by Adam Preiser updated September 6, 2017

How To White Label Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder


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Video Transcript

How To White Label Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder

Thank you for joining me for another video
my name is Adam from where I

make videos for non-techies and in this video
I’m going to show you this new feature that

was recently added to ultimate add-ons and
it can allow you to white label the plug-in

I know this was a huge request from everyone
that bought ultimate adding islands including

me they needed to fix the registration licensing
and add white label options obscured show

you those are 33 things that they just added
to the plug-in is currently in beta if you

do all you can go over to log in to your account
at brainstorm force and you can download this

beta and start using it now so before with
ultimate add-ons they added a link here that

said brainstorm force and you click on it
you would register with an email and all this

kind of stuff and that option would stay there
and I really got commended to them because

they decided to do things the Beaver Builder
Way in the Beaver Builder ways to take all

those options and put them in with the Beaver
Builder plug-in and this is where you can

find it all now she can go to settings and
then choose page builder and you have these

new options here so they move the licensing
there and they also have this new tab called

branding so when you click on license is just
very similar to how you would license your

paid version of Beaver Builder and they also
have this really cool Gen. settings where

you can choose what features of ultimate add-on
you want enabled or not including the different

search function that they added to the module
list and they also have this new feature I’ll

do different video on it, like preview you
can enable or disable that you can enable

or disable their color picker and the row
separators so and Yorty know you can enable

or disable their templates and their predesigned
sections listen to their branding not much

to show your guys you can brand this however
you want and you don’t even have to have the

white label version of Beaver Builder installed
on your site in order to have these options

available to you is just amazing the generosity
of them to allow you to white label this now

let me clarify what white labeling means it
doesn’t mean that you can take ultimate add-ons

change the name and sell it as your own that’s
not white labeling the intention of this is

if you are taking this add-on in your installing
it on your clients websites that you can change

the branding to match your own and kind of
hide the fact that it’s really powered by

this plug-in called ultimate beavers you can
really change anything you change the name

of the plug-in you could change the description
the author the links to support documents

and then you can also change the link to the
support and you can enable hiding these settings

as well so if I wanted to change the name
I actually don’t but you can just type it

in here let me just call it .wpd crafter okay
got W Greco as he would happen because I have

played with, click on save settings and you
could see it saved someone if I go to plug-ins

it should change the name in there let’s find
out yep there it is now it’s named WP crafter

so that’s how deep this white label branding
goes and that’s a pretty fantastic and let’s

see let’s try one more thing if I can actually
white label it when you’re interacting with

that someone go here in a short name is actually
used when you’re in the front and page builder

so I could call this WPC is short for
gone save settings and now what I’ll do is

I will go and start editing a page just to
see how it looks so to do that, to go to pages

and lets us play with this front page and
click on page builder and let’s see what happens

there she can see right here used to say you
a BB modules announces WPC exactly what I

put in there I love it I love this white label
branding here’s a live preview deal they added

this button work you click on it you can see
what your website looks like and then you

can uncheck but that is not what this video
is about punishing the white label branding

in the new licensing system that is the Beaver
Builder Way and I really gotta commend them

for doing that in this plug-in if you don’t
have ultimate add-ons or Beaver Builder fruit

for that matter I have links that will own
the description work on my website have links

now below as well now those are affiliate
links if you do purchase you these products

I earn a little bit of money but what I want
to give you in exchange for that is if you

do purchase you can forward your email receipt
to me I’ll verify the purchase and give you

free access to a course that I have on my
website called Beaver Builder essentials the

course is available for $47 or if you purchase
ultimate add-ons or Beaver Builder I’ll gladly

give you access to that course for free before
you go I have something for you and before

I get into that I wanted to ask you to do
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makes for watching this video I really appreciated

and I do it just for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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