by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

What Is WordPress Caching & Do You Need It?

We always talk about page speed here at WPCrafter, and one of the crucial elements of page speed is using a caching plugin for WordPress. In this video I will explain what caching is and if you need it.


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In this video I try to explain what WordPress caching is and some of the the plugins that will facilitate it for you.

The plugins that I look at are:

The next few videos I will setup and test each of these to see which plugin performs the best.

Video Transcript

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. The topics is really recommended for me to save loading speed on my money site! Thank you for advance 🙂

  2. Hi
    I have been using your videos and tutorials to understand WordPress and create a site for myself. Still in the learning and testing stage on a local server.

    Trying to build a digital download ecommerce site

    I saw a video you did on SEO Press and have shortlisted that as a plugin I will use on my final site

    This video speaks about W3 Total Cache – Which I have also shortlisted.

    On my test-site I installed both plugins, but SEOpress advised that W3TC in not compatible with it and requested I deactivate W3TC, which I have

    W3TC did not provide an alert of incompatibility against SEO Press.

    I cannot find anything on Google about incompatibility between the two plugins

    – Is this a real problem or is it a clever marketing strategy against competition – scare tactics
    – Are the two plugins competing products
    – If I have SEO Press do I no longer need a Caching Plugin
    – If Not, Should I move to your second choice of caching plugin – WP Super cache
    – You say you are going to do some dedicated videos on the caching plugins you mentioned on this video. I suspect this alert by SEOPress may need to form part of your advices for people.

    Thank you very much for the things you do. You time and energies are truly appreciated. They have helped me heaps.

    Your stuff is very good and I find trust in your approach. As such, as a newbie, I do not waste time looking at every piece of advice out there. I find someone I trust and whose advice is useable and then just do what he says. Saves time, works for me.

    So looking for your advice on this and giving you a heads up on two recommendations you are making that appear incompatible with each other.



    PS – AND Yes- I am happy to support you – At the point I which I go live, I will use your offers to get my web-hosting and any other paid plugins. I am looking forward to the free courses!

    PPS – I cannot give you my website as I don’t have one. Yet!

    1. I would caution you against using W3TC as it can cause a ton of issues for you, and is not supported well. There are much better options available, I personally use WP Rocket.

      You should have a caching solution on your site always to make it faster.

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