Zip File contents for DFY course template

QuestionsZip File contents for DFY course template
John asked 2 years ago


Watching Adams AWESOME video on his online course template and just got to the unzipping file part.

These options are in the file:

  • Childs theme
  • plugins
  • Page templates
  • custom CSS
  • Lifter LMS shortcodes
  • Additional resrources
  • Instructions

It's a different list to what he has in the video and I'm not sure which one if any is the RESTORE file to import to wordpress.

Many Thanks in advance

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes as explained, the 2016 version is not available any longer. It was replaced with the 2017 version and doesn't have a restore process for several reasons. Everything is covered in the How To Create An Online Course videos series.

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