WP Elevation Review 2019

by Adam @ WPCrafter   |   Last Updated: September 25, 2019

The WP Elevation Blueprint Course is a comprehensive training course and community for WordPress consultants to help them have less stress and more profit by systematizing their business.

Current Pricing: Visit their Signup Form

Ease Of Use


WP Elevation has one of the most professional online course platforms.

Price / Value


The course provides everything you need to run a digital agency.



Amazing community behind the course with mentorship, guidance, and live events.

WP Elevation Pros

  • WP Elevation Blueprint Course
  • Private Online Community
  • Weekly Coaching Calls

WP Elevation Cons

Normally I would balk at the price tag of this course, but when you consider that the WP Elevation Blueprint Course is much more than a course, you start to see the value.

The flip side of the cost is that it will attract people that are serious about their WordPress consulting business and that is why they have such a high success ratio.

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WP Elevation Coupon Discounts

There are currently no active WP Elevation Blueprint Course or WP Elevation Blueprint Course discounts available. However, if you do join WP Elevation Blueprint Course through the link on this website, I will give you access to an extensive bonus package worth $3k.

WP Elevation Review: Wrap Up

It’s easy to recommend the WP Elevation Blueprint Course because I have seen it revolutionize so many in the WPCrafter communities WordPress consulting businesses.

WP Elevation Alternatives

Video Transcript

In this video were to be taking a look at
WP elevation and share some of your reviews

of WPElevation and I will announce a bonus
package that I have for WP elevation if that

is something that you were definitely interested
in joining here is their website right now

and really what you want to do when you come
to their website is click on the join button

and it will take you here to there page that
talks all about the WP elevation program before

I get too much into that hi my name is Adam
from WPCrafter.com where make WordPress tutorial

videos for non-techies if you know here consider
going on the subscribe button to fit on this

thing click on the bell so here is their website
right here and there program is only open

for enrollments two times per year maybe three
times I know for a fact the last one was last

October and essentially it is a training program
in a membership community of WordPress consultants

and it’s a six-week program but the whole
membership lasts for a year there is mentor

ship involved in this there’s a private Facebook
group and what the goal of this program is

is to take WordPress consultants and help
them add the structure that is needed in their

business so they can have their life back
and have better processes in place in their

business so they can better serve their clients
do better jobs on do a better job on their

projects and also really it’s about getting
paid what you’re worth because really if you’re

offering any kind of WordPress consulting
services the biggest frustration and for sure

is not getting paid what you’re worth and
that leads to burnout and when I was first

aware of WPElevation it was last October when
known about it before but I was thing about

talking about the BP elevation here on the
channel what I had done was posted a question

in the Facebook group about it so I said basically
has anyone joined WPElevation in the past

and would you share your experience and I
left it open for people to share negative

experiences as well because I wanted to know
if this is good or this is bad or this really

delivers on the promise now what I actually
did what you see here on the screen is Troy

is the main person involved in WPElevation
he doesn’t know this but I actually kicked

them out of the Facebook group he was in the
Facebook group at the time I didn’t want to

see that question and so Troy actually kicked
you out of the Facebook group because I wanted

people to have the freedom to share exactly
what their experience was good or bad and

what happened kinda shocked me I was expecting
some people to say something may be some kind

of criticism but that’s not what happened
it was person after person after person saying

that this program it made the biggest difference
in their business and really helped them to

get control of their business back and get
control of their life back and put these processes

in place to really have a successful WordPress
consulting business and when I read that it

actually took me back is usually you can always
find someone that can find some area of an

improvement in anything but it was person
after person a person is in fact if you’re

considering WPElevation and you’re in the
W pico after Facebook group I would encourage

you to go there and do a search in the group
for WP elevation to read it for yourself and

see what people are saying so essentially
WP elevation is let’s see it’s fifth it’s

$1500 to enroll they also have another plan
and actually enrollment is closing today so

if you’re going to decide you have to do today
it’s going to and what else can end in about

12 hours of sun involved mentorship there’s
conference calls there’s just so much access

to people that are successfully running their
WordPress consultant business and you have

that dock documents in all those documents
that you need proposals process it’s all in

this program so want to talk about the price
okay so here’s a price you can pay in full

it’s $1500 or monthly it’s hundred and $97
now on the surface when I look at that I thought

hmmm that seems like a lot of money but it
could give me some pause I had to look back

in my life in the times where I’ve done something
like this to get the training to do something

the right way and what it ended up saving
mean and I’ve actually done this twice in

2004 I had actually know 2002 I paid $4000
to go to a series of seminars and I I I I

did that so that I wouldn’t fumble around
in what I was trying to do I paid that money

so I can get the access in the knowledge so
that I could do things right sooner and get

where I wanted to go faster and more that
$4000 investment probably I made back 20 to

30 times that and then again in 2008 I had
a business with a couple business partners

and we wanted to fast-track this thing it
was all new to us we want to get all our processes

in place we wanted to do the right way and
we paid $12,000 to have someone help us and

hold our hand through that process so when
I think about it in those terms and I look

at it’s $1500 now I’m thinking wow that is
actually very low it’s actually very reasonable

when you consider what this is doing for you
and obviously this isn’t a program that’s

going to be accessible to everyone because
not everyone has that in their budget however

if you are someone that wants to kind of fast
track your growth in your WordPress consultant

business and get to the point where you can
charge what you’re actually worth which I

think is the biggest problem with WordPress
consultants is not charging what you’re worth

which leads to burnout and resentment this
is actually bargain this is actually bargain

thing about it how many websites you might’ve
done for $500,000 that you probably if you

positioned it just a little bit different
it could’ve been a three or $4000 projects

and with it are the right process in the right
strategy and so that is all I needed to kind

of justify this cost here but seek what I
wanted to do was to if me if you are not familiar

with the program you can visit WPCrafter.com/WP
elevation and it’s gonna take you right here

to this webinar registration page now this
webinar happens in six hours it’s the last

webinar for WP elevation for this round of
enrollments so you got a kind of jump in today

if you’re going to jump in and for that webinar
to get your questions answered and if you

want to go ahead and jump into that I really
recommend this you can at least see what this

is about asked some questions and see if you
can get those answered but what I wanted to

do was figure out how I can help the people
that want to take this next step so if you

are interested now I will say that there’s
private about seven or eight people that have

enrolled in WP elevation in the last few days
through the link that I provide WPCrafter.com/WPElevation

so you guys are included in this now when
you enroll through that link it but to be

safe doing a private or incognito window now
to be safe what I need to do is open that

in a private or incognito window go over there
and get into the system and then they provide

for me a list of the people that actually
join the program so I was thinking what can

I do to best help you if you’re enrolling
in this how can I best help you to get what

you want out of the program so this is what
I’ve come up with so if we go back over to

my website let’s go right here I have my training
program okay now I have lots of different

courses on actually implementing the knowledge
of WordPress in is so right here I got my

page builder courses this is the smallest
thing of what I’m including in the bonus I’m

just bring this up first so I got the four
courses here on all the four different page

builders these are each $200 and including
each one of them then right here I’ve got

my courses on maintenance optimization and
security for WordPress’s or hundred dollars

each am including each of those but right
here it’s pretty interesting I have my master

classes and these are being built right now
I was waiting for this new video set up so

that I can make these as best as they can
be from a production standpoint on top of

content into these the e-commerce master class
in the word the WordPress SCO master class

these are these are trainings that are going
to help you provide these services to your

clients so that you can actually charge more
to them and better serve those clients these

are $299 each am including all of those now
what I’m including as well these many of you

guys arty have access to this and that’s fine
the real value and what I’m going to do is

this I want to help you with your WordPress
consultant business and this is how I think

I can best help you in this is actually worth
more in my opinion this is going to be worth

more than the cost of even enrolling in WPElevation
and this is what I’m going to do once you

have gone through the program and you have
a set up your consultancy website if it’s

not already set up and you perfected that
and you have some portfolio items in there

I’m been a schedule with you a video interview
just like this and you were going to use that

video interview to help you present your services
and your offering in the best possible light

in your to be able to use that as a marketing
tool to be able to take this video in your

to be able to put it on your website is going
to give you tons of credibility and it’s just

can it be what you need to pre-sell all of
your services to people that are looking for

you there on your website in their checking
out what you do that’s the intention of this

video so you can take this have that there
and it’s going to be top notch production

quality I have been setting up a whole new
live video studio so it’s gonna be a two way

video I will ask you the right questions and
get the info out that is going to present

your services in the best possible light so
essentially it’s exposure and promotion and

that’s what I’m offering now obviously I can’t
do this for every body if every body site

if safe 100 people signed up for WP elevation
it would be really hard to do hundred of those

videos on Mulligan offer it to the first 30
or so people that sign up for WP elevation

through the link in the video description
box in a private or incognito window that’s

the only way to make sure it goes through
the link the first 30 of you guys I’m in a

go ahead and were inadvertently do this video
and I’m to give you access to the courses

if you don’t already have it and I want to
do whatever I can do to help you be successful

and to succeed so that something that interests
you definitely check out the webinar WPCrafter.com/WP

elevation check out the webinar just keep
in mind though that this this offer and the

ability to even join the program expires in
about 11 hours for me filming this video so

I know for me it would be pretty much the
end of Sunday by the end of Sunday night but

it’s can be different depending on your time
zone so anyways I hope you are interested

in checking it out I know is not for everyone
so I know on this video you might be tempted

to give it a thumbs down because I’m talking
about a training program that’s $1500 but

it’s it’s it might not be for everyone but
the people that it is therefore it helps them

tremendously and I know for me something like
this would’ve really helped me out when I

was doing WordPress consulting services it
really would’ve helped me out to get that

structure in place and it would have paid
for itself probably within the first two months

of getting into position record charge actually
what the services I’m providing are worth

into really framed that in the right mindset
so anyways this videos probably can expire

as well probably take it down tomorrow and
if you are one of the people that have purchased

through the link already or will be tonight
I am getting get a list your name has to be

on that list that they provide for me I would
don’t have your email address I need you to

reach out to me but I can verify who enrolled
and who didn’t enroll because their name will

be on the list like I said to be on the safe
side private or incognito window sandwich

thanks watching this video I look forward
to making more videos that might have a little

bit more production quality with this new
studio that I’ve set up and I will see you

in another video this week

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