by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

How To Setup A WordPress Staging Environment

Not using a staging environment to update, maintain, and modify your WordPress site? That is a huge mistake that can cause some serous heart ache. In this video I will show you how easy it is to setup a WordPress staging environment for your WordPress website.


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It is a good practice to make significant changed to your WordPress website in a staging test environment. For small changes to your WordPress website, this is not necessary, but when updating themes, editing CSS styles, or adding functions to your website, you really should take the extra step and work in a development environment. You don't want to be there person that wrecks havoc on your website because of an accidental change.

When to use a WordPress Staging Environment

  • Updating a WordPress theme
  • Installing new WordPress plugins
  • Editing CSS styles or theme functions
  • Modifying any type of code

When NOT to use a WordPress Staging Environment

  • Updating text such as an address or phone number
  • Creating a new page or post, you can stay in draft mode

In a later video I will cover how to push and pull changes made to the staging environment to make the process super easy!

Video Transcript

How To Setup A WordPress Staging Area

So in this episode I’m going to go over how to create a staging environment for your WordPress site.

And first of all why would you even want to staging area now with WordPress? Whenever you make a change to a page, you can save it in draft mode or you can publish those changes live, however the only challenge with that is if you’re ready if the page is already alive and you want to make a couple changes and verify those changes before it goes live. There really is no way of doing that and also it’s safer to test plug-ins and theme updates and all of that in a staging environment this is a separate version and location of your WordPress websites that no one is good and all about and use it for just testing and developing and then you can pursue changes out to your live site.

First log into your cPanel account and though this is the default look of cPanel however for using Bluehost it might look a little different or some other host, but they all pretty much are using pretty much using some version cPanel which is right here now. The way I like to do and I’m in my cPanel account, scroll down here to where it says subdomains and what that’s going to do is it spin it creates a new address so for me my websites, call this and that’s what a subdomain in some of the rights staging and then right here you would also put the word staging.

Now you don’t have to name it staging you can name a demo or whatever you want. I like to call it staging and then go ahead and click create and now it’s created. The address

Now I’m in a show you how to install WordPress in that location for this demo environment so you go back to your cPanel and any use softaculous, which is the options are right here and most web hosts have a version of this.  All I have to do is click on WordPress and then it takes me right into it to install.

Then I’m in a click on install, note here’s where it’s different words is choose domain on many choose that one that we just created staging.wpcrafter. Now this is a staging environment, say your web developer and you want to develop websites for different clients and you want to put them all in the staging environment you could put each client in a different directory so client you right here you would take type client a or clients wanted doesn’t matter and I go ahead and continue filling this out and you would have your staging environment.

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  1. PS.. Great explanation and demo examples on key features most other web guys over look..

    Hope you can help as I know for my website tessearct will give me the horse power I need to put my best foot forward

  2. I recently downloaded the Tesseract Theme by T . Moore.

    all elements seem to eb working except the visual editor .

    It appears that there are no visual or text tabs on the editing box.. next to distrtaction free button

    I researched and reasearched and unable to find a solution to updating and re building my website using Tesseract..

    I plan on using the your recommendation of Thrive leads..
    so I thought since you also have video on the Tesseract theme an d that is so new perhaps you can advise on a solution..some how knowing what te fix might be with out reinstalling the theme from scratch

    1. I sent you an email earlier today. Send me your WordPress login and I will take a look for you.

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