WordPress Basics Video Training Course

by Adam @ WPCrafter   |   Last Updated: May 18, 2017
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Video Transcript

WordPress Basics Video Training Course

I want to welcome you to a series that I’m doing
on the basics of WordPress and him and go

over everything in the back in menu of WordPress
just to help you have a little bit more of

an understanding of all the different settings
that are there that sometimes might be a little

hard to find so in this video I’m in a go
over the dashboard so here is the basic word

press dashboard and this is where depending
on may be some themes and plug-ins that you

might have installed they could put these
dashboard widgets here that might give you

some status information so for instance there’s
a plug-in I like to use for security and in

it’ll put a little weighted here that will
show me how many times someone might’ve tried

to hack into my website so your dashboard
is really just a series of widgets now I want

to show you something that is often overlooked
in WordPress’s necessary watching\’85 Screen

options now when you click on it is going
to pull this little slide down menu and their

season hidden options about what you’re seeing’s
you can enable or disable hide unhide different

items on the page that you’re on in the backend
of WordPress and the screen options are to

find all throughout word press that will hide
or reveal certain settings I know when I first

started with WordPress site I didn’t either
never got to look in the screen options and

there is a wealth of little settings there
are so anyways all these widgets I can enable

or disable by checking or unchecking any of
these boxes so if I didn’t want any of these

widgets I could uncheck uncheck uncheck uncheck
and now I don’t have to look at any of those

widgets on so many reenable him and show you
that you can also rearrange these widgets

so for instance if I want at a glance over
here on the right I can just drag and drop

it over there like that and move it back so
you got these are screen options that are

very helpful especially here for the dashboard
now the second component of the dashboard

is the updates area right here now when you
have an update available for a theme or plug-in

or for WordPress itself. SCA number here now
right now you see a one because one of the

plug-ins that are installed has an update
available and you can see it right here so

anyways a right here’s where you see if there
is an update to WordPress and here you will

see if there is a plug-in update or theme
update available and if you want to do that

update all you have to do is check on it like
that and then click on update plug-ins in

this case but it might be themes okay and
what it does is it deactivates the plug-in

it downloads the update and it replaces it
and then it re-activates that plug-in she

can see right there it is complete it is done
so that’s it for this first video in this

series that’s it for today’s video I love
to hear your thoughts on it in the comment

section down below please also give me a thumbs
up on YouTube that really helps me out and

if you haven’t subscribed it to the channel
go ahead and click on that subscribe on that

also helps me out now I don’t want you to
ever leave empty-handed in that’s why I put

together a free video course and just for
my subscribers called the three steps to WordPress

success now if you would like free access
to that course just go ahead and click right

here on the right thanks for watching and
I’ll see you in the next video

Adam @ WPCrafter

Adam @ WPCrafter

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Basics Video Training Course”

  1. IsaacJohnson2017

    Loving your course but I did not see the download for the”Update Service” of the list to get indexed into google faster. If you could will you tell me where I can download that. Thank you and have a great day!

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