Studiopress Sites Review – WordPress Managed Web Hosting Is It Worth It?

Updated: January 23, 2018
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People have spoken and they want easy!

Easy setup, easy maintenance, easy money, you name it people want easy everything.

Studiopress Sites is trying to answer your call with an easy to implement managed WordPress hosting solution.

In this video I give, kinda, a critical review of this manages WordPress hosting service.

The main question is it worth the money? You can buy 3 years of website hosting for the cost of 4 months with StudioPress sites.

Studiopress Sites Critical Review

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from were I make videos for

non-techies now in this video on the new talk
about and give you some initial impressions

of a new posting service that just came out
in a minute just bring up some points on it

in that is from Studiopress now Studiopress
makes the Genesis theme and they have a series

of child themes to go with the Genesis theme
and they also have a hosting platform called

the rainmaker platform something like that
where it’s a managed kind of hybrid type of

hosting where they’ll host one website and
I think the cost of that might be 100 or hundred

and $50 per month so Studiopress just launched
a lower-priced hosting where you get some

of that manage the benefits of having a managed
hosting account but it costs less than their

rainmaker platform so this cost about 1/3
of that they have two packages and one is

about $20 per month and the other one $37
per month which is more a premium type of

hosting so I want to give you here’s their
website right here I want to give some initial

impressions of it in this video so what the
goal is of this hosting platform is to take

all the technical work out of installing WordPress
and having to kind of manage it yourself and

do update yourself and wondering if I have
the right hosting package to handle the amount

of traffic that I have on my website there’s
these different considerations that normally

go into choosing which web hosting company
to go with that they want to eliminate not

give you the best example I can come up with
so the best analogy I can come up with is

when you go to buy a new smart phone you can
get an iPhone from Apple you can get an android

from any number of providers when you go to
Pine android they tell you how much Rams and

at the spot of the processors megahertz and
all this kind of stuff and you go in you by

your android phone but when you go on by your
Apple phone you do you do pay a premium for

it and they don’t list how much of Rams and
the phone they don’t list the megahertz in

the gigahertz and all those hurts that you
don’t really care about knowing you just want

a phone that you know is going to work it
is going to be reliable and you don’t have

to deal with all that stuff honestly I’m an
iPhone user I’ve used in answering I’ve always

preferred an iPhone and I tried going to an
entry for year and I went back to an iPhone

there’s definitely something to be said for
paying more money for something but you get

perhaps an easier experience or you can get
into it a little easier and that’s kind of

the way I view the Studiopress sites now I
would have a full detailed review of it I

have a couple things on talk about this video
but I will go through a detailed of human

order the service I’m going to just document
the whole process and give you more in depth

review and also put that down in the pin comments
when it’s available and maybe like a week

or so and right now you see a lot of people
reviewing this service where they haven’t

even used it and I think a lot of that’s because
Studiopress is gained a lot of goodwill they

have a lot of contacts there’s a lot of people
they have relationships with in their blindly

reviewing it and I’m not to do that I’m not
in a blindly review something just because

it’s a company run by some maybe nice people
that you know are really nice the people and

have a lot of goodwill I’m not going to do
that him and actually use it so want to caution

if you’re reading any reviews a lot of these
people they don’t use it they haven’t use

it they’re not going to use it but they’re
just writing your review to kind of throw

them a bone and you know it is what it is
but I’m not can it do that so let me just

scroll down to the pricing to show you how
that works and give you some initial thoughts

such as pick your plan I want to click on
this now what it does is it comes with when

you order it it’s only for one website you
only get the host one website not more than

one website you don’t get to have an email
so doesn’t come with email hosting or anything

like that it’s literally just hosting one
website you don’t get to host on the subdomains

that would be a little prefix in front your
domain name you don’t get any that is literally

just one website also these prices do not
come with a domain name so that’s another

thing you’re going to have to purchase and
you can even purchase a domain name through

them so you have to buy it someplace else
and then connected so that kind of the odd

thing is if they’re selling this is something
that’s going to take all the technical hassle

out of it for you will you have to start with
some technical hassle so you can’t really

have is a selling point you don’t have to
install WordPress when you still have to do

all this technical stuff of connecting your
domain name in and changing DNS servers and

all that just to get it going now for anyone
that’s a developer that’s super easy stuff

but for beginners it’s something that they
have to figure out albeit it’s really not

that complicated there is a a lot of questions
as far as a service code do they backed up

how often do they backup how do you retrieve
a backup how do you revert to a to a backup

it is any of that going on and I have a question
I’ll find out as soon as I order it can use

anything you want are you or are you stuck
with the Genesis theme or Genesis child thing

can you install any plug-in that you want
typically in these manage WordPress environments

they have a lot of control over themes and
plug-ins and there are themes and plug-ins

they won’t let you run on their hosting service
so I don’t know if there like that now one

of the things it does come with is it comes
with axis to use the Genesis theme in all

of their child themes that something that
you don’t have to purchase typically it’s

$100 if you bought Genesis and a child theme
or if you bought all of their themes would

be 300 or something dollars so they do let
you use or have access to those when you’re

hosting the website through Studiopress sites
but as you can see it’s kind of expensive

so when we look right here if you go to build
quarterly it’s 27 and 37 a month if you go

to build annually the cost goes down so you
can’t go month-to-month which is fine most

Webhost you can’t go month-to-month and at
least they have a quarterly option but you

can see the cost here so for instance I recommend
InMotion hosting I use them they’re fantastic

you can see that whole iPhone and that android
analogy an example of that right here this

is more your android webpage where you got
more information and then here is more your

iPhone we have less information and it looks
prettier the least expensive plan with InMotion

let you post to websites and actually when
you go to their site via order new

they have a special discount for my viewers
here on’s on YouTube where the discount is

not 25% it’s actually 57% so instead of 599
per month it’s 295 per month so when you do

the math you can host two websites for three
years on InMotion hosting for the same cost

that it is to get a quarterly plan of their
e-commerce package here on Studiopress sites

so that gives you an idea of the costs and
this doesn’t come with the domain name and

that does come with the domain name this is
one website that will be two websites but

you can also have subdomains on that you can
on this the InMotion hosting let you have

email this won’t let you have email now the
question is who is this really for and are

you going to really get more of a value for
that premium that you pay keep in mind three

years of InMotion you get a lot more but three
years of that is the same cost is four months

of their commerce package so the question
really is you get your money’s worth and I

use these manage WordPress hosting services
before I used WP engine and honestly I wasn’t

that impressed with it I didn’t feel like
I was really benefiting that munch and I found

that when you go with like emotion hosting
that using your traditional hosting environment

but these manage providers they have their
own custom environments and in there was a

lot of problems there was a lot of problems
getting SSL certificates there’s a lot of

problems with support when I was using WP
engine and I was paying $100 per month and

I just didn’t see the value and I’m sure they
made improvement since then this is like two

years ago and I would hope that they would
have but that was my experience back then

I discovered that you really it’s not really
worth the money extra money or paying you’re

not really getting more for it now who I think
this is for his people number one that ordeal

like Genesis themes and they already like
the theme and the child themes and they are

developers and they like to use Genesis on
all of their projects I think those are the

people that this is perfect for and those
are the people that are going to be really

singing its praises but I think there’s another
group of people that I think this is perfect

for anything is people that have an existing
website with a lot of traffic so typically

the main benefit you get for paying these
premiums is when you put your website there

it’s not gonna crumble under a heavy load
of traffic so if you’re getting say 10,000

or 20,000 unique visitors per day it’s not
going to buckle a socket to slow down is not

can affect the performance of your website
those are the people that I think stand to

gain the most so with my website I get a lot
of traffic so if I put my website here it

would be a good benefit because all these
other managed hosting providers they charge

you per the traffic you get so the packager
forced into is based upon how many monthly

unique visitors and so I think that is one
of the most unique selling points for this

service is it says right here for their commerce
plan now if you start with the 27 plan and

you start get a lot of traffic I’m sure that
you say you gotta go up to that commerce plan

because you’re just getting too much traffic
but when you scroll down here to the frequently

asked questions they say I think is right
here it says they are there not been a nickel

and dime you ever so I would definitely hold
them to that because I’m sure of your websites

getting a million unique visitors per month
they might want some extra money but then

it’s kind of contradictory language you’re
going to read on this webpage and this is

why you should always read these so right
here it says were not going to nickel and

dime you ever but they don’t say how much
traffic how much is too much how much storage

space they don’t say any of this stuff so
it’s a little worrisome to me and then when

you actually go up here in your ordering it
says right here for the $27 a month plan it

says for a personal or small business website
will personal and small business websites

are typically sites with very little traffic
a lot of the small business customers I’ve

had in the past they might get maybe a thousand
unique visitors in a month because it’s just

a small business or a small local business
so I think they’re really pushing you into

this $37 per month plan and that’s kind of
where they want people to go so I think the

real benefit is if your using a hosting service
right now that is costing more than this 37

and this might be something good to look at
to try this out because you could save some

serious money because you do need to pay money
when your website gets a lot of traffic so

that you can have the most stable reliable
hosting that is possible that being said I’ve

used my InMotion account with 30,000 unique
visitors and I’ve had no problem there’s no

downtimes there is no slow down but then it’s
optimized right I’m using a caching plug-in

on it to make sure that the speed is there
when the people or on my website so you really

have to make this kind of a judgment on your
own now here’s what I’m going to do I’m going

to order this I’m been attested I’m going
to test the speed of it in a minute take the

identical theme in child theme I’m been a
put it on InMotion and I’m going to test it

there and I’m gonna do some comparisons now
I’m also been a test if I can use my own themes

in my own plug-ins and see what the speed
is for that heck I might even throw my website

on their a copy of my website and see if they
let me do that and see how fast that runs

on their service so all of these questions
I’m going to answer in a video that I’ll probably

have out in a week or so and I will put a
link down below in the pinned comment and

if you want to check out InMotion hosting
you could check that out now I have a link

down below now like I said it showed 25% off
but if you go to the link that I have below

which is order new instead of
25% off it’s gonna be 57% else you can save

some extra money there and it really makes
it a great first start plan to have two host

your websites so what do you think about Studiopress
sites and some of the things I’ve said in

here I don’t claim that I know everything
about it and I these are just my initial impression

so don’t be that harsh on me down in the comments
section below I’m definitely going to have

a thorough video on this platform just to
share it with you but let me know your initial

thoughts down below in the comment section
I’d love to hear from you but let’s keep it

polite on this one I am feeling it could be
a contentious issue because you made it to

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Adam @ WPCrafter

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