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Updated: November 3, 2018
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Layouts Cloud Overview

Divi Cloud is a plugin that let’s you import layouts, sections and modules from the Divi Builder Plugin AND the Elegant Themes Theme DIVI. It includes 180+ templates but it also allows you to upload your own templates, creating your own cloud.

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Layouts Cloud

$30 - $200 /per year

    • 180+ Layouts Included
    • Save Your Own Templates To The Cloud
    • 1 Click Import

Layouts Cloud Review: Key Features

  • 180+ Layouts Included
  • Save Your Own Templates To The Cloud
  • 1 Click Import

Layouts Cloud Review: Things To Consider

The best thing about the cloud is also the worst thing about the cloud. Its all on someone else’s server that you don’t have control over. The good news is that most cloud services are handled by Amazon or Google, so there should be no issues.

Also, the $100 plan ideally would include more storage than 1 gig, but realistically these templates don’t take up that much space.

Layouts Cloud Coupon / Layouts Cloud Discount

There are currently no active Divi Cloud Coupon or Divi Cloud Discounts available.

Layouts Cloud Review: Summary

Divi Cloud is really unique in that they give you a wide variety of high-quality Divi templates, but they also let you store your own in the cloud. This makes it super easy to build new websites and stay organized.

Their service is perfect for Divi developers.

Layouts Cloud Alternatives

Here are some other that are great Layouts Cloud alternatives.

Layouts Cloud Comparisons

Divi Cloud Vs Divi Monk

Divi Monk and Divi Cloud do some things similar but there is a huge difference between the 2. First, the cost …

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Layouts Cloud Tutorials

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