Rapidology Plugin Review – Don’t Install This Crapology On Your Site [RANT]

Updated: May 18, 2017
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Never one to mince words, let me get straight to the point, Rapidology from LeadPages is complete disaster and something you want to avoid like the plague.

I wouldn't be so harsh if it wasn't for Clay Collins post on Medium about why he did this. You can read his post here: CLICK HERE

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Rapidology Plugin Review – Don’t Install This Crapology On Your Site [RANT]

Adam @ WPCrafter

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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12 thoughts on “Rapidology Plugin Review – Don’t Install This Crapology On Your Site [RANT]”

  1. chris verhoeven

    hey Adam,

    i was just googling for rapidology reviews when i stumbled upon your review. thanks for sharing this man.

    as a matter of fact, i am an elegant themes member and use divi. just building my blog though. i wanted to use bloom, but it has no integration with convertkit just yet. they’re busy with it. but i am planning on using bloom in the near future. so looking forward to that.

    keep on sharing these truths…


  2. Hey Adam, I really feel that a LOT of online/internet marketers that use these types of lead capture landing pages/forms have been duped over and over and over again by this type of deal. I get that GPL means it is useable code to create a new version, a version with more features or a newer style… that should be the whole concept of GPL licensing. But it irks me when some schmoe sees that as only a way to lazily make money off naive or ignorant buyers by grabbing GPL code (themes OR plugins) and basically just removing the original coders info, changing a name and then SELLING what would normally be FREE (if one knew where to look and had a ton of time on their hands) to us hapless buyers that don’t know the difference.
    That SUCKS!
    Wish there was a way of forcing the GPL ripoffs to give credit in an upfront way but then again that would point the finger at the ripoff artist, wouldn’t it??
    Thanks for your rant…

    1. Adam from WPCrafter

      I feel the same. It’s just sad when someone takes someone else’s code like this, changes the name, and claims they created this amazing “never seen before” thingie.

  3. Hi,

    I use Bloom optin plugin on my site. It is not the best plugin around but it has most basic features which decent WordPress optin plugin needs.

    Until today I didnt know about Rapidology.

    I have checked it. Yes, you indeed need to give them your email on which you receive license key and download link for Rapidology.

    Plugin is exactly same as Bloom minus logo and credits on every move like mentioned in video.

    I was even able to export Bloom settings and import them in Rapidology without problems.

    Some may see this as a bad thing, but some will be happy to get paid plugin for free.

    I personally dont mind this if they add new features and options to Rapidology as they promise.

    Time will tell….


  4. Hi Adam, I am still in shock. It is such a crappy move. I could make a video of hours and hours long. And it also raises questions how functional the GPL is. Food for lawyers I guess. Anyway, your rant is still pretty civilized! 🙂 I could rip the guys face off.

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