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Doron Zamir asked 11 months ago

How can pages created by “Wpbakery visual composer” be converted to “ELEMENTOR” pages?

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 11 months ago

There is no way to port from one page builder to another. You have to manually recreate each page.

kkri answered 9 months ago

Hello Adam.
Have to recreate more than 100 pages (quite complicated pages see here) from Visual Composer to Elementor Pro. I read you say I have to recreate each page, but, at least, should I leave both builder activated and build again each page with Elementor in the same page where VC are still there and then delete VC sections after having finished? It should be useful to see how was the page before and recreate images, and text and sections exactly as before but through Elementor. Thanks

Geoff Ebbs answered 4 months ago

I have just done a conversion using the approach you describe.
I left both builders active and created a new elementor page for each WB_VC page. I had no problems with the two page builders conflicting with each other, but I did have problems with the interaction between the template and elementor being different than expected under WPBakery. What I learned was to solve all the template conflicts first before you start building. It will save you heaps of time styling individual elements

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