by Adam Preiser updated December 27, 2017

Strategies To Level Up Your Web Development Business & Beat Isolation


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Sometimes running any business, especially a web development business, can be challenging to start successfully.

Sure anyone can sell a website, but not everyone can turn it into a growing business.

In this video, I talk about some resources to level up and get connected.

Video Transcript

In this video to talk about how you can level
up your word press website development business

hi my name is Adam from where
I make WordPress videos for non-techies and

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for you so in this video working to talk about
its wealth primarily for people that are building

websites for other people but it goes for
me I I don’t build a website for people anymore

I have my own website that I always am trying
to improve and make as good as I possibly

can make it so this video really talk about
I guess that is leveling up your business

of building websites for people or if you’re
maybe a individual that is at home all the

time working from home I think this video
were good for you and I actually been working

from home solely from home for the last three
years my video Studios at home I pretty much

a mid-home all of the time and so some of
the things that I want to talk about her really

can help people in that situation as well
and so the first thing I want to talk about

is plugging in that is the best thing that
I have found to level up your business of

building website is plugging into the right
groups of people in the right types of content

to really help get your mind out of the bubble
that you can easily find yourself into were

all susceptible to that were we can just our
whole thinking just becomes inside a little

bubble we got a kind of poke that bubble and
get outside of the bubble and so want to talk

about some resources right now to help you
to do that and I guess that’s the main concept

of this video is getting outside of that bubble
that we can sometimes put ourselves in especially

if you are working from home and not in an
office with other individuals so first of

all I want to talk about some resources for
learning and hearing about other web developers

and what they’re doing successfully and a
great list of resources are some of these

podcasts that you might find and I want to
share with you some the ones that I personally

listen to what my favorites is from Lee Jackson
and his podcast is called WP innovator and

I really love his insights and the different
content and the people he’s bringing on for

this podcast and you can find this at his
website angled crown and essentially he has

a web development and design business and
he has a wealth of knowledge and experience

on that in different strategies and he’s bringing
people on that share their strategies and

how they’re growing their business or their
web development businesses become even more

successful I really appreciate that another
one is WP builds in this one is been primarily

geared around the Beaver Builder community
the people that use Beaver Builder as a tool

to build their website but is actually fine
for all kinds of different web developers

are using all different kinds of tools he
they are actually the two folks that run this

our big contributors in the Beaver Builder
community and there are really great guys

and I actually listen to many of their different
podcast episodes that you can find here and

you can find [email protected] I really like
them and another one is WP tonic and you can

find [email protected] and I’ve actually
been a panelist on their podcast but it’s

also a video or listening you could watch
the video version of it or you could listen

to it and I’ve been on a couple of these lately
I was on 196 right here about landing page

tools I was on 194 right here which was useful
WordPress plug-ins I’m going to miss the show

this Friday it’s live every Friday but you
can come here and watch the recorded version

or listen on iTunes or whatever what I like
that’s different about this show is there’s

a panel of people so there’s lots of ideas
and lots of different ideas which is a very

fun it’s a really good listen I know the topic
coming up this Friday is all about membership

plug-ins and there’s gonna be some more topics
coming up about running a business on the

WordPress ego system and so that is a place
where you can find me outside of my YouTube

channel is it right here and you can kind
of hear my unscripted comments on things I

have to make sure to watch my tongue can sometimes
say things that I probably wouldn’t say if

I had thought through it and knew knowing
it’s good to be out there but that’s okay

you can see the real me there right here on
WB tonic on Fridays next I want to talk about

a more intimate way of plugging in in this
would be joining Facebook groups for the different

products or services that you might use or
also the more broad Facebook group so all

these podcasts I talked about here the WB
innovator podcast they have a Facebook group

and it’s really a high-quality Facebook group
where you have people that are building websites

for other people and you can ask questions
it’s probably one of my favorite smaller more

intimate Facebook groups and WB bills I’m
actually not in their Facebook group but I

know that they have one as well and the one
you’ll see me a lot of times and is right

here it’s the Beaver Builder Facebook group
and I do have a link if you go to my website

and click on my Beaver Builder resource link
it’s gonna be right here but I’ll put a link

down below in the video description to it
and it’s funny I was actually looking at this

the text I had here it’s is almost 8000 members
well when I actually first put this page up

they were at 3000 members so it’s a highly
growing group in it’s not just about Beaver

Builder and that’s what I like about this
group there’s a lot of high-end quality web

developers that are really contributing back
and forth and it’s just a great way to bounce

your ideas off of other people and see what
their experiences are and I really feel this

plugging in is a really good thing especially
if you are work from home and with working

at home comes isolation it helps you to feel
a little less isolated and as actually been

one of my go to things I really have been
enjoying the various Facebook groups that

you will find me in and there’s another one
as well for Elementor to page builder-based

one but I really like the quality that I and
the experience in the WP innovator Facebook

group and there’s a variety of them as well
and another thing that you could do is go

to these things called word camps confess
I’ve never been to one but the one that I

have up I’m actually going to be added to
and it’s actually not this week and it’s next

weekend June 10 and 11th you can actually
see this a list of attendees right here in

there I am I’m actually going to at 10 this
I’ve never been to one but I want to go there

and I’m to get to meet a lot of people that
I’ve talked to on Facebook and I’m in a get

to meet some of the developers and creators
of the products that I use the power my business

for example here the people behind Beaver
Builder going to be there the people behind

Divi are going to be there the people behind
the give plug in which I did a review on recently

are going to be there and you can go here
and you can see this long list of people that

are going to be there and if you’re actually
going to be there come and say hi I’m not

in the know anyone really at all there I’m
going anyway and I’ll be there all weekend

so deftly come and say hi to be good to meet
you and so so these were camps essentially

what they are there organized and they’re
all over the world and it’s typically a weekend

of events there is a around of speakers on
different topics and a lot of them have different

tracts so you have like a beginner to WordPress
track that probably wouldn’t be you but then

they have business tracks and that probably
would be you and it’s a great resource to

meet people I haven’t been to one I know people
that have been to them and I’ve heard that

they can also be a lot of fun hopefully I
won’t get into too much trouble now another

resource is primarily going to be for people
that are in the business of building websites

for other people and that’s over at WP elevation
and what they do is they have they only open

it up I think three or four times per year
they probably have the most reputable highest

quality in depth business training program
for web developers so they are actually you

have opening enrollments right now I think
just opened up a little while ago and they

also have a ton of free content that’s great
to go there and listen to they also have a

podcast and I’ve listened to some of those
episodes as well but you can go and see right

here it is a membership program and a blueprint
of strategies for structuring and growing

your WordPress consultancy business and I
am not part of this membership program and

the reason is because I don’t build websites
for other people but on my YouTube channel

and on Facebook group I’m interacting with
people that are in the WordPress website building

business and I see nothing but rave reviews
for this WP elevation training program but

I think the real value in it well first of
all the value is in the actual training on

how to structure your business and I think
what they are really daring you towards is

opening your mind in product height using
your business and really having some structure

in their some strategies to structure it in
a way that just makes sense of the building

websites for people it’s there’s like no barriers
to entry right my neighbor can one day decide

that they want to build websites for people
they can watch a video on YouTube learn how

to use WordPress and say here’s so website
for this much money but there’s a lot more

to successfully running a WordPress based
business like that and that is the strategies

are and learn in this training program but
what I think that greater value in is in this

is the structured men touring and the community
of people that are going through this process

together so you can go to the website here
I’ll have a link down below and you can see

everything that’s involved in the program
and there’s a lot of back-and-forth of all

men I do know that they have lots of conference
calls were you can interact with the different

instructors and the larger community you can
see right here the program also has 58 webinars

six weekly grouping coaching calls just so
much to it but I think the real values get

to be right here is in their private only
member members only Facebook group I think

that’s where you’re really get the value out
of this program here to get it out of all

of it obviously but I think that right there
is the money and they got a ton of resources

and their documents resources marketing materials
everything you could want to really be serious

about your business of building websites for
people this is really where that bubble is

where you can easily find yourself in a bubble
and how to charge for things and how to structure

things and you can just find yourself in this
bubble you really want to bust out of that

bubble and see things in a broader view and
probably see a lot of areas where you’re leaving

money on the table it’s definitely going to
be in the WP elevation training program soon

come here I’ll give you link down below and
you can read all about it now I will tell

you that it’s not a cheap program and that’s
actually good and bad right I mean who wants

to spend a lot of money on something but for
your business and that this is really at this

is really and I would have no hesitation joining
WP elevation if I was in the business of building

websites for other people it’s pretty amazing
I would actually say the pricing right here

it’s not cheap like I said so to purchase
the course it’s $1500 and they have a payment

plan so the 12 month payment plan it’s only
$167 per month III find parting with a chunk

of money $1500 that’s a lot of money to part
with I probably personally wouldn’t do that

but I can easily see myself doing the 297
a month for six months or the 167 a month

for 12 months for everything that it will
bring to your business I think your ROI meaning

you’re investing this into your business would
be so high with this you will get so much

more out of it on your business if you’re
serious about having a very successful business

developing websites for other people so anyways
this is WP elevation I will have a link down

below but I definitely want to encourage you
to at least take a look at it and see if it’s

something for you but I’ve talked about a
lot of different resources in this video and

I’m can add them all down below so you can
just click and go where you need to go or

want to go and now I actually want to open
it up for you to kind of join in on this discussion

in the comment section down below if there’s
something that I left out I know there are

other podcasts I know there are other high
quality Facebook groups and there are other

things and resources out there I want to ask
you to share them down below or maybe some

strategies of how you have been able to kind
of plug in get out of the bubble and how you’ve

been able to do that

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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