by Adam Preiser updated November 18, 2017

Thrive Content Builder Vs Beaver Builder WordPress Page Builder


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With so many new WordPress page builders, it can be hard to choose which one to buy.

Video Transcript

Thrive Content Builder Vs Beaver Builder WordPress Page Builder

Thanks for joining me for another video my
name is Adam from where I make

videos for non-techies like me and maybe like
you now in this video what I meant to do some

and give you some comparison of two different
content builders for your WordPress website

one of him is called Thrive content builder
in the other one is called Beaver Builder

and if you’ve been following me for any time
you know that I talk extensively about both

and I actually use both but there are some
overlapping features in I think people get

a little confused on what should they use
for their purpose because I’m using both and

I’m talking about both and the reality is
even others overlapping features of both of

them I use one of him for one purpose and
I use the other one for different purpose

now I want to explain that is best in as concisely
as possible in this video so here’s Beaver

Builder’s website now Beaver Builder came
out after his right content builder actually

write content builder was one of the pioneers
of this whole having a page builder a front-end

page builder for WordPress they were one of
the pioneers I think they came out I think

it came out in like early 2014 maybe late
2013 so they were really one of the first

pioneers of having a page builder because
they realize that building beautiful pages

in WordPress is kind of clunky and so that
was what they went after making easy for people

and Beaver Builder’s very similar now both
of them will work on any websites in there

some caveats that phenomena get into and both
of them have the different elements now Beaver

Builder there called modules in its right
content builder there called elements and

I’ll show you that as well and there to have
different elements they are right content

builder kind of has more elements geared towards
maybe a marketing purpose than to Beaver Builder

with will have an Beaver Builder is more geared
towards general website building and there’s

power features in Beaver Builder for that
purpose now there is one area that drive really

really shines and that is it also you can
use it for full landing pages they give you

over 100 landing page templates and they keep
adding new landing page templates so for me

I use Beaver Builder to build full websites
I think it’s the most powerful for that and

I’ll tell you why but I use the Thrive content
builder for the landing pages and my strong

suspicion and strong guests is at some point
in the next six months there probably can

add a B split testing to their landing page
creation part of Thrive content builder so

images show you some of the interface differences
and the difference of why I use Beaver Builder

for creating websites so I’m a bit Beaver
Builder’s website here is drive themes website

the price very similarly let me go to the
end of these right content builder page I’d

only saw this down below so you can just jump
over there on actually okay so thrice seems

a single site 67 unlimited sites 97 and what
is actually a nice benefits with drive themes

is that price includes lifetime of updates
but it only one year support so when you want

to renew your sport I don’t know maybe 30
bucks or something for your 40 bucks don’t

quote me on that I happen to have an agency
license Sessa Kossuth right content builder

Beaver Builder’s a little bit more expensive
but let me actually shoe that caviar it’s

as unlimited sites on thrice seems but it’s
only for websites that you personally own

and if you want to use it on client sites
if you want to use it properly you need this

agency account which is what I have Beaver
Builder is a little different if I go to their

pricing it’s right here $99 Unlimited sites
and sites for your clients and now Beaver

Builder will stop updating after year you’re
not to get any more updates you will have

to renew at 60 a 40% off so it be 60 bucks
the second year just to get the updates and

support so that’s one difference or unit you
your to pay for those updates if you want

them after your with Beaver Builder were you
don’t with Thrive content builder/one of the

differences okay so here’s the reason why
I use Beaver Builder versus thrive content

builder to build full websites here is Beaver
Builder I have it installed and essentially

website with Beaver Builder is a series of
rows those roles have columns and those columns

have modules in it that’s all website is so
I can go here I can say I want a three column

row drag and drop it and there’s row settings
and click on this little ranch and I can do

unique things to the background so for the
background I can make it a color photo or

whatever slideshow so it Sam wanted to make
it a color and there’s my background and I

want the text right here and want to make
sure that that’s a light color like white

now when you look at that you see the background
that I added is what’s called full with it’s

taking up the full width of the page you can’t
get that and thrive content builder I like

fullwidth modern web design is you have these
fullwidth elements and you just can’t do that

it’s right Compton builder unless unless you
also used a Thrive content builder theme however

I’m not of fan of some of their themes I think
they could use a little bit of work in I don’t

see where I would use them personally am so
you can get this if you use their theme you

can’t if you don’t I should really begged
them to make it so you can use these fullwidth

rows went without using their theme so anyways
with Beaver Builder this is one of the huge

differences and this is really one of the
main reasons why I will use Beaver Builder

to build websites Beaver Builder also has
some more powerful features for building websites

you can save an entire row and reuse it throughout
your website with Beaver Builder you can save

a row when you can make it a global row and
then you can use it on every page and you

only need to make the change one time in one
place and it updates it on all the places

where you are using that Row these are tools
that are necessary if you’re going to build

websites and that is some of the main reasons
why do that now if you want a little bit more

elaboration on that I have a video comparing
the free version of Beaver Builder to the

paid version and I go in detail on what these
save modules rose templates and all that kind

of stuff is and the global function of them
in Beaver Builder if you want more information

of that on on that particular topic you don’t
get those global rows with right content builder

however you do have the ability to save and
reuse things him so I will give them that

also with Beaver Builder you can use saved
rows or modules in places where you normally

can’t use the content editor and that something
you don’t get with Thrive content builder

unfortunately and to cut a geek out on you
little bit for people that are building WordPress

websites they want to use tools that do things
the WordPress way Beaver Builder does things

the word press way if that matters to you
worth right content Boulder does not do things

the WordPress way which is totally fine I
mean I could care less about the WordPress

way or another wake but it might be an indication
of more flexibility down the line if you do

things the WordPress way slows her some things
I really like about Beaver Builder no one

actually worth right content builder shines
okay so I’ve got okay with this is done at

the right content builder so with the right
content builder you would go to pages you

would go to add new let me just create a new
page Mike Batson click on publish and then

click on this boxes is edit with Thrive content
builder now some have said and I do have to

agree is much as I love thrive and I’m used
to thrive there is it is a little cumbersome

now I don’t have a problem with that but I
have heard of people having problems with

it because they feel that it’s cumbersome
okay so the main reason A’s thrive is for

the sinkhole thrive landing pages you can
create a page Ingo here you click on this

will drop down and click on choose landing
page and then we get this box it pops up I’ve

got default landing pages that it comes with
when you install thrive counted builder I

have many pages I can save and I can actually
export in reuse which is awesome and then

there’s a single drive template cloud and
that is where they’re making more templates

that are available to you but they’re just
not on your local WordPress you go there you

can just immediately downloading music so
I’m just gonna scroll a little bit and you

can see template after template after template
and I’m not saying that to be sarcastic or

down it’s awesome that you have all of these
templates that you can use as a starting point

this is really like in my opinion elite pages
killer so you can scroll down to check this

out Drive template cloud so essentially you
can just pick the template you want to apply

it so say I had in auto repair business here’s
a perfect landing page for an all repair business

I can just click on download wait a second
and then I’m in a click on open and now I

have this automotive specific landing page
on my site ready to go right now in all you

have to do is click to edit now I do like
the way you change things and thrive content

builder better in Beaver Builder you for click
on tax it pops up a box in the nuts were you

make your change and right accountability
just click on it like that now you do get

this pop overseer that allows you to have
options for formatting the whatever element

you’re using so I can use this color palette
to change colors you got your typical centering

in the line meant in bold stuff there are
font sizes and stuff like that but you just

click and type just like that I really like
that and then you click off and you can click

on this the duplicate elements like that and
you have full control over it now I personally

I’m used to using Drive content builder I
don’t have a problem using it but some people

do and some people have had trouble so that’s
just one thing to think of but you have totally

different elements here on the right with
right content builder you have more and you

have really unique ones here that have little
bit more of a marketing kind of twist onto

it so like there’s some countdown timers that
really do some tricked out stuff and you can

see you got this professionally designed a
landing page with just a few mouse clicks

like that so so that is where I think thrive
content builder shines is in the ability to

rapidly deploy these landing pages and they
look really quick I mean you really gotta

hand it to thrive content builder and how
they build their product for speed in it it’s

actually very very fast so it’s up to you
to determine if you feel that it’s intuitive

enough so for instance if I wanted to change
the background image I would click over here

on the side like that and you see I don’t
have an option to change that image so then

I think I actually have to click on this little
bit here let’s see if that’s it no that’s

not it, down here up there it is page section
options so this right here is where I would

change my background image so it is up to
you if you feel like this is being intuitive

enough for you but for me I really like the
design style that they’re now implementing

in Thrive landing pages I’m currently working
on a template right now so if I go to choose

landing page I can easily change it and it’s
right here in the Thrive cloud so I scroll

to the bottom it’s down here at setting this
storyteller batch was nice about their landing

pages as they release them in batches so I’ll
have maybe and often template a thank you

template a sales page template they all go
together she can see this is an entire five

landing page packet called the storyteller
and it’s really a beautiful template pack

so here is a opt in so I can click on download
and another feature that thrive landing pages

thrive, the builder has it also has a matching
pop ups or if you’re generating leads so let

me click on open and you can see this is storyteller
landing page because he is just formatted

in designed it beautifully are they do a really
good job with designing these landing pages

and you know you can just click and start
changing things so for me I use both I use

a Beaver Builder for building full websites
even though I can use Beaver Builder for making

landing pages you can totally do that but
I use Thrive landing pages for instead because

I really like their designs and some of the
features that you’re able to use on those

landing pages and actually one last thing
to that with Beaver Builder when you’re building

a page you’re still stuck with the header
and the footer of your theme okay now is a

way of hiding that with some some code and
I’m sure Beaver Builder will give that to

you if you ask their support for your particular
theme and if you’re using the Beaver Builder

theme which costs more money you can hi those
so typically on a landing page you want to

get rid of the themes header and footer now
with right landing pages it’s almost totally

separate from your theme even though it coexist
on the same site so you don’t have to worry

about hiding the header and footer because
it automatically does that for you you don’t

even have to worry about it and that’s a big
deal when it comes to landing pages you typically

don’t want your header on a landing page because
you’re essentially the landing pages to force

someone into one action if you have your header
navigation using click on these five links

and go look in my fancy logo it kind of takes
away from converting them to whatever you’re

trying to do so anyways that is my take on
these two I use them both they both are excellent

I use them both for different purposes but
you don’t have to do it like me you can use

right accountant builder and thousands of
people have used ricotta but cut the builder

to build entire websites and that’s great
in the same thing with Beaver Builder you

can use it to build landing pages and thousands
of people are doing that too in that is great

but I just would rather use the best tool
for the job and that’s what my opinion is

of what is the best tool for the job so sorry
guys I’m a fan of both enter both by built

by rocksolid companies amazing companies amazing
staff and developers and I only pay for them

both so anyways I’m going sound both down
below and tell me what you think about the

content of this video and love to hear your
opinion if if this help clarify anything or

if you have a different take on like to hear
that to really quick and you do something

for me if you’re watching this on you too
can you give me a thumbs up and I want to

invite you to subscribe to this YouTube channel
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this time with me and I can’t wait to make
another video for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the Full width templates plugin. I’m using TCB v 1.57.17 and have no problems using it full width with the following themes:
    Socrates Theme, Astra, GeneratePress, OceanWP and even Newspaper 8.

    This is allowing me to use TCB with really SEO efficient themes instead Thrive Themes.

    1. Yes but are you getting the right settings options to set backgrounds in full-width rows?

  2. Hi Adam,

    I own both Beaver Builder (Pro) and Thrive Themes (Agency). I would love to reduce my costs and just be able to use one or the other. I would prefer to have BB as my one-stop, go-to package (I prefer the BB theme over any of the TT themes), but BB has critical weaknesses:
    – Limited templates
    – No forum support (you have to send in a ticket and wait for a response up to a day or more)
    – Additional plugins, like the new Beaver Themer are extra and not included in the Pro or Agency packages. (TT includes all new additional plugins at no extra charge)
    – Not crazy about the backend builder way of doing things

    Thrive Themes has weaknesses too:
    – Themes are not that great and are currently not being updated with new features
    – The Content Builder can be buggy at times
    – The Content Builder leaves shortcodes behind if you stop using the plugin (this is supposed to change with CB 2.0)

    Where Thrive beats Beaver Builder hands down is support (massive forums, great ticket response time, Thrive University, Shane’s blog posts and training, webinars, etc.) They’re also focused on conversion, so you get the related plugins for list building, landing pages, quiz builder, countdown timers, etc. If TT Content Builder 2.0 turns out as good as it sounds, and if they would improve their themes, I’d move exclusively to Thrive and consolidate my tools in one package.

    1. Thanks for adding your take on things, it’s most welcome. I will let you know that I have personally used v2 of Thrive Themes this past week, and it is very promising. It is totally different and totally new. What you have with Thrive Themes is a fully integrated suite of marketing tools.

      With that said, v2 of Beaver Builder is right around the corner. Should be released next month sometime. They have done a pretty good job of keeping it under wraps, so it should be interesting to see what happens there.

  3. Great video. I’m beginning to see what makes these two different. Thank you

  4. Thanks Adam. You’re making a very good job and I’m learning so much because of you.
    I really do appreciate you’re doing this for free too.
    Congratulations from France !

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