Ultimate Guide To Change Fonts In WordPress Websites


  1. Abhijeet Saxena says:

    Hi Ada

    I’ve installed easy google fonts for activating the typography option for my wp theme. the problem I’m facing with this particular thing is that the google fonts are not active however I’m able to access standard fonts. If you can help me activate it I’ll be grateful.

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      The plugin automatically adds google fonts.

  2. After creating a Sela Child Theme by WordPress, I’ve discovered the customization features are limited. In the Header/Site-branding, I’d like to place a logo to the left and text to the far right. Customization of the Site Title, Tagline, & Logo allows a logo but the only option for text is the Site Title & Tagline. I’d like to hide those and place text with hours of operation & contact phone numbers. I’ve researched CSS documentation & videos but haven’t been able to find a fix. In lieu, I created a custom header but I want to do it right.

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      Yea, it sounds like you want customizations that your theme doesn’t make easy. In those cases you will need to custom code what you want. Also note, that if you are using a free theme, this is often the case. Using a paid theme will usually get you the options you would want.

  3. Mr Crafter you are GREAT. I followed a lot of explaining on the internet. But you are the BEST. I am watching now only your video’s. Thanx from the Netherlands

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      Your very welcome Ron. Glad that my video are making a difference for you.

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