reason for making this video

is I’ve gotten lots of videos I’ve made it
on YouTube a lot I have over 150 videos and

I get comments and people say I did what you
said and it didn’t work and in reality what

I told him to do does work perfectly but they
don’t fully understand all the aspects of

their website and they don’t understand they
have this thing called caching now what caching

is is it’s typically implemented in a WordPress
plug-in that’s installed on your site whether

you did it yourself a developer did it your
host automatically did it and I’m in a talk

about that in a moment what it does is the
way WordPress works is there’s a database

and then there’s some files and so whenever
someone visit your website your word processing

go to the database and say give me the homepage
and then it gives it the homepage and it shows

the homepage now what happens is there’s a
slowness that can occur in your website when

WordPress is going to the database requesting
this information going to the database and

give me the info and so what caching does
is it creates a file on your website for every

single page on your website so that WordPress
doesn’t have to go and asked the database

any longer hey give me this bit of information
this cannot automatically be there in WordPress

will have immediate and near instantaneous
axis to that information now what this does

is it speeds up WordPress dramatically your
website will work so much faster because it

doesn’t have to keep going to that database
asking for things and that is usually the

biggest bottleneck with any web hosting company
is that database access and so if you sometimes

go on people give their opinions of whether
you should use WordPress or not they usually

say WordPress’s a little slower and it can
be because it relies on a database so this

is were caching comes in caching will create
these static version of your website and so

here’s were caching causes problems so you
make a change you don’t realize you have catching

you make a change to your wort your website
in the changes now in the database well when

someone including you goes and looks at your
website it’s not asking the database for the

latest version it’s showing this aversion
from this cache and you don’t see your change

in in in those situations you have to do something
called Flushing your cache and then it will

be rebuilt I hope I’m explaining that better
I wish I should’ve thoughts in advance of

some super easy analogy to make it easier
to understand so you should use caching on

your website you can have a website that loads
in five seconds you install caching and out

loads in two seconds when someone visits your
website so catching is very important and

it makes your website more stable more reliable
and faster and being having a fast website

is incredibly important so the rest of the
video and talk about some of the different

caching solutions and how she the one that
I use and let’s just get into it so actually

before I get into it remember I mentioned
that there are some Webhost that force caching

on you one of those Webhost is Go Daddy so
for every comment someone left me saying I

did what you said and it didn’t work most
of the time is because they had Go Daddy they

have no clue they have caching and they have
no clue how to flush it and so when you have

Go Daddy they automatically force it on you
no matter what you do and so I got this useful

page here on Go Daddy’s website on how to
flush the cache essentially when you have

Go Daddy there’s a new little menu item at
the top of your WordPress admin area and it’s

is Go Daddy and when you hover over it there’s
an option or this is flush cacheand that will

flush it now I do not recommend Go Daddy at
all I recommend InMotion hosting and that

they don’t force this on you and the problem
of forcing it on people if they don’t know

it’s there and they don’t know that you need
to flesh it out if you make a change so anyways

that is Go Daddy for you so that’s how you’re
in a flush it in Go Daddy whether you knew

you had it or not know one of the more popular
caching plug-ins that’s freedom to go through

some these free options is W3 total cacheI
agree recommend not using this plug-in is

not actively developed there is next to no
support for it and is overly complicated let’s

see if there’s any screenshots yet they don’t
have a screenshot here because it’s so darn

complicated he is complicated for me and she
doesn’t need to be that complicated but anyways

there’s W3 total cache the next one that is
kind of coming up it’s called common cache

now this is actually had several names in
the past but it’s common cache right now and

it’s there’s a free version and there’s also
a paid version and the paid version is actually

very affordable I I totally would recommend
this as matter fact I think I want to do a

a in depth the video on comic cast to show
you how to use it because it’s free and it’s

a great solution and if you wanted that paid
support that’s an option for you as well and

that’s can it be comment \’96 maybe we can
arrange a coupon with the developer so I would

recommend taking a look at comic cache and
taking a look for a review video that I will

do on this is my factor watching this video
now I’ll pin my review of comic cache to the

first comment in the comment section down
below you could just look for that down below

one of the more popular ones is WP super cache
and I believe this is owned and run by WordPress’s

parent company automatic and you can see right
here it’s is automatic and it is nice in the

sense that there’s very few settings so it’s
real quick to get it set up and implemented

you don’t have many options with it and I
personally haven’t used WP super cache although

this is what I believe is powering that Go
Daddy caching it this but the name doesn’t

it doesn’t have this name on it so you could
look at WP super cache maybe I should do in-depth

review of that as well but I would definitely
say go with comic cache and here’s one that

I use and the reason I use it is because I
had it for a long time it works in it’s also

the main paid option is called WP rocket and
you can see from their website it’s actually

on a ton of websites now this is a pricey
option let me first to show you the pricing

before I go any further a single site is going
to be $39 and that’s for a year of updates

and support if you want more they discount
that price in year two or three if you wanted

the updates and the support you need could
also go with this unlimited site option I

do think this is very expensive for a caching
solution to to just be frank with you I do

have it and I do love it and I do think it’s
fantastic and if you have a very important

website and you’re doing very important things
of your website this is probably a great option

in the time that I’ve been using this about
two years I’ve never needed support and it’s

just a rock solid plug and it’s super easy
to use and is constantly being developed and

there’s lots of different things that it does
to make your website work faster and what’s

nice is you have this ability to have access
to support with them and there are rock solid

development company they have several different
WordPress product so this is what I use in

just go to the website you can see it in the
video it’s that’s their website

URL I can put a link nakedly down below to
it as well I’ll pin it to the comments section

so these are some of the important options
with options that you can choose if you wanted

to implement caching on your website I recommended
but I’ll tell you the number one and I am

the superhero when people have problems and
they asked me to help them and I charge to

them to help them and it’s really just a matter
of flushing the cache and it’s a easy payday

although I usually you will tell them how
to do it themselves moving forward so anyways

if you want to speedup your website look at
having caching if you’re using Go Daddy make

sure you know how to flush your cache and
look out for the review video on comment Before

you go I have something for you and before
I get into that I wanted to ask you to do

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just for you

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