Why aren’t EIG owned hosting companies recommended by WPCrafter?

QuestionsCategory: WordPress HostingWhy aren’t EIG owned hosting companies recommended by WPCrafter?
Emanuel Schmuck asked 4 months ago

Until now, Hostgator has been among the top choices of hosting companies for me. I have never hosted a website before, besides one on Wix. So, I don't have much knowledge on the subject. But after I found out that WPCrafter does not reccomend using EIG owned hosting companies, I have been reconsidering my options. Right now AWS Lightsail and SiteGround are at the top of my list. But I would like to know why EIG hosting companies are considered to be unreliable.

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Paulo answered 4 months ago

Because EIG hosting cut costs by overselling host packages, provide weak support and the outages they have are much higher then what is normal in thr hosting industry. You may be confused because you see many EIG companies like hostgator and Blue host to referred as the best histing companies, most reliable, etc… The reality is different because who review them just want the big affiliate commissions without any ethics to their audience… if you dont believe me just verify in one of those reviewers who state for example blue host has the best hosting company. Then check what is the hosting where that site is hosted… you will see they are not hosted on those companies…. So dont follow blindly those reviews, investigate, ask the hosting support for some not very easy to handle questions. Personally i like siteground and a2hosting on the affordable end.

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