by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

ServerPress Review – Best Tool For WordPress Localhost Development


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Video Transcript

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Good work, I’ve been using ServerPress for a few years now after struggling with the alternatives, including – as you say in the video – ‘figuring it all out myself’! I’m not one of the world’s natural developers (come on, I’m a creative!) so had no hesitation in renewing my ServerPress subscription after the first year. The most remarkable thing it does is the seemingly simple ‘remove, copy or move an existing website’. I had a client that I could see positively benefiting from having 5 x on-brand websites, each specific to its niche.

    Remarkably, this works flawlessly every time. I literally built one complete WP / Woo eCommerce site, with the usual suspect plugins, plus caching, SSL, CDN, a couple of payment gateways, some custom CSS and so on – in a few clicks the whole lot is replicated perfectly , ready for unique typograhpy, content and products. Super-simple, massively efficient and absolutely worth the yearly fee for the time it saves doing the above just once, let alone multiple times.

    I use it along with All-in-one WP Migration, which is great for downloading what’s online with all the cheeky updates that have happened, loading it into the local version for testing major updates prior to doing the reverse to push to live.

    The support community is great too, I had the usual Fatal Error: Allowed Memory Size Exhausted error and couldn’t find a fix anywhere online that worked. It was sorted within a minute of me remembering to log in and search Support for the answer on ServerPress. Definitely recommended, if you didn’t get that! Thanks.

  2. Seems I can’t find your tutorial concerning using Local. I need to know how to install Let’s Encrypt (ssl…) on a WordPress running on my local computer.
    1 million thanks to you for making all these videos. You’re amazing!

    1. The tutorial is on this website if you search for the word local. There is also a feature in the app to install an SSL certificate.

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