Anywhere Elementor Pro Review 2023

by Adam Preiser updated 2023-08-29 17:05:47

Anywhere Elementor Pro is an add-on plugin for Elementor that enables you to make custom post grids using custom fields, along with some other unique features.

Current Pricing: $25 and up
Ease of Use

Ease Of Use


Very easy to use, but it’s mostly a plugin for a developer.

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Very affordable for what it does.




Prompt support if you need it.

Anywhere Elementor Pro Pros

  • Create Post Grids That Are Fully Customizable
  • Create Custom Post Templates
  • Customize WooCommerce Product Pages

Anywhere Elementor Pro Cons

  • None, Does Exactly What It Says It Does

Anywhere Elementor Pro Coupon Discounts

There are no Anywhere Elementor Pro coupons or Anywhere Elementor Pro discounts available right now. I personally haven’t seen it go on sale, but it is very affordable to begin with.

Anywhere Elementor Pro Review: Wrap Up

Anywhere Elementor Pro offers a feature set that is essential to custom development. Frankly, it should be in Elementor Pro by default, but until that happens, Anywhere Elementor Pro is your only option.

Anywhere Elementor Pro Alternatives

Video Transcript

Anywhere Elementor Pro Review

In this video I am going to do a review of
anywhere Elementor Pro yes the Pro version

which is for Elementor type my name is Adam
from where I make WordPress

videos for non-techies so let’s go ahead and
jump into it to stop the video before you

even get started to give you a quick update
after making this video I reached out to the

developer and land is his name and I talked
about a lot of the limitations that I saw

with anywhere Elementor approaches to get
his take on it and it was a good conversation

and I learned that some other things are limited
by Elementor and this is the situation you

find yourself in when a tool like this is
put out by someone that is not the actual

developer of the page builder and so that’s
where some of these limitations do come in

from and some of the other things that I pointed
out to him regarding the back and WordPress

editor and some of the polish that I think
should be there he listened and I think is

can implement those changes and he also said
he will participate in the comment section

down below and on top of that he’s also to
put out a roadmap one of the things that I

strongly urged him is to consider if it’s
even possible to have this thing called field

connections and he’s going to explore that
however I wouldn’t put too much hopes in it

because it might be something that the core
of Elementor needs to change and that brings

us back to the whole thing that maybe some
add-ons are best left for the main developer

or the parent developer whatever you want
to call it to create and not a third-party

developer so with that on the number you write
back to the video want to preface by saying

a few things I do try to keep things very
positive here on the channel and that means

when I release a review video I tried only
stick to the videos that I probably could

have something good to say about it because
I genuinely like it I don’t want to review

everything because I know I’m going to not
like the product I rather just not make the

video because I don’t want that negativity
now it’s different here with anywhere Elementor

Pro I am going to tell you this is a product
that shows promise there are some problems

with it and I’m good new talk about that in
this video but I don’t want to be negative

on the product of the developer this product
is a big contributor in the Elementor community

but I am going to review this because I’ve
been asked so many times and invariably the

reason that people want to know more about
this product is because of another product

called Beaver Themer so essentially Beaver
Themer is very unique in that it came out

and allows you to create blog post templates
are a post template for any type of custom

post-you can pull in custom fields and you
can also create custom headers and footers

you can display them conditionally and it
does a bunch of other things called theme

parts and all of that well anywhere Elementor
Pro and I don’t know if the inspiration for

this was from Beaver Themer or not but it
is attempting to do a lot of the same things

that I use Beaver Themer personally and I’m
very experienced and well versed in using

Beaver Themer so I might have kind of a bias
in this review because I know what that has

so it’s easy for me to see what this does
not have so that is kind of where I’m coming

from but I don’t think I’m the only person
coming from that I get asked almost every

day on my YouTube channel here in the comet
someone saying hey is there something like

Beaver Themer for Elementor and anywhere Elementor
Pro is the closest thing to a time on their

website right now and let’s just scroll down
to get a quick peek at the cost so it’s very

affordable as you can see you could get a
single site license and is only $25 or you

can get an unlimited site license and it’s
$99 that’s a very good deal and if I scroll

down even further there are some frequently
asked questions right here there is even a

renewal discount so when you comes time to
renew at the end of the year you get a 50%

discount so it’s a very affordable product
so that is the website now let’s go ahead

and take a look at the version I’m going to
use in this video in its version 2.1 now it

is a beta version so I’m going to know when
I’m walking you through some of the things

that maybe it might not be working right because
it’s a beta version so just keep that in mind

but each time they release a new version of
aloe anywhere Elementor Pro I do have to give

it to them they are making improvements to
it but anyways will get into more specifics

on that but this beta adds the ability to
do archive pages for four pages and some other

things like that it also adds compatibility
for Elementor 1.5 which is coming up let’s

take a look at the documentation or what documentation
is there now most developers will tell you

they like to develop things and they hate
to document them and that is going to be what

you’re going to come up against with anywhere
Elementor Pro is very slim on the documentation

now they don’t do that because they’re hiding
anything they probably do that because they

are busy and they don’t have the time for
it however I think they would be wise to invest

some time and some money number one in a website
facelift and number two in some quality documentation

so that when people buy the product don’t
actually know how to use it and this documentation

is actually new but they are you know getting
there they’re working there trying to get

there so anyways let me show you what I have
installed here by going to plug-ins I’m using

the*theme it’s a fantastic theme that’s designed
to work with any page builder and it’s also

going to probably be the fastest thing that
you have ever used this is what I have installed

right now I puts Elementor and I’m on the
release candidate for 1.5 I also have Elementor

anywhere Elementor Pro 2.1 the beta which
I was just talking about I also threw in advance

custom fields this is a plug-in that allows
you to create custom fields that you can put

data in and then ideally you can posit position
the more of you want in your template I’m

in a show you that as well and also through
an WooCommerce because that’s one of the features

of anywhere Elementor is there WooCommerce
modules so that is those right there now when

you install and activate anywhere Elementor
Pro it will prompt you put your license code

in and it’s can add this new menu item right
here AE templates let’s go ahead and click

on it okay so now this is where things are
actually going to start for me I’ve been playing

around with it I’ve already created two templates
and it’s possible that some of the frustrations

I have is because of my lack of experience
with the product so I’ll be the first to say

that there might be some gaps in my understanding
of how it works but it’s not my fault when

there’s not good documentation to cover these
various features now as I talked about and

show you things and I point out flaws I’m
really pointing them out for the developer

to hopefully think through adding those so
basically I’m not discrediting anywhere Elementor

Pro I more saying I hope that the developer
if he’s serious about this product will really

think about adding these features in because
they’re very needed so essentially the way

it works is you’re going to come in here you
can click on add new to create a new template

so you would give it a name and it shows this
meta-box that’s number one of my complaints

in this is going to be a reoccurring complaint
is that there is a lot of polish that is lacking

in the plug-in and things just don’t make
logical sense because of this lack of polish

so for example right here if I’m going to
make eight templates and that templates can

be designed in Elementor why show this meta-box
right here where I can start entering in paragraph

information all that and it takes up all the
space I don’t understand even why it’s there

in it probably shouldn’t be there because
it serves no purpose and it would be very

easy to remove so you go here you would give
your template and name and then right here

it says render mode now to me render mode
makes absolutely no sense so this is a place

where some different language could probably
be used for to make more sense but essentially

this is what you’re going to choose what you’re
actually creating and so it would be this

for a four template normal template a post
template this would be for a blog post or

a custom post types or a WooCommerce product
page and archive template right here and a

block layout I I’m not positive on everything
with the block layout that’s a new feature

and I will be going into that in this video
so for example if we choose post template

then we get these new options that reveal
so this is another thing where it’s not super

clear what it means by preview post ID okay
I think this next that can even say what that

means and there’s no like tooltip or I can
hover over and kind of get an explanation

of what that means now if you do go to their
documentation on their site they actually

do have something right here that’s his design
a layout for a blog post or custom post type

archive and it tries to explain these things
but it doesn’t really do a great job of explaining

these things in my opinion it’s situation
we have a developer trying to make documentation

when maybe they should have a rider that can
write things in a very clear manner so in

like us of these are all things to improve
okay so you choose that and then right here

you would choose the posted type or what you
want to apply this design to so it’s either

going to be posts pages or products now if
I didn’t have WooCommerce installed it wouldn’t

even show products as an option so what this
is doing is it seeing your custom post types

and it’s given them to you as an option which
is nice and then there’s this checkbox to

auto applying so that is and I’m assuming
that makes this a global template for that

post type or custom post type so you can just
go ahead and check now there is this option

here to create rules I do not understand why
it’s not working for me I do believe that

this is it because it’s a beta version and
I’m not getting the rules however for you

it would show rules and this would be some
logical rules to apply this template to posts

may be based on a category or something like
that and if I am getting that wrong I will

add additional information down below in the
video description box so this is how far we

would get right here let me just go ahead
and give this a quick name there was that

quick I named it quick name actually and then
I want to go ahead and click on publish not

right here it’s going to generate some stuff
here in this meta-box a short code in PHP

code now I do understand why that would apply
in the normal anywhere Elementor maybe that’s

there because of the normal anywhere Elementor
which is a free plug and not the Pro version

or you might want to create something that
you put at the end of a blog post or something

along those lines but is not clear if I’m
making a post template why would this even

show and I think this is where it doesn’t
have the polish I think if it shouldn’t it

you know if I’m selecting this to not show
me unrelated options that might go ahead and

confuse someone but that’s okay I’m in a look
past that one so let’s see let’s make sure

I chose post I chose autoplay fantastic let’s
go ahead and click on edit with Elementor

and it’s gonna pop me into Elementor 1.5 now
here we are in the blog post layout design

here now this is what anywhere Elementor is
going to add it’s can add this extensive as

set here of modules or elements it depends
on the terminology alike and a lot of these

are just the different parts of what makes
up a blog post so we have our title are navigation

that is to go to the previous poster to the
next post that’s what that is your post images

going to be essentially just the featured
image the content of the post the read more

button actually don’t know why that’s there
want to test the post meta this would be the

author name the published date the categories
or the tags we have that here and then we

have this field here for custom field and
I created two custom fields with advanced

custom fields if you’re not familiar with
that I have a ton of content recently on this

that I made for Beaver Themer in the same
stuff applies regarding creating custom fields

and using them post blocks right here and
here is the author’s stuff and then for some

reason it showing me all this WooCommerce
stuff now it should know that I didn’t choose

to make a template for a product page yet
it still shows me all this WooCommerce elements

and I think this is another example of where
doesn’t have the polish where I should be

of the hop in here in only see what’s contextual
and relevant to what I’m trying to do not

show me everything because it can be a little
overwhelming because think about it we already

have the Elementor elements and then we got
row after row after row of the elements that

this plug-in generates so this is something
where the developer could do a better job

of only showing what a person needs to see
when they need to see it to reduce confusion

and make the overall experience much better
so it works just like all the other stuff

with Elementor you would just drag and drop
in an elemental let’s give it a second it’s

gonna go ahead and pop up the title of a post
that I created and you would just edit this

with the editing tools that it gives you here
now here’s one of the things that I don’t

like and this is actually one of the biggest
things I want to talk about of what I don’t

like about anywhere Elementor so right here
is the problem and I’m going to try my best

to explain this in a way that makes sense
to everyone so Elementor has their elements

right and you got a agree every element that
Elementor makes is been well-thought-out it

is extremely flexible powerful you want to
be using the Elementor elements right I know

I know I do but here’s the problem if you’re
using anywhere Elementor in you think you’re

actually going to use the Elementor which
is to design these beautiful pages unfortunately

that’s not to happen because anywhere Elementor
only works with the anywhere Elementor my

elements that’s it so for instance if I wanted
to use the heading that Elementor has created

because I get more formatting options you’re
not going to be able to do that it only uses

its own elements that it created in this I
see is probably the largest negative of anywhere

Elementor and where you might not be getting
what you think you’re getting if you buy it

and go to use it now it’s might not be fair
but I am good compared to Beaver Themer which

I use with Beaver Themer I can use just about
every single Beaver Builder module and the

different modules that come from the add on
packs with Beaver Themer custom fields all

of this stuff I can easily use it and that’s
the power of it right you want to be able

to you want to tool that enables you to create
beautiful pages posts and all that kind of

stuff while that the negative here is you
you don’t get all the power of Elementor when

you’re creating a custom post type layout
you just don’t get it unfortunately your stock

with the features in the styling options that
come with the anywhere Elementor Pro modules

and I think this is a huge huge negative and
a huge huge drawback I really would like to

encourage the developer to go back to the
drawing board and to figure out how he can

get this same functionality but you’re using
the Elementor elements and the options with

it so for instance if I wanted to drag and
drop the featured image so I can’t use the

photo elements right here I have to use this
one right here which is the one from anywhere

Elementor Pro so that’s okay I click on it
and let me choose a full-size image like that

all I get really is alignment and overlay
options right here and then first I’ll I just

get a border I don’t have all of the options
that I would get with Elementor let me just

show you this side-by-side so if I go here
and I click on image and let’s just drop that

image right beneath it let me go ahead and
select the same images the only image I have

on this development site okay that is popping
in there so right here it looks similar I

get into the option to link it someplace which
you probably wouldn’t need in this scenario

or you would need if you are using custom
fields and then the caption that’s okay but

it’s the style options that you are really
losing when you are not using the Elementor

modules you lose a lot of these things for
instance something that I think is amazing

is the box shadow you not getting that because
you’re not using Elementor’s elements are

using anywhere Elementor prose elements and
it just say like the hover action all these

types of things you’re just not getting and
also these amazing advance options you’re

just not getting it right here which is actually
kind of discouraging so let me go ahead and

hover over here and delete this okay so this
is pretty much the story of all of the parts

that make up a blog post and all of the parts
that would make up a WooCommerce product page

you have to use the elements in anywhere Elementor
and they are seriously lacking all of the

powerful options that you get with all of
the Elementor elements so if you get it thinking

I’m going to be able to make beautiful things
your to make some nice things but you’re not

gonna get the beauty of what you can make
out of Elementor’s native elements that they

give you so anyways that is that right there
and you could see that the policy issue right

here now how let let me just go ahead and
throw in the rest of the stuff here so I got

my title I got my image let me toss in my
content right there and that’s fine and then

let me go ahead in okay so here’s something
that is the other big point of what is lacking

so let me give you an example on my website
on my website every blog post pretty much

has a video and then I have a transcript and
then I have the post content and all that

well I have a custom field for the video link
so that would be the embed code in a custom

field for my video transcript and those I
am able to link into something that Beaver

Themer calls field connections and I’m able
to use those field connections to Lincoln

the custom field data into the native Beaver
Builder modules now this is not something

that you get with anywhere Elementor you do
not get this field connection to feature in

this is part of the reason why you can’t use
any of the Elementor you can use any of the

Elementor modules so for me where this would
come into effect right here I don’t have a

video module I would want to use the video
element right here from Elementor but I can’t

do that the only way I can pull in custom
field information is with this right here

I can drag and drop this in but you don’t
get the formatting options you drag and drop

it in you have to put it says Mikey this probably
just means the field the name and then I choose

the type of information in that field and
you know put pretty much as is it where what

makes more sense to me what I get from Beaver
Themer out of the field connections I can

go ahead and drag and drop the video in like
this and then it would give me a little option

right here off to the right to connected into
a custom field that is in that I might’ve

created with advanced custom fields or another
tool called PODS so we don’t get that so this

is an example of how I really don’t get that
full control to create these blog posts layouts

I’m really just stuck with the elements that
anywhere Elementor gives me and I think this

is so unfortunately kind of a backwards way
of doing things because what you end up with

is anywhere Elementor has to develop the modules
and the features and then maintain it and

all that I think it’s good to be problematic
personally but you don’t get that full power

of what you’re expecting when you’re doing
this and so I’ll show you WooCommerce as well

is pretty much the same story’s let me go
ahead and click on save and then I’m in a

go back into WordPress I’m not trying to like
trash the product of the developer think it’s

good for what it does but you have to know
these limitations so you go into it with the

right expectations so I and hopefully the
developer I mean he’s being aggressive in

trying to add new features maybe this is already
on the drawing board and he’s already aware

of it so alright so now what I would do is
let me to show you my go to posts and then

I’m in a click on that post I made and what
you can do is right here it says select the

layout so if I made it through three or four
different layouts as I’m creating my blog

post I could choose the layout that I want
applied it to that blog post through this

drop-down but what is weird about this is
in this is that polishes lacking polish when

I go here exactly showing me a WooCommerce
template that I made prior but it knows I’m

not in a WooCommerce product page wise and
giving me the option to choose a WooCommerce

product template that I just designed so the
saying thing goes for WooCommerce when I go

back into WooCommerce right here and I go
into my product suits I should click on products

if I want to go to products some go ahead
and click on products in the singing thing

is there it’s just a sample product I created
here is that option to choose the template

I go to the drop down and now it’s showing
me options that or I’ve already assigned us

solely to the blog post so this is another
example of where the polish is not there on

this so you know it let Mia go ahead and just
consider creating a new WooCommerce template

let me just go ahead and go and edit the one
that I was using so I can show you how it

also has a lot of those same issues so let’s
see WooCommerce template let me just go into

it and click on Elementor and go ahead and
start editing this out so you know for me

I’m doing a lot with Beaver Themer and I really
wish a similar functionality would come to

Elementor for Elementor users a perfect example
of some of these challenges I’m talking about

is say you want a button in your blog post
but you want to use the button module that

comes with Elementor to cut the one you’re
forced to use in this one you just can’t use

it you can’t use it and then link in a URL
from a custom field unfortunately so anyways

the same thing goes you’re in here but this
time see it still showing you the blog specific

elements and even though her in a WooCommerce
page but there’s some really deep options

here with these WooCommerce options so we
have the title of the price the skew the description

read more at the cart stock status the rating
this would be a review rating category tags

gallery and that the tabs themselves and you
can just drag and drop these in and it works

as you would expect it is actually kind of
nice right here to have the tabs like this

will be nicer is if you could maybe choose
a saved rower section in Elementor but anyways

this is what it would do that there’s custom
option let’s see maybe it does give you that

option and it’s already there but anyways
this is the same options you get with WooCommerce

so let’s see what options we have say are
for this button so right here it we have our

button it’s got me on the quantity of this
is if I want a quantity box or not prior actually

I like some of these options that are there
I will say some of these have had some good

thought so you can turn that off you can work
your alignment you can stack them up and down

that’s with this vertical option is that we
go to style you see were really getting these

limited options again I can put a drop shadow
on its things like that you’re just not getting

those options I wonder if this gives me a
hover cover let’s see a background border

okay there is a black shadow option but it
takes the box shadow and it doesn’t do the

way Elementor does just on the button it doesn’t
on the the whole module here which is probably

not what you would want sets another fit and
finish polishes lacking with this product

now you can also pray for four pages you can
also create your blog archive page or archive

pages in general you can create all of that
you cannot use this to create menus or footers

I don’t know if that is on the drawing board
or if there is plans for that but if there

was I would imagine it would be far out so
anyways this is anywhere Elementor Pro I’m

trying not to be harsh on it I’m not saying
don’t go out and buy it I am saying though

that this is what it does and if that means
your needs and meet your requirements then

go ahead and get it but it doesn’t have the
fit and finish in you know there’s there’s

clues everywhere that that is the case but
it just doesn’t have the polish that I am

after for a product that I want to build my
website or my business on I don’t feel on

a personal level that it is quite there yet
that I can use it entrusted and just build

my entire business on it that’s not to say
that it’s always going to be this way I think

there’s been great strides in the developer
of making this better and better I’ve had

it for maybe six months now ever since then
they came out and that he’s consistently released

updates with more features over and over and
over again and I think maybe after him watching

this video he might start implementing some
of these things one would hope if it is technically

possible so anyways hey I am so sorry I’m
not trying to be negative or trash or product

or anything like that and I hope you don’t
feel like I did that in this video want to

keep a positive in this channel on this video
so if you have used anywhere Elementor Pro

and it maybe if I’ve gotten anything wrong
in this explanation please go ahead and add

your take it down below if I said something
wrong go ahead and correct me I’m totally

open to that kind of stuff I just go ahead
and add that down below or if there’s some

things that you wish anywhere Elementor did
and it doesn’t do go ahead and add that down

below because I’ll try to get the developer
over here to read those comments so anyways

that is it for this video thank you for watching


  1. Can this be used to edit pages in Buddyboss that have discussions? I would like to be able to add a “back” button or navigation buttons to the discussion pages in Buddyboss.

    1. That is not the purpose of this plugin. You can use Elementor Pro to create a template design for them, but I would recommend sticking with the BuddyBoss layout.

  2. Love your site – how are you doing the Video Transcript box?
    I want to start adding transcriptions to my site but not sure how with Elementor ?

    1. That’s actually just some custom CSS to put the transcript into a box like that. To force the maximum height.

  3. Does anyone know if Anywhere Elementor Pro is compatible with FacetWP filtering plug-in. I have purchased another add-on similar to AnywhereE and the filtering built-in as part of the various widgets doesn’t work with FacetWP (doesn’t respond to FacetWP or display the FWP filter properly). Asking in respect to Elementor PRO. Any help is much appreciated.

  4. Hi Adam,

    What is the best add-on for Elementor Pro to build highly custom author archive pages with ACF as add-on to profile fields? Is it Anywhere Elementor Pro or is there any better add-on out there with these criteria´s?

    // Leif

  5. Adam hi, how did you do the stick video thingy on your posts?

    1. I use Elementor Pro to create the layout and Ultimate Addons for Elementor which has the sticky feature.

  6. Hi Adam,

    Really appreciate the thorough and honest review, well done. I noticed that this was updated as of 6/25/2019 (just a couple of days ago). What exactly has been updated? Given that Elementor Pro has its Theme Builder now, is AE Pro still relevant, even at version 2.x?


    1. The main thing you get with Anywhere Elementor Pro is a more powerful / flexible post grid.

      1. As an additional note, combining AEPro with Pods is an amazing way to display custom post information.

  7. Hello Adam
    Can you please explain Anywhere Elementor Pro with Elementor Pro can handle complex filtering ?
    I just wanted to create something similar to tours website with conditional filtering (country, cities, tours per city or per set of cities).
    I just want to do it within Elementor Pro environment + somthing else like Toolset with FacetWP or Anywhere Elementor Pro etc
    Please help. Thank you

  8. I just installed elementor pro I say its garbage. I update in front editor a simple line header and publish
    but it doesnt not change it. I also have generate press. My website is

  9. Hello Adam, do you guys mean about this
    I´m stuck …I need to create archive template pages fot CPT´s
    so as of now the only two options we have Bever Builder themer and Anywhere Elementor Pro ?
    Saludos desde México Amigo!

    1. No you can do that with Elementor Pro quite easily. No need for Anywhere Elementor Pro any longer.

  10. Ed Carter says:

    I can find no way to add custom fields in the format of an archive post ouside of Anywhere Elementor Pro. I asked Astra and Elementor and both told me it can’t currently be done by either of them.

    1. Yes Astra is a theme, so they wouldn’t have this as an option. Elementor Pro has some theme building functionality right now, but its still being heavily developed. If AEPro meets your needs right now, then I say go for it.

  11. Looks like Elementor Pro 2.0 with Theme Builder makes Anywhere Elementor Pro unnecessary unless the author adds additional features not found in Elementor Pro 2.0 as other 3rd Parties have done.

    1. Yea it’s a tough one. I always said this is a solution that needs to come from Elementor, and now it has.

  12. Hi,
    how can i use this for variable products? I have the problem that the Woo-Price is not displayed on variable products. What can I do? Best regards

  13. Hi Adam, I have another question. Is this AnsPress Forum? If so are you happy with it? I seem to remember you mentioned AnsPress somewhere. Thank you again, Marji

    1. The forum section of my website, yes. This particular post is not AnsPress though. And yes I am happy with it for the most part.

  14. Hi Adam, I like the scrolling inset just above your name here. i.e. The article above “Anywhere Elementor Pro Review.” The fact that all the information can be given without using the Real Estate and if anyone can give it a miss if they are not interested. Can you tell me how to do that? Thanks, Marji (Western Australia)

  15. Rafa Ramos says:

    Saludos cordiales:

    Vamos a darle un toque latino al debate.

    Elementor AnyWhere es un añadido absolutamente necesario para Elementor, le da un poder increíble. ¿Algún problema? Sí, el más importante: le falta soporte, testeo o cómo se quiera llamar. No son pocos los problemas de Elementor que se resuelven desactivando el plugin AnyWhere. Un ejemplo: cuando no deja utilizar Elementor en los productos de manera individual.

    Es una pena, porque cuando funciona bien es una maravilla.

      1. So in the near future, we will be able to create global post/page template within Elementor itself? Without a third party plugin?

        1. Version 1.9 of Elementor was just released. Version 2 will launch next month with these features.

          1. When importing posts, will it inherit the newly created post template automatically?

          2. Depends on how to have AEP configured. So if it is applying to all blog posts, then yes. Or you can apply it to individual posts, or categories.

  16. Hello Adam, if you do not use anywhere elementor, which you recommend to use, since my site was built using Astra + elementor (both with free versions), what do you recommend to use, or what do you use?

    As always, thank you so much for so much

    P. D.
    How do I put the recaptcha under the comment box as you have it here?

    1. In 2 – 3 months Elementor Pro will be releasing the same features as Anywhere Elementor Pro. This is what I will be using on this website.

      The captcha image is a feature is iThemes Security to prevent comment spam. I have several videos on using it.

  17. Holy crap did you just save me money. I did not realize you could only use his newly created elements. What a nightmare. That is a poorly designed product in my understanding, I was really hoping for something that allowed more flexibility but it doesn’t sound like anywhere is there yet. Hopefully, some of these problems have been fixed in the newest versions?

    1. Sadly the problem is that Elementor isn’t made in a way to have field connections. So a true solution will have to come from Elementor, and I am sure they are working on it.

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