by Adam Preiser updated May 18, 2017

WOW! Thrive Ovation Review – Collect & display testimonials


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Video Transcript

Thrive Ovation Review

Welcome back for another video my names Adam from
where I make videos for non-techies in this

section can be reviewed video for a product
that actually is not out yet you can’t really

buy this for another two weeks but I’m so
excited about it I have it on my website I

thought I would make a quick video on it and
give you some of my first initial impressions

and then over the next coming days on to be
integrating this on a few of my websites now

I actually do for this problem that this plug-in
solves now this new plug-in is called it’s

got a wacky name is called thrive ovation
okay and it solves the problem that I actually

just experienced and so I wanted to about
my problem and ensure the plug in row quick

try to make this a quick and concise video
I’ve been working on improving some of my

websites and one thing that is missing from
my website is testimonials and I’ve done a

lot to help people in its nine arrest for
anything in return and I’m giving giving giving

and so I thought I need one thing that’s missing
and I need is testimonials of these people

that are more than happy to give me testimonials
I’ve done so much for them without getting

anything in return really and so I put a call
out to get some testimonials and I said just

email them to me here’s my email and can you
give me a a headshot and all these different

things so I got a bunch of emails from people
on their testimonials and I was grateful to

get those but I realized that it was a real
flawed process it just asked for people to

give you testimonials and to ask them for
certain things because I was a really guiding

them through the process I needed to guide
them through giving me a headshot I needed

to guide them through a series of questions
that help get the most powerful testimonial

out of them for basically what I’ve done to
maybe help them in whatever way that I have

helped them and then when you get these testimonials
are just in scattered emails and then it’s

hard to figure out a systematized way of delivering
them on your website and is basically a big

mess and that is exactly what this new plug-in
aims to solve its called Thrive ovulation

now is made by Thrive themes and if you have
a Thrive themes membership it includes every

plug-in that they release and they release
a plug-in geared towards marketing and conversion

and that’s why they made this because one
of the most important elements that you need

on your website is testimonials just think
about it when someone goes your website you’re

just another website you’re just another person
they really need to have that social proof

throw testimonials on your website in order
to realize who you really are and the value

that you bring and that’s why testimonials
is important and that’s why I was thinking

man I need testimonials before even knew this
was coming out so let me just jump over to

thrives website real quick so here is a page
where it talks about the different plug-ins

that they have to have the right content builder
I use that drive leads I use that for all

the pop-ups all my websites their landing
pages which are built into the drive content

builder I use those allocable plug-ins that
I don’t use as well I don’t use this one that

will at UAB split ties test post headings
I don’t use that there one called drive ultimatum

that I use for creating time-based offers
and discounts and they have a series of themes

you get all of this if you became a thriving
member you can go here to $19 a month or something

like that or you can buy their products individually
and as a is less expensive if you do that

however shows that product I have this agency
membership right here but if Yorty have a

drive membership and you’ve heard me talk
about Thrive leads in the different things

just a head on over to your dashboard in the
plug-in is right there and ready for you also

I want to add one caveat to this if you do
order the membership send me a copy of your

receipt because I am going to give you access
to my lead generation course you can buy that

on my website it’s $99 but if you did get
a Thrive membership through the link in the

description below or through my website and
he did get a Thrive membership forward me

your receipt and I’m in a go ahead and give
you access to this course for free because

in the course I go over a lot of these Thrive
products because it is the best toolset for

anyone that wants a conversion focused website
so anyways so what this does is thrive ovation

allows you to have a custom form on your website
that you can set up your questions and some

of the criteria and you can ask people to
go to this form whether you send them an email

or there’s something on your website in this
is where you first collect your testimonials

but you can also manually put them in here
and you can customize your questions one of

the best features is when they when some goals
are they put their email and it’ll search

the web for a headshot of them and they can
either use that headshot or change the headshot

so you can get an image of the person that’s
leaving the testimonial and that is huge it

helps people to see that these testimonies
are actually from real people and missing

leave and go to Facebook and see if there
is a picture of them on Facebook is pretty

darn select but then someone will leave a
review or testimonial interval and up right

here in your inbox of testimonials where you
can then do the most powerful thing you can

start tagging these testimonials so say you
have a website that might sell multiple products

you contact these different testimonials byproduct
and so you can show these testimonials on

those product pages and basically allows you
to show relevant testimonials anywhere on

your website where you would want them to
show the most annual get this hold up this

nice list of testimonials here that you can
approve or if it’s a testimonial you don’t

want to use you can rejected or not have it
show live in what’s nice is when you specify

where you want these testimonials to show
and you approve a testimonial it’ll automatically

go right in there so you don’t have to change
anything anywhere else on your website so

you go here you can choose the way you really
capture the testimonials so if you use the

right content builder is an element in that
or for me I’ll be using it via a WordPress

short code and there’s different styles there’s
three different styles to the testimonial

collection form negative and have it pop up
your nuts ride leads pop up but then here’s

the real power is as in displaying these testimonials
so let’s take a look at it and I would be

doing it via a WordPress short code so I choose
that click right here it says add new display

short code and let’s just say this is going
to be a a WordPress testimony only you can

name it whatever you want click save and continue
now I already know before I can really edit

the testimonial display sure code and look
at all the templates actually first need to

just put in a testimonial really quick some
manually do it because I haven’t set up a

capture form some go right back here to thrive
ovation and I’m a click on add new and so

I can just do this manual manually sought
to fill this out right now right so I filled

it out they didn’t put much of a testimonial
in here but I filled everything out and I’m

a go ahead and click on add testimonial oops
I forgot to put in the URL okay scenario

now I put my testimonial in there so now when
I went to do is I’m in a go back to that display

feature and I’m going to choose a display
template summary click on edit is can me into

another page and I can choose from any of
these display templates and these are gorgeous

testimonial display templates and they come
in three different styles you have grid that’s

reviewed have a couple side by side or stack
you have single testimonials and Ezra will

be just one testimonial and then you have
a testimonial sliders now there are so many

different formats I don’t want you to look
at this one and say I don’t like the green

so I’m not can use that and the reason is
because everything is still customizable you

can change all the colors and things like
that so I wouldn’t worry about that too much

so here’s your grid style like that here’s
your single testimonials right here when you

scroll down you have these slider testimonials
and Artie can see a few that I think are amazing

like this one right here slider even 11 so
we pick a single because I only have obviously

the one testimonial in their so let me go
ahead and choose that the job this is simple

right here the two single 13 click on it Sonoma
to click on continue and that brings me to

the display settings so you go ahead and click
on create new display template and what this

does is it allows you to either manually choose
the testimonial or you can choose testimonials

by tag and I love this option of adding it
by tag because I could be on the front and

approving testimonials and will automatically
be pushed in throughout my site so that you

stags now I only have that one tag in its
right here WordPress on checkbox that in a

gives me a settings your right to limit how
many testimonials are shown as a single templates

I’m just to choose one enemy click on continue
alright so now I can choose this to save this

for future use this selection song to click
your words is finished without saving is just

the one template agency is showing me, previewing
an of of what this looks like obviously if

I put my picture in there to look a bit better
but you can already see how nice this looks

now you have some options up here in versus
this you sure Heidi fields so right now I’m

showing my title which is video creator but
I can also click there to add my website and

see how went from video crater now the hyperlink
and I know for me one of the things I like

to do is if you do give me a testimonial I
want you to put your website link in there

so people can click through to your website
so I like to add that but if you didn’t want

someone’s title or role or website you can
literally just start on checking things now

it just shows my name but I like them all
their okay and you can change your tablet

here change your display settings and here
you can change your color so you can choose

if you didn’t like this green if you like
to read it you can choose a read like that

I do know in the future there and add it where
you can put your own custom colors in there

with the color picker this literally isn’t
even available to the general public yet if

you own any of the Thrive products you know
that they constantly are adding new features

and that’s one that I’m positive will be coming
soon so you can just go ahead and click on

save changes and that’s pretty much all there
is to creating a short code that I can then

put anywhere in my website to display testimonials
dynamically so this is really been a brief

video overview of this I’m gonna put this
through its paces on my own website

and don’t be surprised if I send you an email
asking you for a testimonial and we can work

this out together so there will be a follow-up
video to this video where I’m actually using

this all my life website but I can already
see how this is good to be a huge benefit

to anyone that has a website you gotta be
collecting testimonials they always say the

first thing you should do is start building
an email list I think that the second thing

would be to collect testimonials that you
can use throughout your website so it was

I have a link below to thrive themes website
and if you are going to just as product or

your in to purchase a membership remember if
you click on my link and purchase the membership

and send me a copy of your receipt I will
give you access to the lead generation course

that’s for sale on my website and if you just
want to buy this plug in the separately at

this time I don’t know what the price is going
to be but I will add it down below if you’re

watching this on YouTube work you’re watching
this on my website I will add the price down

below so you can know how much it costs the
price of their plug-ins typically range from

$39 up to maybe $99 so could be anywhere in
that price range but I see how this could

really be a mainstream plug-in how build all
sorts of different businesses can benefit

from it local businesses anyone with a website
that sells anything of e-commerce stores I

can see how this could be a huge huge plug
in so look out for a new video on this and

maybe about a week or two ago I have something
for you and before I get into that I wanted

to ask you to do something for me to give
me a thumbs up on this video and if you’re

not a subscriber click on the subscribe button
right beneath me if you have a question on

this video be happy to answer and you can
also leave a comment or question down below

this video hey I put together a course just
for you and I’m in a give it to you for free

all you have to do is click on the button
right here on the right is called three steps

to WordPress success is an awesome course
you’re gonna love it I would love for you

to join in and enroll as a student in this
course thanks for watching this video I really

appreciated and I do it just for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. hey adam, my issue is that after creating capture testimonials using wordpress shortcodes, i am not getting redirected to testimonial displaying templates page . please advice

  2. Adam thanks for review. What do you think on thrive ovation in compare with “Testimonials Showcase for WordPress — Excited!”. Have you seen that one?

    1. What I think is sad is, this is a plugin concept that I think everyone should implement, yet no one does. So it is the same with both, nobody is really buying them, so the developer is not really making them better. So its a crapshoot.

  3. Great video Adam,

    What an awesome plug-in. This is going to be super helpful and I’ll leave a testimonial on your site.


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