by Adam Preiser updated September 6, 2017

How To Use The New Ultimate Beaver Builder Addons Template Cloud


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Video Transcript

How To Use The New Ultimate Beaver Builder Addons Template Cloud

Thanks for joining me for another video my
name is Adam from where I make

videos for non-techies and in this video I’m
going to show you some of the new features

that were just added to the ultimate beaver
that’s the add-on package for Beaver Builder

and this is pretty innovative what they’ve
done and they have single-handedly made their

add-on package the highest performance add-on
package for Beaver Builder I want to show

you what they’ve gone ahead and done now there
has been some talk and I’ve even thrown some

hints out that there were can add page templates
actually hinted to that into prior videos

now you already know that they add a whole
bunch of modules to Beaver Builder they have

these predesigned sections or rows and now
they have page templates and they just released

a beta that is available to anyone that owns
ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder but I

want to just take a few minutes to explain
the difference with ultimate add-ons here

someone a jump back into WordPress and him
and to go to the settings panel for Beaver

Builder it’s under settings and then page
builder now here are the ultimate add-ons

setting panels now this one right here is
what I want to talk about it’s called the

template cloud now prior when you downloaded
ultimate add-ons and it had all these predesigned

sections it would take up space and size it
would make that download of the plug-in larger

because it had that in the download package
and when they ever wanted to add a new section

you would have to download a new version of
the add-on package and then reinstall it on

to your WordPress website they would have
to basically push out an update and now when

they were to put out templates and I’m initially
these templates in a moment it would just

then make it even larger the download size
of the add-on package how much a space and

resources it would take on your web hosting
account it would just take up more now for

me always use good hosting and it’s not that
big a deal I don’t notice it but there are

a certain subset of WordPress users that are
very particular about performance of its can

add even the slightest performance hit on
their website they are not happy in so ultimate

add-ons they came up with the most amazing
solution I think they took all those predesigned

sections they moved it out of the plug-in
they took their page templates that are not

in the plug-in instead they built something
from scratch called a template cloud or their

template cloud now when you go here you can
see there’s an option now for template cloud

right here I’m immediately shown over 41 different
templates these are full-page templates and

then right here for sections I can click on
that and it shows me all these predesigned

rows that you can immediately click on and
downloading have available for you when you’re

building out your Beaver Builder pages what
this does is it makes the size of the plug-in

I did actually not compared it was some of
the other adding plug-ins and is about half

the size of the other add-on packages because
of this template cloud that they built from

scratch so what this means is you can have
on your website only what you want to have

and a good example of it is if you’re building
a website for restaurants you don’t want a

template for a plumber or for a nonprofit
or for something like that you you don’t need

it it’s just taking up unnecessary space memory
resources so that is the template cloud now

another huge benefit is a third to push out
new page templates is to push out new design

dissections they don’t have to do it via a
plug-in update they can add it to the cloud

you come here you click on this a refresh
button and it will refresh all of these templates

for you and it’s immediately available for
you I’m glad they added this other feature

they have the templates kind of organized
here by the type of template that they are

the reason I like this is because over time
this is good to become a master and have so

many templates over time they started with
41 I would be surprised if they hit hundred

at some point here in the future because this
is such a powerful feature in a value add

to purchasing this plug-in so it’s going to
could be get get out of hand really quick

but they have this organization structure
yourself I just want to see a home page templates

I can click on homepages and it’s just going
to show me those and it’s really easy if I

want to see if I like a template I could just
hover over it click on the preview button

and then this pop-ups can happen and it’s
can show me the template here in a moment

and I can scroll down and see if I like it
and then if I do like it’s all I have to do

is click on the download button and in a few
seconds it’s already on my computer to be

able to use and the same goes for sections
are right now I have the call to action in

the contact info sections on my website if
I wanted the frequently asked questions I

would just click on download and now that
will be an option when I’m building out my

pages so let me show you how easy it is to
install one of these templates and I want

to show you something very important with
these templates that make it very unique in

using these templates on your websites on
go to pages and let me just build a new page

out and go ahead and save it click on page
builder and when you haven’t been in the page

builder page yet it prompts you to choose
a template in your gonna find it here in this

drop-down under template cloud now this is
a template I downloaded a little earlier and

I hear someone that we just downloaded all
you have to do is click on it give it a few

seconds it’s going to take that template and
plug it right in to your website now here’s

the really neat thing about how these templates
work is can inherent your font styles from

your theme and there certain elements in it
where like Franzen’s buttons or accent colors

or things of that nature that ultimate add-ons
has a settings panel of its own suit you can

set those globally and essentially all that
means is these templates will conform to your

design of your website and your style versus
you having to install a template and then

change every little thing change every font
change every color though it’s a huge timesaver

all you have to do is click on tools and then
click on the global settings here for you

ABB and there it is there’s these color settings
that are global and there’s these button styles

that are global which is pretty huge right
now even Beaver Builder doesn’t offer you

Global style settings for buttons but you
do get it with ultimate add-ons which I like

now I downloaded that section option it was
the frequently asked questions so now when

I click on sections it doesn’t show me all
the sections that I probably maybe I don’t

want or need it just shows me what I want
to be there and here’s the four frequently

asked questions are predesigned rows that
I said that I wanted to download this is pretty

darn huge if you ask me because it makes people
that are that really care about performance

it takes care of them it takes care of new
users to Beaver Builder that just want to

get a website as fast as possible it takes
care of them and if you already purchase ultimate

add-ons for Beaver Builder it just adds more
features and more value to what you already

purchase now I own the lifetime license for
ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder Potter

with my own money of course and I’ve used
it on pretty much every single website that

I have in I really like what they’re doing
in the way they’re innovating with really

thinking through cutter might move the people
that make Beaver Builder there really thinking

through a list not just throw some templates
and their their thinking through what’s the

best way to implement templates what’s the
best way to have global settings and stuff

like that the really taking the time to think
through everything that they do and maybe

that’s why it’s taken about two months to
add the templates in the first place but I

rather have things implemented the right way
and how to take a little bit longer than to

have things just thrown together slept together
and then you have problems which can lead

to a lot of frustration soap and recess ultimate
add-ons I have a link to this down below if

you want to purchase it and it’s in the description
down below if you do I want to purchase it

please click through my link and purchasing
iron a little bit of money from them that’s

not why talk about it though and in fact if
you do purchase ultimate add-ons and you want

to just four of the receipt to me I give you
access to my Beaver Builder’s essentials course

you can buy that for $97 or if you purchase
ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder and send

that receipt off to me and I verify your purchase
I will gladly give you access to it free before

you go I have something for you and before
I get into that I wanted to ask you to do

something for me to give me a thumbs up on
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success is an awesome course you’re gonna
love it I would love for you to join in and

enroll as a student in this course thanks
for watching this video I really appreciated

and I do it just for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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