by Adam Preiser updated December 27, 2017

How To Use Divi With Any WordPress Theme – Simple 3 Click Solution


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If you want an easy want to use Divi with any WordPress theme, well here is the solution.

With 3 mouse clicks, you can make any well-coded WordPress theme work perfectly with Divi Builder.

If you want to see more Divi Tutorials, let me know in the comments section below.

Video Transcript

In this video many teach you how to use the
Divi builder with any WordPress theme hi my

name is Adam from where I make
WordPress videos for non-techies but these

videos out almost every day so if you enjoy
the content in the video I’d like you to perhaps

consider clicking on the subscribe button
and there’s a bill off to the side of that

you click on that YouTube let you know when
I upload a new video so you’re probably already

familiar with Divi from elegant themes right
here now Divi is a theme with the page builder

built into it or if you didn’t want to use
the theme portion of it they have something

called the Divi builder it’s a plug-in yet
at your website and allows you to use the

Divi builder on any WordPress website but
there is a catch and let me show you what

that catches right now and maybe you’ve already
run into it so I’m right here on a WordPress

site and I have the Divi theme installed you
can see right here Divi is installed and activated

and I don’t want to use Divi anymore for whatever
reason and there could be many reasons why

you don’t want to use the Divi theme but you
still want to use the Divi builder a couple

examples are maybe there’s another theme where
you like the blog post layout a lot better

and you want to go with that theme but you
love the Divi builder and you want to use

that to another great examples maybe you want
to use a theme that has some special functionality

and you want to use your favorite page builder
with it so I give an example here’s a theme

that I am doing a review and tutorial for
its called listings Pro and allows you to

build this amazingly beautiful powerful directory
site kind of just like yelp but you might

want to use Debbie with this and so that is
where the problem comes in so what I’ve gone

ahead and done is I’ve downloaded and installed
and activated the Divi page builder right

here and this is what normally would happen
I would go to appearance and I would choose

a different theme so I’ll just choose this
theme right here the 27 team theme in all

activated and then let’s take a look and see
how it looks right now so here is what the

front and looks like I scroll down and I’m
like oh what the heck what happened to my

full with Rose what happened to my page layout
I put so much time and effort into this and

and what what happened in this is because
most WordPress themes aren’t integrated for

this full with content areas and so I’m going
to show you how to fix that so there are a

ton of themes obviously and then the WordPress
repository and there are a few that will work

out of the box and I’m going to give you a
shameless plug for one of them right now it’s

called the Astro theme it’s right here there
just happens to be a real handsome guy on

the cover image of it but you might want to
try that theme out is a great theme this will

work out-of-the-box with any single page builder
but most themes will not work with any page

builder there’s another one actually that
just got released today if I go to the latest

it’s right here ocean WP that’s really popular
in some other groups but most themes they’re

not can I have this integration so here is
the solution it’s super easy it’s three mouse

clicks and you are off to the races just go
to plug-ins click on add new do a search for

the word full whit now when you do that search
it’s gonna pull up these results right here

and here it is full with templates for any
theme and page builder now the reality of

it is it will work with any well coded modern
theme modern meaning maybe something coded

up in the last couple years so anything you’d
probably be interested in using it’s gonna

work right out of the box anything you might
run into trouble feel free to go to the support

center for this on just take
a quick look at it if I click on more details

you can scroll down it’ll tell you exactly
how everything works if you actually visit

this on there’ll be a tutorial
video with another handsome guy that you might

recognize anyways just install and activate
this and let me show you how to make any page

work perfectly with Divi click on pages go
into your page in this case it’s the homepage

right here and working have some new options
right here it’s this template now when I click

on this if for you it might show something
some additional options here based upon the

theme you choose but if you have full with
page templates downloaded installed and activated

you will have these three options right here
so this first option is going to be the one

that most people will select this will just
allow you to get those beautiful full with

Rose and remove any margin or padding or page
titles that might be getting in the way this

other one right here would be to would be
ideal for using Divi to build a landing page

and it’s going to give you that same full
with Rose remove that the page title was also

to get rid of the header and the footer for
use you have full control it holy blank slate

that you can use Divi with and then this other
option here is full with no sidebar it’s essentially

going to allow you to use to be just in the
container of the page so in this case I’m

going go ahead and choose this first option
on the go ahead and click on updates and now

I’m in a go here and do a quick refresh and
let’s see what the differences you can see

here we go this is exactly what I would’ve
wanted it to do out-of-the-box it’s perfect

full with Rose in this theme that doesn’t
explicitly have it Divi or any page builder

support for that matter and that’s it that’s
all there is to it now if I wanted to use

that other page template to get rid of this
big header and get rid of this footer right

here this is actually part of the template
I would’ve instead chose right here the one

with no header no footer some go ahead and
click on update and show you what that looks

like the go here do a quick refresh and you
can see this is what it is the top I got rid

of the header and the footer that the Dean
was generating and it looks perfect this is

fantastic for creating a landing page in Divi
so that’s all there is to getting in the Divi

builder to work with pretty much any well
coded theme now me to be making some more

Divi tutorials if there something that you
would like to see please let me know in the

comments section down below I do want to ask
you something though if you are going to use

this plug-in it’s a fantastic plug in my face
is on the plug and I want to ask if you would

brings benefits you maybe leave a positive
review there on the page that’s

always encouraging to see come across you
run into any trouble just click on support

and let us know about that as well and that’s
pretty much it I really hope that this plug-in

helps you in some way to be able to use Divi
your favorite page builder on any well coded

WordPress theme

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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