by Adam Preiser updated May 18, 2017

How To Have Transparent Headers In Generate Press WordPress Theme


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Video Transcript

How To Have Transparent Headers In Generate Press WordPress Theme

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from where I make videos for

non-techies and I ministry something really
cool in this video and that’s how to get the

transparent header to merge with the page
you’re building with using the generate press

theme in any of the popular page builder plug-ins
and so let me show you what that’s going to

look like so here’s a very popular websites
and I actually file this website it’s a smart

passive income is one of the most popular
websites on the Internet you see how the header

area there is transparent it’s just kind of
blending in with whatever the background images

and that’s what a transparent header is and
you can see it in any of his blog posts here

are the or any of the pages here on the website
this transparent header so for instance when

I click on this you’d see how just blends
in very nicely with the background color now

what’s nice about how I’m gonna show you it’s
on a per page or per post basis and will also

work on custom post types so were you can
start to run into trouble is the colors of

those navigation links so you can see in this
example there were white and if the image

or whatever’s that’s gonna be behind it is
a light color can make it hard to see so let

me show you an example of that if I scroll
up I’m sure was good to be great example here

to be one of these images here) you have the
slight color there so I but when I click on

it it might make it a little hard to see she’s
what I’m talking about there with the navigation

it’s white and then you have the slight background
so makes it hard to see what’s nice about

how working to do it in the generate press
name is you can change that to be light or

dark depending on what’s going to be in the
background so to do this work and use the

generate press theme and were also need this
premium package that they have and it’s very

affordable to only $40 and you can use it
on as many websites as you want you to do

lots of really cool things with this premium
package and the purchase really goes to support

an awesome developer and this is one of my
favorite themes because it will work with

pretty much any page builder out there and
nowadays the way you build a WordPress website

is your primarily using a page builder so
you want to pair that up with a theme that

will give you lots of options to make it look
the way that you wanted to look but at the

same time have your website be very fast because
of efficient coding and having the theme be

lightweight so I do have a link down below
in the pinned comment area to purchase this

premium package right here some to go ahead
and jump into the test site that I have and

so this is going to be an example using the
popular page builder Beaver Builder now when

you have the premium package installed you’ll
have this option here where it says page header

now you don’t really see any options but if
you click on content and you just go ahead

and pasted this in bracket span bracket and
this right here it’s going to reveal all the

options and what we need to do to enable this
is what we are going to choose full with so

by default skin is a contained we need to
change at the full width then we would go

to advanced and we need to make sure merge
of the site header is active like this and

place content behind header is active by default
it will be off want to turn that on and then

right here words is transparent navigation
we want to turn that on as well and what’s

nice is this is where you have the control
over the colors of all the elements that would

be in a header like navigation links if you’re
just using a textbased title for your site

and set of logo you could do that now I don’t
have it on this site right now but if you

happen the settings a logo set there will
be another option here called logo because

what happens is depending on the color of
this background you might want to show a different

color of your logo so you want a version of
your logo that looks great on a light background

in a version of your logo that looks great
on a dark background and you’ll have that

option in here a logo option to change it
but because I don’t have a logo set in this

test site we don’t have the option right there
so anyways you will go ahead and enable those

now this is what this page looks like without
it enabled so I’ve got a separate header here

and then I start to have this page template
from Beaver Builder right there I have and

customize that this is not how I would have
my header look but anyways so go here I’ve

enabled those items and then I’m a go ahead
and click on updates and then when I go here

and do a quick refresh you can see everything
was pushed up a bit and it just works perfect

and you can see I actually changed this to
be wide by default it wasn’t white a second

ago and I did that in the advanced right here
were it said site title so if it was the default

like that it’s going to be a dark color and
you can see that example of where you can

even see it so the nice thing about the way
you can implement this is you have full control

over all the colors of everything on your
transparent header on a page by page basis

it makes it really nice so let me put that
back and you have full Beaver Builder page

editing function so if I click on launch page
builder you’ll see that normally you have

the section settings in the top right but
we don’t have that but if we school down it

appears down here is you can still get into
that settings therefore the row and it’s very

easy to get into it still so this is how you
would implement this on Beaver Builder and

I have another example here and this is using
Elementor and right here already have it enabled

you can see have got the span right there
I’ve got it set the full width and right here

I have these three set to on and I can make
a look however I want to and then this is

the end result this is using their wedding
template right here you concedes beautifully

put in there like that so it’s super easy
to do this it looks great on a mobile device

as well and you have the flexibility to change
the colors and tell you’ll just get comfortable

setting the navigation text and the links
and the hovering options and all of that so

I just want to bring you this quick tip so
if you don’t have the generate praecipe premium

package there is a link down below and it
will take you right over to their website

so that you can purchase it and I gotta say
this is the one of the best thing themes I’ve

really come across you know if you go and
you look at all the themes that are out there

in the different projects you want to do my
advice is always pick one theme and master

that theme don’t use a different theme for
every different project that’s what I like

about generate press you can use to generate
press with all these different page builders

it’s pretty much the ultimate theme for page
builders so anyways this is how you get those

really trendy popular transparent headers
before you go I have something for you and

before I get into that I wanted to ask you
to do something for me if you can give me

a thumbs up on this video and if you’re not
a subscriber click on the subscribe button

right beneath me if you have a question on
this video be happy to answer it you can also

leave a comment or question down below this
video hey I put together a course just for

you and I’m in a give it to you for free all
you have to do is click on the button right

here on the right it’s called the three steps
to WordPress success it’s an awesome course

you’re gonna love it I would love for you
to join in and enroll as a student in this

course thanks for watching this video I really
appreciated and I do it just for you.

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Hey Adam, thanks so much for this video. I am using Elementor and GP Premium, and when I use this technique, I can no longer get to the settings button for the top “section” in my elementor page builder. I saw in Beaver Builder that the settings button moves to the bottom of the section, but that does not seem to be the case in Elementor. Any tips? Thanks!

      1. Adam thats awesome, thanks for finding that for me you do a great job its definitely appreciated. Just got through your beaver builder course and it was great I loved every minute, I would prefer to use BB theme but I dont have much money right now so GP looks great. As a beginner, which theme do you personally recommend, if price didnt matter?

        Thanks again

        1. Price not being an issue, I still think I would recommend generate press, even though it’s the least expensive. The reason is because the developer is only focused on generate press and making it the best theme out there for any page builder. If you use the Beaver Builder theme, quite honestly they are focused on the page builder not the theme. This is why their theme isn’t as mature as it could be. And can you blame them? Their main bread and butter is from the page builder in their new product called Beaver Themer that’s going to be released in a few months.

          So if price didn’t matter, I would still go would generate press which is the least expensive.

          1. Nice! I can buy that now, I was going to wait till next week to get the BB theme but I will just buy the GP Premium, does generate press have an affiliate link? I can buy through yours if you have one as I have just activated the free theme for now because I am going to mess around with centering the logo so I can certainly wait to buy the premium.

            I think that it may be a little bit difficult for me to center the logo going through the forum topic but if I mess around long enough with Firebug I should be able to get it, my only concern was that it’s only supported by one guy but you mention he has been pretty committed to GP for years now so maybe not too bad and I can always swap theme I suppose down the line if needed.

            As a side note I think that would be a great topic for a video, centering the logo in the GP theme, I think that would be very helpful for a lot of people but just a thought. Cheers Adam enjoy your weekend!

          2. Yes I do have an affiliate link on my recommended page. In fact generate press is my top recommended theme right now.

            Talking about centering the logo do you mean having the logo centered in the header and then having the navigation underneath? If so this is an option already.

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