by Adam Preiser updated December 17, 2017

Winter Channel Update – New Free Course, Course Revamp, New Milestone, & What To Expect This Year


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As 2017 comes to an end, I want to update you one what I am working on.

Also, I want to just tell you, thank you for all the support!

Video Transcript

This is gonna be my winter update video for
all the subscribers here on the channel I’ve

got some announcements and some important
things to mention hi my name is Adam from where I help non-techies get
the most out of WordPress faster if you knew

your click on the subscribe button and if
you don’t want to miss anything click on the

little bell off to the right of that and you
to let you know when I have eight new video

so today sexually cyber Monday am recording
this on cyber Monday that’s the couple days

after Black Friday and there is also some
sales going on today so before I get to the

updates I just wanted to check with some of
these offers that are about to end a very

very quick I got them here on this page the
most notable offers I would say is definitely

ConvertFox this is the if you’ve been on my
website the last few days and you solo live

chat pop up that’s ConvertFox they have this
lifetime offer it’s only 49 bucks if you been

on the channel while you probably already
heard me talk about it but they ended the

sale on Friday but they decided for cyber
Monday to open it up again today is the very

last day that you can get a lifetime account
for $49 I have several videos on it you can

go to WP one word and
that will take you right on over and you can

see what the deal is about but today’s the
last day for that also worth noting is this

Astra Theme there giving you 30% off with
the coupon code Black Friday and also have

much bonuses in included with that you can
find out about that I will say if I was to

say what most people purchased on a black
Friday that our subscribers here I was really

surprised with the amount of people that purchased
Astra and it’s a great value especially the

agency license with the premium devil demos
and all of the plug-ins included I was actually

kind of taken back by how many people took
them up on that offer it’s an amazing offer

and it’s actually just getting better they
just said yesterday that there can allow you

to have these white label demos on your website
so your customers potential customers can

see the websites and maybe choose one to use
as a starting point and I know they have a

lot of other surprises up their sleeves as
well so there’s much deals here of course

Elementor and Beaver Builder have significant
discounts of tonic people but Elementor it’s

crazy and one random plug-in I did make a
video before it’s on project total this is

a really slick plug-in having a huge sale
if you go straight to their website it’s only

30% but if you use the coupon code here actually
change Friday to Monday I need to update that

it’s an extra 10% off of the cell there already
having that’s were checking out just to see

if it will work in your workflow if you’re
making websites for people so enough about

this cyber Monday Black Friday stuff that
is good to be history in a few hours anyway

let’s go back here so one thing I wanted to
announce is from now to the end of 2017 I’m

gonna be taking a step back and revamping
every single course on my website you can

see all the courses here I’m going to be revamping
and remaking every single coursing here and

there’s courses that I have had planned and
haven’t completed I have worked on a lot of

the syllabuses though so all of this is my
primary focus from here to the end of the

year at the end of the year all of these courses
are going to have been updated rerecorded

some of them were recorded in 2016 so everything
is going to get redone in these courses including

the learning experience is going to be redone
as well I’m in a have the a button in the

video player to go to full screen there’s
going to be playback speed options are said

to be all of these improvements and will also
be some written components to all of the lessons

with that some of the names of these courses
might change if you’re already enrolled in

one of them don’t worry you’ll still be enrolled
and anyone who is enrolled in the past has

lifetime access to the course that something
a Mexican a change next year for new enrollees

but if you’re already in there the name might
change everything’s going to be improved you’re

getting access to all of its you don’t have
to do anything but some of these really use

an update and some of these really need to
get completed and that’s what’s gonna happen

at the end of the year with that I’m also
bringing a new course it’s going to be free

right the price is right it’s going to be
free it’s probably did give the most extensive

in-depth free course that is available on
WordPress and it has several goals to it it’s

going to help cover all of those technical
aspects of WordPress if you’re new to WordPress

or even an existing user just to fill out
all of the gaps in your information about

specific topics that might be a little more
on the technical side they’re all going to

be covered in this and they’ll be more information
on that each of the videos are to be shorter

videos straight to the point is not one of
those courses we have to start from the beginning

to end you can just go straight to the lesson
that you want and it’s going to be free 100%

free and that’s actually kind of crazy because
the qualities can be top-notch the depth of

information is going to be top-notch the reason
I’m making it is because I’ve heard many times

in my YouTube comments up if I want to learn
the right word press where do I go and I can

say just watch the videos on my channel but
I would rather have one spot where everything

is kind of consolidated and organized and
presented in a perfect format for someone

learning WordPress but it’s not can it be
for just beginners is can a paper about EU

agency owners as well where there might be
some gaps in your knowledge about some of

the technical aspects of maybe hosting resolving
problems troubleshooting problems on WordPress-based

websites visited to be a massive mess of course
it’s can be 100% free with that all of these

courses right now I have lots of bonus offers
I’m been a kind of pull a lot of those back

not the ones for the page builders but a lot
of my premium courses I’m gonna pull the offers

back and kinda tighten that up a bit in January
and Emma to reduce the access time to one

year of axis because his courses have to be
rerecorded every single year because interfaces

change new methods come out for doing things
so these two these courses need a lot of maintenance

on my part so next year axis is going to be
only for one year at a time don’t worry if

you’re in it and you have lifetime access
your keeping that lifetime access so that

is going to impact some things on the channel
so here on the channel my videos I’m not can

have those really long videos for the remainder
of the year I’ll probably end up uploading

more videos more consistently but they’re
all going to be shorter videos straight to

the point videos and I would imagine they
would be about 5 to 8 minutes long on each

of them but also with that there’s going to
be a a longer response time if you’re leaving

comments I’m good and I’ll try to get to them
in a day or two days but it might be a little

bit longer because I have to stay focused
on this and also if you’re sending me an email

the response times going to be kicked out
maybe an extra day or two because I’m focused

on this that’s my primary goal and focus is
to get this all done and completed and so

if you’re in any of these courses are to see
them start to be updated over the course of

the December rent remainder of November 2
through to December the end of December to

start seeing videos updated new they’re going
to be the qualities can be better the information

is going to be that are organized and more
current and also a bit of great news here

for the channel it seems like just yesterday
I sent an email to everyone saying hey we

just got to 30,000 subscribers thank you well
today we will hit 35,000 subscribers and I

think I sent that email it was September 26
so is about two months ago maybe two months

in a couple days ago that we had 30 now or
at 35,000 subscribers I couldn’t be more grateful

and excited about that in a perfect world
will end the year at 40,000 although that

is a little bit of a stretch because we only
have about 35 days left in the year and by

my estimations we might get to about 38,000
subscribers by the end of the year but you

know I’d love to have 40,000 subscribers so
if you’re watching this you not subscribe

please consider clicking on that subscribe
button and lastly you might not have realized

it on my website there is a forum this is
the best place to ask a question and what’s

nice is if you ask a question here of number
one your question might already be answered

if you ask question here and I answer it that
could actually help someone in the future

that might have that same question so ideally
some of your technical WordPress based questions

I’d like them ask here in in some of the comments
on the channel I’m going to ask that the question

be asked here that way I can keep tabs on
this a little bit better and get responses

here faster than if you just ask in a YouTube
comment so anyways that was a ton information

you’ll see some videos up today and probably
consistently every day maybe five days a week

these shorter to the point videos but if you
been a subscriber for a while or even if you’re

new here I just wanted to thank you for the
support that you have given to me and given

to this channel I genuinely and truly appreciate
it and for the comments today in this video

bled like open it up for maybe you making
a suggestion for a video that you would like

to see between now and the end of the year
that could be one of those shorter straight

to the point videos that might answer a question
that you had about WordPress or maybe a suggestion

on a plug-in or a theme or how to do is put
a particular thing that might have been causing

you some trouble with WordPress I’d like you
to let me know what you want to see in the

comment section because I’m going to need
some ideas here because I’ve got about 40

of those videos to make and I’ve got to keep
him calm and keep it flow and you know what

it means so anyways thanks for watching this
video thank you for your support and I’ll

see you in the next one

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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