by Adam Preiser updated January 1, 2018

How To Reset A WordPress Website Back To Default ????


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When you are just starting out with WordPress, still in that testing phase, you are most likely going to want to reset WordPress. Problem is there isn't a big reset button.

Thankfully there is a way to reset WordPress back to its default state quite easily.

The WordPress Database Reset plugin allows you to reset the database back to its default settings without having to go through the WordPress 5 minute installation.

After you run the plugin, you will still need to delete any plugins to themes that you want to remove. Also, you will have to delete any media that you have added to your website.

Video Transcript

How To Reset A WordPress Website Back To Default

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from where I make videos for

non-techies i’m going to show you something
really neat in this video have you ever started

working in building a WordPress based website
and you realize you know what I want to reset

it I want to go back to how it was when I
first freshly installed it and that means

typing everything out post pages categories
tags and themes and plug-ins and all of that

settings everything just wipe it all out and
reset WordPress and I’m initially how to do

that in this video doesn’t cost anything really
use a free plug-in to do it and there’s three

steps were going to download and install a
plug-in we are going to reset the WordPress

database in the work and look at our themes
and plug-ins and decide which ones we want

to keep and which ones we want to delete all
in all it should only take a few minutes now

what were going to do is really use this plug-in
right here it’s free it’s called WordPress

database reset and so this is the site that
were going to reset right here you can see

I got my site title there and I’ve got some
pages so all there’s a hello world post but

I’ve got some pages here and I got some themes
and plug-ins and all that kind of stuff and

I want to just wipe it out and reset everything
so the first step is to install this plug

and I just talked about some to go to plug-ins
and then I’m to click on add new and then

right here and then enter the name of the
plug-in I’m a click on install now and then

I’m in a go ahead and activate it and this
is going to add a new option underneath tools

so were you see tools now it’s going to have
this option here this is a database reset

now one word of caution this is going to permanently
wipe everything out so you might want to make

a backup and I have a video on that but this
is going to destroy everything is can completely

wipe it out so with the first step right here
is it gives you the option if you just want

to select a table in the database but what
we want to do is we wanted reset everything

sorted to go ahead and click on select all
and it’s going to select every single table

that makes up this WordPress database then
right here is an option if we want to reactivate

the theme and plug-in after we reset the database
on the new unchecked this because were going

to go in the next step and working to delete
any themes in any plug-ins that we don’t want

now here is a for your protection you have
to enter in this little code it’s gonna be

different every single time and this is just
to like slam the brakes on you and make sure

you know what you’re doing this is destructive
and they don’t want to accidentally click

a button and wipe everything out so you really
have to enter this in and then click on reset

tables you get this last warning and I’m in
a go ahead and click okay now this is gonna

wipe everything out and it’s done that so
if I look at my pages they’re all gone it’s

back to how it was when I first installed
WordPress and it just says sample page that’s

all it has and so now what will do is look
at our plug-ins I have a bunch of plug-ins

here and they’re all going to be deactivated
so you can choose which plug-ins you want

which plug-ins you don’t so in this case I
will delete them all some of the click of

this box here which highlights them which
checks on all of them and under bulk actions

I’m in a change that to delete on the click
apply and it’s the same thing when you click

okay it’s design you know these are gone you
can easily reinstall them but anyways now

I have no plug-ins in the last thing to look
at is appearance and then themes I only had

one theme already on here but if you had multiple
themes this is when you go through and delete

whichever themes that you are testing and
you didn’t want you can go ahead and delete

them one by one however this is the only theme
that I have so that’s all there is to completely

resetting word press back to a fresh installation
it’s just three simple steps using this free

plug-in WordPress database reset and you are
now reset you can do this as often as you

want of your testing things makes it really
easy because you made it to the end of the

video I have a free gift for you but before
I talk about that I want to ask you to do

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  1. Hi, Can you tell me where I can find WordPress database reset?

    1. I think they change the name of the plug-in but there are several plug-ins that do the same exact thing.

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