QuestionsWhy post content and title automatically vanishes after I open Elementor page builder
John asked 1 year ago

Hello Adam,

I am using ColorMag WordPress Theme. I want to add a new post. I click on add new and then I type the title and then write some content for that post. then I click on Edit With Elementor button. But when Elementor interface open all my content has vanished and there is no post title showing on that.
This is also happening if I try to edit my old posts with Elementor.

Please help.

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

It sounds like your theme is automatically making adjustments on the posts where you are using Elementor. Typically you would want a blank canvas, just the header/footer, when using Elementor. So this is most likely normal behavior.

Many themes have an option box, where you can set up your post or page. I have not tested the ColorMag theme yet.

It is normal though that when you have content in a post or page, then want to use Elementor, that this content is not brought in.

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