by Adam Preiser updated November 18, 2017

How To Setup LifterLMS Sidebar & Widgets For Your WordPress Website


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Video Transcript

How To Setup LifterLMS Sidebar And Widget Areas For Your WordPress Website

Now in this video I’m in a show you how to
set up something called widgets for your website

and I’m actually recording this out of order
if you’re watching this in the playlist are

going to see it in order but I’m kind of recording
it out of order so if you look on my website

right here here’s one of my courses and you
can see about these the sidebar area and these

are actually called widgets and here’s one
that will show the course progress here’s

one that’s going to show the outline of how
I’ve organize my videos in the course and

also underscore the bottom my website you
can see right here these are widget areas

right here this is all with the styling of
my website so the website we’ve been working

on together here’s what a lessons going to
look like and you can see we have the sidebar

area and this is probably not what we want
at all and then we scroll all the way to the

bottom here’s this footer area and you can
see it has all this default information and

that’s really not what were going to want
to either soak let’s go in and figure out

how to put the info you want to show there
to show there so I’m in the back end of the

website we need to go to the widget area so
it’s under appearance and then the third option

here says widgets and so here we are now right
here on the right is your widget areas and

right here on the left is the widgets that
you can place in these widget areas so here

is the sidebar for courses here is a side
bar for lessons and I can just click on that

right there and I can drag and drop some widgets
in there and were working to do that together

and these were not really using the right
sidebar left sidebar header widget area and

here is those widget areas for the footer
and you can see when I expand it we don’t

have anything in there even though it shows
that there’s something in there there really

isn’t anything in there and these are for
widget areas that just to show you what it

would look like if you put some things in
there and we have some other areas right here

so what want to do is I want to get rid of
that default information for the footer assumptions

can you put this text widget in there like
this and I’m not to put any info in there

you can do whatever you want though with that
footer area I just prefer to put nothing in

there right now someone to put a a blank one
in their put a blank one right here and let’s

see and let’s see them and put it in the fourth
one as well FTSE 1234 hopefully I got them

all so you don’t have to click save when you
drag and drop their gets immediately saved

someone to go here and do a refreshing morning
to see someone scroll down things are already

starting to look different but I might have
done it wrong up we got that one left there

I might’ve screwed something up that CD footer
area for now I think I got it all right here

maybe I need to put another blank one in the
foot area five right there and let’s do that

so I’m sure that’s good working a refresh
in the moment but let’s set up our course

sidebar so we don’t have anything specified
yet right here so let’s put some widgets in

there so to start with the course progress
I mean you could put whatever you want however

you wanted there I’ll go ahead and start with
the course progress right here some to give

it a title right here and produce can give
the same title and then go ahead and click

on save and then I want to go ahead and also
put this course syllabus right there and I

just call this I guess cell lessons in this
course like that lessons in this course and

you can choose whether you want to make them
collapsible or not I don’t have this enabled

but if you have a super super long course
you might want to give them the option to

collapse the different sections so they can
only see the lessons in particular section

so it doesn’t take a mile long of the area
there are some go ahead and click on save

and now we have that there for the course
sidebar but what’s nice is we also have a

separate sidebar for lessons and so I usually
have the same thing in both to be honest so

I’m in a just go ahead and do the same thing
that I just did above but I’m in a do it right

here so go ahead and name it the same like
that click on save and then for here is going

to do copy and I’m in a pace that in right
there and then do a save so I’ve gone ahead

and set up these sidebars for the course and
for the lesson and there’s other sidebars

on other areas of your website so for if you
had a blog post with the right sidebar this

is what would show there and what’s really
nice about this is you can have specific information

in the exact places that you want them so
on the courses sidebar you can maybe if you

wanted to have some information on you the
instructor to qualify yourself for whatever

or if you wanted to put some info there about
information about the course how long it would

take to take the course or things like that
you can do that in the course sidebar and

you have all these widget areas here available
to you you can just drag and drop them in

their the text widget is good you can put
any kind of text that you want and there are

images and that’s pretty much all you have
to do so I think we have everything saved

let’s go take a look and see how it looks
on the front end of the website so here I

am I’m on the course index page of the go
ahead and click on my course right here you

can see now we have course progress and we
have the lessons in the course later on a

minute Tyson strategies do not get these long
lesson titles that have them take multiple

lines and you could see I have all the lessons
their knowledge jump into a free lesson and

see if we had that same information so here’s
a free lesson we have our course progress

and we have our lessons in the course just
like that you could make this name to whatever

you want obviously I just chose randomly lessons
in this course and your students can actually

just click it directly into these lessons
and the reason some you can link to click

into is because the free ones you can click
into but the ones that require enrollment

you can’t so that is how to set up these widget
areas it’s a typical WordPress thing by the

way it’s not a LifterLMS specific thing but
of course LifterLMS gives you these specific

areas here now I do want to add one last bit
of information if you are using LifterLMS

with a WordPress theme other than the ones
that I’m setting you up with in this video

series that’s okay but there is going to be
this warning notice about your sidebars and

so I’ve got this article pulled up here let
me pull it up here it is and you can go to

LifterLMS’s knowledge base and you’ll get
information here on how to get the integration

with their specific sidebar areas with the
theme that you’re using and so you essentially

have to put this snippet of code in and you
have to find a little thing in your theme

but I pretty had gone ahead and done all that
for you so you don’t have to worry about it

but you basically just copy and paste season
so if you’re using a different theme like

maybe the Beaver Builder theme or the Divi
theme or something like that you want to come

here and figure out how to get that sidebar
integration but I’ve Artie gone ahead and

done all that heavy lifting for you if you
use that child theme that I have already provided

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