by Adam Preiser updated January 16, 2018

Ultimate Guide To Translate A WordPress Website And Make Multilingual


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Because of the internet, the world is much smaller, but we still have to deal with the language barrier.

Now when people ask how to translate a WordPress website, they can be asking how to do a number of things.

Are you asking a how to change the language of the WordPress admin area?
Are you asking how to change the language of the front end of WordPress?
Are you asking how to make the front end multilingual?

The good part is I cover all of that in this video.

Video Transcript

Ultimate Guide To Translate A WordPress Website And Make Multilingual

Thank you for joining me for another video my
name is Adam from were a make

videos for non-techies like me and maybe like
you and in this video we might run along gets

can all be about translating your word press
website now I only speak one language unfortunately

I only speak English and reading lists and
a little bit of Spanish I live in California

so there’s a large Latin population here and
I have a lot of Latin friends so I know word

here and there but that’s what I am limited
to and I’ve been getting requested left and

right on how to translate a WordPress website
and so I wanted to create this in-depth video

to cover it for you now when it comes to translating
word press were actually talking about three

different things maybe the first thing is
you probably want the backend part of word

press the admin area and all that you probably
want that translated into your language by

default it’s English but there are so many
languages that there is translation packs

already for but also your WordPress site is
made up of a theme in several plug-ins so

for the backend translation you will need
that translated as well and him and explain

how this whole back in translation thing works
then there’s the front end translation where

you would want the front-end part of your
website that’s the part that all your website

visitors see you want that in your language
translated and then the third part of translating

a website is if you want a multilingual website
where there are multiple language options

for the people that come to your site something
to try to hit all three of these in this video

in that order so be first is translating the
back end of WordPress now for this whole video

I’m going to be doing everything off of this
free done for you template that you see right

here that I launched about a week ago and
this is a free template you can download and

install this are you pulling down below to
it and what is can allow you to do is launch

an online learning environment and online
course where there’s students and there’s

lessons and there’s multiple courses and there’s
quizzes if you want their certificates issued

if you want it is completely free and since
launching this I’ve had people over and over

ask for this video and that’s why I’m making
this video and I’m going to use this in the

entire video so let’s first job in to translating
the back end of word press so here is the

backing of WordPress now WordPress has made
strides and is very admirable in making sure

that WordPress itself is it available in as
many languages as possible and they’ve actually

made this really easy so when you log into
the backend of WordPress and you go down to

settings you can click on the Gen. tab and
scroll all the way down and we have this option

here that says site language now what’s nice
about this is when you choose your language

then the WordPress will go to this site and
I’m initially the site and a second to see

if there are language translations for the
various plug-ins that you’re using as well

and if there is then you’re going to be able
to have your theme and plug-ins translated

and if there isn’t the next theme or plug-in
will not have a translation now this done

for you template that I put together is based
upon three core components the theme is called

generate press the front impeach builders
called Beaver Builder and what’s facilitating

all of the courses in the lessons and that
whole side of it is called lifter LMS and

the good thing is as these are all solid reliable
solutions for WordPress and they already have

a whole bunch of translations so before I
go and I flip the switch I just want to show

you how this works now it’s all linked into
this site right here called lot press and

I have no idea what Glock means maybe there’s
a meaning behind it but this is a way for

being developers and plug-in developers and
normal folks like you to get together and

make sure everything’s translated let me show
you what I mean the theme in each of those

plug-ins have a specific page on here so for
instance right here is the page on this site

for this theme generate press and you can
scroll down and you can see all the languages

that is currently translated into and the
status of all the other languages so we can

see for Romanian if 100% translated and then
you have a lot of these 9899’s and it tells

you how many bits of the themes still need
to be translated and so for here for German

it’s just one little bit all the main parts
of the femur ordering it to be translated

if there’s just one little bit that is waiting
for translation and you can scroll down and

you can see this change in it’s all in order
here so if I scroll down a bit so for instance

of Vietnamese you can see it’s only 44% translated
into the Vietnamese language we can keep scrolling

down and you can see all these different statuses
now what’s nice about this is if you are capable

of translating from English into your language
you can connect to any of these software developers

through this site in help them with the translation
and that’s where the whole community can come

together so if your language say for example
you speak Vietnamese you want a Vietnamese

translation when you’re not the only one that
probably wants it so if you would just connecting

with the developer through this site and start
Tran assisting them with the translation everyone

else would benefit off that translation so
that is how powerful this platform is and

how you can actually get involved to make
a difference and give back to these software

developers now don’t worry if your language
is listed here and it’s not fully translated

you will have two options one you can connect
and with the software developer and help them

with the translation in the alternative moment
to show you in a moment in a plug-in that

you can install but your own custom translation
in so this right here is generate press are

right here is the page builder Beaver Builder
now they have a really sweet deal with you

are really good at translating there’s a language
that they don’t have translated you can contact

them and if you do provide the translation
and it’s a good translation they will actually

give you right here it says and we’ll hook
you up with a free year of the Pro member

membership so you can actually have the paid
version of Beaver Builder for free if you

contribute to them in that way and that’s
normally $199 so it’s such a great deal that

they are offering there and so for Beaver
Builder you can click right here and see the

status of the plug-in or the theme go ahead
and click on the plug-in right here in so

we can see the status and I was talking to
them the other day they said they’re about

to launch about 20 or 30 new complete translations
so they might not be there yet eyes were seeing

right here but you can scroll down and you
can see how much of these have been translated

as you scroll down it’s pretty amazing how
far they come along so I would encourage you

to connect in with them if you want to help
translate in it something that your good at

doing so this is Beaver Builder and I hope
you’re noticing this is why I made this done

for you template using reliable stuff because
all translated I could just gonna picked any

old theme and try to build it in but there
would’ve been support to there would’ve been

translations it would’ve been a disaster I
want you to be the best shape possible anyway

so this is Beaver Builder next looks take
a look at lifter LMS it’s right here and this

is their status page on the same website and
you can scroll down here and you can see the

progress that they are making they only made
the plug-in translatable maybe six or eight

months ago so they’re making a lot of progress
in getting this translated and I’m sure that

they could use some help as well there is
a page right here that says how can I contribute

to the translations so you just click on this
contact us page contact them to get access

to begin assisting them with the translations
in the best part is when you help them translate

you’re actually helping everyone that’s good
to use Lester elements or whatever the plug-in

or theme is after you have a translation so
here is a lifter LMS so now there’s also one

more thing if your language is not included
or you’re going to want to do something totally

custom and unique there’s a solution there
is a free plug-in called local translates

not local Loco translate and ironically just
today they launched this version to you can

see right here of this plug-in I was playing
around with version 1 but now they have version

2 out and you can see right here this this
plug-in is active on over 200,000 websites

it’s got amazing reviews and it just works
and is really easy to use him and show you

how to use local translate in order to build
a custom translation or fill in the gaps of

a translation that might have a maybe 50%
done or whatever and you don’t want to contribute

or you don’t feel confident enough to contribute
in the translation so what’s go ahead and

log back into the backend of the website now
I actually already have logo translate installed

if you go to plug-ins and click on add new
all you have to do is type Loco right here

that all you have to do is type logo and there
it is and then you just click this button

to download and then one more time activated
and then it adds this menu here called Loco

translate so let’s walk around the Loco translate
first so when you go to the home of this plug-in

by just going to the home of menu item right
here it’s gonna first list out your active

team that you have activated and it showing
this child theme which should this is the

parenting the generate press and then this
can show you a list of your running plug-ins

and off to the site here it shows the language
sets so the way this works is you can see

if your language is available and if it’s
not this is what you do so we can go straight

to the themes here or the plug-ins here or
WordPress here I’m in a click on themes when

you click on themes you want to choose your
parent theme if you’re using a a parent-child

theme type of set up so in this situation
we are so you would click right here were

to generate press click on create template
and then right here we just need to click

it again click on create template and then
it takes you back here and now you can click

on new language again and now it’s can it
take you to this screen right here so first

you would choose your language right here
and this is gonna be the language were to

change word press into so you can choose whatever
language so I will just choose German and

then right here you can see there’s 185 strings
that need to be translated and that hundred

and 85 different little snippets of text that
you want to put into your language so then

you just click on start translating like this
and right here is where you receive all those

hundred and 85 strings I’m scrolling down’s
you can see there are real short little bits

of text like what’s the word for enabled in
your language disabled in your language content

layout in your language all these different
things and the way it works is let me scroll

back up to the top here so the first one there’s
archives so you would type what archives is

right here in German and then you would save
it and then he would go to the next one and

then you would save it and then you go to
the next one and you save it and on and on

and you can search for different strings of
text by just entering the string here you

can search for it so I wanted everything having
to do with the footer I can go footer like

this and you can see it’s already found it
right there and that’s pretty much all there

is to adding a custom translation for the
backend of WordPress if one does not already

exist so what I want to do now is show you
how to change your language in Word press

and then pull down the language packs for
the different themes and plug-ins that we

already know are available because we’ve seen
that it’s available here on got press so let’s

see what I try Italian so I know Italians
available here and then pretty sure times

available here and Italians available here
so why don’t I go ahead and translate this

site into Italian now being a English speaker
only this is how I do it I have two tabs open

both on these general settings right here
so let me open up another tab and what this

means is I can change the language in one
of the tabs but the other tab is already still

in English until I hit refresh I can go and
change my language quick and easy so here

we are excellent closes here we are to scroll
down and him to change this language to Italian

so it’s just scroll down here and there it
is Italiano I’m assuming that would be it

obviously in minimally click on save changes
and let’s see what happens here together so

you can see that some things have been translated
here and some things have not so we see courses

this is the lifter LMS stop and you can see
that hasn’t been translated and then you can

see right here is some of the generate press
stuff has not been translated into further

show you click on the customizer and this
should all be translated into Italian and

we’ll see if it is right now you can see it
hasn’t and I’m initially how to fix that right

now so let me get back into WordPress you
have to go to updates and you can see now

there’s an update available essentially what
we have to do is scroll down and click this

button here that says update your translations
or something like that like I said I don’t

speak the language so that when I click this
then everything should go into the proper

language summit click on it and it’s going
to go to the God press and you can see right

here it’s downloaded the translation for Beaver
Builder lifter LMS local translate and generate

press Soma click on here and now we will be
able to see the courses is now translated

and the lessons is all translated and lastly
I’m in a go into the customizer in you’ll

see that the different options in the customizer
have been translated as well and you can see

them right there so let me back on out here
and that is how you will go ahead and translate

your site in then you can go in your local
translate and you can even edit the translation

that’s on your local machine if you feel like
the translation is not accurate and I was

in researching this video I did see a few
videos on the local translate plug-in and

is some people were saying you should always
just make your own translation to me it seems

like a lot of work to do your own translation
though so anyways now because my little trick

I can go back here and I can change the in
the language back to English by just clicking

on save changes and now when I go here and
I do a refresh I should be all return back

to English so this is how your minute be able
to translate completely translate the backend

of word press and your theme actually has
portions of it that affect the front end of

word press that’s like where it will say categories
or tags or things of that nature so it also

translates little bits and pieces on the front
end of WordPress so we’ve already made it

through one of the three aspects of translating
now the second aspect of translating is actually

really simple that’s when you just want your
website in your language and it’s simple you

make your page titles in your language or
tags in your language or categories in your

language your content in your language your
menu items in your language etc. etc. that’s

simple now the third part of translating is
not so simple and not so straightforward and

that’s when you want a website that will have
more than one language and this is facilitated

with a plug-in and there’s two different options
I’m in a point you in the direction of so

let’s take a look at their websites right
now so first here is a free option that is

very very popular it’s called poly Lang K
now when I stroll down here we can see that

this plug-in is currently running on over
100,000 WordPress websites and it has amazingly

good rating right here you can see is over
423 five-star reviews on it in it’s a very

powerful now there’s pros and cons with Polly
Lange and they also have a paid version of

it that you could purchase now what it it
does, and actually show you comparison chart

in a second you can see what this doesn’t
it doesn’t do now what the former gold standard

was in translating is called WP M owl and
here’s their website and W PML does not have

a free version it’s only a paid version and
so when I see the differences then you can

make your decision better of which plug-in
that you want to use so you scroll down here

you can see they have three versions one is
29 the next one is 79 and the next one is

195 and there’s this great here that’s gonna
show you some of the differences between them

and I will say that Polly Lange had their
paid version is $99 but then they also sell

another add-on that’s $99 in additional $99
that will allow you to have multiple translations

for WooCommerce now W PML have axial images
use of the differences in these prices so

the 195 it looks like it’s a and it’s a lifetime
license or Juergen have lifetime support but

these other versions is $39 a year for updates
and support and then the differences are right

here it has to do with some custom things
as well so you might want to go ahead and

look at this different grid and they also
provide this comparison chart and this is

good but you always have to take a comparison
chart with a grain of salt because obviously

if there comparing their product to other
products or can always put theirs in the best

light so just take that with a grain of salt
but there is showing up Holly laying against

their $29 package and that more expensive
one that 79 now the you can hover your mouse

cursor over these questions to find out what
the act this feature actually is it might

not be what you think it is I reviewed this
and I really felt like this pricing chart

was very self-serving and you know who could
blame them so there is a translation management

like using translation management I want translation
management right but then when you hover over

it you realize it’s just you can have other
people being able to log in your WordPress

site to translate it for you which I don’t
really think is a big deal let me scroll down

to what I think is the most important differences
here WooCommerce support so if you are getting

used to view PML you need that $79 version
right here and you’re not to get that off

the 29 or the free poly Lang integration with
translation services this is actually cool

if you want your Lang your site in different
languages there is a real need integration

with WP malware you can just pay someone to
make those translations for you and it’s all

a seamless integrated process in your WordPress
website so that this integration with translation

services that you see right here scroll down
a bit quiet translation mode I don’t see the

importance of that Polly Ling does have SCO
features so that’s kind of a misnomer right

there is another example of this self-serving
nature of this pricing grid horses plug-ins

compatibility as is the ability use the plug-in
with other major WordPress plug-ins while

you can use Polly Lane with it it’s just a
lame line item here that I think actually

devalues the value of this comparison chart
right here and they’ll make it clear whether

there comparing the free version of Polly
Lange or the paid version of poly laying so

it’s pretty self-serving right here they are
the oldest and most established translation

plug-in this W PML though so anyway so you
can take it with a grain of salt and do what

you want so let me install poly laying someone
ago to plug-ins and let’s see I don’t think

I have it installed I’m going to add new and
I’m in a search for polyline hit enter and

here it is right here and I’m on WordPress
4.6 so now when you click install now it just

starts installing and then the buttons get
a change to say activate the sack just like

that and then it goes ahead and activates
the plug-in now what there is this can be

new option under settings right here this
is languages and this is for Polly Lange now

the first thing may prompt you with I don’t
know anything about this you’ll have to are

look into it on your own it says right here
I can click on this button and I can integrate

this thing with Ling lingo tech to automatically
translate my site into another language for

free I know that seems all too good to be
true maybe it’s like a machine that does the

translation which there might and might not
be that good anyway when you click on activate

lingo tech it essentially downloads the lingo
tech plug in and then integrates the two but

you can click on this more button learn more
and decide what you want to do some good and

click on close now is really simple to work
with Polly Lange it’s pretty amazing that

it’s free so the first step is to choose your
default language and there’s the drop down

here so for me it’s going to be English and
of course there’s a whole bunch of different

types of English I am choosing English for
the United States some I click on that and

it automatically fills a solid make sure it
chose the right flag and then go ahead and

click add new language in the world to see
the language here on the right now what you

do is you choose the next language you want
so let’s go with Italian see go to I here

it is Italiano and it put the right flag in
there and I’m a go ahead and click on add

new language so now we have these two languages
we’ve got English and Italiana okay now let’s

take a quick look at the settings because
there’s an important decision you need to

make and that’s right here is his URL modifications
Summit click on settings there and so this

is where you’re going to decide how the URL
is going to be for these different languages

okay so typically though there is a lot of
data next there’s a lot of different ways

you can configure this you can have it be
the language

or whatever or you can have it be the website
name/than the language abbreviation and those

are pretty much your options isolate cyclic
and right here so right here it says the language

is set from the directory name in the pretty
permanent links and this is what you’re different

language translated post would look like C
can see right there is where we have the little

bit that dictates the language translation
so this would be for everything whether it’s

in English and then if you change language
to Italian it would switch to the abbreviation

for Italian now there’s one thing you might
want to go if this is going to be the language

that is most used on the site you might not
want this/EN to be in the URL and in that

case you can click on this box right here
that would just not use this for the default

language and I recommend you do that so you
just go ahead and click on that and then click

on save changes but you can look through this
and choose the URL structure that you want

and that’s gonna what I would recommend others
will but your mother settings here that you

could look into in order to get the most out
of this plug-in for you so now that we set

that up when we show you how easy it is to
create a translated page pages right here

and then I’m going to go ahead and click on
this right here that says courses so it’s

super easy to create a translation of this
page into link the two together all you would

do right here is first you click on the plus
and that’s gonna take us to create a new page

amid type force is Italian urges courses IT
because I don’t speak any Italian output real

fancy word in the time there if I knew one
put your page content here in Italian order

using the page builder you can build your
page in Italian then all you have to do is

click on publish okay so now that we’ve created
the Italian version of this page we just need

to link the two Solomon to go back and click
on all pages a minute ago right here into

the original English version of this page,
and go right here and I’m going to start typing

the name was exactly what I name the page
and there it is courses IT now when I click

on it the two are linked so let me click on
update so that these two are now permanently

linked see you can see when someone’s viewing
the course in English or this page in English

as can have the domain names/courses and I
can click on this little edit button and it’s

gonna jump me right on over to the Italian
version and now it shows the domain name is/the

language abbreviation/courses-IT which is
the page name so you’ve just seen how easy

it is to take a page in the original language
take a translated page and then link the two

together so the next step is to have a translated
version of your menus and that is really easy

with Polly Lange you would just go to appearance
and then menus and you would create your menu

in the alternative language and then you would
go right here in you would assign it so right

here you’re looking at my primary menu in
English and then right here you would create

a alternative menu in Italian and then you
would assign it to the Italian translation

so this is how you would do that you click
on create a new menu and I can call this just

IT for Italian and click on create menu and
then I’m a go right here to pages and I’m

going to select the same menu items but just
the Italian version someone ago like that

not got my menu item in there and then I’m
in a choose right now I wanted assigned to

the primary menu location in Italian and then
click on save menu now you’re good and now

need a way to switch from English to Italian
or however many languages you have and there’s

this new menu option that you can add to your
menu in order to facilitate that switch so

it’s right here call the language switcher
so you want to add this to every menu in each

language so first and then added to the time
language of the click on it and click add

to menu and you can click on this little down
arrow and choose your different options how

you want this to show you want to be a drop-down
language name flags or whatever way that you

want this language switcher to appear sawmill
on check the language names and check on the

display flags and then I’m in a save it now
I need to do the same thing for the English

version of it so let me go to the English
menu right here click on select I’m in a click

on language switcher add to menu in him and
to do the same thing I’m going to switch display

flags because that’s how I wanted to look
animal to go ahead and click on save now just

to be on the safe side let me go to pages
and the Italian version of that page I created

and let me just put a little bit a page content
I’m just putting the word Italian there and

I’m been updated so now let’s see what this
looks like so many go to the courses page

in English and I can get there by just clicking
right here and here it is so now you can see

I got my menu and then right here I have my
flags now you could probably adjust the styling

of this to make one flag larger put less menu
spacing and that would be a CSS customization

now when I click on this a time flag what
should happen is this menu here should change

to show just that one menu item that I added
some click on that my URL just changed and

there it is fears that page announces Italian
and so you would obviously want to format

your Italian page same as your other language
page is only difference would be the language

but was the about this essay you have certain
imagery you can change the imagery on a per

location basis so that’s a nice thing about
having this separate content and you can see

right here the widget title changed to Italian
and all this is now in Italian song to go

ahead and click on the US flag right there
to jump back and guys that’s as it is simple

as it is to take word press into these three
different types of translation others tools

already there the the process couldn’t be
any easier now there could be some holes in

how I explain this and if you have further
questions or if you have any problems I’d

like to encourage you to just go ahead and
ask me in the comments section here and I’ll

get the right answers and if I need to add
to this video I will happily do so before

you go I have something for you and before
I get into that I wanted to ask you to do

something for me if you can give me a thumbs
up on this video and if you’re not a subscriber

click on the subscribe button right beneath
me if you have a question on this video be

happy answering you can also leave a comment
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together a course just for you and him and
they give it to you for free all you have

to do is click on the button right here on
the right is called the three steps to WordPress

success is an awesome course you’re gonna
love it I would love for you to join in and

enroll as a student in this thanks for watching
this video I really appreciated and I do it

just for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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    I have the same problem now I’ve chosen WP settings language to be Chinese but the LifterLMS on the left panel is still English.

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