Divi Monk Review 2020

by Adam Preiser updated February 24, 2020

Divi Monk is a plugin for WordPress that acts as a template importer for websites that use the Divi Builder. It boasts over 200 templates that you can use with Divi.

Current Pricing: $99 – $299

Ease Of Use


Price / Value




Divi Monk Pros

  • 200+ Templates
  • Cloud Based
  • Works With Divi

Divi Monk Cons

Initially, when you see that there are 200+ templates, it may get tempting, but when you actually look at the templates, reality sets in. Most of them are not well suited for an entire website and there is a ton of duplication. So instead of 1 contact page as 1 of those 200 templates, you get that 1 contact page in 10 different colors which are 10 templates.

Divi Monk seems to value quantity over quality.

Also, the templates seem to be basic to me, not something that you would actually find useful in the real world.

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Divi Monk Coupon Discounts

There are currently no active Divi Monk Coupon or Divi Monk Discounts available. They do seem to have a perpetual sale on their website to motivate people to buy.

Divi Monk Review: Wrap Up

At the end of the day, I really don’t see the difference between Divi Monk and the free templates resources being provided on the Divi blog. If you visit the Elegant Themes blog, there are many high-quality templates available for free.

There are also much higher quality templates being offered for free in the various Divi Facebook groups.

If you want something paid, again, the complete site layouts from the Divi community are much higher quality.

Divi Monk Alternatives

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  1. That is a very fair, honest and accurate review I find. As with many of the Divi Child Theme and Layout Clubs, once you look beyond they hype it usually turns out to be pretty basic bog standard stuff. Better to learn how to make the Child Themes and Layouts yourself, it is pretty straightforward and basic stuff for your average competent web developer. However, if you got money to burn and you like the layouts and styles you see then go for it if it will save you some time. Whilst being generally over-priced for what they are, you can normally find something of use that will save you a bit of time.

    1. I am totally with you there. I find that most of these templates are not practical at all for real-world usage.

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